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Here's some more Tele receives: It's warrage. 8.42 am
Mon Aug 28, 2017 03:38

Here's some more Tele receives:

"It's warrage. 8.42 am

Fear is defeat. 8.55 am

It's in error. 9.09 am

It's basic error. 9.12 am

They harsh and control us well. 9.17 am

Bad post with Judah free my computer. 9.45 am

Bitch seize them up but errors free.

Stupid Bitch judge you. 9.50 am

A completely stupid die. 9.51 am

They falsed us out kidney. 9.57 am

You're switching yourself virtually off this earth. 9.55 am

It's an error switch.

You're finally exhausted out of your field.

They falsed you out a pleasure to hell. 10.00 am

Bribe has officially held. 10.03 am

You're a failed life forcing us.

Minimum you down psyche us. 10.04 am


You're accused of righteous yelling harshly.

Attach is basic.

Judee won Druid state, Druid sacked himself.

Dust us off racially.

Historias held.

A bankrupt wit is scoring us.

It's a mental die sin. 10.15 am

They right falsed us out of life form. 10.20 am

The Druid are dying. 10.21 am

Oh my God they choked us out.

An error force waste us.

They target us fantastic. 10.25 am

Bitch points to Jew for raping us. 10.26 am

You're die cast.

They're wiping our vitals. 10.30 am

They forced you off the sale establish.

Your rights Mercury will soften up the rule.

They wiped arming. 10.34 am

You failed to save your own life forms, you're virtually out.

Can't you believe in a much better see us? 10.59 am

A lot of batteries fall." 11.16 am

With no word processor available Bitch will do a couple of posts rather than one complete post.

From the Tele receives the first post today had errors in it.

Might it have been asking for ordinary people to get a mind like God? Might that be an error?

Didn't know if I could get a second second post up with my computer under attack so Bitch bypassed the daily test page and posted at APFN where the post cannot be changed.

Hope this second post is OK. Putting it up right away at APFN also as this computer may be dropped off line if Judee gets something to block it again. Thank you.

Continues at:

  • Judee Has Got Another Bug In My System, the word processor Libre is Frozen Up and Will Not Work Now." Just as when Bitch was using Libre free word software in Windows 7 and Judee was able to get in... more
    • Here's some more Tele receives: It's warrage. 8.42 am — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Aug 28 03:38
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