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Combined Worldwide Visual Prayer Will Stop This NOW.
Tue Aug 29, 2017 07:46

August 29, 2017 - Combined Worldwide Visual Prayer Will Stop This NOW.
Combined Worldwide Visual Prayer will stop all of this immediately - William Mount Hurricane Harvey heads North Tue Aug 29, 2017 -;article=158068;

The Universe is only being that of Slowed Down Light and we can heal each other and heal this planet by - apfn visual prayer - -

By the way, do you see any of the Islamists (Muslims.) and or the Leftists trying to help anyone? - Visualized Prayer can make them and their George Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Elitist, Globalists, Pedophiles, Obamas, P-1 - P-2 Italian German Nazi Satanist Human Sacrificing Masonic Lodge - Clintons, Bush's, Satanist Luciferian, CIA/NSA/Mafia/Jesuits being Visually Prayed Out of and off of This Gravitational Density of this being solely and only a Universally Slowed Down Light Matrix, Right Now. By the way. A War of Who Visualizes Who Out of this Matrix. Do you VISUALLY SEE THIS? Good bye CIA/NSA/Mafia/Jesuit Satanist Pedophile SCUM.

Presidential Trip To Texas May Be an Assassination Set Up. Mon Aug 28, 2017 -;article=158066;title=APFN

They are now Re-GEO-Weather-Engineering Harvey in the Gulf to now hit New Orleans. - U.S. National News Harvey Returns to Gulf; STRENGTHENING - New Orleans in Flooding Danger EVACUATION RECOMMENDED - - - -

“Weather wars” theorists claim Hurricane Harvey was engineered, “steered” toward Houston as a “weather terrorism” weapon Monday, August 28, 2017 by: Mike Adams -

Explosive 'Conspiracy Theories' Confirmed By Whistleblower Shatter Matrix And Prove Something Is Very Wrong In America - With Globalists Dark Agenda Now Public, They're Unleashing The Full Fury Of Their Satanic Plans For America By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die -

August 29, 2017 Houston Officials Lied, People Died - Warnings Of Catastrophic Flooding From Harvey Were Labeled 'False' By Houston Mayor, Officials, And Media -

Domestic Foreign Troop Activity From Coast to Coast: FEMA Behaving Strangely -

August 26, 2017 Riding The Giant Horse Of Extinction - As Wickedness Darkens The Land, 'Global Catastrophic Biological Risks' Are Being Created By Nefarious Agencies And Black Programs With Deep Pockets -


We Could Easily Face a SHTF Disaster Which Causes One System After Another To Fall Like Dominos -
August 29, 2017 I am (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - The Universe is only slowed down light, and we can change our universe and heal each other through - apfn visual prayer - -
How to Store Data on Magnets the Size of a Single Atom -

Forgotten history: US bankers financing US enemies—and why it is important now Aug 28 by Jon Rappoport Forgotten history: US bankers financing US enemies—and why it is important now by Jon Rappoport August 28, 2017 -

Dick Gregory - "There Are Two Donald Trumps" - -

willpwilson - Arkansas Cannabis Seed to Sale Future Banking & Agriculture. Wed Aug 2, 2017 -;article=157969;title=APFN

JAPAN STATE OF EMERGENCY FUKUSHIMA REACTOR FALLS INTO OCEAN — willpwilson 908, Thu Jul 27 -;article=157941;title=APFN

To Dr. Tammy Post & the Ark St. Legislature on Med Cannabis. — willpwilson 908, Sat Jul 29 -;article=157949;title=APFN;

  • Hurricane Harvey heads NorthWilliam Mount, Tue Aug 29 05:02
    HURRICANE HARVEY HEADS NORTH Please pray that it is either redirected or simply goes away. The Wall Of Truth The News You Need Dr WIlliam B. Mount
    • Combined Worldwide Visual Prayer Will Stop This NOW. — willpwilson 908, Tue Aug 29 07:46
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