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Murder in prison
Fri Sep 1, 2017 09:02

See the tactic the Feds to murder in prison:

815. TV commercial intimidation (2/8/2014)


Watch how did they torture that fish to produce this commercial.

900. Murder in jail (4/2/2016)

How would they murder Kat Sung? Find an excuse to arrest him then killing him in the jail. They performed this action 6 months ago.

[quote] 3 Santa Clara County jail deputies charged in mentally ill inmate's death

Veronica Rocha 9/8/2015

Three Santa Clara County sheriff’s jail deputies were charged Tuesday in the slaying of a mentally ill inmate.

"Michael Tyree was not protected by those correctional officers who were supposed to protect him," Santa Clara County Dist. Atty. Jeff Rosen said. "Instead, they killed him and we have now charged them with murder." [/quote]

I live in San Jose. If I were arrested, Santa Clara county jail will be the place to detain me. The sheriffs obviously were hinted that the target the feds wanted to kill was a psycho. Michael Tyree, unfortunately was a mentally ill inmate, was mistakened as the target and became the victim.

I used to be tarnished as insane by the cyberspace team agents. The following quote of a reply from fourpart Currently may well indicate my foresight and their elimination skill.

[quote] FourPart Currently 05-04-2015
Senior Member

[quote] The murder target is Kat Hak Sung who is a witness of the crime committed by the Feds. It's incredible but it's true. It will expand your view sight when you read all the story.
Hainan Island incident [/quote]

Are we really to believe that the lunatic ravings from another forum, most likely posted by the same lunatic that linked to it in the first place really has any trace of evidence of such things. [/quote]

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