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FBI Raid Russian Consulate, San Francisco
Sun Sep 3, 2017 05:31



The FBI Corporation, owned by the dept of Homeland Security corporation, which is owned by the English Crown, raided the Consulate of Russia in San Francisco yesterday.

In violation of diplomatic Protocol, in violation of the Laws of California and of the city of San Francisco, members of the FBI Corporation entered the Russian Consulate without the appropriate Police Escorts and searched the entire building.

In what appears to be just General Harassment on Saturday the FBI is clearly shown entering private residences but not really doing any harm.

No one was contacted concerning the FBI Raid, no one was informed. There were no Search Warrants Issued, no warrants of ant kind served.

They just showed up at the Consulate and demanded to enter the building.

Russian Diplomats did not know that the FBI needed to be accompanied by Local Police to proper search procedures were followed.

These FBI Thugs just showed up, poked their heads into every apartment, and left.

Nothing was accomplished, nothing was seized.

All this show of force accomplished was to clearly violate all Diplomatic Protocol established over the last 500 years.

The harm comes in that anything now supposedly run by the United States Corporation will not be trusted world wide.

The Russian Federation, a corporation licensed to operate out of London, (Not England) had itís Diplomatic Immunity Clause clearly violated on orders by some one in the English Crown.

There are currently no Nuclear or Bio-weapons stored in the Russian Federation Owned building in San Francisco and they had nothing to do with the attempt on President Trump a few days ago.

If the President asked we could tell him who funded this latest attempt on him, and who will create two Scuffles near him in September (13th & 26th) and who is attempting to go after him on the 22nd and 28th of October.

The Russians are angry but as a Corporation that have little recourse but to scream and holler.

Please pray those who ordered this are brought to justice immediately.



1) Hurricane Harvey has shut down 15% of the entire US Economy - or about $2.7 Trillion Dollars in GDP.

2) If Hurricane Irma hits it is expected to destroy another 15% of the economy.

Thus - it is expected after Hurricane Irma leave the US Economy will go from $18 Trillion to a mere $12.6 Trillion Dollars - of which $6 Trillion Dollars of Government Spending.

Thus we will see ití real GDP go from $12 to $6.6 Trillion Dollars and this will permanently harm the Super Duper Top Secret Space programs funding levels.

More on this tomorrow.

So - Again - Pegasis Canít Fly and Ethyl Still Has he Keys

3) Wells Fargo Fake Accounts jump to 3.5 Million. The banks employees just created fake accounts.

No prosecution of these employees has occurred to date.

4) President Trump has met with leaders of South Korea to renegotiate Trade Deals in an attempt to keep the Dollar Afloat.

5) China continues to move towards the De-Dollarization of the world. China is now launching a Crude Oil futures Contract denominated in the Yuan and convertible to Gold.

This will displace the US Treasury Note in at least 12 nations within one month.

Expect allot of top level Key Players assassinated by the CIA across the globe in an attempt to stop the inevitable.

6) ANTIFA was finally classified as a Terrorist Organization by Homeland Security Headquarters Friday.

7) A vault containing $70 Billion in Gold in Germany is being moved because a WW2 Bomb was discovered near the vault? Really?

No funny business gong on thereÖ

They are moving the Gold to a more secure, safe spot permanently.

8) Finally - it was ruled that all Confederate Statues will remain standing as a monument to Racism and the Democratic Party.

Remember - all Confederate Statues currently being Vandalized were Democrats and Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

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Her sun he headed form 5,000*K to 3000*K as it gets larger and hits us with more UV and IR light.

This next week we will see record temperatures as the some Sun Spots eject plasma toward earth - so - be careful with your eyes.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.

Please also pray that the plans of these elites are thwarted.

This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

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Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

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