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"Christian Now We are Going to Fear. I captured Druid right
Sun Sep 3, 2017 11:26

"Christian Now We are Going to Fear. I captured Druid right Images Proving You're Foolish," Judee say.

Those are reverse facial speech from weap Judah. Might we understand those are coming from the subconscious mind?

The right images that Judah has used to capture Druid. Will we not pray to God that we have the ability to overcome the rare paralyzing power and authority of weap Judah's psyche?

Bitch is using Ubuntu and Libre word processor to do this post today.

Bitch lost his Windows 7 when he tried to download an EPUB reader the other day.

He tried loading Windows 7 into his computer Friday, and it not only loaded, the software key showed that it was genuine Microsoft product.

That is the first time the key showed good since he purchased this laptop a little over two years ago.

Anyways, it was up and running well.

Then last night he tried to download another EPUB reader, and something got into it and shut it down again.

Thank fully Ubuntu is up and running so don't have to go to the library to post.

Lost a couple of hours of writing though by it dropping out today. So this is starting the post again.

Wrote from 2.30 am until 4.30, and those two hours cannot be recovered. Didn't post that writing to Simple site as should have while writing just in the event of losing it to an attack on the computer.

Here's the Tele receives, they're written in my notes so didn't lose them:

"All your rights are sad, sappy. 5.24 pm

ORGANIZE them real sweet and out the jails. 7.17 pm

We're deceased permanently. 7.24 pm

Jew battery is totally done. 7.36 pm

They've much improved this assault of ours. 7.38 pm

Jew life form is forcing your substance, forcing your sources, forcing out your life form.

Financial tyranny they fist us. 7.41 pm

An extraterrestrial civilization has offered you your life forms, and you suffer delightfully.

Who needs them already? 7.52 pm

Stupid mental offend molest us die durable.

Jews failed, they're leaving awful.7.54 pm

A breakthrough is what we need. 7.55 am

Pat's dying Khrushchev. 8.47 pm

He's coring insult. 8.49 pm

Their maximum field, poverty will blank us. 1.30 am

We've been helled Jersey.

A frivolous man is making us die.

Totally they rape us. 1.38 am

They fished your deal wastee.

Patrick tossed them out fair, and Jew is still scrimmaging.

Sheeny's place is dying you out broom. 1.43 am

Joltimore. 1.44 am

Nuclear establishes their hiking wit. 1.47 am

Police power right stole.

They ghost oppin ya and parceling. 1.51 am

ORGANIZE this sad voluptuous fail. 1.54 am

They're harsh witting us. 1.59 am

These communist boys hosed you fearlessly. 2.00 am

Germany wants your field dust. 2.01 am

Get them out of here, it will useful rate us. 2.02 am

It's mucage screaming harm.

You lost your life obviously. 2.04 am

Pat, you died fisty Judee real rare. 2.05 am

Americans might save us before they're really dead. 2.07 am

It's massive perpage. 2.11 am

Here's your brief, you orchestrated the criminals are squashing our lease. 2.14 am

They out our field assumption isn't very nice.

Putrid they sold you right kidnapping.

With Pittsburgh, they done pushed us in largely. 2.16 am

You're suffering Sheldon wits that will die you completely. 2.25 am

They're destroying your environment, that's your life form, your life falls humble. 2.29 am

It's fused, incredible thieves are scaring us. 2.34 am

Pat, we ceased for Oracle. 2.39 am

Get them out. 3.20 am

Sold peace. 4.01 am

HUGE you failed Jewish psyche-us. 4.53 am

Save us, toss them right.

The white man's still doing injury and it's obvious the sheeny is inside you.

ORGANIZE, they're really exposing us to out of life form. 5.14 am

They're obviously closing us too seriously.

Corruption lets them put their wale in. 5.24 am

They scared us, thief, here. 5.48 am

They dim witted us for sure. 5.55 am

They're flushing us out. 6.01 am

You lost your rightful poisoning out yourselves. 6.05 am

Your little children are being sterilized now. 6.11 am

STRIKE, core head's tumbling." 6.20 am
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Financial tyranny they fist us. 7.41 pm

An extraterrestrial civilization has offered you your life forms and you suffer delightfully."

Our extraterrestrial family from the Federation that Father sent in to spare us from being exterminated out of existence by weap Judah on Germany's nuclear war fighting industries.

Will Labor not take some good advice from the Bible, be prudent and ignore the misplaced anger of a fool?

Proverbs 12:16 The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult.

Will we not show prudence in the face of losing our life forms and end Judah's ability to run his tyranny on us financial?

The caution that our good God Almighty has given us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR.

As our children have already been poisoned at the genetic level seriously harming their possibilities of reproducing themselves should prudence not lead us to ignore the insult and get the weap out?

Is it not a lucky thing for us that the Linux computer operating system is available to us at this critical moment?

If not for Linux, Bitch might have a real difficult time sending any messages out to you's right now.

Judee is continually attacking my computer to shut me up. This Linux seems pretty strong against Judah attacks.

Windows though let Bitch do many more things, all the stuff is included in the operating system. He has been using Grammarly in Windows to go through his posts to find errors. The browser he is using in Linux is Firefox and it and Chrome on Linux cannot access Grammarly. The only recent browsers available that he found is for 64 bit computers. Bitch's is a 32-bit computer.

Many of the same things can be loaded into Linux, just that it takes some time to figure out how to do it. So thankful though to have this ability to post to try and bring Labor to shut the war down.

Libre word processor in this Ubuntu Linux system is working exceptionally well.

Bitch tried Libre in Windows and it was raided and files wiped out.

Libre in this Linux Ubuntu was loaded in when Bitch downloaded it a couple of years ago. Bitch sent them a donation for using the free software they created. Also, sends Apache regular monthly donations for using their free word processor software. It's real close to Microsoft Word processor.

Why did Bitch try to load an EPUB reader?

He put his book, "Free Energy Here Now and Then, Velocity Power sources," up at Smashwords to put it into the mainstream after correcting it.

It has to meet EPUB standards, and so Bitch wanted to read it in an EPUB reader to find what needs to be formatted to allow an EPUB reader to correctly read it.

Bitch hasn't tried to load an EPUB reader into Linux as he is happy to have this running as a back up to write his posts with.
~ ~ ~ ~
The third of the human race that was prophesied to die out when Judah goes away from us in the end times.

Are we not aware that we are in the end times?

Is there not some sense that we are a big part of the third of the human race that is set now to die out?

The HUGE failure that we have shown to Jewish psychus. Is there not a prayer to be said that will lead us to free ourselves from their false war wit?

Was that not some demonstration the other day in Houston of what Judah can accomplish on unlimited free American bourse?

Will American Labor not recognize Judah time of spoofing us, playing, toying and teasing us is done and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I fish you with Euro-wits. Cinch you off always. You failed to make us for the sin of our century. I'm taking out the white man. Judism irritate. The way the Martain face you give you a new belief.

Because of your accepting the dog I'm shooting you over time. You bet your life on Benny. Our house ex-a-cute. Burned gives me power. Our mort you failed but we're holding you down facial. I bash your lung into stitches. My great cause was to chisel heads. Mama Theresa from Moscow achieved. I goose you graceful to mop you up. You saw our latch. I closed you out of sight here," Judee say.

Our true sight to love one another and live in harmony and peace. Has Judah not truly closed our real sight out of here?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take their financial tool of tyranny away from them?

The concession to issue the money made good by American Labor. Will Labor not put it into your own hands?

"It's a vulturous sight. 7.41 am

You've almost fisted your life forms out of here obviously. 7.42 am

A weap will hike you goosely." 7.48 am
~ ~ ~ ~

"I've got some hit from London coming in to savage you. We've got some amateurs brutal that are going to op some hydrogen on you," Judee say.

Will Labor not end funding Judah sending his amateurs in to op some hydrogen on us?

Will Labor be assured that Father loves us all and wants us all to be free of Judah and his genocide tyranny?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
~ ~ ~ ~

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the Week Jesus says, "If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me." Matthew 16:24

Sunday, September 3 Jeremiah 15:1521; Psalm 26:18
Romans 12:921; Matthew 16:2128

They read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people understood what was being read. Nehemiah 8:8 (NIV)

Paul lived there two whole years at his own expense and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. Acts 28:3031

Lord, be with me always in my journeys, no matter where I roam, and make me your humble follower. Amen.

6.32 pm

"It's a vulturous sight. 7.41 pm

You almost fist your life forces out of here obviously. 7.42 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, Jewish are fantastically dying us. 10.22 am

It's fantastic. 8.25 am

Take them off for raping us. 11.04 am

Police molest foreign. 11.17 am

It looks good. 1.00 pm

They're miserable creeps. 1.29 pm

Patrick sold you an op right. 2.21 pm

We've been thrown in the waste. 4.55 pm

Patrick, you over failed to save us. 5.36 pm

You slowly die fisting yourselves, the cats are going grand.

They've got a trash hold on you, Pat, because you oppose their offend.

Shooterville." 6.37 pm

Pat is aware from reading their reverse facial speech that they have got the police records all dummied up to make it appear that Bitch is a bad guy.

With unlimited free cash available to weap Judah are we seeing how easy it is to set a trap for a big payday for as many as is needed to wrong an honest man?

Sure hope and pray you STRIKE THEM this week Labor. After Houston are we getting an idea of how much effort they are putting in to harming our economy?

The wild fires burning in numerous places in the West. Might that be Judah sporting us as is his vest?

Here's some more of his thinking from his reverse facial speech.

"For Jew fiber all our dungeon rackets are dead. Bitch sees my Birch cadaverum. Bitch told you about my jail, true on my hits. They failed the revolution, and if they want me, I'm going into my shelter. Druid is falitics.

Booze is what let us wage fearless war. Bitch, they canceled Mufon for spoofing you great. Our mutual toss potato chips gave us our hope. Chrysler shot you, humble guys. I smell defeat at Martian abuse.

I respect a child to fight, but I believe a dog was special. First rate capture. I die for my weaparee because I died you obviously. We straddle with a pure stage. We're just leaving you a booby trapped box to wound. Our judgments keep you as peaceful as can be. So you don't see our rotten what we do is cap them in puberty.

I'm false, I always do Druid like dirt. With British ops and my judge, we'll waltz you out. I'm out my permit because this white boy sees me. Whites, I curred your wit. It's not unusual to fist you right mutt. Our judgment will be pulled out this week," Judee say.

Will we not pray that Labor will pull Judah's judgment this week and spare us any more harm from them?

And this next is a reverse facial speech of a Druid fellow that was flooded out in Houston:

"My Papa's mad, it's permanent war you see."

Or could that be, "It's permanent war you sea?"

If Druid's Papa's is mad might we hope that this week Druid's Papa will give the go ahead to bring the strike in and close Judah out and start a recovery from a world that they have left seriously wounded?

Will we not keep praying for peace? Thank you.

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    The mention of the ITCCS court? - this is a fake court - it doesn't exist and was a manufactured scam by Mr. Kevin Annett to bolster his dubious activities - no point in taking anything there!! Sadly ... more
    • "Christian Now We are Going to Fear. I captured Druid right — Patrick Sullivan, Sun Sep 3 11:26
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