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"Driving a Potato With A Burned Out Face You Let Us Die You
Mon Sep 4, 2017 10:04

"Driving a Potato With A Burned Out Face You Let Us Die You. We Damaged You," Judee say.

Might we see that Judah damaged Bitch face is their pride of life, their 'raison d'etre,' their purpose in life, their reason for being?

The reason, the justification for the existence of weap Judah, to damage some one, to harm others. The reason, the thing that is most important to Judah as to why they are alive. Might we see the raison d'etre with weap Judah is to wound, harm and kill us?

"Magnify their imperfections." Beautiful big sister Juliet said to Bitch as to the strategy of ending Judah's time in God our Father's village.

Yet Judah with his time tested ability to dominate others, driving a potato with a burned out face, has he not indeed succeeded in holding the mild people in to sterilize and poison out our children while we fund permanent sports war in our world?

Weap Judah in Birmingham England sits at his weap desk and calls North Korea giving them the strategy and sends the American Labor dollars to his hybrid transplant Fornain Replicon partners there to fire a missile over their hybrid transplant Fornian Replicons in Japan to terrorize the people and hold us in with fear.

Will American Labor not listen to the angels our good God sent in, "GET SMART," STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah brand?

At the time of Jesus when the prophecy was being given to us, that is found in our bibles. Might we perceive the prophecy is based upon the 87 million years of time that our elders in the Galactic Federation of Light have at their command as to how life forms develop and behave?

"Love one another. Thou shalt not kill." God Almighty said to Moses in 1,500 BC.

And yet Judah, of his own free will, chose to not obey our good God Almighty and set his sights instead on humbling, defacing, degrading, diminishing and destroying the other children of God wherever he found us.

Has Judah on his own not succeeded in the face of God Almighty Himself?

Over six years after attacking us with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of thermonuclear blast force in the middle of the night and Judah is still waging world wars on the pocket book of American Labor, while simultaneously he has sterilized our children and set us into place to die us out tumored from his brimstone waste.

Does that bring to mind the late Elie Weisel who said that there is an "Ontological difference" between Judah and the rest of the children of God?

"Booze is what let us wage fearless war," Judee said.

Repeatedly Judah has reported in facial reverse speech that it is "Whiskey" that has held the mild people to allow him to molest us so and abuse us.

The intoxicant that is widely available and used to toast at social occasions. Has it allowed us to be turned into toast?

That's what Judah analysis says.

Can we not pray for an awakening of the mild people to recognize that we have a right to life that was given to us by our creator, our good God above, and act to remove our Labor purse from Judah's private hands?

The imprisoning of Labor leader Eugene Debs (1855-1926) when he tried his hardest to keep Americans from being registered, drafted and forced by Judah to return to the old criminal autocracies of Europe to slay his fellow man.


Debs with Max Eastman and Rose Pastor Stokes in 1918
Debs' speeches against the Wilson administration and the war earned the enmity of President Woodrow Wilson, who later called Debs a "traitor to his country."

On June 16, 1918, Debs made a speech in Canton, Ohio, urging resistance to the military draft of World War I. He was arrested on June 30 and charged with ten counts of sedition.

Debs was sentenced on November 18, 1918, to ten years in prison. He was also disenfranchised for life.

Debs presented what has been called his best-remembered statement at his sentencing hearing:
Your Honor, years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on earth.

I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.

Debs appealed his conviction to the Supreme Court. In its ruling on Debs v. United States, the court examined several statements Debs had made regarding World War I and socialism.

While Debs had carefully worded his speeches in an attempt to comply with the Espionage Act, the Court found he had the intention and effect of obstructing the draft and military recruitment.

Among other things, the Court cited Debs' praise for those imprisoned for obstructing the draft. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. stated in his opinion that little attention was needed since Debs' case was essentially the same as that of Schenck v. United States, in which the Court had upheld a similar conviction

At one point, President Wilson wrote:
"While the flower of American youth was pouring out its blood to vindicate the cause of civilization, this man, Debs, stood behind the lines sniping, attacking, and denouncing them....This man was a traitor to his country, and he will never be pardoned during my administration."
Now that we are suffering extermination in a brimstone nuclear waste war that is the sport of Judah and those he hired, might we want to ask, "who is the traitor to our country?"

The courts that stood behind the war makers that registered and then drafted us and forced us to return to the old world criminal autocracies to suffer injury and death.

Will American Labor not take the authority to issue our money away from them and close their entire fraudulent sham out of our world for good?

The violent minds on high that do all they can to deface, degrade, false and harm us that is possible. Will American Labor not close them out of their nuclear war of extinction against us?

The unerring truth that we have a God above and that He is good and loves us. Will Labor not attach us to Father's house of love and peace for all of His children on earth?

Tele receives:

"Incredible buzz trap. 7.35 pm

It's a fatal ignorant. 7.56 pm

He's got Gerry torching you right.

STRIKE THEM OUT of history. 1.39 am

They're animals that have severed our rights. 3.30 am

Authorize the end of fail. 5.51 am

Peaceful time is upon us." 5.57 am

The fail that we are in if not stopped, are we not getting the message that we will be dropped?

The Bible is warning us of the days that we will drop like flies. Will we not heed the warnings and get ourselves to a safe place in this world?

"I'm a bum done right fold. For our fiber all our dangerous roots are dead. I closed you out of sight here. I'm a permanent MOX to core rate. Your honest Bitch I false some on the police. Bitch, you won't believe my fantastic statutory. My internal documents take you away always. We've got a wonderful police arrangement for free. My vitamins want to make them believe you're a theft. You saw our latch," Judee say.

Did we not notice the governor of Illinois putting in no statute of limitations on sex acts with children?

Might they have a false on file now waiting for the time they hope to get their hands on Bitch for blowing the horn in their attempt to exterminate us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads?

Will Labor not hire us our grand juries so that we can properly assess what is true and what is false?

The economic devastation that Judah is doing to us. Will Labor not end funding their series of wars against us? Will Labor not take the funding for the HAARP weather war away from weap Judah?

Droughts to floods. The many wild fires that are burning our West. Are we not aware that Judah is doing all he can to harm us before he leaves us forever more?

Our precious sweet Father above, the third Father we have had since Father Baldec spoke to Moses 3,500 years ago. Will Labor not hear the love of Father for His beautiful simian children on earth and STOP THE WAR?

Father Christopher who sent Jesus in to teach us how to live right in peace and love with each other. Will Labor not hear the words of our sweet Lord and do God's will and make war no more?

Our precious sweet Father is dying. Father is in the last years of His beautiful life. Will American Labor no join together and sooth Father who wills that His children live in peace?

Will American Labor not recognize Father as the Sovereign of planet earth and do the Sovereign will and take the purse into your hands and issue Father's children's money?

"Try to perceive me; I love you. My children, treat them super nice. Sooth me. I want to save your lives. The prisons have ruined my children, let the fishies go free. Wake me when they've struck," God almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

Father is 2200 years of age. Our Galactican elders live in the range of 1800 to 2200 years of life.

38 light years away in the direction of the North Star. That is where precious sweet Father lives and holds court. An eight-hour flight on one of the angels magic carpets.

Will Labor not try to save our world?

Father uses no force on anyone. The free will is the gift that we were given two hundred thousand years ago when we were hybridized with the 223 high intelligence psychiatric genetics of our elders.

Do we perceive that we were created in our modern form by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization to travel the stars as they do?

12 million years of the planet of the apes with one another. Two hundred thousand years with super extraterrestrial wits installed into us. Will Labor not get the stool cipher out?

Our elders in the Federation have knowledge of tens of billions of Etherean civilizations. Extraterrestrial civilizations that all live in peace. They also know of the molester brand of extraterrestrials that fly around and molest whoever they can.

They don't leave the rascals to operate in the 20% of our galaxy that the Federation has explored.

Every ten thousand years or so when the rascals show up, elders don't fight with them, they just make space and time run slow. Rascals then leave for easier pickings somewhere else.


The words that beautiful sister Juliet said to Bitch when he was pondering the reason for dropping the extraterrestrial space craft at Roswell in 1947.

"Don't embarrass us, Patrick," Juliet said to him after he speculated it was as budget Judee said, "Give them enough rope, and they'll hang themselves."

Attacking us all out with nuclear a missiles to wipe us away. Will American Labor not help us before we are all dead?

On a technical note, Bitch has got Windows 7 working once again. It is a good operating system. And the sites he uses, Grammarly and now Zoho for these posts, easily interact with Windows.

Linux Ubuntu that Bitch has been using for the last week works well. It can do most everything Windows does; it's just that it takes special knowledge to set it up.

Bitch has been using Microsoft since 1989 when he first used MS-DOS 3.3

Linux uses a similar type of command line that MS-DOS uses. It is real accurate to get things done.

Bitch has a wide screen monition at his feet that when he is typing, he doesn't have to look up to see the laptop screen.

While using Ubuntu the monitor did not come on, so he searched for the commands to cause it to operate as it did on Windows 7.

When he put the code in, the screen came on, but the text did not.

Searched for the proper command, didn't find it.

The 'Hot Spot' to use the cell phone to connect the lap top to the Internet. Bitch uses the 'Hot Spot' when he travels to visit the Guardian angel roadside chapel, in Clear Lake, Iowa.
He didn't figure out how to turn it on in Ubuntu. It is available though. A pro in Linux would probably have it running in 5-minutes or less.

The Linux Ubuntu Bitch is using was loaded several years ago, there are more modern versions available now.

Bitch bought a Linux Mint Cinamon version on CD. Tried it but it did not load.

Tried to download Linux mint Cinamon from the internet, and the CD-RW in the D drive only held 700 MB, and the program is 1.5 gigabyte.

Bitch has some 4.7 GB CD's, but they are CD-R, and to copy the disk must be CD-RW.

From just reading, it looks as if the USB sticks are the new way to get software operating systems loaded.

For those who may be writing a book and want to get it into EPUB format, Zoho can download whatever you've written in a variety of formats.

You can upload your document in Word, Apache, Libre or Word Pad, and more, and work on it and then download it in Microsoft format, Open document format, Epub, or PDF.

BItch only tried ZOHO last week when his Windows went down. Pretty impressive.

So now he writes in Grammarly and puts it up at ZOHO to check once again.

Bitch wrote "Free Energy Here Now and Then, Velocity Power Sources" in 2009 in Microsoft Word.

He has reworked it over the years. The last edition in 2016 was taken from 'Word' file, written and put into Apache and spell checked. Loaded up to Amazon Kindle where it is now.

He ran it through a spell checker on the internet and found about a dozen misspelled words in it at that time.

He put it through Grammarly and found numerous errors. It discovered Bitch had spelled Jon Von Neumann's name, "Von Nuemann." So he fixed that too.

Then on Zoho, he found a few misspelled words again.

But what has this all got to with us being scientifically destroyed now?

Jon Von Neumann (1903-1957), a top intellect in mathematics man that was interested in where the free energy was coming from.

Jon was not a pacifist type guy, he dreamed of dropping hydrogen bombs onto the rest of us. He worked on the Manhattan project. The Judees team that built the first atomic bombs.

And Jon pressed forward to build hydrogen bombs after even after he saw what atomic bombs did to our family in Japan.

And Jon died at a relatively young age of cancer. 53 years of age in 1957. Can we only wonder might we have to include him in the number of scientists that have suffered for their interest in bringing free energy in?

In the 1930s Jon had figured out the geometry of a continuous nature. His geometry included extra dimensions.

Do we recall that only days before he passed away in 1968, Gabriel Kron, who invented by accident an over unity electronic circuit, told associates that he was in an entirely new area, adding dimensions to the electrical field?

The extra dimensions that Kaluza-Klein informed us about in 1938 that explained where free energy is coming from.

Might mathematician Jon Von Neumann figured it out before he left in 1957?

Gabriel Kron who left in 1968.

Dr. Mallove who left in 2004. Might he have connected the dots and figured it out too?

Jon, cancer in 1957. Gabriel sudden death syndrome in 1968. Eugene shot down in the street in 2004.

Will Labor not get us free?

The simplicity of it all, that is, once understood. WIll Labor not get us out of this eternal state of war?

Those three scientists, all from Jewish heritage. Might we note when it comes to free energy, it does not matter if you're kosher or not?

Will Labor not send the carbon age out? Have they not gassed us enough?

Will Labor not come home to the love of precious sweet Father where we all can live in humble joy and peace?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," Father's angels said.

"Taking your right forces doleful.

You're helping them to die you, toss them out."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

In less than a day the children of God on earth can be out from underneath the menace of a wide open war.

Continues at

We will have a chance to buy some boron to put into that Jewish nuclear artille

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