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Medellin, Colombia Object, Canada Light, Brazil Cylinder,
Mon Sep 4, 2017 11:16

Colombia Object
Medellin — While vacationing with my family, we visited this busy water park near Medellin on July 1, 2017.

I found a curious shape in this photograph taken from one of the many swimming pools in the park.
I could not see or hear any airplane or helicopter noise at the time. The shape of the object is also quite unusual.
Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Canada Light
Picton, Ontario — Here’s is a coincidence I just discovered that I also have images of the same type of flying white rod

On August 1, 2017, while at camp near Sandbanks Lake Ontario this is located in the Prince Edward County near Picton, Ontario I was filming the clear night sky with my Sony Camcorder after midnight until 1:00 am

The setting on the camcorder is on a night shot – infrared, giving technology a peek we do not see with the naked eye.

Later on August 6, 2017 when I reviewed the clips taken Shock and fascinated to see what I have captured These unknown long white flying serpent- like creatures These are known as flying ‘ Rods ‘PLEASE if this is a insect I would sure like to know the class order type of insect?

They are biological and move quite fast in swirling manners as illustrated have over a dozen captures on film here is the photographic evidence to better illustrate the same

Brazil Cylinder
Curitiba — The photo I attached to this report was taken by a friend of mine during his vacation in Brazil in 2009.

He was aboard a regular speed bus south of Curitiba when he and the passengers saw the flying object standing in the sky at a height of about 500 meters and had an apparent length of 100-150 meters.

The flying object has made a tilt change on its axis to remain stationary.

Pennsylvania Lights
Altoona — My mom, my sister and I were driving back to my sister’s apartment when they told me they saw a UFO in the sky on August 13, 2817. I was sitting in the backseat and looked up and sure enough there was a huge triangle hovering over a tall building.

It had two red lights in the rear and one white light that would flash on and off. I could see the craft slowly turning and the craft soon vanished. We continued driving and we saw about 3 triangles hovering over the church.

We did not stop driving to look however and continued on our way home when we got back to the e third floor balcony we could see another triangle hovering above the tree tops within half a mile of the apartment. Looking very closely I could see dim beams of light coming out from the craft.

Also if I remained very silent I could hear a very faint humming coming from the craft. The triangle hovered there for at least four hours, I went to bed, the next morning it was gone. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Light
Detroit Lake — his odd image was taken during the eclipse. Whatever this is its moving fast. I am guessing it traveled a half to one mile from the picture.

The camera shutter speed was 1/250 to 1/500th of a second. One mile in 1/500th of a second equals 1,800,000 MPH.

Note: The witness’s speed estimate of the object is based on an estimate of the distance of the object from the camera lens. I suspect that the object was quite close to the camera lens and could have been an insect.
Thanks to William Puckett, Director

New York Lights
Garden City South — I saw glowing orange orbs traveling southwest to northeast on August 26, 2017. They were traveling at approximately the same speed. I had no time to obtain a camera.

There was a total of seven (7) of these objects not clustered. Some other individuals and I watched these objects.

The woman that was observing these orbs at the same moment as I stated that she and some other people observed these same orange glowing UFO’s a few years previously on a July evening. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

New Jersey Cylinder
Lambertville – I took a casual picture of the County Fair amusements using an Apple SE phone which has the live photo feature on August 26, 2017.

The live photo shows the object projecting diagonally up to the twilight sky from bottom left to upper right. It was a quick projection motion like a slingshot. I noticed this when reviewing my picture during dinner later that night. I would not be surprised if this picture was a UFO because a few years ago while driving east on Rt. 202 through Buckingham, PA.

I had a white comet like light swoop down and up just over my sunroof on my 2003 Neon SXT. I felt the momentum which caused me to look up through my sunroof to see the comet like form. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Object
Chatsworth — I was in the car and I took a photo of an unusual cloud formation on August 27, 2017.
It was only when I looked at the photo on my phone, that I noticed the black UFO in the upper right corner. The UFO was no longer visible.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

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