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It is NOT only Google look at the Internet Explorer also
Tue Sep 5, 2017 05:18

We have MANY agencies censoring or harassing or targeting the list goes on including the following State of Washington agencies or programs:

Director Maia Bellon
PDHB Pollution Control Hearings Board
SHB Shoreline Hearings Board
SHB Members
Jon Wagner
Peter Philley
Grant Beck
John Bolender
Rob Gelder
Jennifer Gregerson
David Baker
Jamie Stephens
Allan Estep
Keith Goehner
PCHB and SHB Members
Tom Morrill
Joan Marchioro
Kay Brown

GMHB Growth Management Hearings Board
GMHB Members
Nina L. Carter Director
Robert Gelder
Pete Philley
John Bolender
Jamie Stephens
Keith Goehner
Commissioner of Public Lands
Allen Estep

Administrative Appeals Judges
Heather C. Francks
Carolina Sun-Widrow

To: Board Members, Judges, Directors and all concerned,
Have you taken a good look at what your actually doing to this country by charging ahead with your Codes, Regulations, Rules etc.?
IF you have any loyalty to not only the Consitution for the United States of America you would take a good close look at what is happening, because of you.
Due to predominance of Attorneys being among your rank the Treaty of 1947 is apparently coming into play over and over. BAR Association's loyalty to the United Nations is mandated by the 1947 Treaty. Therefore the 'guidance' of the BAR Association and or members, are not necessarily on the side of the USA. The codes, rules, regulations etc. are on the surface written in a somewhat logical manner so as to make you think they are all for the good of the future thinking well being of all concerned. HOWEVER -
1. You are facilitating harassment of specific individuals who are being targeted due to Patriotic Activism.
2. You are clearing out specific areas that are highly sensitive to the security of this country.
3. Is it your goal to take down this country?
4. Water is mandatory for life, so it seems extreme care has been taken to take over all water districts or sources.
5. Excessive Fines demands for septic tanks that are ridiculous size and location, not to mention cost for the 'acceptable' contractor.
6. Should this be put into legal terms or are you willing to set things right?
If you need an example of what you are doing and how it affects what is really going on, look at the Coyle Penninsula Area. Due to the close proximity to Bangor Base with the, if not World's largest Arsenal very close to being the world's largest Arsenal. Step by step people have been giving up and moving rather than putting up with the harassment and your rulings against the residents of the area. This of course makes it quite convenient for the advosaries wantiing unfettered access to go after control of Bangor. My question to you if you do not understand the severity of the situations you are causing, it is time for you to look into every aspect mentioned above, particularly #6.
If you want to say you are just doing your job, then what is your job? Or when trying for excuses, the comments seem to be what can be done about it?
You do have answers -
1. Start with the actual original allocation of property which goes back to the 1612 Charter. J. J. Hill had no right to sign over any of the coast land and much more. Therefore the current control factors are built on nothing but De facto demands by certain parties at hand. One, main one, was the BAR Association's loyalty to the One World - United Nations. What you really want to know is who founded the United Nations and with what money, not to mention why is it located in New York? When you find those answers you will find your solution as to how to actually maintain the well being of all concerned, including you.
A Hint to help you discover the answers sooner than later is the De Jure priority of the Charters. These answers will assist you to set things right. That is IF you want to set things right! With the help of the Director Heir you will be able to correct what has been set on a path of distruction.

Patricia JHS
Direct Heir of James the VI and I

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    • It is NOT only Google look at the Internet Explorer also — scantv77, Tue Sep 5 05:18
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