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"Because I Press I Death You Right. I'm Simply Refused Beca
Tue Sep 5, 2017 11:55

"Because I Press I Death You Right. I'm Simply Refused Because of My Jewish Ways, I won't Come Back," Judee say.

The destruction of innocent life with war. Might we understand why Jewish have been refused? Is it not yet clear they won't come back?

If these facts are understood is there not some way to convince American Labor to speedily close them out before they take our souls out of existence?

Our physical existence is being closed out. We are going out of life form, our children and grand children being chemically castrated and made sterile unable to reproduce ourselves.

Our good God Almighty who sent His angels in to magnify Jewish imperfections. By letting Judah take his big swing at us with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of nuclear blast force in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, are Jewish imperfections not seen enough that ordinary men and women will not act and take the Organizing Principle of Society away from them now?

Silent, invisible, tasteless and odorless. And yet radiation so deadly that it is set to die off a third of the human race now.

Surely the wealthiest people ever known to history will prevent it, won't we?

"Your colony fall. I'm falling a free life. I'm tumbling dumb. Our banks are still forming up your siege bojangelly. To make you rightly we challenge you municipally. You see my ruse, my set done. We just switch you rudeness. My ricing you friendly failed.

With Russia, I seize them rightly to put them out to pasture forever. Patrick's getting my function out of here because I stupid you. We Murphilly enforce. Druid I used for my torturous exercise, now I've thrown him out. This will be my last molest of you possibly. Jew got some more war power rights coming on in.

I'm a saber tooth, bore you interest with my tumor war. I'm a midget that insults them with my breeze. The Jew ever failed the taxpayer hopelessly. You see here Martians, and you'll end your problem with me. My onus alms are free. I deceive you on minnows bust. We appointed all you fish by summer.

Your fair portion fouls me. Bitch opps us. I fielded some municipal waste. I pitch white people peaceful. Harold's big rights stumbled me. We use gremlins to take you away, fool you in. Our Brahmin weaped abuse right. I just psyche you grouch. Bitch can't lease you out. Since Columbus, I put a hold on you.

We methyl good. Bourse has made us some horsepower. You let me set you true. We had a good run, but Jew testament failed. The bureau has divestment wet. I fight them with Missouri boys. I just force off your rights to fish you.

With Bethlehem, I'm pulling you off pollutinous. I need a big deficit to fall you right. Jew power rates you, it's part of my spite life. You obviously mace and fist right for my truthy. My Jewish police savage wits. Rights ever sold a four bidifferous. We're old fashioned, condemned for police.

If it wasn't for Iowa, we'd never be dead, he killed us for our forgerer penny and set us out, " Judee say.

Might not be correct to say, "we killed ourselves and set ourselves out, and Iowa caught us red handed with information from Mercury and Mars and blew the horn on us?"

The information that Mercury gave to Bitch in October of 2011 that weap Judah had gone ahead with an all out nuclear missile attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with the heat and blast force 64,000 Hiroshima atom bombs.

Did vigilant Bitch not report the facts to Americans and the world what Judah attempted in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Yes, dutiful BItch did report this somber, sobering fact to the people of America and the world in October of 2011.

Six years later after now having sterilized our children by funding Judah last molest, his brimstone waste shot from Hitachi GE can we only wonder why American Labor did not try it yet?

The STRIKE that Father asked about. "Why didn't you try it?" God Almighty of heaven and earth asked American Labor.

What say you Labor? Why didn't you try it?

Elders said that Bitch "mis set you's," with his accidental stupid upset insult. Though what are we to think about what Judee said that it is "whiskey" that let them destroy us.

Why didn't you try it Labor?

The 6 hours of a general STRIKE that will take Judah off of issuing our money.

The thirteen hundred years that Judah has held management in the lands of the mild people of the north. Will American Labor not now retire them from their management positions rightly?

Their serious attempt at thermonuclear blast extirpation of us in an unnecessary war. A war of extinction of the white race that of all of God's children, Jewish hate the most.

The Dutch hybrid transplant shell Replicon Fornians that invaded and took over England in 1688. Privatizing the issue of money with the creation of the bank of England in 1694.

Will American Labor not let them off right?

Are we not aware that the Anglo-Dutch Fornians are the nuclear war fighting group that cunningly set the nuclear war trap to die us out right?

The pictures coming out of North Korea with Asian Jewish Fornians standing around what is described as a nuclear warhead that is purportedly being built there.

Might those pictures not be more of cunning international weap Judah working our heads to put fear into us?

That our Martian neighbor and angel Sir Casper sent from our good God to spare us thermonuclear extermination pulled every single nuclear warhead out of the sky and safely burst or burned them off, should we not be aware of Judah propaganda yet?

Judah's usure sniper teams directed by England's death squads operators in Parliament and the Palace. Will American Labor not take the cash away from them and throw them out?

The most powerful economy the world has ever witnessed, created by the free people of American Labor. Will American Labor not do something to spare us loss of it all?

Can we only wonder will HAARP succeed in steering another tropical storm in to wipe out another one of our cities?

The authority to issue our cash. Are we getting it, that is the whole ball of social, economic and political wax?

The taking away of Americans rights. Might we only wonder how much bribe money had to be spread throughout Congress and the courts to get that done to us?

Judah already fled into the safety and security of his well-prepared undergrounds, now going on with the vast die of us that he has always wanted to do to the mild people of the north land.

Druid, do we recall that Judah has told us, "Druid is not dutiful, Druid has ever failed to save himself?"

Has this Bitch not been dutiful to report to Druid that our children are now sterilized because we have funded our die out?

The fear, terrorism that Judah puts into our societies with his media machine. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT so that we can hire people who will tell us the truth of what is going on in our world?

This beautiful nation of America. Will Labor not try to save what we have here?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed," the angel said.

Our fields contaminated with brimstone waste from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor not help us to shut that dirty bomb down?

The technology in our hands to easily feed house and clothe all of our brothers and sisters everywhere on earth.

Will American Labor not take the free cash away from Judah and close their war sport out?

Will a committee of the whole from Labor not determine what money is rather than letting Judah decide what money is?

Tele receives:

"Beautiful right courage.5.41 pm

You're sunk with war. 7.39 pm

Sinner prey bad. 7.41 pm

God gave us our lives back, and we threw them away. 7.47 pm

It's wiltedly. 7.51 pm

They're scavenging the field. 7.53 pm

You're wasting fantastic here. 7.57 pm

Get the adults to rise. 7.59 pm

Technology has almost touched you score.

Jew believe rifle the fish numistic. 8.01 pm

It's a rare reduce. 8.02 am

Golden ceased us. 8.03 pm

He tossed them out, and you brought rapture days. 8.07 pm

Life will return only if you STRIKE THEM OUT!

They false you jails thief. 8.09 pm

Bitch shushed them seriously. 8.17 pm

Scrumptious thief. 2.07 am

They're striking us out of here.

Research your bad. 3.01

O my God Patrick, they sqooshed us.

They fraud abusive. 3.05 am

Have a nice time in the museum. 3.50 am

Brutal cash. 5.21 am

Shanty told you it's finished. 5.33 am

O, my God, it's verified falsing. 6.16 am

Praise God, a miracle is established. 6.31 am

Your children are being sterilized. 6.42 am

Patrick help us, it be best we be contacted." 6.43 am

WE have been contacted by our kind extraterrestrial family and friends. Will we not recognize that a miracle from God has been established?

Weap Judah on unlimited free American Labor bourse built his thermonuclear genocide force.

That we are still alive even after Judah tried to make us die. Will we not recognize a miracle has been established?

The kindness and love that precious sweet Father has for all of His beautiful simian children on earth. Will we not pray to Father and thank Father for sending in His angel force?

The "Magnificients," our elders that are on the desk that are with us every day and night.

The vigilance of our Martian friends that pulled every single nuclear weapon off of us. Will we not say prayers to Father and thank Him for HIs miracle to us?

Our extraterrestrial family from the Federation. Might we understand they don't need workers or minerals or for us to go to work in the mine for them?

The miracle, might we see it is for us to awaken ourselves and join with our family in the universe to live in peace?

To travel our galaxy and beyond seeking out discoveries where ever we go. Will Labor not let the dull Jewish sport war off right?

"They mishandled their high-level potentials. Animal primitivism" is elders description of weap Judah's vision.

In this new era of contact, might we understand that each of us may have contact with our elders directly if we choose to?

The act of praying. Might we see that is a telepathic communication? Our elders' telepathic communications system is located East of us.

Might we speculate the telepathic receivers are located East of us has to do with the rotation of our earth on its axis?

Religions that face East when they pray. Is it not something to think about, our gods throughout history have been extraterrestrials?

They came to earth to help us reach our high-level potentials in peace. Will American Labor not sign on with our elders and STOP THE WAR?

Elders do not traffic in pain or cruelty, and they never take life. Will American Labor not help us to all be contacted and join up with them and leave the sport genocide guys on the side?

The spectacular treasure trove of technology that elders gifted to us when they dropped their space craft at Roswell in 1947.

Will we not show respect and use it only for peace?

The historical pattern of assault and battery, rape, and robbery that Judah puts in as his favored mode of government. The extortion murder racket that is destroying us. Will Labor not take the authority to issue our cash away from them and close them out right?

Dr. King stolen away at 38 years of age. John stolen at 43 years of age. Jesus 33 years old when he was nailed to the cross in Judah's zone.

Bitchie now almost 70 years of age. Might there be something to the saying that only the good die young?

Father didn't say Bitch was good. In fact, Father said, "bad procceedjus," concerning why Labor has failed to help us here.

But do we recall that Father did say, "You're a nice boy? He remained true to me."

While Father said that Bitch "remained True to me," Bitch did not believe that Father even existed. An atheist was Bitch belief until Father spoke to him in 2009.

All the years since 1966 when Bitch saw Judee false sports war as a teenager in Asia, Bitch not once would agree to any fisting from the Wall Street-Washington boys and girls after seeing that.

Judee with his sports war ways. Will Labor not try to help us before we are gone for good?

Do the people not see how Judah has got us involved in sin in such a way that our lives will not be saved by our extraterrestrial elders because of it?

The cages that Judah used to silence the voices to Judah's putting America into endless sports wars in 1917, four years after he took control of the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money.

The 63rd Congress, the courts, President Wilson in the executive mansion. Might these not now be seen as the true America millstone?

Have these agencies of brutal, vicious despotism and genocidal tyranny not shown their claws and fangs well enough that American Labor will not now close them out right?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

The law of our God that said, "thou shalt not kill."

Thirty-five centuries ago Father Baldec gave that message to Moses to pass on to us all.

Might it be the words Father said when BItch had his stupid mistake and mis set everyone, "what happened here?"

Will Labor not try to restore us to our rightful place at peace in the universe?

Will Labor not act to end funding sports war and genocide so that God our Father does not also forget our children?

"Get them out; they fouled us out lethally." 7.58 am

The rapture is now underway, God taking His righteous out as we war sinners perish now.

The ability of Judah to force in poverty, destitution, and homelessness. Might we understand he has been able to get us done so well because he has the authority to issue our money? Will Labor not end the nuclear war fighting bankers fail?

Must Labor fail and let Judah win completely on us?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail," God Almighty our Father in heaven asked American Labor.

They pushed the button to take the white race out of here. Will the white race not now take the authority to issue our money away from the failed Jewish?

Their religion of atrocity and genocide. Their war of desperation and homicide. Will American Labor not put our American Bill of Rights in and close them up right?

The nondutiful Druid who Judah informs us has ever failed to save himself, the people that had the biggest genocide in history scored on us by weap Judah in Eastern Europe, will we not try to save ourselves this time?

The many wars that are burning around our world. Will American Labor not accept the responsibility for letting them go on?

The American purse that bought the fist that smashed our world in war world wide for Judah sports ways. Will American Labor not say, "enough is enough" and try to save us from the brimstone that is taking us out so well?

Can we only speculate what percentage of our American population understands that we are being brimstone perished out of life form now?

The specific facility of mind that was able to see the coming nuclear attack on June 11, 2011, and also June 11, 2014, discovered mathematically in November of 1965 by a high school drop out on a GED using basic engineering mathematics.

That same facility of mind that perceives nuclear warfare in its many packages now sees a MEGADEATH die off of the American people using sneaky nuclear brimstone waste.

"The scientist saved us, and we've destroyed ourselves here." 8.45 am

Our only hope to survive this last genocide of Jewish on cash and brimstone is our good God above. Will Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor, will you not try it?


God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

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Tuesday, September 5 Psalm 105:1622
Jeremiah 33:634:7; 2 Timothy 4:922
O Lord, our Sovereign, how majestic

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