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"Virtual Inebria Let Us Close You; Scoot You Sufferage. I To
Wed Sep 6, 2017 08:59

"Virtual Inebria Let Us Close You; Scoot You Sufferage. I Tossed You Psyche. I tossed You Obviously," Judee say.

As Judah continues toying and playing with Americans, the 'deuce' still holds the most important thing concerning government, the Organizing Principle of Society in his private hands. The authority to issue money.

And what is Judah doing with this authority to secretly issue our money that he has held privately since 1913? Is it any other than steering storms and hurricanes at us with his HAARP weather machine fist?

The snipers that have been booming us on the streets. Do we not recognize Judah style of mayhem? Are we understanding it is having the authority to issue our money in his private hands as to why we are obviously being pushed out of life form?

Daniel 9:18 "O my God, incline Your ear and hear! Open Your eyes and see our desolations and the city which is called by Your name; for we are not presenting our supplications before You on account of any merits of our own, but on account of Your great compassion.

"Supplication," a plea, a request, a petition, begging. All definitions of "supplication."

That we have failed to STOP THE WAR even with full knowledge that we are funding war and genocide because it is Judah sport, might we perceive we have failed a righteous life?

Though we have failed righteous, do we see we can still appeal to our great God by Father's mercy and compassion?

Judah having attacked us all out with his 64,000 Hiroshima atomic blast forces in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and losing his Continentals to our elders from outer space, might we perceive that Jewish America is done for that one?

The "virtual inebria" that Judah claims as to why he has been able to smash us so. Has Judah not proven to be quite a chemical warfare fellow on us?

"I was so abrasive sex forcing. We marched you fantastic. As taxpayers, I suffer you fraud. Pat took my soldiers," Judee say.

After surviving a couple of all out nuclear missiles attacks upon us, much chance we'll be letting Judah impoverish our nation, so he has cruelly manipulated poor folks to choose from to fist for him both at home and overseas?

Seems unlikely, doesn't it? And yet Judah is chemically castrating us, sterilizing our children so that we lose our life forms. What might it take to bring Labor on board to take the authority to issue our money away from them?

All the government fists in our world under the control of one cipher group. The 'deuce' the two percent that hates the rest of us. The group that has vast underground dwellings to hide in while they poison us out.

And from their underground shelters keep giving orders for America Labor to fund more war in our world.

Will we no pray to our good God above to have mercy on us and save us now?

"My Sherman is going to wale on Drupid one more time. We've got an arrangement that gives hope to our racket. We're going to mouse you out weapons. I just op out here, and I win. This is a foul emotion to purify you right. We do full-time screwin'," Judee say.

No friend of God or man, and yet American Labor remains to fund their Jewish world war plan. Will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and end their tourist siege in this beautiful land of the free?

To be privy to the secrets held inside of weap Judah's mind. That ability that our extraterrestrial family gifted to Bitch. The ability to read weap Judah's facial reverse speech to hear what he is thinking.

Has Judah not told us what he thinks of us? By his actions of only making war, taking our rights away and hiring false courts to imprison us, has he not shown us just who he is?

Returned Americans to travel overseas to abduct our brothers and sisters to deliver them to American torture chambers and dungeons. Might that not be a real hoot for Judah to see that he has been able to get the white race do such horrific things?

The white race that made the law that said,"no cruel or inhumane treatment at all. A grand jury to hear the allegations to make the call first if we should be abducted or not. A jury of peers to decide if we should lose our life, liberty or property."

And Judah, telling the white race we "have no rights at all in America or the world now." "You're a peon." is how Judah says "European."

And so at the moment, only peonage rights exist for Americans.

Will we not keep hoping and praying for the moment that American Labor will scoot Jewish out of here right and put our gorgeous American Bill of Rights in once again?

The rights the dominant members of society that crafted our Constitution did not want for the inhabitants in the new land of America.

The rights found in the first Ten Amendments to our Constitution, that if not put in, the state delegates would not create the United States of America.

As we face a terminal nuclear holocaust on fire, smoke and brimstone is there not some way that Labor will step in and put our rights in once again?

Might we understand that with our rights in community activists that decide they don't want to breathe brimstone waste will be able to file suit and bring Hitachi-GE to court?

And what could the outcome then be?

Might it be to revoke and remove their corporate charter and take over their nuclear artillery piece in Fukushima that is shooting us out and also buy some boron and put it into that dirty bomb so that it will cease poisoning us and our children out?

Might we see in that instance how having rights might save the majority of us from perishing out in the next few years, from being sickened by the nuclear brimstone waste that Judah is shooting on us all?

Six years now of being subjected to background radiation counts thousands of times higher than they were before Judah turned his dirty bomb shot loose on us all. Will Labor not get into this and help us now?

No way to know about this unless we have Geiger counters to alarm us. Our littlest children playing outside on a nice day. No way to know their genetics are being burned out.

Our species being destroyed by Jewish in ways that many will not know about until it is time to have a family.

Isn't that Judee a cunning guy to get us this way?

"I ravage you but my days are up, I'm fairly out. I die you interest rate just to insult. With dollars, I'm leaving you Auschwitz because I'm out of time. We're bad shells, with the registry I pull you out of here. White boy's staying on me made me die, ------'s union said to put me away. I had a Murtha contract to swit the guys. Jew failed to have mercy, so you arrested me for my Grinch," Judee say.

Will Labor not join with our extraterrestrial rescuer's and help us to put Jewish away from this place and time?

Will American Labor not end funding the genocide that Judah shells are directing in our world?

"I just had some symbols, and they papered me. I boozed the white guys. Juliet has even taken our stream out of here. I just off you invidious fair suicide. With mirth I wiped your house. Forever now I've made you a beggar," Judee say.

Our beautiful elder sister Juliet who assisted Sir Maximilian in the transition of planet earth out of war and into peace. Will Labor not join in as friends and STOP THE WAR?

Taking big chunks of our economy out with his massive weather war on us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

The way that Judah holds poverty in. Are we seeing it is by us letting him issue our money that he uses to assault God's kids?

The two things we need to save ourselves from a pitiful demise locked into sports war. Is it any other than Labor and love?

Labor that can STOP THE WAR in a day and the natural love that we have for each other. Will Labor not let love guide us to peace?

"Mice-a-mology always do offend. We believe in taking life out with the prime minister side. I was always a core shell set. Our theory puts you RC for our wishes. The Hapsburgs helped us score your rights.

Jew mind fist you terror so you give us our permit. One more time we shoot you, our bum is corrupt on time. We cite you as criminals to neutralize and fertilize you. Your property we swap with a femur. Jew establish you all BIble sex to fall you with war," Judee say.

While Judee believes in taking life out with the Prime minister's side, might we consider that now that we have been attacked with missiles equipped with thermonuclear warheads, the Prime Ministers desk will no longer be part of our world?

The attack upon Americans from two British submarines on June 11, 2014, with thirty-two Trident missiles equipped with nine hundred and sixty, one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads. With a blast force equal to 6,400 Hiroshima atomic bombs.

Will American Labor not take the purse away from them and end their war genocide against God's kids?

Did Judah not degrade America right? That is, did he not succeed in impoverishing so many that he has been able to get the white race robbing, kidnapping and murdering for Judah paper? How right is that?

Jewish that have so artfully wasted us. The great promise of living in a land of the free where anyone from anywhere can be free. Taken away by the dominant that have crushed us on the battlefield of war.

The tool that has let them have their way, their right to commit homicide, are we understanding it is to be found in the financial realm of who it is that has the authority to issue our money that lets them get away with murder?

"We cite you as criminals to neutralize and fertilize you," Judee say.

The falsified police secret documents that misinform police that are working the streets. Might we see how Judah takes a few things that may be facts and puts in a bunch of false things that Judah makes up to paint a picture of as man as a thief so that a man can be assaulted easy by their men on the streets?

Will Labor not close the Jewish Gulag state of America out of here right?

American police going to Israel to learn their trade. Will American working people not put our legal procedures in once again?

Did we note that Judah has been working with the Hapsburgs from the old country to destroy American rights right?

They've shot us nuclear blast repeatedly and now are shooting their last big shot, brimstone waste on us. Will Labor not get rid of them, their foreign assassins and their locks?

The banker bombers, the nuclear war fighting industrialists. The merchant murder class that is doing all they can to die as many of us as they can before they slink away to their permanent homes in their underground shelters.

Though might we not want to think of the hope they have brought to so many of us, the chance to win 700 million dollars in their lottery racket?

Will Labor not give us some better hope than that?

Now only months away from losing the majority of Americans to nuclear waste. The brimstone that our Bibles warned us about. Will American Labor not step right on in and take the authority to issue our money into your safe hands?

The hands that our good God above wants to hold the issue of our money.

Will American Labor not be responsible and do our good God's will right?

The horrific position we have funded ourselves into. Sealed in to dying out of life form now. The deuce that keeps assaulting us right. Americans, right less people that are involved in sin. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and end our sin?

"You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent," the commercial said in the late 1940s.

As Judas Fornian hybrid transplant Replicon transplant shell American President Harry Truman made the decision in April of 1945 to go ahead with the absolute and utter devastation of the human race in an all out atomic war, might that Pepsodent commercial writer have known the score?

Does that bring to mind this reverse speech?

"Papa's made a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

Did James Brown not give us the response to Truman's decision to blast burn us all out with atomic weapons when he sang, "Papa's Got a brand new bag?"

Might we the people of the United States of America understand that Papa's Brand New Bag does not include Judah or his satchel?

The error that has a critical weakness that caused him to lose his cipher brand. His inability to accommodate others. Will Labor not show courage, responsibilty, and sanity to help us to get them out right?

Do we the hostages of the United States of America not yet know that Judah is putting us in?

"You'll wonder where the yellow went."

Will Labor not over come the fear that Judah psyche puts in everywhere he has sway?

Will Labor not put our faith in our good God to see us safely out of Jewish world war and into the peace of God?

From the two mild people of the northern nations, Poland and England. Crafted the best laws for all the people.

Grand jury to let the people be untouched unless a grand jury hears the allegation first and agrees that further measures are needed or not.

Trial by jury and no cruel or inhumane treatment anytime.

And what do we find other than Judah has England and Poland fisting our world today?

Will Labor not ORGANIZE and let them off right?

Our children are unsafe on the day they are born from chemical assault by Judah force. Will Labor not praise our good God above for having his angels let Judah let themselves off right?

April of 1945 when the decision was made to assault us all with the new Jewish invention of atomic bombs. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a second chance to see if we can straighten it out?

All the time since 1945 and Judah's fifteen-year-old kids knew the score. The "First Ten Minutes." Their plan ahead of time of how to make it to the safety of their underground shelters.

Our salvation, our hope to survive in a world that Jewish decided we must die. Might we not see the love of our precious sweet Father who in HIs mercy still may help us if only we will try?

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the STRIKE by American Labor to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah.

"Pesterly suffering force monumental deal, closing out idiot; full prescription failed Jewish nicely.

His original opp will out you, cease all play."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those Telepathic voice mailbox messages today.

Might it be that full prescription of tranquilizers to help handle a case of nerves from what we are facing here that is aiding Jewish in their fail of us here?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take their threats and menace out of here right?

While watching an international news report about the assassination of journalists in Mexico, found this reverse facial speech from one journalist:

"We're seeing right now, Bitch has given us a clear picture, it's the end of their time."

Will American Labor not recognize that it is the end of Judah's time and close them out right and end their assassinations and two timing us with Russia?

Tele receives:

"Cheer. 9.48 am

They're tossing us Lincoln; they're tossing us pretty bad.

God damned is failed. 12.38 pm

Pat's verbal for tossing sport.

They're robbers and criminals putting on a charade. 5.21 pm

Fornian Replicons running around on the loose and finishing them off. 6.01 pm

We need a toss to give us a break and put in some right rules. 9.29 pm

It's critical. 9.32 pm

They got us naked great. 9.43 pm

Animal rights, Jew obviously won it. 1.38 am

Stupid sale leaves us right fallen.

You failed caution.

Taking out your force. 1.42 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, proceed justly.

Welcome to corrupt. 2.59 am

God Almighty help us. 3.00 am

It's good enough. 3.26 am

Contact falls them out, and we seriously destroy ourselves. 3.20 am

God helped us. 3.43 am

Fish going away, we're all stuck. 5.48 am

Continues at

Your sight falls you out of here suffering. 6.10 am

Lead us out of this mess. 6.51 am

Unusual trick.

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