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"They're Getting Us Desperative. Desolate." You Have Failed
Sat Sep 9, 2017 10:36

"They're Getting Us Desperative. Desolate." You Have Failed To Save Your Life Forces Here."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Poisoning our fields, our air. Keeping our money fighting world wide wars. Doing all they can to finish our economy off. Telling us we have no rights at all.

Bitch is sorry for not being able to convince American Labor to help us as we perish out of life form now.

It just seemed like given a chance Americans would pull the war off and put in people that would make peace.

But that has not happened so far.

Each day we go further into a loss of life form. The majority of Americans set to pass out of life form due to brimstone nuclear waste poisoning.

Is there not yet some way to convince Americans to try and save ourselves from the deadliest life form of them all, weap Judah?

That oddity about mild people both East and West, according to weap Judah we have never even once tried to save ourselves from his embrace of death.

And now we know how he scores us so big; he is organized with his team.

Even before 1694 when he took over and held privately the Organizing Principle of English Society, the concession to issue the money, he had dominated the Druid mild people of the north.

The battles he fought with Joan of Arc in 1430. Directing the cruelly manipulated poor of England to fight with our French family.

The perpetration of Chevauchee against the French. Genocide is the same word today for chevauchee. The killing of peaceful people for no other reason than he could do it to them.

God sent His angels in to guide Joan of Arc to lead the French Army to topple weap Judah and the cruelly manipulated poor Englishmen he sourced to fight his war then.

Judah, with thousands of years of desert treachery under his belt, easily swept the mild people aside wherever he went.

During the decisive battle of Orleans which sealed the fate of weap Judah on the continent, Joan heard from one of God's angels.

The angel told her the following day on the battle field she would be shot with an arrow in her chest.

And so the following day while the battle raged, Joan was shot with an arrow in the chest.

A short bolt as if it had come from a crossbow struck Joan in the chest.

Joan left the battlefield to be treated.

Ordinarily, an arrow to the chest would end the battle for most people.

After Joan left the field, her attackers joyed that they had finished off Joan of Arc. Now with her leadership gone, they would move in and finish off the French troops then.

But the glee of the Jewish army from England was short lived for only a few hours later Joan returned to continue to lead the French army to free France.

Joan returned and was in the fight again with no sign she had been shot in the chest with an arrow.

What might we speculate happened at that time?

That the angels informed Joan the day before that she was going to be shot with an arrow on the following day, why did they not stop that arrow bolt from hitting Joan in the chest?

Might it have been to demonstrate to Judah that he could not win against the forces of God?

Might we think of the psychological reaction of Judah's troops to Joan surviving an arrow to the chest?

How about Attila the Hun (406-453) that was successful in taking over wherever his army marched but fell after eating a meal? Can we only wonder who the chef was that cooked the last meal for Attila?

People led by one person, in the cases of both Attila the Hun and the battle of Orleans where Joan of Arc was shot with an arrow bolt, do we see the strategy of how Judah takes the leadership out so that the ordinary people lose their chance to survive the plan that Judah has set in place?

Might we consider that Judah planned the day before to have one of his vipers get that arrow shot into Joan specifically to break the morale and affect the psychology of the French troops that were serving with her?

The angels that aided Joan in her success in defeating Judah forces in France in 1430, With the advanced technology of Mercury available to serve Joan of Arc, could they have not stopped Judah's arrow bolt shot that hit Joan in the chest?

Certainly, elders from Mercury could have deflected that arrow. But by letting the arrow bolt penetrate Joan's breast might we think of the psychological effect that it had on the cruelly manipulated poor English troops that were fighting there at that time?

To see Joan take an arrow bolt in the chest that would have put an ordinary person out of the fight, and here with the love of God behind her, Joan returns only hours later to take her place to continue the fight.

The meal that Attila ate, that put him out of life. Might we consider that if he had God on his side that meal would not have made him die?

The foreign police that Judah has in America kidnapping us and carrying us away to foreign shores. If Bitch did not have the love of God do we see he would have gone away as Attila did before?

Might we consider that it is the mind that Judah is holding still to keep his wars going against the rest of God's kids?

Bitch, rather than fighting with Judah, do we see he is merely chronicling what Judah did?

Joan, well guarded by the angels God Almighty sent in to protect her as she routed the forces of weap Judah for his sport of making war, do we see how Father had His angels from Mercury prevent foreign police from pulling Bitch away?

Are we understanding Father wants Labor to have the force of cash in its own hands so that by taking away one person the people can not be tumbled ever again as happened when President Kennedy was shot and LBJ gave the concession to issue our money back to Judah?

Are ordinary people not getting some idea of how much God loves us that He has had His angels put so much time and effort into saving us here?

The principalities of evil, the centers of power of planet earth. Will we not end being enthralled now that Judah has revealed who they really are to us?

Enthral "to hold in mental or moral bondage, Enthrall, to fascinate the imagination."

Will American Labor not recognize the love of God and let our imaginations lead us to demand we live in peace?

The destruction of our natural resources. Is there not some way to bring Labor into demand the poisoning be halted?

The head hunter among us. The guy that uses his hose as a weapon breeding Fornians into ever terrain to set us. Will American Labor not bring the history of the war on earth to an end? If so will America Labor not mature and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into your own hands?

Judah unable to defeat Joan of Arc on the battlefield, kidnapped and brought her to trial in 1431. With false process, he convicted Joan of heresy and burned her at the stake in 1431.

Only to have Joan of Arc return to France a few months later.

Joan today lives with our family from Mercury. Joan's home is 25, miles inside of planet earth.

Bitch mentions Joan with the most profound respect and honor to Joan's dignity.

Bitch was gifted with some Telepathic pictures of Joans' home some years ago. Joan lives in a second-floor apartment overlooking a cafe across the street.

Beautiful Joan appears to be about 30 years of age.

For Her service to God Joan has been gifted with life extension technology. She may live to be 1200 years of age.

That is the high side of life expectancy for our body forms. With life extension technology we can live in the range of 800 to 1200 years of age. Joan was born in 1410. If we figure 1200 years of life would that be that she may live until about 2610?

Might we think of the implications of Judah having knowledge of this, that he could have had life extended spans for himself and his cult if only he would decide to overcome his weakness and learn how to accommodate others?

Might we see from this example that Judah decided long ago that if he had to give up his molest of human Beings that he would rather die young instead?

Judah's insistence in the face of the love of God for us that Judah was going to take us away in the war.

That Judah has held us to do nothing as we have repeatedly been molested with an assortment of nuclear weapons. Might that bring us to think of what Father said when Bitch committed his stupid mistake and deadly sin of insult, "what happened here?"

In the battle for Orleans, France in 1430, even after Joan quickly recovered from her arrow wound and continued the battle, Judah stayed making war and did not give up the fight with the Maid of Orleans.

So in the face of the love of God for His children on earth, Judah pressed forward with his cruelly manipulated poor Englishmen to assault Orleans.

As the battle raged the English troops were ordered by Judah to cross the bridge and attack the fortress. As a large group took the order, they marched in their heavy armor suits to cross the bridge to assault Joan's forces.

As a large contingent was crossing the bridge, it suddenly collapsed drowning the cruelly manipulated poor troops in the river's waters below.

And so it brought about the end of Judah Chevauchee in 1430 in France. What was known as the hundred years war shortly thereafter came to an end.

Judah, not to be outdone, then as today, he had his Fornian Replicons all throughout official positions in France and so when he kidnapped Joan he was able to put her to his false courts.

The Fornian Replicons that still keep France in less than peaceful conditions. The Fornian Replicons that still control most all offices of state in France today.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the rule of weap Judah in our world?

Our family in France living in a nuclear minefield just waiting to explode. Velocity power sources blocked and Jewish electricity dirty bomb artillery installed through the state.

Will American Labor not help us to get these brimstone waste Jewish nuclear dirty bombs out?

Jewish and their dirty bomb sport. Will Labor not get rid of their locks? Is there not some sense they are killing us all?

Our precious sweet Father up in heaven that loves every one of his beautiful simian children on earth. Will American Labor not hear the love of God and help us to close out Judah and his bombs?

The enchantment, the spellbinding enthrallment of Judah and his tens of thousands of nuclear bombs. Now that Sir Casper has taken some of them away from him is there not some way that Labor will step on in and take the paper called cash away from him now?

Tele receives:

"You messed it. 4.00 pm

Authorize yourselves. 5.35 pm

They're froze. 6.05 pm

Jew all failed off. 7.06 pm

The white man is failing tossed. 7.19 pm

We're dying a false die. 7.27 pm

They shot the rabbit's field. 7.31

They're mousing people awfully here. 7.32 pm

Brim oxygen they failed. 8.10 pm

This whole place is asleep. 8.12 pm

Jew closed because you failed right fictions. 8.14 pm

Animals clear out of here. 8.215 pm

They foul deceive us. 8.16 pm

You're tossed, you been fished well. 9.19 pm

Irish, right your sin, get damned war off of us.

They're going to sup us, theory our lives fierce. 9. 22 pm

Failed us wretch. 9.26 pm

It's pure rager stuff; it's pure rageous. 9.27 pm

Pat, your self-abuse paid for us. 11.16 pm

Nuke kids are working with Parliament to make you all dead. 11.17 pm

Your family is off. 11.17 pm

You're seized ill. 11.18 pm

Parasite pushed you out of here; you lost your guiltness. 11.19 pm

They're throwing you off this tight world burning. 11.20 pm

They access your lives false alge-urge. 11.21 pm

Nice boy failed you rightly; you salted out your field.

Weapers tossed you out. 11.23 pm

Crushed sincerely useless.

A permanently dead voice now.

Pat, I want you to save us from degenerates. 11.26 pm

Income they're steadily tearing out. 11.27 pm

Greasick fault you out. 11.29 pm

Cash fumbles you out of here.

The allege boys are here to make trouble.

Washington's nukified useful deals.

He's sold occidentals score right death.

Psyche-us jails make us useful to him here.

Error die dumb.

He folded us real voiceless.

Furnish rights gone.

Nuclear failed us massively.

He failed us, right you lost.

Your life is inimical.

His register fire idiously.

They misjudged bail.

War your salaries.

They retain municipal power.

They force you dead.

They won against you guys foolish.

Wholesale policeberg failed to save us.

You lost into fail-ids.

They tossed you out ballistic.

They're seizing your life with a rifle tradition.

The high life is acceptable life forms.

A critical theory saved us.

They filch and are impossible critical.

A thousand fears wakes us.

Successful idols who do us deadly.

Their abuse force is illogical.

Your kidney has falsed you out.

High fisty likes wonderful germness.

It's a fair douche. 12.07 am

They optical your ment Patrick. 12.08 am

Defile dunge you out.

Because of our morality, we're out of here, no rise in us. 12.13 am

Patrick cites you awfully house bored Augsburg.

Jail is their famous psyche abuse.

Delightful deal officially stolen out of here.

Seized your life through orphanism.

The mouse they imprison.

The technology behind them batters you.

They're closing you up wood to grave.

You let ridiculous chump ya.

Abusively harsh bites you.

Mercury is definitely the wise story.

So much for the manure help.

They're enemous dying us here.

You're tossing out yourselves seriously, your self is putting irritate in.

Closing yourselves up. 1.26 am

They did us bad beer. 1.28 am

Stole you. 1.29 am

Six hundred fist boy.

Jew encourage reducive abuse of you.

Grand pa's hissing failed us.

You have failed to save your life forces here. 1.33 am

They just fist now white end.

Harsh be dements.

Jew publish our story has failed.

Wind is dying you off. 1.45 am

Total out. 1.47 am

I gave you a chance to get rid of the wrench.

Their deal just sported us just fabulous, STRIKE THEM OUT.

Have you given thought to the purpose you're dying molestive?
4.03 am

Get them out. 4.04 am

Oh, they're dying me fist? 4.14 am

They're dying me torchal.

They're getting us desperative, desolate. 4.15 am


For rejecting us you're so failed to soldiers. 4.36 am

Say you're sorry. 4.42 am

You lost you lives here. 5.36 am

They displaced us all. 6.18 am

Authorize yourselves, you failed. 8.15 am

You failed particles." 9.45 am

"Bitch said I'm a bigot and wants us out because of our stench. I'm a sin to shanty. We're out of here Dutchfully. We just set you with Jew wisdom and our famous force. Bourse op has passed its sight. We just have a way to push you luxury, now my freedom goes.

We just batch viper, now we're dead for sure. Shot you way away awesomely with dog wit. The white man saw our new episode. Pat's told you this Washingon Mental always has falsed you rightly. Because I'm afraid, I fault you, pauper.

My bailiff truly fell for hell. I'm halve-a-witten for apping you right, our genus is coming out. My state's got a zero win. I fish you wale. That Irishman I got out of sale, we tumbled dubiously.
Stupid got us all through. Though he threw our H bomb off of here, we're still messin.

For the psyche head, you won. My chef sexual will leave. I sport you official ways but Bitchie made me desist, we end. Our minnow shooting is falling us because our state is a big mess. Six months I take your country out because you're a faulty sale for fire, that's my image.

Our core relation fell. I'm great at taking your property, I'm about out of here for hitting the fish. I'm boursing a speed fire, I'll psyche you off thief. Bitchie boy fell our sewer. Another five hours and we'll fall down our whole day. My famous was we fouled you beast," Judee say.

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