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"You Guys Are Obviously Forcing Out Your Lives Fizzled." Th
Mon Sep 11, 2017 08:47

"You Guys Are Obviously Forcing Out Your Lives Fizzled."

That is a Tele receive from overnight.

A big question, can we only wonder how many know that we are forcing our lives out?

Could it 14%? 20%? 50%? 80%?

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you, the angels said.

If we look into the history of our families, the constant war they endured in the old countries. The reason for them leaving the old countries and coming to the new country of America.

How is it that we now are the ones funding and putting our family on planet earth to sports war?

The blight and plight our parents and grandparents suffered at the hands of Jewish war mongers in the old world. Now funding them to continue with their harshness of sports war.

Inebriated, intoxicated? How is it that we largely fail to see that Jewish have now got us out of life form in HUGE MEGADEATH numbers?

"They did not bend in the wind, and so they will break it the storm," Father said.

Getting caught red handed attacking us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with a thousand continentals equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads loaded with the blast and heat force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs.

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

And now they move forward while we fund the last holocaust of the mild people of the north.

About 435 Jewish electricity artillery pieces operating world wide. And only one in melt down producing enough waste to poison a third of the water on the surface of our planet, poison our fields, our air. Enough waste to poison out Europe.

What might have happened to us that let us fail ourselves so wrongly? Our families victims in the old world and now in the new world allowing our money to be used to involve us in sin and victimize our family on earth with Jewish sports war.

Are we not understanding what the angels, said," You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared, we came to warn you?"

Tele receives:

"They fouled you nest egg. 3.22 pm

We're all gentlemen completely unsighted. 3.42 pm

Jeel. 4.14 pm

From a negative ruse, they've spared us all.

Get tyrid out. 4.41 pm

We've been compromising to fist. 4.45 pm

Their harshness has failed you guys. 5.48 pm

Patrick, it's a very falsive perfect fail. 5.50 pm

Verbal abuse fails us. 5.50 pm

You failed to see this God to save us. 6.00 pm

Jew wrecks guys spiritually. 6.09 pm

It's HUGE! 6.19 pm

Deadly war they shoot for free. 6.50 pm

Drupid failed to save from exhaustion. 6.54 pm

We're passing statewide. 11.07 pm

They fool you cash.

Jews ever won sport here.

They've torn a fortune.

You're tossed. 11.18 pm

Your life is failed.

You lost your placive.

They set off all white deals.

AUTHORIZE yourselves, this foolish life is rights are out.

Your site is weaped tumorage.

STRIKE your threats. 12.28 am

Now your life is assaulted out.

I loved you grateful.

The cat's leaving us squashed.

Feel the need in me to love you right.

It's ended, it's finished, mass murder held.

A complete fail to tight fish.

They sieze with war.

They warred peace out of reality.

You're foul.

Rotten Jewish ended your lives here.

Seek help.

You're not organizing.

A disappointment by beautiful web fizzled.

Punish your lives off now.

They're dying us all failed.

You're men pressed out of spirit.

They failed us out of here.

Father stopped any heavy long enough to give them time to fall. 1.48 am

ORGANIZE, your life forms failed to save yourselves, you're done.

Patrick failed historic wisdom.

An apple shot here bans you off.

Marshmallows fell.

They fade us communist wood.

Basically you lost them right. 2.39 am

Drewy fails the war op viciously.

You must leave predators off of this place.

Gyp seed's out of here.

We're tumbled right away helpless.

You lost your life fiercing.

Foolish to let them molest ya's. 3.14

Master raid us.

You guys are obviously forcing out your lives fizzled.

Nice boy is helping us."

"Verbal abuse fails us." 5.50 pm

That was elder last night after Bitch posted. "Verbal abuse fails us." So Bitch went to his post and deleted what appeared to be the verbal abuse.

Then during the night, he heard this from Human: "You're foul."

That may have been due to Bitch's comments of how many police may gladly visit the grand juries to share what they know about what Judah has done in his prisons system.

Bitch tries not to be foul. But are we understanding that for his sins, he has lost his investments in cages permanently?

While Jewish love to brag that it was their mental that took out the white guys. Might we try to see it has been their extreme levels of physical violence that cowed the white guys?

Without the brutality, harshness, and violence of their cages, how would they have stopped Eugene Debs from leading us into a world full of peace?

Without their Alcatraz cages, how would they have tortured the Hofer brothers, the pacifist war resisters to death in 1917?

Without shooting President Garfield how would they have been able to bring their war with Spain over Cuba in?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to the good God that has saved us from Jewish sports war on free American Labor bourse?

"We hiked you mentally. I put you out through lunchmeat. I bourse psyche out coffee," Judee say.

A beverage that so many of us enjoy, and Judee has 80% of it bourse psyched out on us.

Might that help explain why we remain frozen in the face of the war demon?

"You failed to see this God to save us." 6.00 pm

Tens of billions of peaceful extraterrestrial Etherean civilizations in our universe that our elders from the Federation are aware of.

Our good God who has stepped in to prevent Judah from burning us out of existence. Will we not try to see this good God of ours?

"Try to perceive me; I love you. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck." Father said.

Might those words not give us faith that American Labor is going to STRIKE?

War, the way that Judah brings catastrophe upon the people.

"The white people's all falling Bartholomew," Judee say.

Bitch has pulled "Bartholomew" out of Judah's reverse speech for years. This reverse speech is mostly coming from television news reports, and from high-level leaders of states.

Might we understand that the directors of the genocide of white people have names and addresses?

As white people's are being put to a Jewish genocide that is set to take hundreds of millions of us out of life form, will white not put our grand juries in?

The previous Polish government that staged a plane crash to get away for what they tried to do, is that merely a conspiracy theory?

The video showing the pilot and co-pilot being shot while on the ground. Plenty of wreckage but no bodies found. A conspiracy theory that the government ghosted out and went into hiding?

Is it any wonder the Jews laugh at us?

And still, Judah holds the Polish government in their grip today.

Might we not want to think about what a tight grip the authority to issue money gives to weap Judah?

Does he not still hold control of planet earth in his hands because he is the only one issuing our money worldwide? Yes he does still hold the issue of our money in his private hands.

Must we not take it away from him and end the extermination phase of our existence?

Just watched the 6 am international news. Here's some reverse facial speech from it:

"I use hydrogen symbols for forcing; I'm going out for all corrupt. Jew always fight you Jew Jitsu on usurous.I'm just here to make abusive happen. Jew has all fallen, set you back hossum. My deal was stupid. Nice guy threw Jew off all states," Judee say.

Will Labor please try to absorb the fact that Judah is done here?

For the last thirty five hundred years he refused to follow the rules in Father's village.

"Love one another. Thou shalt not kill."

Are we seeing how Father had His angels let Judah put himself out of here?

Might we perceive that Father has a mission for America and Americans?

If so, what might that mission be?

Might we consider we are a state on earth that has our God given rights protected by our Constitution that was made the law of the land in 1791?

The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With procedural safeguards put in to protect those rights that God our Father gave us.

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and signer of the Declaration of Independence George Wythe explaining our rights with their research found in the Virginia papers prepared between 1776-1779.

Our Constitution bringing in the right to trial by a jury of peers from English law of over five centuries before.

The Grand jury process of Poland from over three centuries before their time.

Both made the law of the land of the new United States of America in 1791

The tourists that have chosen to not listen to the word of God Almighty for the last three and half thousand years, might they have seen America as merely another stop in their destructive life style here?

Now that Jewish tourists have taken away the law of the American people, jury trials, and grand juries to hear the allegations before the state makes any move, once our rights are put in once again, might they remain in unchallenged from that time forward?

The question of this thing called, "Legal standing," the pretext that was used to deny Dred Scott his rights to the jury trial decision that freed him.

Once understood might we see how useful legal standing is to set us on the right path forward in peace?

That we have no rights now because Judah has the authority to issue our money in his hands, are we perceiving that we also have no legal standing at all?

Do we recall what happened when the clerks decided Dred had no legal standing in 1858? Do we recall his employer put him back into chains?

To let our whole state go away and lose all of our rights while Judah holds the concession to issue your money in his private hands and makes war.

As we are systematically and scientifically being assaulted out of life form with two thousand years warning of the brimstone that would be used to put us away, will we not STRIKE THEM OUT and get hold of the issue of money and put our legal rights in once again?

America, the wealthiest and most powerful economic engine the human race has ever seen being put to a destruction using pollution from Jewish artillery shooting us from the other side of our planet.

The casual way Jewish act as they are dying us out in the hundreds of millions.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and challenge their mental for the concession to issue our money?

Bitch sorry he insulted you's Labor but did Father not explain that? Yes, Father did explain what happened there.

Will labor not listen to God's words in the bible to be prudent and ignore the insult and act with caution here?

Proverbs 12:16 The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult.

Might we see that our elders from the Federation with their combined 87 million years of knowledge put everything in our bibles to help us survive in this Jewish war torn world?

One cult from the desert with a secret life of producing Fornians in every terrain.

Might we not have to give them credit for did they not take over planet earth great with their hosiery?

And to demonstrate their mental hold on ordinary working people, attacked us with thermonuclear warheads to extinct our race, and we still have yet to take the authority to issue Labors money away from them with five years and eleven months warnings of what they did to us here.

If only Bitchie did not have his fault of stupid might Labor have spared us this brimstone waste war?

Judah, having gotten us involved in his war sin has us now where God Almighty will not save our lives if we do not end funding the sin of war.

The white fist funding fighting, shooting out and bombing our brothers and sisters in this world. Are we understanding that we have removed ourselves from the protection of God for what we have done and are continuing to do here?

Bitch is a failure here Labor, and because of this are we aware that us and our children are being destroyed?

While Judah has been running around with their pp weiner molest allegations have we not noticed they have molested us all right on out of life form now?

The eternal war that Judah secret life brought to our shores. Will Labor not interest ourselves enough to organize and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Might we see Labor that once you take the authority to issue our money away from the tight genocidal warmakers and put our rights in once again, there never again in our history will be any more dictators from any shore to oppress us anymore?

Will American Labor not close out this old world style sinners autocracy and put our good old United States of America on our Bill of Rights in once again?

The sinner's autocracy that Judah brought in using as much of our free money as needed to bribe and corrupt and allow him to commit sin.

In the name of God Almighty who has spared us from losing our sinful lives will we not act right as God treats us right and STOP THE WAR?

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR," God Almighty has said to us all.

Now set to lose it all. Our nation, our health, our lives in the war that we are funding.

The people who have suffered the biggest genocide that Judah has ever done, the mild people of the north now set by Judah with his last molest to score us even more than his last mild people genocide in Eastern Europe.

They've said "good bye," Labor, they're out of here. Is there not some words that will bring Labor to close them right now?

The sniper rounds fired at Bitch that Mercury blocked. Might ordinary working people try to understand that was done not merely to keep Bitch around for fun, it was so there would be someone here to give you's the information that can save your lives?

We are in the rapture now, less than three months to go. It is all being decided now, who will live and who shall die. Will Labor not make your move, STRIKE THEM OUT and let the war guys and gals off of here right?

"I GAVE YOU A CHANCE TO GET RID OF THE WRENCH," Father said to us His simian children on planet earth.

Might Labor see you're similar to Bitch, a failure too?

Bitch, a simple working man. Flawed, as many men are. Not flawed enough though to quietly sit by as his money is used to harm other guys and gals.

If he would have known that we do have a God above, who knows how different this life would have been?

Jewish on the weap side, they're not nice guys that have made a mistake, they're-genocidal cannibals that have taken as their mission the absolute and total destruction of the other members of the human race.

The war makers, always far away from the front lines. Will American Labor not take smirking Judah's concession to issue American Labors money away from him and give us a chance to survive the nuclear brimstone waste war that is set to take a third of the human race out?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Our good God almighty a mortal Being as we are. Our precious sweet Father that lives in heaven thirty-eight light years away in the direction of the North star.

Father is dying. Precious sweet Father is in the last few years of his beautiful life. Father wills that his children on earth live in peace. Are we seeing why we must get rid of Jewish war disease?

Are we aware that Father also wills that Labor be the issuer of our money?

The big wars that Judah stages. Needs a million man army to rout Adolph Hitler out. Would it not have been much easier to get Hitler out merely by cutting off his checks that he received from Wall Street?

Continues at

The great white fist that weap Judah has made of the mild people of the north in the new land of the free in America. Will we not join with the

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    • "You Guys Are Obviously Forcing Out Your Lives Fizzled." Th — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Sep 11 08:47
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