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"Pat, We Tossed You Out Subversive, and You Have Told Us Eve
Tue Sep 12, 2017 08:32

"Pat, We Tossed You Out Subversive, and You Have Told Us Everything." 2.27 pm

That is a Tele receive from yesterdays post. Pat tells what he perceives to be the truth. He is flexible, if he makes a mistake, he corrects it as soon as he is aware of it.

A three million dollar offer years ago from weap Judah did not draw him to go away and shut up. Can we only wonder though, how many people that were offered that kind of money might fold up telling us what is going on out here?

Might we understand that bribe corruption money is not from the pocket of Judah, rather it comes from the working men and women of American Labor?

With unlimited free money available to him from American Labor, might we want to think about those that will not take his gold how much he cash has available for lead?

The pecking order of chickens. Might we think of woodpecker Judee and how he peck's on us to gain his master position on top of us?

Woody the woodpecker?

A woman that Bitch met at a Mufon meeting shared with him of what happened to her when she uncovered a fraud against the state. Bitch may have related this story some time ago.

She was a state employee, and she started to make waves about about the fraud because it was so bad and also obvious and she wanted to have it corrected.

Then it began. While stopped at a red light a car bumped into the back of her car.

It was not a serious bump, and the driver of the car that bumped into her was a poor person.

That wasn't the end of it. Shortly after that, another poor person bumped into the back of her car when she was stopped at a red light. This bumping into her continued on for two years.

Each time that she was bumped, she had to get out of her car to see if there was any significant damage. And each time she met these poor people that were bumping into her at red lights.

And the result? Might we guess that diligent state employee no longer brought up any frauds that she happened to see at work?

Judah irritate?

Might we see that Judah has all sorts of ways to get people to agree not to be looking at what his frauds are all about?

And the poor people that kept bumping into her? Where did they come from? Who was funding them to keep bumping into her car at red lights?

Might they have been directed to bump into her to keep collecting any money or benefits that Judah was providing them? Are we appreciating whatever money or benefits paid to the bumpers, it all came out of Labor's purse?

Are we seeing that Judah's entire tyranny is based on financial levers?

People that he keeps poor so that he can use them to bump into us.

Can we try to imagine stepping out of our car and wondering who the person we are going to meet is that just bumped into us?

Have we not seen Judah use that trick to shoot people? Yes, we have. Do we see how unnerving that could be to think we might step out of our car and the guy that bumped us is going to shoot us now?

Do we see how Judee likes to play with our minds? Our fears?

"They're dying us images." 3.51 pm

That Tele receive from yesterdays post.

The same guy that has people bumping into our cars to put some fear into us. And he uses images to hold us into dying us.

The sly smirk that passes for the smile that weap Judah have. The knowing grin of those who have ever stepped on the mild people and gotten away with it.

With unlimited free money available to them for their sports, do we see how effective they can be against an individual that has something useful to say to us?

Might these sort of fear and anxiety provoking actions, bumping into some one's car, not send a message? If so, might it help explain why more people are not informing us of what is going on out here?

"Sports corrupted us." 3.02 pm

That was also from yesterday's post.

And how have sports corrupted us?

Might the true purpose of sports be to keep us from thinking about what is going on out here?

A couple of beers at the ball game. Might that be all it takes to keep us from seeing what we are facing here?

Maybe help hold us in just long enough to finish poisoning out us and our kids?

"Still sporting you with a different nuke to put you in." 2.58 pm

Attacked us all out over six years ago with enough nuclear blast force to die our race off and now Judah is sporting us with his last nuclear war instrument, his Jewish electricity brimstone waste artillery at Hitachi-GE.

"All Druidism ever suffer and die Judas; you pay for your morgue, when you get them out you'll never let them come in again."

That actually was a reverse facial speech from a Druid woman. Bitch put it with the Tele receives to get it into yesterdays post.

Is Druid not yet figuring we are paying for our morgue?

The Druid and Slavic people. Both mild people of the north.

One paying for the war and the other fighting the war. Will the mild people not turn to our good God Almighty and free us of Jewish sport war and genocide?

The focused Jewish that understand that the most important thing in society is who it is that has the authority to issue the money for that society.

Judah invaded England in 1688 and with the help of their sleepers, their Fornian hybrid Replicon transplants inside England, they subdued the English and put Holland's Maurice of Orange on the throne as king William III of England who then handed over the Organizing Principle of England to the international hands of weap Judah in 1694.

The complete and total financial domination of the Druid peoples begins.

Unending atrocity, war, and genocide in collusion with the Church, the Palace, and Parliament at his side.

And so history recorded the conquest and complete domination of the British Isles by the errant life form weap Judah in 1694.

Jewish then jumping across the Atlantic ocean and conquering the mild people of the north in the new land of America with the help of the courts, Congress and president Woodrow Wilson, who also put our new nation into war.

Clink link for the picture:

"I never can think of Judas Iscariot without losing my temper. To my mind Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature, Congressman.

Whiskey is carried into committee rooms in demijohns and carried out in demagogues.

It is the foreign element that commits our crimes. There is no native criminal class except Congress.

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress."

Those observations concerning Congress by American writer Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Now that we have been attacked all out with nuclear missiles is there not some hope that Labor will help us and put in our grand juries to investigate the wrong they have done and are still doing?

Have they not demonstrated a historical failure that is clear and convincing enough that we will not now act to set ourselves right?

The revealed conspiracy against the continued existence of the human race on earth. Will Labor, not give us some defense?

How can we understand
Riots by the people for the people
Who are only destroying themselves
And when you see a frightened
Person who is frightened by the
People who are scorching this earth.

We the people of the United States of America who are only destroying ourselves. Must we not end being frightened by the people who are scorching our earth?

Judah tells us that it is white people that he most prefers to have sex with. As to why the desert dwellers came to the northlands. "We just came for some foul sex," Judee say.

So does it not follow that to weap Judah because we are the most sexually desirable people to him as the reason why Judah must destroy us?

Is it not sex that Judah uses to make his war?

His great apple war in America and every land that he gets on top of the people. Is it not sex that he makes his stand on?

Is that not what is holding American Labor from closing him out now? Is it not some opticals from decades ago that is holding the people in to destroy themselves?

Will American workers not end being frightened by the people who are only scorching this earth

Will American workers not recognize that our good God above is with us and wants us to try and save ourselves?

Will American Labor not get smart and end funding this assassins bureau that is masquerading as a government?

Congress that sports us like a rabbit hunt. Will American Labor not let them and their sports off right?

"I do my douche all with Congress receipts," Judee say.

The vilest combination that the human race has ever had to endure that has taken over the best hope for the human race, the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights, and still we allow them to destroy us.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail," God almighty asked American Labor.

Instead of candidates that talk about health care and better payouts on lottery tickets might we not want the next round of candidates to answer questions like, "if we give you our money to protect us will you trick us once more and launch nuclear missiles on us again?

Is there not a prayer to be said that will get the fear out and bring the courage, righteousness, love, and grace of our good God in?

Is there not a prayer to be said that will RISE Americans to try and save ourselves yet?

"They toss you punching bag. 12.07 pm

Foolish." 1.47 pm

Both those Tele receives from yesterday's post. Will Labor not act quickly and close them out right?

Bitch recalls talking with an intellectual in 1997 and revealing the plan to destroy America with nuclear blast war.

The intellectual questioned that and countered that it would kill their cash cow and they would be stuck here with us.

Now that Judah did attack us with a thousand nuclear missiles equipped with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads with the heat and blast force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might we connect some dots to answer the intellectual's objection?

As to being stuck here with us, are we not aware that Judah has fully equipped permanent homes in the basement?

Are we seeing why they can kill the cash cow on the surface of our planet and it won't affect them?

"Jerk failed you awfully died." 6.56 am

At minimum might it at least be said, "Jerk tried?"

Have we not noticed that American Labor has not even tried to help us?

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American workers about the general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah.

Could it be something that Judah does to guys that causes them to choose not to do the right thing?

"Jew wrecks guys spiritually." 6.09 pm

Might that be part of it, might our spirits have been dampened in such ways that we prefer the appearance of safety by not challenging the weap guys and gals?

With nuclear brimstone waste coming in to take us away are we not yet seeing the fail of that strategy of inaction in the face of such a rare and deadly life form as is weap Judah on free bourse?

"Your family failed you because they're boozers," Judee say.

If some surveys are correct, 80% of Druid Americans are drinkers.

Other surveys give us that two out of three Druids in America agree with this thing called capital punishment.

Did God Almighty not make it clear thirty-five hundred years ago with his rules, "Thou shalt not kill?"

Might we have to lay the alcohol imbibing and the acceptance of Judah killing hostages off to how strongly Judah has put his mental in on the Druid people here?

Made aware by our extraterrestrial family that Judah let loose with an extinction level event in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and we do nothing. What might explain that?

Being brimstone scorched out by weap Judah who is going into his undergrounds to finish us out, and we remain motionless. What might explain that inaction?

This was in yesterday's post. Here's reverse speech from some members of an Airforce missile launch group that reported to us that extraterrestrials pulled Judah's nuclear missiles off line:

"For my day I'm satisfied with whatever the nice guy's done to keep you in. This will be a righteous town once you get the nukes out of here. You're set by a child for a bigger set. One singe will give you a problem into poverty. They shafted some attorneys.

They bore the white guy with their mission to give us a full pitch. Rome is out for now; it's at an end. Dutiful was sent to get fasch out and forever they ruined him with a child shottee because he nailed them, they shot. His Vega is ever a truth of their fight."

Those reverse speech from the nuclear missile launch air force guys who have stepped forward to reveal the truth to us about UFOs and Nukes.

The 1974 Chevy Vega that Bitch was driving when a Judee gal flagged him down on old route 12 in Beverly Shores, Indiana. Their car had slipped off the jack while changing a flat she said. "Will you give me a ride to the gas station up the road," the gangly looking girl said to Bitchie in 1984.

Bitch, always looking to help anyone out said "sure." She jumped into Bitchie's Vega and we headed to the gas station.

Driving only a little ways ahead, Bitchie put on the brakes and backed up, remembering that little voice that told him to put his new floor jack in the hatchback of his Vega.

Parking behind their car he got his floor jack out and started to place it to lift the axle up. Just then the two Indiana policemen that were driving as if they were on a mission came by. They slowed and said a few words and went on.

Thank you, Grandfather, for whispering into your grandson Bitch's ear to bring that floor jack along on the trip to Michigan.

Will American Labor not get this Jewish police state tyranny off of us right?

"His Vega is ever a truth of their fight."

The preposterous guy that tells us he is a sexual psychopath. Are we aware he is the same guy that attacked us with thermonuclear warheads to extinct us right in the middle of the night?

Are we understanding that we are less than a few months away from losing our life forms in a Jewish brimstone nuclear war against us?

Tele receives:

"Policemen they use for abusement. 3.57 pm

They're hiking us fantastic. 5.18 pm

Your op is obviously not fist Roy. 5.20

Cancel this sport for free.

Oh, my God, they're killing us. 5.25 pm

The whites are Jew sqooshed by thief. 5.29 pm

The perps won. 5.30 pm

Patrick flunked out, Patrick flunked us out. 5.33 pm

Judee danger taking your aperture out. 6.02 pm

They don't deserve us. 6.03 pm

War vision folds and buckles for free.

You're never going to heal this breach with definitely guilty rifles flossing you. 6.08 pm

Entirely left doggy fist. 6.12 pm

They genius mortgages. 11.28 pm

You lost your life forces; you're forcing out many handsome.

STRIKE THEM OUT, we most be safe. 12.19 am

You lost your life to the Reich.

Molestory failed.

They're leaving you die yourselves off.

STRIKE THEM OUT; you'll be safeful, safe.

Russia already fell us away.

You are throwing your riches away.

We're fetched here by clay. 1.14 am

You have a government that failed useless.

They're faulty with jail proceedjus.

The cat fired us.

The gas is years of abuse, it has now reached death.

Contact has failed to save us.

You're perishing yourselves away.

I put this on for you.

Super died this field.

Majorly opped your oxygen.

Your army is hostive.

Rats scored us.

Cat scrimmage you images.

Get help out of this total crazy. 1.50 am

Alchohol and good times helped to destroy you now fine.

It's a voyeur that failed us.

The Jew is a preposterous fellow, completely he fouls you up.

Your treatment suffers us. 1.57 am

Jewry won, set you failed to steal. 2.05 am

We're ever set for abuse with images embarrassing you out of life.

A video exhaust you abuse. 2.26 am

Continues at

They can us great, they won. 2.47 am

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