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"We Just Suffer You the Most Obvious Fraud, and Now the Whi
Thu Sep 14, 2017 08:04

"We Just Suffer You the Most Obvious Fraud, and Now the White Wants Us to Go and Die," Judee say.

Ain't that about the truth?

With millions of Americans in storage in investment grade dungeons and even more millions of Americans living homeless, Washington Wall Street shooting worldwide sports wars against our family, some of which are in the rake and hoe age, might some consider that we live in the most obvious age of fraud there ever was?

Judah with American national guard members training Eastern Europeans how to fight a high technical war. Equipped with American, German and British armaments sitting on the borders of Russia pushing for a high tech war.
No rake and hoe there.

Will Americans not concern ourselves enough to stop this crazy before it goes any further?

"You Guys are Just Leaving Me March You Out Of This State, so I'm in," Judee say.

Bitch would like to start today's post with something he put in the other day that he has read numerous reverse speech indicating it was an error.

It was the comment by the biographer for the Rothschilds, Eli Savage. here it is again:

"Suppose, we say trembling, you should wake up to the fact that your religion, your education, your morals, your social, governmental and legal systems are fundamentally of our making! And then you specify, and talk vaguely of Jewish financiers and Jewish motion-picture promoters, and our terror dissolves in laughter. The Goi, we see with relief, will never know the real blackness of our crimes."

Are we spotting the error there?

Might we see Eli using the "blackness of our crimes," puts his crimes off of Judah and onto color?

Might we think of what Judee says, "always op racial?"

Bitch apologize for putting that quote in from Eli Savage.

Bitch heard from Papa overnight. Here that is:

"You cast my fair pretty divisive." 11.38 pm

Will we not work together to end divisive and organize to stop the war?

Deep now into a massive die off and no movement yet to stop the war. Can we only hope and pray that there will be a response while there is some chance to survive this megadeath scenario that we have funded ourselves into?

The great wealth, the abundance we have. Now slipping away as our economy is being set by Judah to drop radically producing large loss of income for us.

"Stop growling." A facial reverse speech concerning the way Bitch writes.

Bitch has asked elders several times to please craft posts for him that are really effective that he can then copy and paste.

NO deal, they will not do that. So Bitch keeps praying to write the words that will bring Labor to stop the war.

Tele receives:

"Get them out for conspiracy. 5.53 pm

You bought them a new set of nukes. 6.22 pm

It's your attitude; you shot us with your ray gun.

I hear you failed to rich dudes. 6.36 pm

We're still stuck in a coring age. 6.45 pm

You're abused smart. 6.51 pm

Dough op.

It's a han-sa. 6.55 pm

I didn't lie. 7.57 pm

Nice job. 8.00 pm

Save our children.

You cast my fair pretty divisive. 11.38 pm

Oh, Patrick, I'm tearing. 11.46 pm

You failed insulter. 11.52 pm

Police are accessory. 11.53 pm

Falling aerosol wicked. 11.54 pm

Idiot failed us here. 11.55 pm

We're dying fist. 11.56 pm

We're past life in company ways here.

Modern fisty passed life Jerusalem. 11.57 pm

They register to cat assault.

Oh, Patrick has seriously failed us. 12.01 pm

Suicide is crushing us off, out.

They fight you fused.

They're Jew apostrophes that failed us falsely, falseness. 12.11 am

Whites being put in failed.

They're aiming to switch us into an off mode.

Painful, painful stuff here and they do it to us fair and they do it to us well. 12.21 am

They're off for witlessen' us.

Patrick failed to resistance.

Stupid failed us awful die, awful death.

They're thoroughly wiping us out.

You're for Mr. failed arrangements.

The Bitch, his mind defaced us vegetables.

I failed to join up with a miracle.

Are you volts sale? Preach more.


You failed us vastly.

They assault us chemicals stoofus.

Your hand cites official fail us conspiracy.

I only wanted to serve you guys peacefully.

A tight degrade.

You die for a thief, six months you die proceedjus.

Oh, my God, they're tearing us off everything.

You false me error wit. 1.26 am

Great Jews are spitefully past." 1.29 am

Bitch wide awake before midnight and unable to fall back to sleep. His mind is troubled by his multiple of fails.

The mild, fair people from whom he comes from set to be died completely.

Bitch read a reverse facial speech of a Judah the other day that said to the effect that they came to the Fiords and saw wealthy people and decided to take it from them.

Might we think of what Judah determined about the people of the north was their holding the "unique value of cooperation?"

The prosperous pacifists, the Hutterites. THe Hofer brothers that were tortured to death in Alcatraz because of their refusal to kill their fellow man.

In their peaceful cooperation might we see the unique value of cooperation that Judah discovered when he raided the north lands?

The ability to cooperate where everyone benefits.

Will Labor not stop the war and bring the unique value of cooperation into this sorely troubled land?

Our advanced extraterrestrial technologies that we have sitting on our desk tops now. Able to easily feed house and clothe all of our family everywhere on earth while spiriting up our environment.

Will Labor not buy Father's sale for peace?

"I have a fungus sight, war you dialysis. I'm a fish that course you. We foul a state. My challenge was to keep you's dumb. We got some new informants to owl fist you off. The nice guy screw us all because of our patter.

I'm an optist on the white guy, I boss you April. Because of our sewer electricity, our day is coming off for rude. The nice guy void us for truth so I see I'm through. Judah die you aluminum because we rice dinner, I basalt you. If it weren't for Iowa wiffy, I'd leverage you dumb.

My last pop was Missouri a few days ago, I'll thoroughly persist until you throw me out, I'm still stackin', it's part of my torpor days. The innocent we just score temperature on. Fish, we just sport you heroin way. When I'm on a roll I'm just going to fish you. I interfered with your organizing," Judee say.

Organizing to give us a STRIKE to take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah brand.

"It's your attitude; you shot us with your ray gun."


by Charles Swindoll

"The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company ... a church ... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our Attitudes.

How many might we guess agree that attitude is everything in life?

Bitchie for one agrees that attitude is everything. And yet he fails on that one most important thing.

And accepts as very true, it's not what happens to us, it's how we react to it. Will Labor remember what Judee said that two weeks after liberation our minds would recover from him sporting us so badly? Might attitude automatically become properly adjusted with two weeks of liberation from weap Judah's terrorism? That's what Judee predicts.

The horrific mass brimstone waste die we are in. Will Labor not strike them out and end our involvement in sin?

Romans 12:2
“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Romans 12:10
“Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;”

Bitch was wondering if this came, from Father:

"You false me error wit." 1.26 am

He just looked at yesterdays post and the things concerning Father and looked at this:

Will the love of God for us not let the 223 genes that make us the children of God not produce the vitamins and enzymes that will give us our Godly thinking to let weap Judah off of us right?

Father is Father to Trillions of high intelligence Beings. And some are not 223 high-level intelligence Beings, many have a different number of genes for their high-level intelligence. Might that be where Bitch false error wit?

And even the animals, beasts, creatures of our world. Do we recall Father said, "be kind to the babies of the forest?"

Father didn't call them beasts, creatures or animals, Father, called them "babies of the forest." With that sort of gentle kindness might Father be Father to all the children in the 20% of our galaxy that the Galacticans have explored?

"You false me error wit." 1.26 am

Of course, was that Father that said that or a human on earth?

Did you see the videos of the latest kosher meteor that was safely burst off high in the sky over St. Petersburg Russia?

Watch a meteor sparkle in skies of St. Petersburg (VIDEO)
Published time: 12 Sep, 2017 09:04

There are four videos at that link. What about the Tele receive:

"You bought them a new set of nukes." 6.22 pm

Might that meteor bursting over St. Petersburgh be one of the new set of nukes that we bought them?

And we just had the thermonuclear warhead that burst over British Columbia the other night.

Fireball? Meteor? 5 things to know about the bright light over Western Canada
By Katie Dangerfield
National Online Journalist, Breaking News Global News

Bitch watched a couple of videos at that link and here is some of the facial reverse speech he found:

"The temperature in the United Staes put away Jewish because Bitch told you about my big assault. I fumbled with my cow, so I'm leaving. We're a claimant who takes all your rights away. College rights we app you false. Everybody's psyche is almost washed. Judee had the English launch this fail here true."

Might we note they all are in on the joke? That is do we see that the news reporters know that was a nuclear warhead and that the English launched it?

For those who watch the video, you will see an astronomer sitting there being interviewed with a meteor fragment showing it to the television audience pretending that is what they saw explode in the skies over British Columbia.

And here is what reverse speech revealed:

"Judee had the English launch this fail here true."

Can we only hope that when our grand juries reveal the truth to us, Parliament will end attacking us with nuclear missiles immediately?

The constant barrage of nuclear missiles that Judah is still launching at us. First off, might we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for having His angels burst them off before they reach us?

The condemnation that we are funding war against ourselves. Is there not a prayer to say that will bring Labor to take it off of us?

The cunning Jewish who know how to work us in war. Will we not recognize they won, take the concession to issue our cash away from them and let them off of us now?

"They're flying us steal fish. 4.48 am

Psychic failed, and he is on the truth. 5.10 am

They're out of here. 5.22 am

They're failing us stage. 5.57 am

You lost your life. 5.59 am

STRIKE THEM OUT please, they're making us die.

Patrick died us off of here. 7.02 am

They're poisoning out our oxygen sources. 7.13 am

I ceased the beastal vagrantly." 7.33 am

A person who wanders around and doesn't have a permanent home, a definition of a vagrant.

With so much in America for everyone, is it not curious that Judah never called America home, to him he chose to remain separate from us living merely as a tourist?

Are we seeing that Father just let Judah be Judah and Judah ceased his vagrancy on his own?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed," the angel said.

Will Labor not think of how seriously we are being perished here and take them off of us?

"Their range of hostility mosh you complete kit; their source of dungeon is your purse.

They're filthy finishing here; the cattle are sprayed to die easy."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those Telepathic voice mail box messages.

It's all failed here Labor. Bitch failed, Labor failed us. Our educators failed us. Our medical failed us. Our business leaders failed us. Our political leaders failed us. Everyone failed us except Father and the angels He sent in to spare us the loss of life form from Judah on nuclear war against us.

"I op you up to take you off here and H----- take me out for my sports offend," Judee say.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for sending in His angels to pull Judah nuclear missiles off of us that he tried to extinct us with?

"Jew right wants white boy to fist you," Judee say.

Will we not strike them out and take our purse away from Judah and end his hiring anyone to be fisting for him?

"It's obvious Jew is all bankrupt, so it's the end of me. Your stupid push has failed. You're as failed as Pittsburgh. We just won Jew rate. I just stall them. We take you through foul violations. For oxygen, they ever boo boo us out. Because of oxygen Germany's wiped out Judas.

We frame you up with a forgery. We always won great because I was sure I could always have a boy fist you. Our mama showered us in purple to hike you. With my type of idiots, we just wale on you. Because of our war sale peace guy has taken us away.

My police are now folding for my weather. We always shoot barfoons. We're great losers done. Until we're gone, we'll just do more menacing. I usually throw you with police ops because I'm itchy. Adrian's through for my corrupt. I always assault you with the power of great Britain. The college boy aced us," Judee say.

By attacking us with the force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of blast and heat in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, did Judah not ace himself right?

"Oh my God Jerusalem is bagging us. 9.27 am


A wide range of extraterrestrial life forms visiting us. All living in bountiful peaceful societies. Will Labor not bring us into the real world we were made for, the world of peace in our universe?

"Are you volts sale? Preach more."

The free energy we need to create the vast wealth to easily care for everyone on planet earth.

Will Labor not get the Jewish electricity threat closed out of our world?

The nuclear artillery for their sport they slipped in disguised as Jewish electricity. Will we not awaken to their plan to extinct you and me with it?

Bitch watches video reports and looks at the reverse speech to see if he can get an idea of what is going on.

The high school shooting in Spokane yesterday indicated that there was foreign involvement. Can we only wonder if it was something that was fed to the shooter?

"It was a right falsin criminal, part of our series. For our bus stop, I terrorize you. This helps us ape our bears. We just do some beast out here. All we're waiting for is our great op to be refused."

Continues at

That is some reverse speech found in one video concerning the Spokane high school shooting. Might we understand that scool shooting was a paid Judee sports op?


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