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"They Fault You Racism. You Lost Your Rightful. UNIX Failed,
Tue Sep 19, 2017 09:31

"They Fault You Racism. You Lost Your Rightful. UNIX Failed, They Rooked Us."

The wealthiest best-connected nation to ever exist, and millions wander the streets dying out homeless. Homelessness, one of the sports of weap Judah that he forces in with his fist.

Judah faults us racism, his court decision in the 1858 Dred Scott case goes on about how terrible the people of Liverpool were to the slaves that Judah delivered there to be processed.

Used that as the basis of the decision by the supreme clerks to reenslave Dred after and an all-white Missouri jury said Dred was a free man.

And now from Missouri, we have Judah teams out of Jefferson city that travel our nation and the world assaulting out our useful.

Could all the violence in our nation and the world today be due to the clerks fooling us and telling us that a jury decision can be overridden by clerks?

Have they not proven that their corporate employees, judge clerks, had overthrown our settled law that was established in 1791 when all the states agreed that the First Ten Amendments to our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, would be the cornerstone of the United States of America from that time forward?

Might we note how incrementally they have operated to gut the best deal ever for the human race, throwing away our fantastic American Bill of Rights?

The package of rights that covers more than citizens, more than subjects, our Bill of Rights that covers inhabitants.

All of us would be able to call upon the American Bill of Rights if not for the supreme clerks on the court throwing them out when a bound unfree working man sought to be free.

They denied Dred Scott his American rights by in 1858 by claiming only citizens had rights and in 2001 all Americans rights were taken away by doing some urban renewal via bombing and insurance collecting on some white elephant buildings in New York City.

The Patriot Act that was put in after they put us into permanent war with no hope of peace ever, used as a pretext to take our rights away from us.

Will we not end funding them for having just died our life forms out with their Jewish electricity brimstone waste?

Their Jewish police that shoot us on the streets. Will Labor not give us our grand juries, please?

For those that watched national evening news last night did we see the face of the young man the Baton Rouge police is holding as a suspect in the slayings of two black men in Louisiana?

Notice they turned off the red-eye filter for that picture there? Might that an attempt to somehow make the man look mean?

Bitch did some reverse facial speech from a video about the shootings in Baton Rouge to see what he could hear, and it looks as of there are a multiple of things that weap Judah is aiming for here.

"I psyche you with a jury now. I got you offsides well and the white guy I die fatal. I'm a turkey ruse. I think of your face falling on spud. Through the symbolism of it, you fail. We nail the white right with a fail.

The congressman here did huge, just hold you baby. This come out of Louisville. This was Germany Ottawa made the mess.

Cable rolls out we're done. My mushroom let Murtha owl.

My hunch is Donald's going to right die you. I think he's right on whiskey rate. My whole life here is falsing, pure-ing the minnow. What happened with the Iowa dude is up policing. You lost your field Jew because of my right ways."

Might we see what Judee has planned next?

"I psyche you with a jury now."

Might they have it all set to put him in front of Judah jury and pretend they are convinced he was involved in the shooting of those men?

Might we consider how easily grand juries would open us up to hear some facts if only Labor would hire some for us? Will Labor grand juries not look into Ottawa's desk?

"I'm a turkey ruse."

Coincidence they are flashing a picture of a red-eyed guy with an Irish name as the wild-eyed shooter of two black men?

If only our grand juries could get the information about the insurance collections made on these men might we have some context to view these shootings in then?

Judah and his polarizing racial killings.

"Through the symbolism of it, you fail."

Will Labor not help us to get Judah racism out?

The police early on telling us they think the slayings were racially motivated. Might their suggestion not give us a clue that something funny is going on there?

While looking through some reverse facial speech notes, found these from a couple of days ago:

"We win out with a police state; Yousef, I'm going to have him doing some butching soon. The white world I held with some forgery because I'm nuts. I set you all out on my basalt Jew-pee. My articles about fooled ya.

The white still don't know that I breezed him. I'm double boursing nice guy because I'm getting scarce. We embarrassed you on booze; we still have got a possibility to get him. He's told the white fish about my fisty so we doubled up on him. Smart you bad," Judee say.

"I'm double boursing nice guy because I'm getting scarce."

Have they not been getting scarce ghosting out now that so many of them have been found out for their insurance mousing us?

Getting eaten by crocodiles and crashing their helicopters and committing suicide and overdosing on heroin and falling off of cliffs at national parks and tipping out of their canoes, car wrecks and on and on they get scarcer yet.

The private authority to issue unlimited cash made good by American Labor. Using that private authority to starve new Americans into an economic draft driving people to join the army due to the difficulty of securing an income source here.

Say what we might, yet has Judah not proven that he has a strategy that works with the white fish?

The sport of weap Judah. Will we not pray that Labor will see the light STOP THE WAR and let them off right?

"Yousef, I'm going to have him doing some butching soon."

"Yousef," Bitch has picked out of reverse speech for years. He is a high-level operator, directing airforce, naval bombardments around the world. Directing American forces in attacking cities with regular forces and directing ISIS and the other assortment of terrorist groups that the Pentagon is operating on planet earth.

Will Labor not step in and take free American Labor money out of Yousef's hands and end his terrorist activities in every land?

How about the tropical hurricanes that are doing so much wasting? Might that be more of Judah weather warring?

Something that happens naturally, hurricanes, might Judee be amplifying and steering them at us?

The high-speed bus crash captured on film.

3 People Killed, More Than A Dozen Injured In 2-Bus Crash In New York City
September 18, 2017

One of the victims was a pedestrian heading to work who had been on the sidewalk and was found trapped underneath one of the buses, said Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Joe Lhota. A passenger on the city bus and the charter bus driver also were killed.

While watching the report of the bus crash Bitch pulled the word, "nifty" from one of the speakers. Might we only wonder was that bus under control of a remote operator?

"Nifty for a fell time." A news broadcaster said in RS.

Maybe the brakes were locked out, and the high speed was held into make the crash happen?

Did we not see that happen in Taiwan when the bus driver and tourists were killed on an out of control tour bus?

Investigators Say Speed May Have Been a Factor in Taiwan Bus Crash That Killed 33
Kevin Lui
Feb 13, 2017

Of the 44 people on board, 30 were proclaimed dead at the scene, including the driver and tour guide, while three others died in hospital. Eleven people were injured, according to CNA.

As to speed being a factor in both these tourist bus crashes, might speed have been remotely turned on to give the best bang there?

In both cases, the bus drivers were killed. Might that keep us from learning the truth?

Will Labor not put our investigatory grand juries in?

"We fault you with sexual errors right. Our chemists want affordable life, so we weap thee. The problem is keeping the bourse authorized for our will," Judee say.

Might we see in that one reverse speech about Judah problem keeping the bourse authorized for their will, why they are falsing Bitch with so much effort?

Bitch doing God's will and seeking to bring American Labor to STOP THE WAR end Judah authorization to issue our bourse. Will Labor not help to end Judah authorization to issue bourse that he uses to do his will? Will Labor not do God's will and issue our bourse yourselves?

While watching the international news there was an impoverished area in Indonesia and here is a reverse speech from one speaker living there:

"H----- told you these guys shot you air raid, you guys big fools ultimate off."

Did Father not have His shill Bitch tell you guys that Judah shot us air raid? Yes, Father did have his shill Bitch tell everyone that Judah shot us big air raid in October of 2011, only four months after Judah did his Pearl Harbor style attack on the lower 48 with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast and heat.

Might we see the thinking of one of our family in an impoverished area of Indonesia how they know what has happened and are telling us we're big fools set for the ultimate off?

And why has Father's shill Bitch not been able to bring Labor to end Judah's will in this world by taking the authorization to issue our money away from them?

A reverse speech from that same international newscast revealed this:

"Your insult to the mouse dismiss them."

Is there not some way to reverse that accidental dismissal and bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT?

"H----- told you these guys shot you air raid, you guys big fools ultimate off."

The ultimate off of wealthy Americans known and understood around the world. We Americans, the guys, and gals that are funding Judah's war will. Will American Labor not take the angels good advice, "Get Smart" and "STRIKE THEM OUT?"

All of Asia as the rest of our world, held by the will of Judah who privately holds the authority to issue money.

"The problem is keeping the bourse authorized for our will," Judee say.

Might we see a general STRIKE by American Labor will end forever the will of weap Judah and his issuing our bourse in our world?

And what is weap Judah's will other than to sport the human race with war?

Will the white fish not try to recognize that white is the race that Judah most despises and hates?

The white fish that he is doing all can to leave sick and sterilized with his brimstone waste weap. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their Jewish will in our world NOW?

"Jew attack through Germany. With Jew genitals I out rate you. I just fight you too abusive, so they throw us all away. I minnow your rights so I can bruise bust you right. Jew always foolish and the scientist find us finally. My big dog made you tramps with police. Your financial obligations I use for pushing," Judee say.

The obligation to pay a tax on our Labor that goes to private Jewish bankers. That Jewish bankers that then use our money to assault us with.

Are Americans not getting a grip on the fables that they have used to disable us? Will Labor not issue bourse collected from the funds we pay from our obligations?

Has the scientist not rightly found their fables and reported it so that the people of America can try to save ourselves?

"I shot your genitals rightly corrupt to throw you in. We've overthrown wood; we cored you vital for your greasy days. You failed our toughest moment, so we take you out and die you wicked," Judee say.

The toughest moment Judah ever had, was it not the true Mercury report of what they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

"I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin." God Almighty in heaven said.

Will Labor not listen to Father and give then a right fall for their sin?

Bitch, seeing all human Beings, not unlike himself, will not quietly accept his funds being used for imprisonment or war being put on anyone.

And yet he has been roughed up in ways that he did not handle as well as he might of, and it has left his ability to convince Labor to help us diminished.

And so what is to become of us now?

Does the Bible not inform us that after a third of the water is poisoned on earth in the last days that a third of the human race would perish then too? Are we not aware that a third of the water on planet earth is now poisoned out?

Might we not try to inform ourselves that the majority of Americans are now set to die out from inhaling Jewish electricity brimstone nuclear waste?

The little blip of time we are in before our life forms pass out of life in 9 million years more.

Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury, our elder brothers and sisters that have already made it into outer space thousands of years ago.

Will we not say prayers of thanks for Father having our elders help us so much?

The calls they made to Mars to have the Magnificient Sir Casper and His diligent, dutiful vigilant team pull all of Judah nuclear weaps off of us.

Can we not pray to Father thanking Father for what He has done for us? Can we not recognize that the love of Father is the only thing that saved us from perishing due to Jewish death lust?

The great health and wealth we have. Is there not some way to convince Labor to give us a hand to try and save something for us?

"Weap you with a vaccine and hold you dog. We false you with a kennel relationship. We always degenerate with a nice surgeon. I used algebra to throw you with a rifle for my truth. We smoke you out with some Englewood gear. Jew function missed Englewood, and he put me out of here good, I'm just a natural shade. We just have some spiritual dreams to give you prison.

We cite you in a freezer to get you done. We have on purpose mental rights to false you. My stupid fault Jew has thrown me out. Our right revolution is to give you cancer. I bombed your state off. I'm going to make you with my foul gas mask.

My Jew philosophy gave you a fall. Usury death you. We camouflage to false Patrick in. Because one degrade I missed, I lost you. Jew ultimate catastrophe has BIG shot you. You're refused for my fiction.

We just assault you minnow all the time. When you get a grand jury, we'll be out. I fall you with my Chesapeake true blood. We seriously shot your children. I'm completely stupid that's why I have a basement to evade your force.

Kansas City is making one right. We're just great folding you checks. You let us fable molest you physically. Our voltage luggage is now revealing our Fritz. If we can keep Mercury out-sale all our truths are acceptable. I'm insure rice through now. We're core-ageous with a sin syndicate.

Papa said leave Iowa Jews; I'm almost off, we just cheat you here. My chains fall down for my counsel adviser efforts. Bitch see my entire windy day, if I'm out Druid , I'm out sport. The white fist for us real goose. The white customer has sinned. All white guys are dead for failing war with me. We had a nice time derating you but now you see our assaults.

Our package from die a wish was always Mayfair. It's our main industry, shoving you out of life form, we mosh you die. Life as a jail bird. We just use Bush to push them down. Bitch is informing you about my Eskimo scrimmage. We core providential with police. My college bored over your states; you're finally seeing my big game. My destiny is dead, it's clear I'm out," Judee say.

Continues at

From a television report of Chinese-Russian military maneuvers that are scheduled to begin, found this reverse facial speech when the Russian military guy was meeting the Chinese military guy he said this in RS:

"Foul Druid."

Will we no

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