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Unknown Flying Object Photo Taken over Devon, England Un
Tue Sep 19, 2017 19:39

Unknown Flying Object Photo Taken over Devon, England

Unknown Flying Object Taken over Devon, England
Published: 6:56 PM 9/19/2017

to be rotating as it moved...

Newton Abbot, Devon, England 09-17-17

I was sky watching looking through my binoculars facing east when I spotted an object that was very high up in the sky.

My binoculars are high magnification and without looking through them I would have never seen this incredible object. I watched the object move across the sky and it appeared to be rotating as it moved.

It was really hard to determine the shape of the object at first, but as I watched I could see that part of the object was pointed while the other part was more rounded.

I would have to describe this object as being a rounded triangle... it was very odd and as I continued to watch the object it then began releasing some yellow smoke.

The smoke appeared to be coming out of the rounded part of the object. The smoke did not trail, but instead seemed to stick to the object as it moved. I quickly took some photographs and watched as the object disappeared off into the distance where I lost sight of it.

I managed to capture the object in three photographs. The photographs were taken on the 17th of September 2017, 10:11 AM Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best


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new kid
new kid8 months ago
Thought to share what I found in the past in filming
When a plane is moving towards the sun
A bright shine will occur seen with the naked eye
Also with trying to focus on a far away jet to taking pictures - quite high
Due to the suns' glare turns the plane into a ball of light
This is due for not having a clear shot ready on the camera- honest !
Keep a eye to the sky - they are there if patient
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bill pilgrim
bill pilgrim8 months ago
...An interesting observation and fact, new kid. But when I magnify the object in these photos it's a stretch for my mind to make out any hint of a conventional aircraft in that glow. Maybe it's just me.

new kid
new kid8 months ago
Good day Bill
Thanks for your response
First I commend you with your interest to these unknown flying anomalies friend
Today , I have lost count of a lifetime to over 600 sightings
Only nine up to August 3,2002 at 1:30 am est when I signalled two white lights in unison over Lake Ontario from camp with flashlight - three - four times flased on and off each light with a circling with my flashlight three- four times at both lights
There was a crop circle reported same date in Quebec - Celtic cross
That when I really started to quest WTF ?

Since 2003 , it had taken off each each to about 15- 30 sightings to 2015
2015 - 52 sightings
2016 - 60 sightings
My last sighting happened January 1,2017 @2:03 pm est over my house FOR SIX MINUTES
I have thirteen pictures of a very high slow brilliant shimmering white longish object
Ask Billy - I sent them to him

Due to the many witnesses that started 2003- 2004 I pointed them out to
I found the time had come to actually photograph them as camera feels no ridicule /fright like the witnesses
So in 2005 I decided to buy my first digital camera
Each year I spent some time watching the sky and photographing them
Some have gotten away . while many have been filmed
Each year upgraded new cameras
I have also filmed high jets many times and found my lens could not focus on the aircraft
Resulting with a bright glare - roundish

To your picture, it just fits what I have come across myself
If you actually witnessed a round object - that's another story
I was not there to see if the craft that appears to be heading towards the sun 's direction
Was this aircraft /object quite high - 20 - 30 ,000 ft. ?
They do reflect that cause this effect even when filming
Sure the chem trail is clear - not the metallic craft

PS I have seen them follow our aircraft - white swirling balls that do leave a small thin trail compared to the jets
Also brilliant white spherical Pacman type of movement along a low chem trail
I suppose plasma type of UFO - no trail
Could not tell you the many different types I have witnessed
Even some sightings due to even size can really do a number on your psyche
Unbelievable *
Some must be GIANTS piloting these HUGE craft

Thanks again for sharing
Good will hunting
2017 will be a good year !
Cheers mate

bill pilgrim
bill pilgrim8 months ago
...An impressive and enviable track record!
I, too, believe that 2017 will be a time of momentous revelations.
Keep your eyes to the skies.
bill pilgrim
bill pilgrim9 months ago
Hey @davek, talk about synchronicity. This is the one I gave you the link to in the other post.
rfraga8 months ago
Good call bill. Someone once told me they believe we live an the "observer created reality"......
bill pilgrim
bill pilgrim8 months ago
Indeed. That's right out of Quantum Theory. If everything is essentially energy, and interconnected, or "entangled," then our thoughts necessarily affect the reality we perceive.
...Uh Oh, is that a real UFO or did my thought create it? :D


Might there be a boom boom planted in Devon and our elders are MARKING it to alert us?

Or maybe a coven of planners of the boom booms meeting in the town?

Unknown Flying Object Taken over Devon, England
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    • Unknown Flying Object Photo Taken over Devon, England Un — PS POST, Tue Sep 19 19:39
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