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Parliament Here is some Reading for YOU
Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:01

Globe Aritcle October 16 2013 "I was Hired to Kill Diana"
Sniper chilling confession.


December 2 , 2015 in the Enquirer
Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter: Charles Wants Me Dead!

Prince Charles Murdered Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter ... Article in the Globe Her death was May 15

Globe Feb. 12, 2016

Supposedly “incorruptible CSI experts and lawmen are tying up all the loose ends to build an airtight case against the Prince of Wales.” If Prince Charles were to be found guilty of plotting the Princess of Wales death there would be no need for Queen Elizabeth to worry about who will be the next King.

Wouldn’t a murder conviction for bumbling Prince Charles put Prince William and Kate Middleton in line to be the next King and Queen? After all, a man convicted of conspiracy and murder can’t be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and that ceremonial title comes along with being King – or Queen.

Meet Jason Jenkins, 34, who was born nine months after his mum, a Canadian former navy lieutenant called Janet, had unprotected sex with Prince Charles at Highgrove, during his marriage to Princess Diana.
“I was Charles’ lover for 16 years,” confesses Janet to US newspaper, The Globe.

Simon Charles Dorante Day - secret son of Charles ...and Camilla

If a you are illegitimate
If someone murders to gain or maintain control of the Throne
You can NOT be the Monarch.

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