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Satan's Prince Gives the Satanic Hand Signal To The World.
Mon Sep 25, 2017 15:17

What does Prince Harry’s strange hand signal mean as he meets Melania Trump?
Rob WaughRob Waugh - - for 25 Sep 2017 - Read more: - -
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- The Proof Our Ancestors Left Behind, Reptilians, Anunnaki, Illuminati !!! - -


The Reptilian Threat and the Covert MILABS War (Video) Monday, September 25, 2017 - -

The Reptilian threat and the Covert MILAB Wars -


Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Whistleblower -
Bryan Kofron Q&A -

apfn willpwilson psychotronic weapons -

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:
September 24, 2017 I had in fact, interviewed several construction workers who had been involved with the construction of the Microsoft campus in Bellevue Washington back in 2002 when I had interviewed them.

Whereas, they had clearly mentioned to me that there were many deep underground facilities built through the Northwest and as well as right under the campus that they had also worked on that they had mentioned to me that they had observed alien Grey types of beings being observed in the deep underground tunnels.

But that they had also mentioned to me that had been working on a very complex Mag-rail super high speed magnetic subway that they got wind of was connected to other complexes throughout worldwide.

I had also interviewed some other people who had mentioned to me that while they were traveling to and from the Microsoft campus in the very early hours of the morning as that they had mentioned to me that they had observed grey alien types of beings either being transported to and from the Microsoft campus in company vehicles, and or even (Literally) driving vehicles.

That they had mentioned to me (Even driving vehicles on highway 520 at around three in the morning.) that they had also observed these aliens driving the vehicles and or they had unexpected encounters when by accident they had wondered into off limits areas in the Microsoft subterranean facilities.

Apparently Bill Gates in the late 1990s had four huge domes built for his company just North of Spokane where people had felt the nuclear detonations that create up to two mile wide underground domes with super plasma hardened interior that became these domed underground facilities that connect to Bill Gate's house on Mercer Island, by Mag-rail. etc.

September 24, 2017 Where are all of the homeless and storm victims disappearing To? (Interdimensionals) & Possibly also - Aliens are eating people in Arizona -

Nobody in America is Know About This, They Lied All The World...(2017-2018) -

Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This! (2017-2018) -
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Yes, I remember you talking about this and I meant to ask you - if it is at all possible, these entities you worked with -

Could they actually be from another realm instead of another star system?

See, that might make sense and also fit in with 'flat earth' and the dome.

We both know - none of our rockets go straight up into outer space.

They all curve and fly horizontal while still in earth's atmosphere.

Everything else NASA has showed us about the moon missions, ISS, and space is fake.

Yes, I do believe we have had folks work on specialized rocket systems and other means of propulsion.

But, that does not mean we have ever taken these past what seems to be referred to as the 'glass ceiling'.

Maybe, just maybe - the trick will be to have an aliens from another galaxy disclosure-hoax and these technologies will be part of this.

Again, what I am asking again from you -

Please make use of your you-tube channel and produce a show = "What can we really prove?"

I think with a show of this type,

~1. It will help bring folks together by getting us to focus on what we are actually witnessing

~2. It might help you launch a platform for getting 'public broadcasting' in your state.

Who can argue about the validity of a show who's primary goal is finding 'provable evidence'?

Thanks again for your reply, Dave
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September 22, 2017 Dave, the alien thing is more then just real. I was a co-founder of what became MUFON and I had to in fact, I had to actually work with different types of real alien beings. For example the following news report is what I had deciphered when I was working with the former head of research and development for the Jet Propulsion Lab Dr. Richard Benson, (Dick Benson.) now deceased (Mysteriously.) - willpwilson 908 The Mima Mound Prairie Little Rock Wa, is a Gigantic Lens. Thu Jul 27, 2017 -;article=157937;title=APFN - and I had worked with these people - willpwilson 908 Dr. Richard Benson lead JPL Scientist Found 66 dimensions. Tue Apr 16, 2013 -;article=144897 - But Dave, everything else that you mention is also very observably questionable. I agree. Will
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Will, What if, the alien thing is just more psy-op stuff given to us to keep us chasing our tales?

What if, all of the mind control frequencies are coming from things like antenna systems placed right here on earth.

We know they are faking the ISS =

"Proof ISS Doesn't Exist - NASA Caught Faking Interviews"

Faking things we hold sacred as proof of alien intelligence =

"The Stonehenge Hoax"


"The Masonic UFO Alien Deception Roswell Phoenix Lights Fire In The Sky Movie"

What if, the earth is really flat with a dome place above as written in the old testament?

"Dave Murphy // Flat Earth // Macedonian National TV // Complete + Images"

If you would sit back and just contemplate, what if all of our diverse sense of realities have been given to us by the establishment to keep us divided?

Just think of how many times the truth movement, alien disclosure, and Christian folks have been deemed as nut cases by information we have repeated.

Just my humble opinion, and because I had to do this for my own peace of mind =

What can we really prove by our own witnessing and experimentation?

Once we approach matters with this mindset, it becomes a lot easier to see what "is" versus "what we are being given" as truth.

I have seen you have a you-tube channel and I have subscribed to it.

Maybe you can start a video series called "What can we really prove?"

With your insight and broadcast experience, I would say it would be a hit and a great experience for all.

Thanks, Dave
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September 23, 2017 Really good question Dave. Yes, some were from other dimensions. That is what Richard Benson was trying to work on when he passed away suddenly in 1991 while being in incredible perfect health. He and his wife Pauli only ate organic foods, gardened without pesticides and drank only filtered water.

It is my belief that the so called reptilian Ashkanazi Karzakian Rothschild Draco Jesuit (Upper Echelon.) pedophila Satanist Human Sacrificing and Human Eating International Banking Money Laundering, Weapons Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Heads of most of the Worlds Mafias, the Heads of our so called Military Intelligence Judicial Political Media Space Program Science Programs etc, are not from this dimension. They are not aliens, they are interdimensional human eating parasites. They not only control everything, they are farming us to feed them.

September 24, 2017 They are not letting the public know about this -

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WHAT Is Happening To The Ocean ?! (Illuminati Exposed) (2017) -
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TO; All contacts, One last try to get the message to the Home Office.

Please note you are not going to get another opportunity like this, if you
care about your predicament then get writing.

The time has come to write a letter to support the work of the
Inspectorates of Constabulary and CPS, the Crown Prosecution Service. Their
report is attached.

The very direct critique of both laws, Stalking and Harassment, the muddled
way they arrived on the statute books and the impossible task set for the
Police to enforce laws with so many mistakes in them was not appreciated by
the oversight body.

The report makes clear that the omission of a Harassment Protection Order
to mirror the Stalking Protection Order was fundamental to the Harassment
law and the omission should not have happened.
This is very important to the Ti community as it offers protection from
activities that are more difficult to prove with the stalking law.

My proposal is now that we all write in to emphasise the urgency of the
situation as the activities of stalking and harassment have been recognised
as dangerous, so these two laws need authority so they will be taken
seriously be the perpetrators.

To this end I am asking you to write to Peter Fish who is the;

"Home Office Legal Adviser and Director General Legal Services Directorate
C and Director General, Legal."

This office represents legal oversight and should be responsible for the
shambolic delivery of these two laws and therefore the responsibility to
put them into a workable format.

The wording of your letter should be yours but it should say that there are
too many errors in these two laws, they are not viable as they stand and
must be amended so they offer the protection intended.
The muddled wording has prevented the Police from using these laws properly
which has caused considerable distress among victims and a suspicion that
the Police do not want to deal with this crime, but the Inspectorates
report tells a difference story.

You should also point out that the majority of contacts GT has deal with
have been targeted for considerably more than three years and by more than
three people, so despite the comments in the Inspectorates report that it
is a minority issue only 5%, we do not see it that way.
It is our experience that there is considerably more stranger stalking
going on than has been reported.

It has not been reported because of the reluctance of the Police to respond
but now, at last, we know why. This impasse with the people we look to for
protection must be resolved sooner, not later.

It is incumbent on your department Mr Fish, to sort out the muddled wording
and deliver workable laws we victims can use. We expect to receive the
protection these laws promised to deliver.

Please do not mention V2k, we deal with that issue later when we are not
under such pressure of time and the Home Office is more receptive to such

The address to write to is; Home Office c/o Peter Fish 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF

This time we have an opportunity to make a difference, please do not waste
it, we are not likely to get another like this.

Letters should be typed\printed if posible, spell checked and grammar
checked. Carelessly written letters give a very bad impression and devalue
our cause. Ask for help if you need it.

Good luck everyone and get writing quickly please. David - Chairman of Globalthaeb
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Please read on and as we go forward with this correspondence on the reference of Plasma Technologies and for getting a more familiarity posture on all of this. I will in the future send links to many of these reports.
(Dr.) Will P. Wilson Also, Patricia JHS is my colleague for more then twenty years and I have been a supporting host and co producer of the Call4Investiation TV program since 20013 and Patricia and Don Grahn are the primary co-producers and the co-hosts of the - Call 4 Investigation weekly (Also on-line archived and streamed broadcast.) program on as that I am working on getting Fort Smith and this area of Arkansas to rebuild the Public Access TV Project here in this part of the State of Arkansas.
( - - I am posting more information below. I have been producing and hosting the AllDayLive TV program also since the year of 2003 having produced more then two thousand one hour educational TV programs, thereof, that there still are more then five hundred of these AllDayLive TV programs that are archived on-line. - mediacific - - apfn willpwilson plasma nuclear decontamination - -
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Project Serpo The Secret Space Program Sent Astronauts to Zeta Reticuli - - -
On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 12:22 AM, Will P. Wilson wrote: September 21, 2017 Patricia, please watch this even though the sound is not really good, they show a picture of what apparently the Zeta Reticulia Roswell crash UFO survivor Orviel must have looked like.

And, that you had mentioned to me that I may have been Orviel having been reincarnated into who I am now after apparently Orbiel had passed away in 1953 being the only surviving Zeta (Eben people.) to survive the 1947 Roswell Crash after showing the Dept. of Defense super advanced technologes, and that why I had been used in a Above Top Secret program.

And, possibly why I am not like most normal human people, and that it may prove that there are some seriously really good alien types of peoples who dearly care about the earth human people and who apparently will go to all lengths to try to protect the good human people of earth, possibly. But that due to the naivety of the Eben people that I became vulnerable to the evil ones mind control technologies and was not prepared to handle this earth at this time period in our history.

Why evil ones like Kunath and his Jesuit reptilian order were able to control me without my knowing this and how they then had me become an unknowing adversary of my own family in Chicago for example.

If I had control of my life back in the 1980s and 1990s I would never have filed law suits against my own family, and that they had used (An

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