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The Entire Spectrum of Human Life is All Spectrums of Life.
Mon Sep 25, 2017 20:20

The Entire Spectrum of Human Life is All Spectrums of Life. spectrum of all life - - -

Every Sasquatch Photo Ever Taken - -
Entire Bigfoot Sasquatch Tribe Clearly Filmed For The First Time. Yeti is NOT A Myth Anymore -

Over the many years I had interviewed people who had real encounters with Big Foot and thereof, Real Life Sasquatch events.

Sasquatch -

I had worked at the Bremerton Naval Ship yard from 1979 to 1980 working in the pipe fitters union, and while at that time I had also started, after having played and coached semi pro and college football since the late 1960s thereof, in 1980 I started and coached the Puget Sound Kings Semi pro college football team and I had also founded the Northwest International Football Alliance being then the first Canadian American College and Semi pro football conference in history.

My first game that I had arrange between the Vancouver Trojans and the Skagit Valley Raiders at the old Vancouver British Columbia Empire Stadium that I had arranged with the Board Directors of the Seagrams Seven Corporation and who was also the Chairman of Canada's equivalent to America's Semi professional football the Canadian Big Four League, that provided the bulk of the Canadian professional football players to the Canadian Professional Football league teams.

I had made just one phone call to set the game up for scheduling and when two weeks later when I had arrived at the game the entire eighty nine thousand seat stadium was standing room only. The Canadians had waited for decades to see an American and Canadian Football game. I had set up the game to be played one half Canadian rules and one half American rules.

After eight years the Northwest International Football Alliance was ended after one hundred and seventy eight games, the Canadians had only won thirty eight games. This undertaking though later led to the Canadian Professional Football League converting to American rules football because the Canadian fans found out that they preferred the four downs to three, as that it was far more entertaining for the fans.

I found out ten years later in 1989 from my sister Grace Wilson, (Now deceased.) that my grandfather Francis S. Wilson, had co-founded the National Football League with George Halas, the head coach of the Chicago Bears. As that my grandfather, who resided for twenty six years as the Supreme Court Chief Justice of the State of Illinois Supreme Court after also being Clarence Darrows law partner,.

Francis S. Wilson had helped George Halas to create the Chicago Bears, and that my grandfather also was a key factor in the writing of the first college and professional football rule book. My grandfather had also founded in 1872, the sixth football team in history, the Youngstown Case Western Reserve University Football team being it's player coach and of which he had also played a key part in the creation of what became the Mississippi Valley Football conference.

Anyway -

During this approximate two year period of my life and while working in the Bremerton Naval Ship Yard, I became very good friends with a Neil Wing who was a retired Navy Seal and at the time of his retiring from the Navy, he had become the highest ranked non commissioned officer in the US Navy.

Neal was a very large and very strong man standing around six feet six and pretty much just about as big and strong as any man good possibly be.

I had worked in pipe test with Neal for around three months and we would talk a lot and Neal being an extremely powerful physically person, he was also one of the most intelligent people I have ever known in my life time.

I was later switched over to working as a pipe shop small parts manager in the ship yard and or thereof, I was being trained to take over the pipe shop small parts supply shop when one morning Neal came into the shop bringing me a film cannister of some very dense reddish hair that he a collected the night before when he had encountered face to face thus staring at a big foot male standing in front of his pickup truck one night on the road to his home located on the remote western side of Mount Rainier.

Neal mentioned that the Big Foot stood out of a ditch after Neal's pet dog began to bark and Neal suddenly stopped the truck to then see the Big Foot meander over to then stand in front of his truck and stair through the windshield at him eye to eye.

Neal said that this Big Foot appeared to be around nine feet tall, around six hundred or more pounds with arms the size of basketballs, of which Neal then said that the Big Foot appeared to then also to be grown male but yet to be a younger looking male as he had mentioned was almost like looking at large hairy white skinned young white guy. Neal clearly mentioned that this male was as human as any of us are. But very large and hairy yet very intelligent and aware.

He then mentioned to me that this Big Foot male then turned and walked over the side of the road and from a standing position, leaped over the roadway ditch and fence which was about a ten foot jump and took off up the mountain, leaving a patch of his hair on the fence.

The next day Neal called the foremost expert on the West coast who lived in California and reported his encounter to this expert.

I have numerous reports including my interviewing two young children who lived in the Issaquah area of east (King County.) Seattle when I was working as a volunteer in my spare time with the UFOCCI UFO Contact Center International with Ailleen Edwards helping to write the news letters articles, setting up meetings, interviewing contactees.

These young children would wonder off into the woods and along a local stream where they would come back and inform their mother that a big hairy smelly man would come and play with them and that he was very kind to them and would teach them things about the forest and the trees. They said that he would talk to them with his mind telepathically. Teaching them to talk with their minds as well.

I have lot more to write here and so I am starting the dialog to fill in later as that having been a professional interviewer for many years I have some really incredible other Big Foot interviews to fill in with.

But in the mean time, I want to put these three Sasquatch jokes down while I am not too not ready to not write these down.

1. What do Big Foot kids do when they are bored? They Play Hop Squatch.

2. What happens if you get too many Big Foot in a Volkswagon? They get Squatched.

3. What happened when the state trooper pulled over a granny Big Foot for speeding?
He had to site her as Big Foot and not Lead Foot.

4. What happened when the Big Foot had to go to court and could't get though the court room doors and the metal detector machine. The judge was forced to Squatch his case.

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote: September 24, 2017 I had in fact, interviewed several construction workers who had been involved with the construction of the Microsoft campus in Bellevue Washington back in 2002 when I had interviewed them.

Whereas, they had clearly mentioned to me that there were many deep underground facilities built through the Northwest and as well as right under the campus that they had also worked on that they had mentioned to me that they had observed alien Grey types of beings being observed in the deep underground tunnels.

But that they had also mentioned to me that had been working on a very complex Mag-rail super high speed magnetic subway that they got wind of was connected to other complexes throughout worldwide.

I had also interviewed some other people who had mentioned to me that while they were traveling to and from the Microsoft campus in the very early hours of the morning as that they had mentioned to me that they had observed grey alien types of beings either being transported to and from the Microsoft campus in company vehicles, and or even (Literally) driving vehicles.

That they had mentioned to me (Even driving vehicles on highway 520 at around three in the morning.) that they had also observed these aliens driving the vehicles and or they had unexpected encounters when by accident they had wondered into off limits areas in the Microsoft subterranean facilities.

Apparently Bill Gates in the late 1990s had four huge domes built for his company just North of Spokane where people had felt the nuclear detonations that create up to two mile wide underground domes with super plasma hardened interior that became these domed underground facilities that connect to Bill Gate's house on Mercer Island, by Mag-rail. etc.

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 7:21 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:
September 24, 2017 Where are all of the homeless and storm victims disappearing To? (Interdimensionals) & Possibly also - Aliens are eating people in Arizona -

Nobody in America is Know About This, They Lied All The World...(2017-2018) -

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 7:05 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote: Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This! (2017-2018) -
= = = = =
On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 10:22 PM, wrote: Yes, I remember you talking about this and I meant to ask you - if it is at all possible, these entities you worked with -
Could they actually be from another realm instead of another star system?
See, that might make sense and also fit in with 'flat earth' and the dome.

We both know - none of our rockets go straight up into outer space.

They all curve and fly horizontal while still in earth's atmosphere.

Everything else NASA has showed us about the moon missions, ISS, and space is fake.

Yes, I do believe we have had folks work on specialized rocket systems and other means of propulsion.

But, that does not mean we have ever taken these past what seems to be referred to as the 'glass ceiling'.

Maybe, just maybe - the trick will be to have an aliens from another galaxy disclosure-hoax and these technologies will be part of this.

Again, what I am asking again from you -

Please make use of your you-tube channel and produce a show = "What can we really prove?"

I think with a show of this type,

~1. It will help bring folks together by getting us to focus on what we are actually witnessing

~2. It might help you launch a platform for getting 'public broadcasting' in your state.

Who can argue about the validity of a show who's primary goal is finding 'provable evidence'?

Thanks again for your reply, Dave
= = = = = = =
September 22, 2017 Dave, the alien thing is more then just real. I was a co-founder of what became MUFON and I had to in fact, I had to actually work with different types of real alien beings. For example the following news report is what I had deciphered when I was working with the former head of research and development for the Jet Propulsion Lab Dr. Richard Benson, (Dick Benson.) now deceased (Mysteriously.) - willpwilson 908 The Mima Mound Prairie Little Rock Wa, is a Gigantic Lens. Thu Jul 27, 2017 -;article=157937;title=APFN - and I had worked with these people - willpwilson 908 Dr. Richard Benson lead JPL Scientist Found 66 dimensions. Tue Apr 16, 2013 -;article=144897 - But Dave, everything else that you mention is also very observably questionable. I agree. Will
= = = = = =
Will, What if, the alien thing is just more psy-op stuff given to us to keep us chasing our tales?

What if, all of the mind control frequencies are coming from things like antenna systems placed right here on earth. We know they are faking the ISS =

"Proof ISS Doesn't Exist - NASA Caught Faking Interviews"

Faking things we hold sacred as proof of alien intelligence =

"The Stonehenge Hoax"

and - "The Masonic UFO Alien Deception Roswell Phoenix Lights Fire In The Sky Movie"

What if, the earth is really flat with a dome place above as written in the old testament?

"Dave Murphy // Flat Earth // Macedonian National TV // Complete + Images"

If you would sit back and just contemplate, what if all of our diverse sense of realities have been given to us by the establishment to keep us divided?

Just think of how many times the truth movement, alien disclosure, and Christian folks have been deemed as nut cases by information we have repeated.

Just my humble opinion, and because I had to do this for my own peace of mind =

What can we really prove by our own witnessing and experimentation?

Once we approach matters with this mindset, it becomes a lot easier to see what "is" versus "what we are being given" as truth.

I have seen you have a you-tube channel and I have subscribed to it.

Maybe you can start a video series called "What can we really prove?"

With your insight and broadcast experience, I would say it would be a hit and a great experience for all. Thanks, Dave
= = = = = =
September 23, 2017 Really good question Dave. Yes, some were from other dimensions. That is what Richard Benson was trying to work on when he passed away suddenly in 1991 while being in incredible perfect health. He and his wife Pauli only ate organic foods, gardened without pesticides and drank only filtered water.

It is my belief that the so called reptilian Ashkanazi Karzakian Rothschild Draco Jesuit (Upper Echelon.) pedophila Satanist Human Sacrificing and Human Eating International Banking Money Laundering, Weapons Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Heads of most of the Worlds Mafias, the Heads of our so called Military Intelligence Judicial Political Media Space Program Science Programs etc, are not from this dimension. They are not aliens, they are interdimensional human eating parasites. They not only control everything, they are farming us to feed them.

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 6:49 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:
September 24, 2017 They are not letting the public know about this -

ÚLTIMOS AGUJEROS! La Tierra Está Cambiando [TOP 10 Países Más Afectados] -

¿Qué Está Pasando? Lagos y Ríos Desaparecen en Todo el Mundo -

Estructuras Bajo el Mar que Nadie Puede Explicar -

Se abre la tierra en Puebla | Primeras Imagenes Reales en el sitio | Erupción Popocatepetl -

WHAT Is Happening To The Ocean ?! (Illuminati Exposed) (2017) -

I have written and authored more then two hundred book titles, scientific research papers, etc., and more then two thousand one hour educational TV programs over the last three decades and I do not want to overwhelm you on the Browns Gas, Hydroxy Gas, Paul Pantone (apfn browns gas paul pantone alldaylive - thereof, so I will provide to you the necessary and important links at a limited pace so as to not overwhelm you with the many many on-line posted news reports and TV program interviews that I have ceaselessly written and produced over the several years.

Thereof, so that you then can get more familiar with this soon to be a more accepted technology (Technologies.) and so that you will then begin to find y

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