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Earthquake, hurricane and defense budget
Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:00

983.Earthquake, hurricane and defense budget (9/25/2017)

The Feds (D.O.D. and D.O.J.) activate their high tech. weather alt. machine (HAARP?)for this September plot. We saw so many unprecedented hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria appeared in a month. Also we saw so many big earthquakes in Mexico in September.

The hurricanes were used to distract the September plot. The earthquakes are used to justify a planed gas leaking plot.

2017-09-23 Oaxaca 6.1 Mw VII 5 7
2017-09-19 Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla 7.1 Mw VIII 310 4,683
2017-09-07 Chiapas, Oaxaca 8.1 Mw

2017-09-14 five small earthquakes in San Jose.

I think the 9/19 Mexico City quake was a swift response to my allegation of #982. To cover up the artificial quake as a natural one.

It would take a lot of money to carry on such a big operation.Then I noticed the new Pentagon budget.

[quote] "Senate approves $700 billion defense policy bill
Associated Press September 18, 2017" [/quote]

They give more than requested. It's for that special September operation? or for a coming Korea war? or for both? Watch the publish time of these two news.

[quote]Overview of the FY 2018 Defense Budget Request
August 3, 2017 | Katherine Blakeley

The Trump administrationís first Presidentís Budget (PB) requests a total of $667.6 billion in discretionary national defense funding for FY 2018, including $639.1 billion for the Department of Defense (DoD). The administration requested $603 billion in base discretionary funding for national defense, an additional $64.6 billion for overseas contingency operations, and $9.7 billion in mandatory spending for a total of $677.1 billion in funding for national defense, known as budget function 050. [/quote]

The approved budget is more than Trump administration requested in August.

The framed case is going on. My wife said she'll go another trip to Europe from 10/2 to 10/18. So something will happen at that time. It costs billions of dollars.

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