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"Our Real Life Assault You and the Parrot Didn't Make Us Lea
Sat Sep 30, 2017 08:11

"Our Real Life Assault You and the Parrot Didn't Make Us Leave," Judee say.

And because the parrot didn't make Judee leave are we seeing just what we are facing now?

"Since Haymarket, we've been doing insurance for mercy. We always sack you with a bribe. With a dog and seatbelt, we pulled you out. We cite Freud for courage. Our digital mentality hits you Moslem. The Eastland was a tug away.

We ever do foul drudgery. If there's a smack away, I'm the first one to get it. We sever you right all for mauling. I dream of a Jew fortune with soda best. I make a tumble with a police mark. Jew is about all through life, we see him. With my power, I put you into poverty big reverse. We fall for legitimo because we've got a psycho chapel.

My mouse ricing is completely dead. I fish dishonorable. My Popeye shot them; my big shot was stupid, they pull me out now. I sold you out on my minnow side, and my foresoke' of you pulled me out. Because of my harsh your wits, I'm completely out. Emmett died for my juicing around.

The world of lunatics got thrown off with real wits," Judee say.

The real wits of the house of our precious sweet Father in heaven above. Thirty-eight light-years away in the direction of the North Star.

Planet earth home to His simian children on earth. Our Father above us, our Father that loves us. Will American Labor not hear the love of God for His simian children on earth and STOP THE WAR?

Human Beings of Planet earth, all one race made to live in peace. Forty-six chromosomes, two hundred and twenty-three high-level psychiatric genes.

All created at the same time, 200,000 years ago in the image of our good God.

The gentlest ape of planet earth, the one that God chose to gift with His love. We who now possess the same high intelligence genes as our family from the universe.

As we face the loss of life form for a third of the human race going out in a brimstone waste war as the beast is being closed out of our world, might we think of the saying, "Use it or lose it" concerning our 223 high intelligence genes?

The beast that is closing us out massively, the guy stuck on animal primitivism that is poisoning us out at the root level, who cannot take a STRIKE for a day without letting go of the power to pay, Labor's checkbook.

Will American Labor not listen to the superintelligence of our extraterrestrial family that has spared us Judah nuclear war sport and close them out today?

His dog, his diaper, his heroin op. His satchel charge he puts on a bus or plane. Will Labor not let the errant guy off?

Our technology now able to easily feed house and clothe everybody on earth, held from serving us because Judah enjoys making sports war.

The wits of the angels that our good God above sent to save us. Are we not aware that is who is directing us now if we want their love in? Have our extraterrestrial family not let Judah show himself well enough that we will not now close Judah out and save ourselves?

Will Labor not get off the dog and diaper and get onto our precious God's love?

"You disparage my shill who's trying to convince you to save yourselves. I would have given you anything. My children treat them super nice. Try to perceive me; I love you. I want to save your lives," our good God in heaven, our precious sweet Father said.

Though might we recall that Father also said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

The 'Deuce,' the 2% that are privately issuing the money of American Labor. What is it that is allowing them to hold themselves in?

Is it the millions of Americans that are held in cages, serving as slaves for Wall Street's investments, that frighten and prevent us from challenging them from Labor taking over the concession to issue our money?

Or may it be the terrorist conditioning of the unconscious that weap Judah specializes in?

The unconscious fear that any day Judah might attack with his Boeing missile spears with his great balls of fire sitting on top.

Might that thought be so horrific we just don't want to challenge Judah, thinking of the tens of thousands of nuclear bombs he has at the ready to kill us and our kids?

If it is the fear of the Jewish genocide with nuclear missiles that is holding us will we not let that fear go for do we not understand that our good God has already let Jewish let themselves go?

"An estimate we made, the Englishman we'll kill before we leave," Judee say.

England, the nation that tried to put civilization in. Held down into savagery by the Jewish zipper and fist. "We just came for some foul sex," Judee say.

The invaders from the desert that brought all of Pharoahs tricks. Will Labor not put the juice aside long enough to save ourselves from them?

The guys that hired Hitler and Stalin and others not unlike them to carry on for them. Will Labor not put our grand juries in a let us hear what they're all about now?

They've attacked us with their ultimate weapons, and only the love of our good God has kept us in.

Will Labor not end listening to Judah and instead listen to the love of God that saved all of His kids?

The mouse, the minnow, might we understand that we are the ones that most need our rights of man?

Those that have lots of cash can always escape their dungeon pads.

But the simple, honest workingman that goes paycheck to paycheck and one day gets caught up in the machinery of tyranny, might the Jewish dungeon be the final pad?

Their French chef and deputy pies. WiIl Labor not get smart and let them off right?

Their animal primitivism that could not accommodate the love of God for His beautiful simian children on earth. Will Labor not join with our good God above and help us now to let them off right?

"The minnow failed, so I get to cheat," a Fornian Replicon Judah hybrid transplant shell law enforcement official said after doing a grand jury less arrest.

Will the American minnow not get off fail and put our sacred, holy God-given Bill of rights in please?

"White fear forced you out, set you all fair Humpty Dumpty. I psyche you all into crime; war it keeps us in. The cops stay in our stable," Judee say.

Do we perceive the most important facet of government is who it is that issues our money?

Will Labor not put government where it belongs, into the hands of honest people that work for a living?

The genocide cult that is making its last stand, nuclear brimstone waste to cover our land. Will Labor not give us a RISE and end their war plans?

The storm that blew Perto Rico into hard times the other day.

Here from a high-level Judah in Puerto Rico what he had to say in reverse facial speech.

"This is to set the Norman out, part of our kicks. This is our criminal."

Will Labor not get hold of the issue of money and end Judah's weather war against us?

Will Labor not end all of Judah's wars against us?

"Our summertime cost you big stumble; you'll get me out of here that's clear. Our sheriffs, we're set to push you gone. We be of spiritual to BS you truthful. With your rights rolled my might spite you. Your losing with Mercury I put minimal and op you. Virgins give us our gall.

If you understood our history, you'd get us all to leave. This is part of our right theory, if I can fault you, I can boom you.

The child that was purportedly eaten by an alligator at Disney world. Here's reverse speech pulled from a video about the kid:

"I'm going to use this to do a trespass to make you go."

Might we only try to perceive how putting such false on the Druid has affected us? Will Labor not get the purse and buy us some truth in news?

"A heart attack falls you down, Jew goose you. I make you martially, with my truth I sport you diamond. With dough, we break all your spirit. Because I fist white with a dog, he gets a formalin op.

I disable your future with my femur then we weap you dead. Our strategy sees more lays. My boss in China lost. We're permanently disabled, with fear I conquered you right. My deal is about bust you jails. Our heroin has got you lost for our ethics. I switch mason. Even though he's showed you the circuit, we went right through. With sex bowl, we just fatal you to a garbage can," Judee say.

We have seen the circuit, and yet we let Judah go right through us.

So what might be the possible consequences of not connecting the dots to see the bigger picture here?

The catastrophe in Puerto Rico. If only decentralized velocity power sources were at hand would our family there not be back on their feet quickly? Certainly.

With the circuit in are we perceiving his brimstone waste generators are out?

Might we consider that by Judah controlling how our industry develops Judah has set us for plenty of big catastrophes?

The concession to issue our money. Are we all on the same page, have we not seen first hand that is the be all and end all of life on planet earth?

Our planet wracked in war of all sorts. No end in sight until America goes into an economic collapse. But how could such a thing happen when we have had the strongest economy ever in history?

If our good God had not sent His angels in to pull Judah great balls of fire off of us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might our economy not taken quite a hit?

If we now ignore the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR might the brimstone waste not give our economy quite a jolt?

If we can perceive that we are being attacked on a multiple of fronts will we not take the tool away that is menacing us so much, our checkbook?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Nice boy got them out, and we've done nothing. 5.49 pm

They smothered us, Gerry. 7.07 am

Moose baby's out. 7.10 pm

Nothing is pura sight. 7.15 pm

Total they're off. 7.21 pm

Golden leech gave cancer. 7.37 pm

Predator's fallen stoopage. 8.03 pm

Fall him out for his can-a-ballistic. 8.04 pm

Course him out for prejudice. 8.07 pm

Patrick saved us awfully niceful. 8.18 pm

Once cornered, Jew great day fell. 8.26 pm

Kids terrorized, we be half gone and they frame us. 8.27 pm

You got a thief on missiles. 12.54 am

Patrick saved us and we still have done nothing; contact is nice peaceful. 12.57 am

Oh, my God, these white kids are seriously missiled.

Push them away for warts.

You kids have finally been tossed out. 1.00 am

Get them off financial. 1.07 am

Pat tossed them thief, and you waste your life. 1.09 am

You failed to save us Patrick.

Your life is over pestilently.

Saved from fierceness, you refused it.

Missile thief has stolen you out. 1.18 am

Unrace us, Patrick.

ORGANIZE, you're sadly twisted.

Your life is out income.

Thespian failed to save us.

They percented you lethal.

You failed to save your psyche here.

Fantastic you out yourselves.

Beautiful late frosting.

Oh, Patrick see your white fish digital thieves haven't imaged themselves.

Take them out for strangling us.

Toss your rapists, he paralyzed us.

Judah criminal lethalled white persons.

You take yourself dangerously out of cheer.

They're hysterical thieves that made us.

They're dying us beautifully spiritually for sale.

Error do error you.

Marks take us out of senses.

Marxists savage us.

A dangerous wrapper force.

You put your lives stupid here.

You lost much HUGE.

Goose boy desperately failed us.

Kidney faulted us.

You fold your life.

Four score and they're done.

Pat saved us from facists. 2.56 am

Inability for RISE complete filth us into spot.

Made up your mind so they goad you.

A bank owner sports you Brazil.

Terrorists cash you out.

Deadly falls you out. 3.05 am

Target rape great. 3.07 am

They disappear, angels great take them off.

Germany decease us. 3.25 am

Bitch won." 7.15 am

How could Bitch have won if American Labor is still funding the war?

As they are still boring out America how could that be considered a win?

All the scribblers of the world know that Judah attacked Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and do we not notice, no one has written about it yet except for Bitch on love for his brothers and sisters in this world?

The genocidal palace, Parliament, and Congres. Will American Labor not let them off right?

The genocidal boys and girls that fooled and fouled their fellow man. Will we not say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty who had His angels let them can themselves right?

"NO hero," a passing lady said telepahically when she saw Bitch pass in the shopping aisles.

No hero at all, merely a simple working man that would not quietly accept that some son of a Bush would use my money to assault my family in this world.

Do we perceve that the ordinary white fish is in such disrepute with our family in this world that even our good God will let him go?

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn our extraterrestrial family said.

To the lady that noticed Bitch was NO hero, to give some balance might we add, "NO heroine?"

The mild man with his mild laws for everyone. But he just can't keep them in because Judah won't let him.

Now that Judah has taken his best shot will the Mild man not close them out right? Will mild man not put our mild rights in?

The envy, jealousy Judah had when he first saw the Fiords with the mild man living well.

The "Unique value of cooperation" Judah determined was the reason the mild man was so well off.

And instead of copying a useful strategy, jealous Judah went the opposite way and did all to ruin cooperation so that there would be no more wealthy mild men at all.

A handful of inspired men gave us our freedom. They cannot preserve it for us. That responsibility rests with the individual American.

And we must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of Judaism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not readily recognize the means used to advance them. The Jew, meanwhile, does not allow himself the luxury of inertia. He is intensely active.

Because of him, the menace of Judaism in this country will remain a menace until the American people make themselves aware of the techniques of Judaism.

No one who truly understands what it really is can he taken in by it.

Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.

The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.

When the campfires flickered low on the long trek west, a watch was set. Those men of the frontier knew that awareness of danger is the first requisite if one is to combat that danger with any degree of effectiveness. Until the American citizen learns for himself the nature of the present menace, Judaism will continue to be a deadly danger.

J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972)

For the word 'communist' and 'communism', 'Jew' and 'Judaism' were substituted in instead.

The deadly danger of Judaism today that is wiping us out without any resistance to our demise on the part of the mild people of the north.

"The awareness of danger."

To protect ourselves is the first requirement not that we must know of the hazards we are facing?

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

Could it be that Americans just cannot believe that weap Judah opened up on us with his great balls of fire to extinct us all?

"The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."

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As to the human creatures that espouse a philosophy that ultimately aims to destroy not only all that is good and decent but also destroy ou

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