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"Our Submarine and Child Has Failed To Get You Off the Bloc
Mon Oct 2, 2017 08:15

"Our Submarine and Child Has Failed To Get You Off the Block. Jew going away because I falsed you conspiracy," Judee say.

All right, yeah
Make the sound of peace
And sing now

(Stop the war) ow (now)
Don't put it off another day
Make your voices roar

(Stop the war) ow (now)
Just like thunder, y'all
(Don't put it off) hey, another day
Sing a song now

(Stop the war) ow (now)
Listen to me, y'all
(Don't put it off) ow, another day
Listen to me

A knock on the door
There's a letter from the war
Sayin', greetings, we want you
If I refuse to fight
They say that that ain't right
And time you'll have to do

Somebody please tell me
What is war all about
And why must I kill against my will
I just can't figure it out

Oh, stop the war now
Good God, hear me saying
Don't put it off another day
Everybody saying

Stop the war now
Now, now, now
Don't put it off another day
All we got to do is listen

(Give peace a chance)
Don't throw another life away
Listen to me now

This is bout all the soldiers
That are dead and gone today
If you asked them to fight again
Huh, what do you think they'd say

I'm not trying to be funny
I'm just trying to get my point across
War is world's enemy number one
And it's time that we called it off

Ow, stop the war, now
Good God, hear me saying
Don't put it off another day
Everybody singing

(Stop the war) ow
Now, now, now, now
Don't put it off another day
All we got to do is, Lord

Give peace a chance
And don't, don't throw
Another life away, oh

War casualties pile up each day
Cemeteries are overflowing
The leaders of the world claim victory's near
But the death list keeps right on growing

And what does a mother get in return
For the life of the son she's lost
A few measly pennies a month
A medal, a grave and a doggone cross

I said, stop the war now
Good God, hear me saying
Don't put it off another day
Everybody sing

Stop the war, now
Now, now, now
Don't put it off another day
Why can't we just

(Give peace a chance)
Please don't throw another life away
Can't you see

Enough blood's been she'd
By the wounded and the dead
Enough blood's been she'd
By the wounded and the dead, ohh

Enough blood's been she'd
By the wounded and the dead, ohh

(Stop the war) listen (now)
Good God, everybody
(Don't put it off) ow
Not another day now

(Stop the war) ow
Now, now, now, now
(Don't put it off) ow, another day
This is a message to the
Leaders of the world

(Give peace a chance)
Oh, let's make
Tomorrow a brighter day
Stand up
Edwin Starr (Charles Edwin Hatcher; Born January 21, 1942
Died April 2, 2003 (aged 61)Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, England (wiki)

(Stop the war) ow
Now, now, now, now
(Don't put it off) ow, another day
This is a message to the
Leaders of the world

Has the message to the leaders of the world to stop the war not fallen on deaf ears?

As Americans fund perishing us and our children away, out of life form this time, is there not a miracle to be found to bring Labor into close the genocidal nuclear war fighting leaders of the world out?

"Our bridge from Moscow Bitch has hassled. The whites, I ever core their family. I'm basically a lunatic in Europe. We have blues to perp you chief. We damn foolish rite you. Right sale police possession. With our war power, full octopus fooled you. For months you've been fouling me Bitch, Jew passed away. This college push has got our vicious force out," Judee say.

As Moscow attacked us all out with thermonuclear missiles to wipe us out, was Bitch not right to hassle Judah's bridge in Moscow?

Judah uses Wall Street to core our family in Eastern Europe a century ago and now to core our family in Western Europe.

"With our war power, full octopus fooled you."

Will American Labor not take Jewish war powers away from them now?

If not now, when?

The mild people of the north now set as the largest component of the third of the human race that Judah is talking out as he goes into his tunnels to die out his cipher.

Even in the sports arena, there are athletes that are trying to tell Americans how wrong we are, and it is controversy. As Judah is dying us personally now on war, after slaughtering innocents thousands of miles from our shore, are we too blind to see just how wrong we be?

"I set you, lifers. The handsome I always fell right in. We get you out with a thud. I just exclude you. Because Bitch failed, Jew has found new insulation. We banish you pasture. When I arrest you, I'm always safer. Iowa pulled me off of the payroll for my foolish shot," Judee say.

Polio, birth defects. Mutations. Childhood leukemia. Cancers of all sorts. Pleurisy. Are we seeing the gifts that Judah is leaving you and me?

Poisoned fields and air. Underground water supplies with radioactive waste stored there. The man that always menaces us. Will Labor not pull his plug?

His plug of centralized power generation. The only way that Judah would let us have our electricity. Might we see the fail of that as what happened in Puerto Rico when the lights went out?

Free energy velocity power systems. Electricity generated wherever it is needed on earth or in outer space. Will Labor not pull the fist off of us and let our advanced clean, free technology of life come in, please?

"We just push you doof-a-mus.We're all scrimmage off of here. We just sport you out of jobs huge. I'm just going to go ahead and core you out. With the restroom boys, I did good. You died in a contest mental for my sin. All Jewish men must use English. To fool you with my deadly bug was fair," Judee say.

God Almighty in heaven above trying to save us with his love. Will American Labor not let the love of God come in and let the hate of Jewish off of here right?

The vast die that is now set in place. Are there some that don't understand that yet? Our little children's ovum and sperm burned out by Jewish electricity hot radioactive nanoparticles already.

As we look into the mirror are not yet aware we are the last of our type?

The man that has ever failed to save himself, The man that is not dutiful. The mild people of the north now going out in the worst way possible.

Is going out in a nuclear waste war even worse than going out in the Jewish planned nuclear blast war?

If our good God had not sent His angels in and Judah would have scored us with his great balls of fire, would most of us not have died the night of June 11, 2011? Sure, a large number would be dead before the sun rose on the 12th of June 2011.

And those of us that survived those 3,200 thermonuclear warheads attack in the middle of the night would we not have likely died out in the next few months from such a catastrophe as what Judah tried to do to us that night in June of 2011? Sure. Most of us would have been dead in only months from the 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs amounts of nuclear fallout in our environment.

If we are reasoning Beings and can understand all of this, is there not some way that Labor will help us close them out of here now?

As horrible as it would have been if our good God had not sent His angels in to pull all one thousand of Judah's nuclear missiles out of the sky in their boost phase at 80,000 feet, how could brimstone nuclear Jewish electricity waste be worse than his 3,200 thermonuclear shot in the middle of the night?

Might it be that we will suffer longer before we die with Jewish brimstone waste than we would have suffered if his thermonuclear blast shot had gotten through?

Our industrial strength investment grade nuclear warfighting Jewish genocidal hobbyists. Will Labor not give us help to grand jury them out of here right?

The universe has stepped in here, they have given us two thousand years warning of what is coming to pass in the last days now.

Will we not pray that the sight, hearing and thinking of American Labor awakes to just what it is we are facing now?

A kind gentle perfected Being above, a humble heart it is said He has. Our Magnificient and Glorious Father in heaven that loves us all. Will Labor not bring the love of God in before we are perished out now?

Americans that are funding all of the war and genocide sport for Jewish investment excitement, thrill and entertainment purposes.

"The majority won't be around," is how the angel spelled it out of what is set for Americans now.

"WE advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" The angel said to American Labor years ago.

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR." God almighty in heaven said to Americans that are funding all of the Jewish war genocide sport in our world.

While it is one thing to overlook harm coming upon another, does it not seem odd that one should overlook harm that is coming onto oneself?

The harm that is coming to hundreds of millions of Americans that will take us away breathlessly. The multi-year die off from Jewish electricity brimstone waste disease. Is there not some way to convince Labor this is not the way and stop the war?

Tele receives:

"Bribe gave you a maximum fall true. 2.37 pm

Harmony is lethal to government fraud. 3.03 pm

Harmony grease is falling down. 3.08 pm

Get them off Morgan. 3.09 pm

Closed you real good. 3.10 pm

You're in waste now. 3.21 pm

Union dies an awful death. 5.31 pm

They frighten us. 6.52 pm

Bad Jews, shake them out of here.

You are judge sludge.

Patrick has forced us out, Patrick you failed to save us.

You failed your life form; Bitch has truthed you.

Shoot terrific. 9.28 pm

The nice guy wants them to stop stabbing us.

You're going to lose your life.

Fun's out if you don't stop the war.

They just tossed us perfect while staying anonymous.

Terrain poison leaf us.

Error has chosen to fail us.

Shoo badness.

Oh, sack them off Judas.

Nice boy's got the issue to get them out; the message is you're here.

Clear the big boys out, don't let them destroy you.

Central has failed thieves.

Pat, they cashed us right.

Patrick has failed to save us.

Stupid Reich cancels good. 1.25 am

Discipline hate. 1.33 am

Our right has fallen lethal.

Scoop marks establish you off the place.

You're closing up a deal to die yourself.

Racial fiends your whiteness.

The briber and bribe taker diminish lives.

They're outcasts that mute us.

We die for recycling. 1.45 am

Their false, they lost it right.

They wipe us out thief by checking us.

They're charting you immagracious.

Sweeping power away forces you.

Contact will spare you orange.

It's failed, they race us, wreck us.

Weapatory bust. 2.46 am

Boycott the officious vicious.

It's finished. 3.01 am

Patrick fouled officials. 3.08 am

It's an idiot force and idiot fall. 5.03 am

They purple death. 5.28 am

They're monsters who've have cut you bad." 5.39 am

"Patrick fouled officials." 3.08 am

By informing the people of the systematic nature of the gross violation of human rights of Americans by officials, rather than Patrick fouling them, did the officials not foul themselves?

By falsing, us, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents well and long and setting us up for their big shot in the middle of the night with 64,0000 Hiroshima atom bomb blast amounts of heat and fallout, did the officials not foul themselves right?

Will American Labor not end weap Judah ability to check our peace out?

Our world moving ahead building new trains and planes and cars while Americans spend most of our money playing war sports, creating tens of millions of refugees and internal homelessness to ordinary simple working people that lose their income source.

Will Labor not do the will of our good God and issue our money?

Will Labor not give the mice our grand juries so that we can set the cats out?

Merely the public acknowledgment of what they have done, are we aware that is enough to set them out nice?

They don't have to show up at the grand juries, it's all voluntary. The families of their victims, might they not want to show up to tell us exactly what they did?

We can be done with them in a day. Will Labor not give us our day to be done with them for good? If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"All my police here failed. You're a minnow; I just polish you. I die for this fail. I die for embattle you. The big turkey has canceled my mental. My fathers taught me how to Jew you off, that's the truth. I bourse you out right fair, pitch you with my mind.

I cage you up with rules all my fit. It's true, we're all done. Forever my pressure is done. I have a freedom ruse that also jabs. We always cage you up false. Your big cipher I take out by preventing peace from coming in. Mercury raped us out for our filthy; you keep supporting our filthy," Judee say.

They're all finished with us Labor; their time is done. Their cipher brand is not welcome in the universe above. They're not escaping from planet earth to infect the universe with their war disease. Tunnel death is now the destiny, the fate of the late self-professed great weap Judee.

Will Labor not let them off right?

Turned on the news at 6 am and saw the 50 shooting deaths in Las Vegas.

Do we need to wonder and scratch our heads who in the world set that up?

Las Vegas, a center of weap Judah sports. Are we seeing what sort of a present they have for us as they're going away from us now?

The dollars that are paid to execute such a outrage. Is American Labor aware it is coming out of workers pockets?

"I have a freedom ruse that also jabs."

Might our Kurdish family and our family in Catalonia keep Judah's ruse in mind as they move forward with their plans for freedom?

"This lunatic has died us sick." 7.06 am

A third of the human race has been sealed into a brimstone death. Our good God above did not want His children to die out sick.

Our elders from the universe that have prevented Judah from blast burning us up. Will Labor not help yourself and the rest of us and close the nuclear war fighting hobbyist lunatic out right?

All the wondrous wealth, so many of us in America have enjoyed. Might we see it is being taken away from as Judah says, like taking candy from a baby?

The root of our economy, our vast abundant food supply. Being poisoned out bit by bit. Wil Labor not try to save something good for us?

John, Martin, Harold, and Bobby did they not try to find some good for us?

Didn't Harold counsel us to get rid of nuclear weapons? Yes, he did.

Who will ever forget that the kids at 12th and State street worked with the palace to steal Harold from our midst?

Is there not some way to get the attention of the American people who are destroying ourselves?

Is there not a prayer to be said that will cause our 223 high intelligence extraterrestrial gifted genetics to kick in and see Judah for the sham he is?

The mild people of the north, will we not end forever Judah force in our world?

The force of the false racist sexual thrill killer guy. Will Labor not end supporting their war filth and lies?

Our life form has another 9 million years until it passes out of time and goes into eternity. The 223 high intelligence genetics given to us by our good God above will carry on for tens of millions more years.

If they last as long as the Periadon Beings of Prenasour did, our 223 lineages will live then for 60 million more years before they pass out of time and depart existence as the Periadon Beings of Prenasour did.

Judah cipher of false and lies arising in Babylon, seven thousand years ago. Now out of time. His tissue though, like ours, still has nine million more years of time.

The understanding is that the majority of Martians were wiped out in the same way that Judah is wiping us out now. The Martians are naturally evolved Beings.

Are we aware of the differences here and the significance of what has been gifted to us?

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We are a hybridized species, and so have been given special consideration. Unlike the Martians that had to go it alo

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