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Vegas Open Air Snuff Film For Satan Worshiping Billionaires.
Mon Oct 2, 2017 22:42

Vegas Open Air Snuff Film With Multiple Hidden Cameras in Place. Vegas Shooting a Jesuit (Banking.) Globalist Planned Snuff Film for Satanist Billionaires. Highly filmed with strategically planned patsy.

They did it again. They like to see innocent and unsuspecting people in pain and suffering and this globalist banking event gave these slimy Satan Worshiping Billionaires a chance to also give some of their wimpy cowards a chance to be able to let several of them fire automatic weapons (Probably four or more, and some of them Islamic Billionaires.) to be able to have their Las Vegas Snuff Film Fantasy. They also probably also planned this event for practicing their worldwide soul harvesting agenda. Testing out their soul harvesting before their really big worldwide false flag events.

Their many hidden cameras will now circulate throughout their mass murder snuff film worldwide community and throughout their global Satan worshiping network for entertainment. They love to be able to get away with mass murder for fun and mass murder the little peoples.

Note: The Vatican Jesuit Black Pope's head quarters are located right under Las Vegas.

The actual size of these many underground military intelligence facilities are actually larger then Las Vegas on the surface and all connected with a worldwide mag (Mach four and higher.) subterranean magnetic rail systems.

They have incredibly advanced military intelligence aether weaponry that includes super advanced mind control and psychotronic weaponry right underneath Las Vegas.
They Are Mind Controlling Us With Psychotronic Street Drugs -;article=158216;title=APFN

They in fact used this mind control technologies to attract the carefully selected victims to be at this snuff filmed event. OJ Simpson was used as a mind control victim and this is a warning for OJ to get out of their. I recommend that anyone reading this news report also never go back to this globalist Satanist Jesuit Stronghold. And,also stay away from Seattle and the Northwest as that the entire State of Washington is owned and controlled by the New York Satanist Jesuit Crime Familiesof which Bill Gates and Paul Allan and their families are highly deeply embedded in this Jesuit Satanist network.

The entire state of Washington is controlled by these crime families. All of the heads of all of the corporate banking, judicial, political, military, bureaucratic system are not allowed to be who they are and to have their positions of power there unless they are members of this (Jesuit) Satanist network.

They have murdered more then a million people their. More then one hundred thousand people are disappeared there every year. There are an estimated more then two hundred and fifty thousand actual cannibals residing there. They have many locations throughout state including the Stevens Pass region's underground cavern systems and facilities, Orcas Island, the Goldendale Stone Henge and other locations to carry on their Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Human Sacrifice rituals there every year.

If you and or someone that you may know who may be traveling there (The Great Satanist Northwest that includes all of the State of Oregon and Northern California as well.) to the (West Coast.) to be report to someone daily to let them know where they are. Be very careful if you do travel there. The entire area of this country is not what you may think that it is. It may beautiful their but also be warned of the super advanced super secret Military Intelligence Electronic Psychotronic Weapons testing being conducted on the Olympic Peninsula.

They have eliminated and disappeared a whole of innocent and unsuspecting people (Also stealing all of these murdered people's assets and estates.) in that part of this country and they own and control all law enforcement authorities including their FBI and other law enforcement apparatuses are all fully controlled and owned by these Jesuit Satanic Mafia Organized crime families there. They want that part of the country to be solely and only theirs.

Regardless as to how much they have contaminated the entire aquifer and eco system there with the Hanford, Yakima Military Reservation, and Fukushima Nuclear contamination literally mass eliminating and killing hundreds of many thousands of people there annually. They (The Jesuit Elitists.) have huge underground (Domed.) bases throughout the State of Washington and that are all connected with super high speed mag rail systems. All of Snohomish county, King County and Western, Eastern, and Central Washington State are honey combed with these underground magnetic vacuum tube shuttle systems.

Be very careful if you travel to the Northwest and to Las Vegas. More snuff films are being planned and arranged by their owned and controlled (And, mind controlled.) military intelligence (DARPA, FBI. CIA, NSA, etc.) for the Jesuit Elitist Billionaires and Trillionaires entertainment, excitement, and fun.

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    • Vegas Open Air Snuff Film For Satan Worshiping Billionaires. — willpwilson 908, Mon Oct 2 22:42
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