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"You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and
Tue Oct 3, 2017 09:45

"You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. Matthew 7:5

While reading the reverse facial speech of news broadcasters Bitch uncovered that feeling, that if he can bring Labor to see the log in Labors planetary war funding eye, then Labor may more easily see to take the sliver out of Bitch's eye.

That we are funding land mines to blow the arms and legs off of our family in this world, what might it take for us to end it?

Simple farmers in the rake and hoe age left blind, crippled or dead by stepping on land mines financed by American working people and made in the good ole US of A.

Or would Labor rather hear Judee say "embezzle," and talk about Bitch shorting screwy, the war supporting Realtor that had employer mouse money on Bitch's head?

Might Labor try to awake its consciousness and try to perceive that some Realtors have been mousing with the mortgage finance thieves?

As their monthly authorized Realtors magazine supported that son of a Bush in his sports war in 1991, and until now, might there be something to them that should be seen?

Will Labor not open our grand juries, please?

They call us the "sheeple." Will Labor not put our grand juries in please and grand jury them properly so that we all can see?

"Forever I've used the markets to wash you away. As long as you keep fighting, I stay. We rolled the United States in a foolish way, and it showed I'm corrupt. The Marshman government sparred with me hard," Judee say.

And how hard did the Marshman government spar with Judee?

Have our Martian good neighbors not pulled every single thermonuclear warhead off of us that Judah shot at us? Yes, they have.

Have the Martians not prevented every one of Judah's great balls of fire from being exploded over our heads? Yes, they have.

Have the Martians not prevented the immolation of Americans? Yes, they have.

Has the human race not been spared from being destroyed by Jewish thermonuclear genocidal warfare? Yes, we have been spared from being destroyed in Jewish genocidal warfare.

Will American Labor not try to see if there is a log in someone else's eye besides Bitch?

Must Labor not end funding Jewish sports genocide and spare us from any more terminal genocide?

"As long as you keep fighting, I stay."

Will American Labor not end funding the Nazi, communist Jewish world war?

"My name is Abe," Hitler said in reverse facial speech. The guy that was early on boursed by the Austrian police.

Will us mild people not listen to the angels, "Get Smart" and close Jewish sports war out of here right?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed," the angel said.

The guy that Judah tells us is not dutiful, the guy that has ever failed to save himself when faced with the mental control of weap Judah. The Druid now being died out right. And how right is it to die out funding and fighting war sin?

Will Americans not try to see the log in our eyes?

Bitch, as the lady in the store, said, "NO hero."

An ordinary simple working guy with flaws. None of which harm other people though. Conscious enough of other human Beings that he rejects the Wall Street Washington investment war machine.

Bitch never cared about what fancy things politicians were buying themselves on his dollar. Big houses, fancy cars, exotic vacations. Never bothered Bitchie at all. "Have fun, life's short, be nice," that's Bitch basic to guys with pockets full of money, even if they filled their pockets with some of Bitch's tax money.

Use Bitchie's money to buy some land mines to blow his family's arm and legs off, Bitchie makes noise all the time.

Diana Spencer spoke about the landmine war and is now with us no more. Might Judah with his big industries in England producing land mines do it to mark our family in England as big sinners?

Are we not understanding that Judah insults us every day with his war?

The log in England and America's eye so big that our good God will have to let us die if we refuse to recognize it and get it out.

The constant shooting in central America using the American dollar to put Judah Fornian Replicons into office. Do Americans not see how Judah is using our purse to smear and deface us with our family in this world?

The tens of millions of our family in the Middle East and Africa that the cruelly manipulated children from America have made into refugees. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Will American Labor not take the log out of our eye and see just what it is we are doing to our family with our continuing to fund Jewish sports war and genocide?

Will American Labor not listen and heed the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

Bitchie read some reverse facial speech of Kurdish, Breton and Catalonian speakers. All claiming they are seeking independence for the people.

From Bitchies read, the leaders and demonstrators are mostly all Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant Jews setting our family up for a Jewish investment grade fight.

Once American Labor takes the authority to issue our money away from international weap Judah might we not then all be able to see the truth?

The "Organizing Principle of Society, Abstract receipts of Labor." The persons who hold the authority to issue our dollars, are we seeing they are the absolute masters of society?

That our good God loves us so that Father had His angels grab the 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of blast and heat force that Judah used to try and die us out with.

The splinter in Bitch's eye that is being used to hold Labor into funding Judah's insult, his eternal sports war.

Will Labor not try to spot the log in Labor's eye of funding sports war and take it out?

If so must America Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money into your hands?
The shooting in Las Vegas. The gunman reportedly found dead in his room. A news broadcaster reported in reverse facial speech that they already have gotten him out of the country.

Bitchie reported from a reverse facial speech a few weeks ago, "man-o-lay."

Bitchie distinctly remembers that. Didn't know what it meant but a Judee on television said that in reverse facial speech.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas is where the shooter was perched at.

Bitchie also pulled from RS that Judee ghosted five out that had been found out for ravaging us.

That brings to mind the Realtor that was purportedly found dead, and they arrested her ex-husband. When we have our grand juries in might they not look closely to see if the body found was the Realtor lady or someone else?

Will Labor not help us with this?

The people we really are. WE won't build land mines for our brothers and sisters to step on. Will Labor not end Judah smearing the face of white? Us rightless guys Judah says we are. "Eur-a-peon," Judah calls us. Will Labor not put our rights in once again?

The guy that likes a fight when he has some other guys to do it for him. Will American Labor not end Judee huckstering on other peoples blood using our dollar?

Here's a little of the reverse facial speech Bitch found in the Las Vegas shooting:

"Kansas City had crawfish in our foul. We just op you guys skunk. For investments, we fess you up. This is how we can you dish rag nation easily. We weapole out your rights one at a time. This is to fall your rights dead.

A true felony holds you dead, H----- trumps my right. This was a weap out Jew symphony. Gas will fill in the Jew lease to meet the dead. Plentiful grave marks for you. We get rich out of performance ways. I shoot you adequate because they dumped my subs. Rock shavers, Orion cabled them out.

We snuck five out that ravaged you. The government on minnow theft now. Our anvil on ethics just wants to do ditch. A general did multiple falls here for oleo. Gymnastics sure have won. They've taken him out of the country. I get possession of you if I waste you right with vipers.

As long as you keep fighting them off we'll stay. This gives us a clear route to the courthouse. Bonuses were the case here. I fetch a child with the wit great. Mashism you let go so you let me bloody you. Wiltshire made a call to advise us. I just stumble you with mutts.

My Wesson sport beat you yesterday. (International News broadcaster)

I basically boomed with a Rolodex. Fear I put on you right. The white force image dead basically. I'm blowing you off femoral, we've got a few more bruises yet to go. I'm putting in a palace right state on you, that's why I make war.

If I can put your fist rights off then we can load up to weap you. I just want to bruise the white boys because we've sapped them forever. We just feed you Bitch's dog.

They're fixing us for sailing off. Set me over the side. (Victim)

We had British men who sight here. We had some Emmett with Canada here. With Jennifer, Wisconsin was awesome mousing. We have dynamite with our jails, and you rolled caution. This is my last fight; I scored you just. Bitch report my feeble. The estimate is you pulled Jew house out of here."

With our rights in Labor are we seeing that we would have the entire Las Vegas shooting scene explained to us?

What might we wonder is this about?

"If I can put your fist rights off then we can load up to weap you."

Maybe those who have purchased rifles and pistols now targeted due to this shooting?

Are we seeing they have a big investment package they are working from this shooting?

Are we understanding that the talk about Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms is not the important right we need?

The Fifth and Seventh Amendments rights to grand jury process and jury trials. Are we seeing those are the rights we need?

The rights that let the people hear the facts and decide for ourselves. Might our best deal be that is all the force we will ever need?

"As soon as you leave our store white people leave African true."

The white people that voted in 1854 to free Dred Scott because he arrived in Missouri, a state that was free.

Do we see labor that once we leave Judah store of dirty tricks, dungeons, and snipers that we will leave our family from the land of good people true?

Will American Labor not return us to the good old days when a jury was able to hear the facts and decide to set an honest workingman free?

The supreme clerks that reenslaved Dred and forced a war between the states purportedly to set men free.

Might we recognize the war between the states is what gave birth to what today is the most malignant war machine ever?

Old honest Abe that had to pay weap Judah back for getting him elected President of the United States, by forcing a war between the states.

And then he double-crossed weap Judah by issuing the highly successful greenback dollar. Taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah. Might we understand why president Lincoln was shot?

And where would Judah have gotten the money to pay off all the hands that were needed to assassinate Lincoln?

Do we recall that Judah privatized the concession to issue the money of English workers in 1694?

Might we see the strategy of using the purse of English workers to assassinate American leaders and now Judah is using the purse of American workers to assassinate foreign leaders to put his Fornian Replicon force in?

The failure of England to cease making war. Do we see it is the same failure we have in America now?

Are we seeing the root of the persistent failure that the people have to endure is all due to who holds the Organizing Principle of Society in their control?

Judah, truly a feeble failed force and yet he holds the white man's purse.

When Judah gets on top, he puts in his lethargy, his failure to thrive syndrome. Uses terrorism to get possession of the people.

Holding the mild people now by the auditory and optical nerves.

Will the splinter in Bitch's eye that Judah lies into making some people believe it is a big thing hold the people from seeing the log in others eyes?

"The minnow's set fair. In two years you're going to see our worst," Judee say.

Might Labor like to keep in mind, that is Judah's scientific opinion?

"The majority won't be around," is our extraterrestrial family's opinion.

The MEGADEATH die that we have funded sealing ourselves into now. Are there any that do not believe this is true?

The splinter in Bitch's eye that Judah has used to keep American Labor funding sports war and our die. Do we remember elders describing Bitch's splinter as "minutiae?"

Though what about Bitch insult of everyone?

To answer that did elders not put unto our Bibles that the prudent man ignores an insult?

Proverbs 12:16 Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.

Yes, that is in our Bibles. Do we not perceive that by letting our rights go we have thrown caution to the winds? Can we not pray that the prudent man will step in?

"I went to your bedrooms and gave you a sight. If I want a position I push you video," Judee say.

Will American Labor not take the paper off of these dangerous guys right?

Tele receives:

"You all cede to savage. 3.23 pm

It's quite unsatted. 4.54 pm

It's futurous. 4.56 pm

You have failed to save your lives on a kids roll.

You mentally ostracize yourself. 5.19 pm

A stupid knucklehead falsed us failed.

A miserable fail shot us out electricity. 6.02 pm

WE're corrupt clawed. 6.31 pm

Oh my God you let the circuit go. 6.34 pm

Patrick, the boys are perfect fail, you failed to save us. 6.40 pm

They toy missile. 6.41 pm

Secure a mate. 6.45 pm

You told us right Patrick. 6.47 pm

In brief, you're dead dog. 6.49 pm

They scored you with a powerful ruse.

Jews have a rush minute and it's over with. 6.56 pm

It's over saferage. 6.57 pm

They forced us out of here.

Four steps they use to get us to death. 7.01 pm

They're dying us very goofish.

You're in a fail that's taking you very stooge. 7.05 pm

The Capitol died, Washington died for death fail truth. 7.08 pm

They're stepping us out Mrs. O Leary.

Avoid this abandon of us, STRIKE THEM OUT!

They wowed you jest. 7.15 pm

They tried abrasive to get psychic out. 7.16 pm

Transgressors are destroying us. 7.18 pm

Their principal theory wastes you out to bones.

Seriously you fall out of here, Patrick fix this! 7.48 pm

The tyranny has fell. 11.13 pm

An eight-year-old thief put you away.

Venus buy is forcing them out.

Speak to your policemen directly to solve the problem.

Murphy is hike fisting you. 11.15 pm

Old ail jest you. 1.48 am

Throwing out yourselves and it's over already. 1.54 am

You failed the Bible toasting out yourself.

Nice fortuous you failed to save for yourself.

I see their land grab here.

State proceed now final. 2.49 am

Police power has stumbled, STRIKE!

You failed to save us Kruschev. 4.04 am

You died. 5.30 am

Sapped. 5.59 am

They've thrown us with heart attacks. 6.45 am

Jew falsed us victims. 6.47 am

The mouse exhausted our hopes here. 6.51 am

Welcome to the Lords way." 6.55 am

Thank you for that welcome to the Lords way. Bitch, the former atheist, skeptic, cynic since 18-years old that thought there was no God in heaven above.

Only after studying the extraterrestrial world did he learn that is where our precious sweet Father is from.

The land where the law books are titled, "Most favored suggestions."

The world that we are a part of and have been ever since we were implanted with our extraterrestrial elders 223 high intelligence genes.

The world of our extraterrestrial elders where they live in peace and love. Peaceful cohesion with thousands of species of Beings.

Continues at

Our elders with their exceptionally high-level intelligence offering to help us here. Will American Labor not shut this world of Jewish war down?

Judah himself said that Bitch saw his "feeble." How feeble does one have to be to get

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