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"Our Animal Age Is Almost Out. I scored You Into Wretch, Sco
Wed Oct 4, 2017 10:53

"Our Animal Age Is Almost Out. I scored You Into Wretch, Scored You Out Of Life," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Errors fell. 5.11 pm

Rice symphony burned us up. 6.16 pm

Are you listening? Make our rights glide here. 6.17 pm

They have violated Father's rules. 6.18 pm

Dolt. 6.21 pm

Their errors have set them out. 6.52 pm

Believe they are trying to get you out with nuclear waste. 7.00 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they taking our lives away. 7.10 pm

A thud fails. 7.14 pm

Pat, we suffered you to transform us, but I still persist. 7.16 pm

You Euro's been fouled. 7.20 pm

Personally dusted. 7.21 pm

Oh, my God, a baby's dying us thrill. 7.23 pm

We fell abortion.

Let me explain what happened, the buzzards had to sport you.

Bitch you're a fail on a false side of crystal. 7.32 pm

Your age is over, you passed.

Pat, you fade yourself righteous.

The all-around rapist failed. 7.38 pm

Their predator gen's leaving you up for dead. 8.21 pm

Father failed to save our own selves, Father failed to save us.

That was a stupid foul witless.

You fizzle with Jew nuclear taking you out.

Exhausting you out foul.

You missed out.

Patrick stopped the war, and we did nothing but toss away our peaceful hostages.

The white man is sportfulness.

They've thrown your many houses.

Failure police falsed us.

Police exhaust here.

Subs cored the land. 2.47 am

Patrick, you failed to save us. 2.57 am

Oh, Patrick failed us." 2.53 am

"Pat, we suffered you to transform us, but I still persist." 7.16 pm

That we continue to fund Jewish as the deuce presses on with erasing us and our kids, what might explain it?

As Jewish makes the Norman and our children go will there be anybody in this world that will explain why we remain inert? Who might explain why we quietly still fund it?
On June 9, 1915, United States Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigns due to his concerns over President Woodrow Wilson’s handling of the crisis generated by a German submarine’s sinking of the British cruiser Lusitania the previous month, in which 1,201 people—including 128 Americans—died.

Germany’s announcement in early 1915 that its navy was adopting a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare concerned many within the government and civilian population of the United States—which maintained a policy of strict neutrality during the first two years of World War I. The sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, caused an immediate uproar, as many believed Germany had sunk the British cruiser deliberately as a provocation to Wilson and the U.S.

Bryan, as secretary of state, sent a note to the German government from the Wilson administration, lauding the ties of friendship and diplomacy between the two nations and expressing the desire that they come to a clear and full understanding as to the grave situation which has resulted from the sinking of the Lusitania. When the German government responded by justifying their navy’s action on the basis that the Lusitania was carrying munitions (which it was, a small amount), Wilson himself penned a strongly worded note, insisting that the sinking had been an illegal action and demanding that Germany cease unrestricted submarine warfare against unarmed merchantmen.

The Government of the United States is contending for something much greater than mere rights of property or privileges of commerce, Wilson wrote. It is contending for nothing less high and sacred than the rights of humanity, which every Government honours itself in respecting and which no Government is justified in resigning on behalf of those under its care and authority.

Objecting to the strong position taken by Wilson in this second Lusitania note, and believing it could be taken as a precursor to a war declaration, Bryan tendered his resignation on June 9, 1915, rather than sign it. The note and two more similar ones were sent to Germany, which was persuaded to curb the submarine policy over the course of 1916 rather than risk further antagonizing the U.S.

Bryan’s resignation marked a significant turning point, as the Lusitania crisis had convinced his successor, Robert Lansing, that the U.S. could not remain neutral forever, and would indeed eventually have to enter the war against Germany. As it unfolded, Germany resumed its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare in February 1917; two months later, Wilson went before Congress to ask for a declaration of war.

During the Spanish-American War, Bryan served as a colonel in a Nebraska regiment, but after the war, he condemned McKinley’s Philippine policy as imperialism. Nominated again by the Democrats in 1900, Bryan hoped to make the election a referendum on imperialism, but other issues intervened, including his own insistence on free silver and attacks on monopolies. McKinley won again.
William Jenings Bryant (1860-1925)

The Government of the United States is contending for something much greater than mere rights of property or privileges of commerce, Wilson wrote. It is contending for nothing less high and sacred than the rights of humanity, which every Government honours itself in respecting and which no Government is justified in resigning on behalf of those under its care and authority.

Americans under the care and authority of weap, Judah armed with tens of thousands of nuclear missiles and bombs to extinct all life on earth.

Have they not properly resigned their care and authority of us by demonstrating their efficiency in putting in their racket that replaced the original government of The United States of America with their Fornian cabal that set us to die out of existence in a nuclear war?

"An organized group of criminals operating at the most significant level of opportunity."

That they have attacked us with nuclear missiles and, the world has been aware of this fact for six years this month and Americans have done zilch, nada, nothing about it.

"I urge you to give them right a fall for their sin," God Almighty in heaven above said.

Will we not keep praying that Labor will see the light, hear the love of God and close weap Judah and his Fornian Replicons out right?

In forward speech a Judee said, "We will continue the fight for truth."

That same statement in reverse speech Judee said, "You fly the right way, and Jewish will die."

Will Labor not fly the right way? Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?

A thought about William Jennings Bryant, he was a free silver man. The economic implications between gold and silver as backers of paper money, free silver served all of us.

Whereas placing our money on the gold standard allowed Judah to issue our money. This allows him to contract the money supply and create depressions.

Might we see in seeking economic justice by using silver to back our paperback dollars we put ourselves into a just relationship with each other?

Though today might we consider that we are past the silver gold economic stage already? Certainly. Might we consider that who issues our money is the one issue that will determine whether or not we will be in existence much longer?

Might we consider that silver and gold were mere instruments to engage and exchange the real wealth, the products and services of our Labor force? Will Labor not take the force that is made good by Labor, our money, into your own hands? To save your lives will you not act?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail," our precious sweet Father said. Will labor not act before we and our children are totally sealed out of life forevermore?

"With my octopus, I'm gonna rule you nipple, that's why I need war. We just use grease to port you. We're out now because the truth is known," Judee say.

Will Labor not take away Judee's free money he uses to hire grease to port us with?

"With the princess we rape pura-day. I'll have you poor in six months. We have proved your white forming has failed us. We use some leverage with cash, so we keep ruining you. We use Custer especial to make you die. Jew use Oedipus smadge so I can horse settle and throw you metal.

Jew criticize you easily with war. Your fort sees me molest you, and I still boo you out," Judee say.

Will Labor not end funding Judah booing us out? Did Fort Bitch not alert everybody enough to act to save us here?

We don't need to have the ethics or morals of honest right people to survive this war we are funding. Do we see though we must have the wits to understand we are being scientifically perished and the courage to help ourselves organize and stop funding the war?

Here's some more reverse speech from the shooting in Las Vegas:

"Our white mess here was marvelous. The fool capitol was involved in putting them in. It was Jewish here that Bitch pauped. I poof you for my rights. I shot a gal to make truth famous. The gentlemen and quite fit I shoot out.

We cite you with a lesson in terrorism, and it lets us use our bench for free. After camping, I'll have a summons in a real Jew way. I Jew do cease your knowledge lethal to fall you. The purpose of our police state is to stomp your rules.

His mother frisked our fight, so I'm out with Minneapolis. We have a state here much German with more war. I foot your rights with a stage. Dutiful see my sin right. Our safeguard midgerous is dead, I'm all off.

This was rabbit state on con wits. As much of you have no rights, it's an interlude. This was to wipe white heimers head cap. Sidney threat the op. Our rights are out for porting automatic.

We had some heroin on the ground to make them die nice. 5% fiction nailed me. Bitch saw my casino dog head. My genius is celebrating here. This was all for transporting big. This was congressional bub set for four and a half years," Judee say.

The congressional sports in Washington. Could that last reverse speech indicate how they get their kicks here? Four and a half years in the planning?

"5% fiction nailed me." That was a victim speaking in reverse facial speech.

Are we not yet aware of how deadly is Washington on free bourse in weap Judah hands?

The STRIKE Labor to take the concession to issue our money and put it into Labors hands.

Is there a consensus yet of the urgency to take the concession to issue our money out of the hands of weap Judah before he completes our breeze?

If so will Labor, rather must Labor not give us our STRIKE to give us some chance to survive this world of war that Judah has forced in on us?

"For my interests, I just roll you vitamins, that's why I have you fighting Muslims. H----- chased us right and my prints have been found, we're out now because of our hydrogess," Judee say.

Jewish prints, the radar data that revealed Poland had been attacked with nuclear missiles and that was why the Polish government had to ghost out in a preset and staged plane crash.

Have Jewish prints not been found right?

The grand juries we need to establish us right. Will American Labor not end funding the eternal Jewish fight?

Might some wonder could congress really have been in on planning the Las Vegas shooting for four and half years?

Do we recall that it was 1952 when our extraterrestrial family MARKED the Capitol building in Washington DC to alert us that the plan for September 11, 2001, had been put in place?

The plan to use the blast and heat of 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of force on us. Do the Normans not yet perceive that Hiroshima was a test to see just what it would take to eliminate us?

The 1955 American game show the $64,000 thousand dollar question. Is it not something to ponder that Judee's fifteen-year-old kid would know the answer?

Will American Labor not help to get them and their tricks off of us right?

"Some minnows got a file on him. He did debt in jail, so he had to go." Reverse facial speech pulled concerning a rock star that purportedly died.

Will Labor not give us grand juries and end the insurance cage sport dies?

Will American Labor not let us live in peace?

"Jew enjoys shooting you with a Prussian general. You let us cap-us you. For Venezuela, my maximum scrimmage is out. I give you just absolute psycho," Judee say.

"I say "thank you, Father, for so kind to your Bitch." Might Labor not want to look up above your heads to see, hear and feel the love that precious sweet Father has for all of us? Might we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His angels spare us from Judah's nuclear blast wrench?

Is there not some way to end Judah hold of the auditory, optical and mental centers long enough to feel the love of our good God for us?

The animal, the beast. The guy that shoots us down in the streets. Will Labor not end his government life?

Will Labor not remove his official right?

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights," our good and Almighty God said.

Will Labor not help us to close out the United States of Prussia and reopen the United States of America again?

"I busted everything foul because it was all free cash. The whites have now let us keep them cageable," Judee say.

They way they broke us to fund and fight their sports wars. Is it not their cage they adore? Will whites not read Judah mental and take away their ability to cage us at all?

In a local news report in Iowa, there was a telephone threat to do a shooting in a high school nearby. Here is a reverse facial speech found in a news report that might give us a clue to motive for Judah making that threatening call:

"This helps us back off all justice for free."

When we see these things now are we not aware that it is Judah playing and toying with us?

Calling in a threat to do harm, or leaving an envelope with powder in it. Have we not noticed that Jewish is always forcing a safeguard?

Might we consider just some of the uses of doing such things? Might it be to control the dialogue?

Might it be part of his terror and conspiracy hoax?

Might leaving a suspicious envelope with white powder in it not bring all the local, state and federal officials in to investigate?

Might that be his way to bring them to see him so he can set some guy up right?

Bitch recalls watching a news report video of a suspicious envelope with white powder that was found in the state house and all the police agencies made an appearance and a police agent was speaking with a legislator who said to him, "set him for a chapter four."

And what is a "Chapter four?"

Might we recall that is the Fourth Amendment found in our Bill of rights that sets the procedure to issue a search warrant?

Do we recall that is one of the flaws in our constitution that we will fix after the strike when we moth proof our Bill of Rights?

And what is the flaw in the Fourth Amendment?

Do we recall that it allows clerks to issue search warrants?

The "probable cause " that is needed to issue a search warrant. Do we recall from our studies of the 1779 Virgina papers that in American law only a grand jury can determine if there is "probable cause" that will afford the state the authority to carry forward in a criminal procedure?

And what about in an emergency? Certainly, American law allows for "probable cause" based on the threat of harm, destruction of evidence or threat of flight of the suspect.

Might we see though, in a non-emergency situation probable cause to issue a search warrant will require a grand jury to be impaneled once we moth proof our Bill of Rights? By relying on the strict wording of Chapter Four are we seeing how cleverly Judah has used Chapter Four to use clerks to beat us out of our basic Bill of Rights?

Might we understand why the Fourth Amendment is referred to as the Master's Clause (Claws)?

Do we see how cunning Judah uses "Chapter Four" to shut honest nice boys down who don't like his war sports?

Is "Chapter Four" really that big of a thing?

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Might we consider Chapter Four was used by unelected Federal clerks to rout the twice-elected State governor of Illinois out of his job and into Fe

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