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"We Just Put You In A Polio Position to Take Your Economy Aw
Thu Oct 5, 2017 09:38

"We Just Put You In A Polio Position to Take Your Economy Away," Judee say.

Is it not something to think about, the polio epidemic back in the 1950s wasn't a virus, it was radioactive fallout from Judah's atom bomb tests in the Pacific that did it?

And Judah put on his big vaccination show with his march of dimes and handed out prizes for his vaccines. If only the simple people knew the truth, it was Jewish atom bomb tests that gave us our polio might we have started thinking about the nuclear war fighting cannibal cult of weap Judah and company?

The forty minutes of thinking that is needed to properly perceive Judah and what his hostile raiders are all about. As we lose our life forms to weap Judah heinous battery using nuclear fallout is there not some way that Labor will find the forty minutes to think it through that will lead Labor to let them off right?

Judah's estimates indicate from his scientist's opinion, a third of the white children are now sterilized from his high levels of background radiation from Hitachi-GE.

Informed International reverse speech indicates that the "Norman" people are finished out now. Our children are being sickened from radioactive waste. An inescapable die-off of the Norman people.

That was the term one of the international people used to refer to white people, saying the "Norman" children are finished out now.

Tele receives:

"They have an arrangement to destroy our fields. 6.56 PM

Beautiful they fold all rights in. 7.06 pm

They hike thief. 7.18 pm

We just ignore this and destroy ourselves. 7.26 pm

They wipe us pure sow. 1.21 am

It's image that died you's.

They wiped us out. 1.27 am

A great value has thrown us.

Your life forms are reduced.

They put us in.

Failed to the duchess, life is through.

They are purposing all your relationships closed.

All arrows American original. 2.11 am

Thieves are dying us. 2.33 am

Goosely they port you quite jealous.

Oh my God Patrick failed us peacefully.

They're perfectly obviously out. 2.53 am

You've been remarkably wolfed out. 4.18 am


After getting caught red handed opening fire on us with a thousand of their 'continentals' with thirty-two hundred 300 kiloton thermonuclear warheads with the blast and heat force of 64,000 Hiroshima atom bomb amounts of radiation and fallout, does it not seem that they should be finished with us?

And yet the Normans pass day by day and have failed to take them out of the management of America.

"What happened here, "God Almighty asked when Bitch had his blooper attack and committed the deadly sin of insult. Might that not be the correct question to ask as we finish out poisoning ourselves and our kids, "what happened here?"

If Bitch is reading it right, the scientific opinion is that a third of Norman children are now sterilized from the years of high background radiation that Judah has put in.

Will Labor not let the genocidal boy off of us right?

Judah, the guy that has had intelligent understanding of our extraterrestrial creation for thousands of years. Who went ahead in opposition to the will of God and plotted and carried forward with his attempt of destroying all of God's children on earth in a nuclear blast war.

God Almighty gave us the peace, and yet we go on funding Judah to finish out with his genocide of us.

"Coward efforts," elders said in our failure to help ourselves at all.

Might it be fear of Judah pulling us out of life that has put us into a stall?

What's that saying, "been there, done that?"

Do we recall what Judah said about those that cringe in fear of him? "We always pulverize a chicken."

Bitchie went to the grave after spending a few hours in the library and breathing in his inhalation ricin.

The thought Bitchie had when he died that night was, "oh, at least this is a nice way to go."

No stomach ache, vomting or pain like when the Michigan state police along with New Buffalo and Three Oaks police tailed him, and Judee threw cyanide in his coffee cup he left in the truck when he went into a store to do some shopping.

Why you so afraid of these Jews Labor?

Why won't you give us our grand juries to get them out right?

Their elephant warriors in high office that have used their police powers to destroy our guaranteed American God-given rights.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries to let the people hear what they have done with their governmental power?

The white people that buy the lyncher Judah and his Fornian look-alikes their rope. Are we not yet aware Father will let us go if we fail to let Jewish off right?

Their thousands of years of assault and battery. Their famous ability to addle our brains. Will Labor not give Bitch some credit for helping to let them off right?

After getting caught attacking us with their great balls of fire is there anybody that thinks they will be running on platforms for office offering new medical care packages?

Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their affair with us now?

All the Jews and their Fornian Replicon kids worldwide are applauding shooting the rightless white Americans up in Las Vegas the other night.

While shooting any people brings them excitement, thrills, and enjoyment, they get the most excitement when it is the white man they can defile.

Might we consider that scenario of the Las Vegas sport the other night that with our rights in grand juries would open the facts revealing the officials involved?

With no rights are we seeing that will not happen?

An obvious long-planned operation that involved local, state and Federal officials, what do we get other than cunningly crafted news stories about what happened that night?

Have you seen some of the videos that show a couple of rifles firing simultaneously?

Might we think about the municipals and the news reporters that are getting checks for the parts they played?

Might ordinary everyday workers not answer God's question, "what happened here?"

Will Labor not close this kosher genocide tyranny out right?

Why is Labor continuing to hold it in when it is destroying us and our kids?

Is it because you're mad at Bitch for insulting you's?

Or is it Judee's pet that gave you sore eyes?

Or maybe his staged diaper op that a simple working man like Bitch fell in?

Whatever it is might thinking about our thirty thousand years of peace heritage that is now being closed out with sterilized kids not be more useful to think about and try to save them and ourselves?

The American workforce that is the key that is holding the Jewish tyranny state in worldwide, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?
Isaiah 50:8 He who vindicates Me is near; Who will contend with Me? Let us stand up to each other; Who has a case against Me? Let him draw near to Me.

9 Behold, the Lord GOD helps Me; Who is he who condemns Me? Behold, they will all wear out like a garment; The moth will eat them.

10 Who is among you that fears the LORD, That obeys the voice of His servant, That walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God.

Will Labor not prevent the worlds most famous moth from eating us out?

"We mess you around Patrick, white I treat foul. We're available to shoot your state out; you failed Jewish. Our pet insulted true now. Berny nicely sticks for me, insulted Bush conspiracies. You stay stupid I'm gonna take you out, I'm still fit to put you in. I just rolled you out of contact," Judee say.

Just rolled us out of contact and held the American working people to funding more of Jewish sports war and genocide worldwide.

The force that let Judah finally take over the world, might we see it was American Labor bourse that fueled the world wars we have been involved in?

"Papa's made a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

Can we not pray that the hostages spend the forty minutes of time thinking about how we are losing our lives? Will we not act to help ourselves?

While it can be quite dispiriting to have spent six years now trying to get the working people to come around to the idea that peace is the most important issue there is, Bitch is not ready to quit for he knows one thing for certain, Judah will be gone in six hours time the day that American Labor decides to STRIKE THEM OUT.

Judah and his thousands of years of seeking out unaware innocents and breeding his errant kids in to take over and then commit genocide against the people he captured.

Who would ever believe a science fiction novel as to what is on Judah's mind all of the time, the cheapest, easiest and best way of putting us in?

He could have flown off into the universe long ago, but he stayed here and got hold of the purse to kill us all before we figured it out.

The guy that said, "curiosity is not useful." Weap Judah in his hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon shell.

Might we wonder how much longer Judah will be able to hold us out of contact?

And so how much longer will Judah be able to hold us out of contact?

For the answer to that are we seeing Labor has the answer?

The famous BS artist with his burlesque. How much longer is Labor going to hold him in?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will have its thirty-minute break through and STRIKE THEM OUT right?

It seems it was about a month or 6 weeks ago that someone said to Bitch telepathically, "I'm dying," Bitch didn't know who said that but posted it.

He learned the other day that a reporter for Reader Supported News, Scott Galindez had passed away. September 26, 2017 Scott was 52 years old.

Scott lived where Bitch is renting for about a year and a half. When he was in town, we had nice conversations every day Scott was here. We spent hours talking about everything.

Scott did video political interviews that were impressive. He was a great supporter of Berny for president. Bitch said some prayers for the repose of Scott's soul. He was a graduate of Syracuse University. He was adopted as a baby; he never learned who his biological parents were.

If Bitch would have known it was Scott that said that to him, "I'm dying," he would have visited him for one more nice conversation. He was a friendly, interesting, likable nice guy. Born in Clark Mills, New York. R.I.P. Scott.

"The white we're going to step outright, the whole fail. The white, I've out them to die, it's finished. The whites, I ever core their family. I forced you out of your life forms; I forced you out of your whole life. A dog has allowed Jew to war you to death. Patrick was a pure voice, and you didn't believe him. Gnawing Bitch ever pulled Jew core rule," Judee say.

Bitch mentioned recently that our family in India now has velocity power supply circuit boards up and running and have been showing them around.

Just found the facial reverse speech in my notes from a week ago of a high Indian official, here it is:

"We're going to put you into the X dimension."

Might that indicate that high military official from India was briefed that free energy velocity power supplies work by accessing the 5th dimension?

Might the truth of free energy velocity power supplies not pull out the nuclear war fighting Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant guys and gals in India?

India as in all lands where Judah has control of the issue of money, have we not noticed he concentrates his genocide kids in all of the offices of state?

Are we perceiving that it is American Labor that will fall them out worldwide the day that you STRIKE THEM OUT and take the issue of American money into your own hands?

Will American Labor not end funding the brimstone waste war of extermination that Judah is waging against us?

Fukushima operator can restart nuclear reactors at world's biggest plant

Tepco, still struggling to decommission Fukushima Daiichi, gets initial approval to start two reactors at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa
Nuclear power is expected to become a key issue in the election later this month.

The prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has argued that reactor restarts are necessary for economic growth and to enable Japan to meet its climate change commitments. The government wants nuclear to provide about 20% of Japan’s energy by 2030.

But the newly formed Party of Hope, which has emerged as the main opposition to Abe’s Liberal Democratic party, wants to phase out nuclear power by 2030.

Opinion polls show that most Japanese people oppose nuclear restarts.

Weap Judah tells us in reverse speech that he already has wiped out our family in Tokyo with brimstone waste, and he is still pouring nuclear waste in while he goes ahead and starts up another one of his Jewish electricity brimstone generators.

Will American Labor not get the issue of our paper off of weap Judah so that we and our family worldwide have a chance to survive this brimstone nuclear waste warfighting guy?

Will the ordinary people not try to survive when it is crystal clear they are taking our lives away from us?

If the Norman people will not help ourselves are we understanding that Judah will complete his stuffing us?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Thursday, October 5 — Psalm 116:1–7
Ezekiel 10:1–11:15; Hebrews 11:17–28
It is the Lord God who helps me; who will declare me guilty? Isaiah 50:9
Paul wrote: We boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation. Romans 5:11
Dear God, you are the one who can make us clean. We confess our sins to you. Set us free from our transgressions, that your redeeming grace is a promise we graciously receive. Amen.

11.54 am

"They're obviously gone and still putting us out of this field. 6.00 am.

Revenge has failed. 6.56 am

Complete possession will fail us complete. 7.54 am

Because you fall they forfeit all your rights.

It's a war. 9.03 am

They're scrounging all rule. 9.08 am

We're all folding up through debts. 9.12 am

The minister of fail threw us out. 9.21 am

Pitiful falsed you out. 9.43 am

Clinical they sold us. 9.44 am

The stinkers bribed. 10.44 am

Throwaways waste. 10.46 am

Pat's crystal failed to square shooting.

Nice boy revealed safe.

Nice pura-images died here.

They fail to incriminate just.

It's stolen. 11.38 am

They drove you out. 11.39 am

Finish here. 11.48 am

The bears rice fist you." 12.08 pm

"Patrick caught us fairly sinful. I got to believe my terrorize. Our strategy wins. I've got to believe my shaggy dog. We have failed your first revolution. Jew philosophy op falsed a right sale. We're available to shoot your state out, you failed Jewish," Judee say

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