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"It Was Awfully Dumb But We'll Be Here Until You Get Smart."
Fri Oct 6, 2017 08:12

"It Was Awfully Dumb But We'll Be Here Until You Get Smart."

That is a reverse speech concerning the shooting at Las Vegas.

With what we know about Judah sports now, does it not seem awfully dumb to go ahead and machine gun hundreds of people down and pretend it was one guy shooting at us?

How awfully dumb was it to pretend that nobody noticed a guy bringing a bunch of machine guns into the hotel?

So was it not awfully dumb to go ahead and machine gun Americans down who were out enjoying themselves with a bit of country music? It seems like it doesn't it?

And yet Judee went ahead and machine-gunned hundreds of Americans down on the ground.

"We had some heroin on the ground to make them die nice," Judee say.

Wounded Americans and Judah had some heroin to ensure their financial package was completed. Survive the shooting and be finished out on the ground with a shot of heroin.

Will Americans not put our grand juries in so that we can learn of how each one of our fellow Americans died?

One of the Judee financial schemes Bitch has seen over the years is where he goes in business with a Norman and insurance collects on the Norman after the business is going along for a time.

Quite often it is the Norman that has the technical thing, and Judee comes in as a financial business partner. Norman gets the technical ironed out, and online, and his private plane crashes shortly after take off.

Can we only wonder how many may have survived the shooting in Las Vegas only to die with a shot of heroin on the ground?

Instead of wondering how many wounded actually died of a heroin overdose, once American Labor has our purse in the hands of a Committee of the Whole are we seeing we will be able to hire our grand juries to sort everything out?

Has Bitch not been beefing for years about these international Judah hired sniper teams that have been shooting us? Yes, he has.

Do these Judah sniper teams only kill peace activists? NO, they kill whoever is profitable to kill that is set up.

One sniper victim comes to mind in Chicago. He was a bus driver that was making his way with little parts on television. A nice fellow that his nice radiated and brought viewers to watch him.

He was hit with a sniper round as he was going to work to drive his bus early one day. Shot before the sunrise. Just another statistic in Judah investment game.

Might we only wonder how much insurance the television network had on their rising star?

Will labor not give us our grand juries and let us hear the truth about our Hollywood crowd? The celebrity crowd that enjoys the sport of mousing us around.

Is it not pretty much out in the open what is going on here?

Judah machine gunning Americans down on the street in the hundreds at one time now. Can we only wonder how many workers deaths on the job were actually Las Vegas type staged events?

Injured on the job and taken away. How many might guess it was a heroin overdose that then cut them down? Double oxygen tank with nitrogen instead?

Do working Americans not yet perceive that we are being hunted to extinction by the kosher cat on our dollar bill?

"Left stranded on a burned out planet to die."

The desert that Judah is putting in North America using his hot radioactive Jewish electricity waste. Will American Labor not end funding it?

"Your cradle is refused even though I'm out of here," Judee say.

Is there not some understanding here yet that we are set to be massively sterilized overtime now? Will American Labor not listen to our elders from the Federation and Get Smart and end these awfully dumb sins against us?

"Stupid held your maturity off by bombing you. He bumped you up right and held you immature for my stalk. Courtesy is what let us take you," Judee say.

Might we see in that Judah analysis why the Norman people have not acted in the face of the deadly peril that we are in now?

Might we consider a false that is courteous will win against a truth that is discourteous?

Our maturity that tells us to take the concession to issue our money away from international weap Judah. Will we not pray to Father that maturity comes in even with Bitch acidental discourteous?

Our innocent family around the world that sees a white face bombing and shooting them and their children. In facial reverse speech, Bitch has found worldwide speakers that lay their woes on the face of white.

Even a white person that survived the shooting in Las Vegas the other day said in reverse speech, " 'I nearly died because of savage white wits."

Might whites ourselves perceive other whites as the problem in our war-torn world, as some of our family in this world perceive us?

The race war that Judah has his cruelly manipulated poor hired white face making. Will American Labor not come to our rescue and take it out of his lethal hand?

While Judah likes to play his military sport as heroes by giving us medals, rubber legs and gunfire over our graves, are we not aware that behind our backs he calls his heroes other things?

"The rabbit's stupid for letting me pull him out a false way. His mother failed with a dog, so it let us push your wit, so we set you guys for a real nice out because we have you spoon fed," Judee say.

Will Labor not consider following what our good book says, the prudent ignore an insult, be prudent and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"To take your oxygen out from the Whitehouse I proceed. Jewish people have bourse power to fall you nuclear day. Jew portable rope state always boom you in. Purple haze let us do some right testament. War is my tribe. Turkey got us off for some not right ways," Judee say

Some not right Jewish ways by attacking us with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast and heat force. Will Labor not help us to close them out for their not right ways?

Might we understand that because we have remained in puberty and continue to leave Judah to issue our money he is still trying to get around Sir Casper with his thermonuclear warheads he is shooting at us? Here is a link to a video that shows some nuclear warheads in controlled burn-off.

Multiple UFO views over Odessa Ukraine 10/3/2017
Patrick Sullivan
1 second ago

Are we not yet developing a facility of mind that can spot the products of our industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists?;

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Might we understand that Judah wants to destroy our family in the Ukraine and Russia with nuclear war as much as they want to destroy us in the United States?

The three hundred kilotons thermonuclear warhead that exploded before reaching Chelyabinsk. Might we not recognize that warhead was burst off prematurely by the angels that our precious sweet Father sent in?

The pictures of the rod that shot that warhead through from back to front pre-detonating it 40 miles before it reached its intended target, the city of Chelyabinsk.

And a picture of that rod after it cleanly passed through that Jewish nuclear war fighting comet:

Will Labor not help us to close Jewish world war out?

"Every rule claus-a-wits enhances my rule," Judee say.

The claustrophobia of Judah's dungeon system. Now in its most highly developed form right here in the United States of America.

Will Labor not put our rights in and be kind to our fellow human Beings? How about being kind to ourselves?

Isiah 50:9 Behold, the Lord GOD helps Me; Who is he who condemns Me? Behold, they will all wear out like a garment; The moth will eat them.

Our good God Almighty helps Bitch. In fact, Father helped Bitch when Bitch did not believe that we had a God above.

"He remained true to me," Father said of His Bitch.

Bitch gave up the belief in there being a God after he saw the war in Vietnam in 1966. Does it not seem logical that if there is a God and He truly is good, He would stop the war that is on His kids?

With the limited knowledge that we have might we consider that it is possible to overlook the truth of our world and our relationship to God?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

So we do have a good God, and Father does care about us.

Are we understanding that our good God has given us the peace and we have failed?

And what are the consequences of our failure to finish war out and put us in peace?

The third of the human race set to die out now that is found in the prophecy of the good book.

2 Peter 1:20 Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture comes from the prophet’s own interpretation.

The 87 million years of peaceful extraterrestrial life that our creator family, the Galacticans possess.

Might we try to put our head around prophecy in our bibles came from computer simulations done by the Galacticans two thousand years ago?

MIght we try to grasp the significance that we were created from the beginning 200,000 years ago to become extraterrestrial Beings ourselves?

Judah, having a significant knowledge base about our extraterrestrial family, has chosen not to share it with us.

Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth, Royals and Vatican, was invited in by the Federation in 1350 AD.

Judah chose not to respond he preferred to burn all of us up.

Now that Judah has been caught red-handed attacking us with enough thermonuclear blast force to kill most all Americans in the lower forty-eight off, might we not consider that our good God did give us the peace?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

"Autumn Leaves"

The falling leaves
Drift by the window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold

I see your lips
The summer kisses
The sunburned hands
I used to hold

Since you went away
The days grow long
And soon I'll hear
Old winter's song

But I miss you most of all
My darling
When autumn leaves
Start to fall

Since you went away
The days grow long
And soon I'll hear
Old winter's song

But I miss you most of all
My darling
When autumn leaves
Start to fall

These next words translated from A French poem Les-Feuilles-Mortes (the dead leaves) that were used to write the popular song "Autumn Leaves."

Fallen leaves

Oh I would like you so much to remember
The joyful days when we were friends.
At that time, life was more beautiful
And the sun burned more than it does today.
Fallen leaves can be picked up by the shovelful.
You see, I have not forgotten...
Fallen leaves can be picked up by the shovelful,
So can memories and regrets.
And the north wind takes them
Into the cold night of oblivion.
You see, I have not forgotten
The song you used to sing me.

This song is like us.
You used to love me and I used to love you
And we used to live together,
You loving me, me loving you.
But life separates lovers,
Pretty slowly, noiselessly,
And the sea erases on the sand
The separated lovers' footprints.

The strange love that Judah had for us, to be able to hold us long enough to destroy us. Will Labor not separate our strange lover's footprints so that we have a chance to live?

Will Labor not let the sea of time erase the boot prints of Judah from our minds?

They've poisoned my village; I want them off. I want the crazy out. They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful," God Almighty our good God and Father, the sovereign of planet earth said about the fate of the late great weap Judah.

Will Labor not please help us out?

UFOs and 'falling leaf' or pendulum motion.
Started by karl 12, June 1, 2012
As briefly mentioned by Jacques Vallee in the video below sometimes 'patterns' of UFO behaviour can be studied, and there seems to be quite a few reports down the years of unidentified flying objects performing a kind of pendulum or 'falling leaf' motion during vertical descent.

Peculiar behaviour such as falling leaf or pendulum motion during vertical descent has been independently reported many times by UFO witnesses in widely separated parts of the world.

Pendulum/Falling Leaf Motion
A curious, but fairly common, flight characteristic of UFOs is a pendulum-like motion (swaying back and forth) during hovering, slow climb, or descent. Witnesses frequently have compared this to the gyrations of a falling leaf.

The meta transiliatory communication to us from our extraterrestrial family of a UFO making the motions of a falling leaf.

Might we perceive that extraterrestrial message to us now as part of informing us of Judah humus sport of us, his turning us into mulch, fertilizer?

Is Judah not a cunning boy though, his putting in his Jewish electricity falsing us of inexpensive electricity and really using his brimstone generators to die us off massively?

Tele receives:

"There we go rich. 12.10 pm

You're a fence. 12.29 pm

My God the fail is massive here. 12.38 pm

You're falsing out a sale here. 1.19 pm

He's a God gifted psychic. 1.40 pm

April sentenced you off this earth. 2.36 pm

Throw them off. 4.16 pm

This psychic is incredibly accurate. 5.47 pm

True. 7.00 pm

Thank you. 7.16 pm

Oh, Patrick, they're holding us for sale. 7.18 pm

Gen-a-rights. 7.37 pm

Oh, Patrick, they've helped us see purity.

They have plans to die us strong. 7.43 pm

Mission a complete fail, our oxygen is going out of here. 7.46 pm

They advise us off of life famous. 7.49 pm

Kick them out! 7.51 pm

I think they failed us real goose way. 8.46 pm

Endorse your ways away from Jew vision. 11.22 pm

We lost here; you failed to report the lineage of this burner lead.

They've gifted my souls here.

You lost curvaceous. 12.54 am

Puritan gen is onto conspiracy; it ends brutal.

They set you morgue official vicious.

Your generation, you failed your life form.

Because you stupidly took your life forces away you die fisty nicefully.

Because of their ranch, you lost your field.

Orange singed you.

Pure rape us.

My God, error rooster.

Oh God, they die us miceious.

Oh my God Patrick we've been washed away desert here.

Big Big Big storage out us wrench.

Closing up your establishment; somebody just failed us.

Creepish right.

They forced you out of your life forces, forced you out of your available.

You're really spinefuless.

Dying in a cell worst you.

Biologist penciled your genius.

Gross catastrophe voided your street.

He pummels you off energy strategy

The psychus field will save us.

My God, they've folded here.

Great joy dies.

You're tossing out your safety well.

Germany failed us, STRIKE THEM OUT!

He tore us out.

If you won't defend your children, then you lose your life forces from what is certain death here.

Useless failage makes camel won.

They've truly changed our facility of life, our material is done. 1.48 am

They're dying this field.

Fishing over for over speared.

Beast they're so rich underground out setting people to fill their prisons investment spots.

Our ass is fully assaulted.

They're firing us scrounge.

Pray do not miss. 2.13 am

Molestees failed. 2.15 am

Loss to Judah kids received.

The Four Elements of Free Energy saved us.

Stage book. 2.35 am

You lost your life, your life's failed. 2.36 am

Goose failed mature. 2.37 am

Pat, they got you occupied missile. 2.40 am

Mega mutts. 2.42 am

Soviets fair be ICBM.

It's lost you now. 3.03 am

Judas failed off of life form, had to fierce, catching late they put us into a free fall. 3.09 am

Continues at

Patrick, they're coursing a siege. 3.11 am

You sold me. 3.17 am

Sh*t failed your life again. 8.55 am


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