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"I Torpedoed Your Psyche. I Threaten Innocent Useful Kids,"
Sun Oct 8, 2017 07:49

"I Torpedoed Your Psyche. I Threaten Innocent Useful Kids," Judee say.

A Judee woman said in reverse facial speech that they had "perfectly degenerated Bitch."

And yet Bitch natural concluded that war was wrong as a teenager, and chose to do what he could to bring it to an end.

He chose peace over war without knowing that we have a Good God above. Believed that we were alone out here sailing through the universe on planet earth.

And here we do have a good God above that has His angels watching over us all of the time.

Watching over us with such a gentle touch that some of us do not perceive the angels and think that Judah is in charge of this world.

The 'deuce' that has spent their time in existence abusing human Beings and putting us to death. Their "sport," they call it.

The thirty thousand years that the mild people of the north lived in peace shattered in the 8th century of the common era when Judah took over the management of the land of the mild people of the north.

Now the mild people. Our psyches torpedoed by weap Judah, are the only fist that he has left in this world.

The smart guy, the wise guy, the hustler that early on understood that the power over people is in the authority to issue money.

The few people that might understand the technical aspects of it, Judah has his chef put them in.

Might we see the springboard to Judah taking over the entire surface of planet earth was getting hold of the authority to issue the money of the wealthiest people the human race has ever seen, the people of the United States of America?

We the people of the United States of America now set to go into bankruptcy with no say so in how our money's spent.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? They've poisoned my village; I want them off. They're no friends of mine. They have NO defensible rights. I died them truthful. My kids, treat them super nice," God our Father in heaven said.

Heaven, 38 light-years away in the direction of the north star. There, three thousand miles inside of the "Rock" is the world of our good God in heaven above.

God, immortal. Our Father is a flesh and blood mortal as we are. Father is the head of our 223 high-level genetics house.

The house we are of, the Galactic Federation of Light is one of four etherean houses in our galaxy.

Our galaxy so large that in 9 million years our Galactican elders have explored only 20% of it.

Our creators, the third edition that is on the bridge of the Federation at this time are 223 high intelligence genetics Galacticans, a canid species, 15 million year life forms.

Mammals as we are. They were hybridized and gifted with the 223 high-level intelligence genetic package by the second edition of Galacticans 3 million years ago.

3,200 distinctive species of high intelligence Beings comprise the Galactic Federation of Light. All living in peaceful cohesion with one another.

Some of the species that are members of the Federation choose not to explore outer space. They choose to stay in their home worlds living peacefully.

The Federation is big and flexible enough to accommodate all varieties of peaceful life forms.

Rigid Judah on earth not a flexible guy. "They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm," Father said of the ultimate fate of Judah on the surface of our world.

Judah, the fake, false guy, the tricky guy that pretends he likes us all while putting us in. The guy that is famous for having torpedoed our psyche.

Will American Labor not give us our Godly storm and break him off right?

The argon he puts into the oxygen tank that is used to displace oxygen that is delivered to our blood from our lungs. His "Halogen sport."

Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and let God's love come in right?

"I rode a tank, held a general's rank
When the Blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank

I watched with glee while your kings and queens
Fought for ten decades for the gods they made

I shouted out, "Who killed the Kennedys?"
When after all, it was you and me
Let me please introduce myself

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

"Sympathy for the Devil" is the name of the song where those lyrics came from.

Who killed the Kennedys? Are we not aware that it was Judah that killed the Kennedys?

But the lyric says, "Who killed the Kennedys?" When after all, it was you and me

Might we consider that American Labor paid for the assassinations of the Kennedys?

After all, it was you and me. Did American Labor not also pay for the blitzkrieg when the bodies stank? Was it not Judah Wall Street that put their boy Hitler to work? Yes, it was.

As our good God has promised us a world of peace are we seeing that God wants Judah out of His village to get the peace for His children on earth?

Judah, over six years now after attacking us with his great balls of fire to extinguish our life forms, still using our purse for shooting us down out on the street now.

Will we not pray for the Godly storm to break Judah off and end him forevermore?

Judah the guy that failed us by design. Certain he could get us all out of here with his scientists' best and brightest minds and our purse. So he challenged the love of our good God above and went ahead with his president Harry Truman nuclear blast extinction attack.

The unchanging cipher over thousands of years of time. Seeking only harm to others. Will American Labor not do our good God's will and close weap Judah out of here forever?

Judee tells us in RS that when his municipals are outed, then his Jesuits will be out of here too.

WilL Labor, not help us and close the Fornian hybrid transplant Judah shell Jesuits out?

Will American Labor not shut down Rome sports?

To try and keep us alive will American Labor not shut down those that attacked us with their nuclear bombs?

The stool culture with their politics of pp where they use a juvenile to thug. Their torture chambers they have installed wherever they go. Their rope they use to terrorize us. Will Labor not let Mr. Peepers, their chef and double oxygen tank go?

Will Labor not let that Godly storm wind blow and break them off right?

Will American Labor not take away their power to write unlimited free checks on the backs of American Labor?

Will we the hostages of the United States of America not stop funding our die?

Will Labor not give it a try?

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

The chance to be out from under Judah getting upwind of us to burn his garbage to put in our noses.

The chance to claim a right to breathe clean, unpolluted air.

With our civil rights in might, we consider that we can then sue Hitachi-GE to find out why they refuse to put boron into the feed water of their melting Jewish electricity plant dirty bomb shot that is killing us and our land?

Are we understanding why Judah does not want us to have our rights in? Might we perceive that with our rights in we can unmask them right?

Are the American people aware that we are dealing with the big hitters here?

The Jewish thrill kill cult that may be responsible for murdering in the range of 30 million Americans inside our country since they took over the issue of our money a little over a century ago.

Over 200 million human Beings have died since then in his British, American, Russian and German world wars on us in that time.

Do the American people just not perceive that we are being perished in MEGADEATH numbers yet?

Judah's continuous attacking us with nuclear missiles. Might we wonder is Judah hoping that he might catch our Martian saviors napping?

Sir Casper returned to His home inside Mars months ago. Mercury is still keeping close tabs on Judah and his genocidal nuclear war-fighting machine.

Sir Casper and His diligent Martian team have returned to earth to pull all of the shots that Judah continues to attack us with sparing us from Judah's planned nuclear war hell on earth.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to our precious sweet Father who sent His angels to keep us in against Judah exercising his rights?

Judah's right to overthrow our beautiful nation and install his deadly violent genocidal eternal warfighting Jewish tyranny in its place.

Will Labor not try to perceive the love that our good God has for you and me?

The patient love that Father has that let Judah go ahead with his plans and launch an all-out genocidal nuclear attack against the lower 48 states.

The 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast and heat force that Judah tried to put on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will Labor not unleash a Godly storm and break Jewish war off right?

The failure of Americans to recognize that our fellow human beings also have the God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

"You're doing something wrong here," Brainiac said to Bitch after he posted a suggestion years ago to use force to get this war stopped.

Bitch went right away and issued a correction to the post he had just made.

Bitch didn't know it was "B" at the time that corrected him, the sound of the voice made him think it was one of our elders.

An extraterrestrial computer that is programmed to read posts and inform us if it is not correct.

Will Labor not sign us up with some real-life forms and let the desiccated parasite go? The Fornian Replicon shell that is missing a useful soul. Will Labor not let them go?

Will American Labor not bring the love of our good God in?

The merciful, forgiving love of God. Will Labor not give it a try?

The dungeon guy with his Augsburg pharmaceuticals that he gives to prisoners and sends them home to kill their kids.

Will Labor not let the Godless life form Judah off right?

Bitch is serving to assist you to save us and our kids from the excitement thrill kill cult of Judah and their kids. Are we seeing that Labor will have to make that decision to help us yourselves?

Father didn't say Bitch was stupid, do we recall that Father said that "Bitch's fault is stupid?"

Likewise, elders didn't say Americans are cowards, do we recall elder said that we had shown coward efforts?

The snakes and cats that eat the birds and the fish. Might we perceive that Father's house will not stop the Snakes and the Cats but has empowered the Birds and the Fish to save ourselves?

The last weap of Judah. Will Labor not stop them before they put their next Las Vegas shooting on us?


Tele receives:

"Their ape is fair. 6.18 pm

Sweep them out field fair. 6.20 pm

It's useless. 6.24 pm

We condemn a pura-state, it cost us British. 6.43 pm

You're obviously locked into a police state. 6.45 pm

They're working your stroke death. 6.54 pm

It's failed, your field is taken. 7.04 pm

They're losing us terrible wretch way; they fouled us poison. 7.08 pm

Take them off. 7.11 pm

They're going to baptize us. 7.40 pm

Judee falsed. 7.47 pm

That's what I said to him as he passed by, this guy is real. 8.01 pm

The manipuloid. 8.02 pm

You grade fantastic. 8.05 pm

Principal stole you out of insight Israel. 8.12 pm

The horse ran out with a frivolous cipher. 8.14 pm

They dead us outrageous. 9.17 pm

Opportunity force really great false, STRIKE THEM! 12.10 am

Fear they display us.

The boys always jeopardy on your tude. 1.20 am

He squashes your best images.

You're pushing yourselves out of life form.

Establish rightful.

They're killing us now, physically killing us now. 1.36 pm

They sport you outrage.

There is a chance for science to free us here.

They tell you Muslims to threat you.

Germany fataled you. 1.49 am

They sport you exhaustage.

Jew daddy killed us.

Basically, a lie sealed you, sealed us. 1.55 pm

Release us. 2.33 am

All chased off Washington way.

A paint brush took our force out.

Required electricity is how we fell. 2.43 am

They've got us hustled thugs. 2.44 am

For dinnertime, he speared us. 2.47 am

It's failish.

Enterprise yourselves and get your snipers out.

Jewish prey for this tyranny. 2.57 am

Pat save us here. 3.11 am

Cheer mate soul. 3.46 am

You almost won us. 4.28 am

The errors took advantages. 5.41 am

It's eviction here insurance ways. 6.03 am

You've lost all of your states, they've fallen us. 6.47 am

Take them out! 6.49

You're welcome." 6.56 am

The penultimate expression of the Jewish heart and mind and its intentions towards the rest of us. To set our state to be destroyed with their H bomb invention in three hours time.

Will American Labor not let them off of us now?

"You failed to Mohamed because of my discipline. I'm giving you cancer; white guy is my enemy. A nice fortune I boom satellite. With our war powers, I have 90% loss with my big ways. Rectum I push you all the time in a substantial economic way.

We're dreaming of municipals stroking out yourselves. We believe in punishment harm. Once I set you I score you as possum. We need some right to screw you lethal. We just use whistle to die fist guy. All our embassies are out for a better ape.

I budget to do bad. I do foul three seasons up with a whip. Our symbolic rule wouldn't let us see any other than a core rule. I set you right, and Murph has tumbled. My romanesque German took out my future.

We prosecute terrorists, in this land I've got no right. We always insult you white assault. I'm using a soldier to commit suicide to the stock market. If they hadn't of taken our ordinance I'd of left you in a bad grave. Once I shot the Kennedys I completed my fear ruse," Judee say.

Shooting the highest office holder in the American system of our government, the President. Might that have conditioned our unconscious in ways to facilitate the fear ruse that Judah uses to hold the hostages in?

"Papa's made a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

Might the understanding by us hostages that they're putting us in not overcome their fear ruse they are using to hold us into making war? Certainly.

They're done here, and Labor is to step in. But when?

Will Labor not say a prayer of thanks to Papa for having our big brothers and sisters pull Judah ordinance away from him preventing him from leaving us in a bad grave?

"Our oldest fake is now in ruin. His mother shot us for our revenge thera-wits. For our sport, the Jesuits will port with all municipals. If you don't get us off, I'm just going to boof you's. We give you a hit and get you useful then we're out of here.

Our problem is we failed to pull you off HUGE. With municipal welfare I fake. Los Angeles, we used uniforms to pull them off pow pow. You get it correct; we have a Draco right with Druid. To take your oxygen out I just proceed from the Whitehouse," Judee say.

The authority to issue our money. Might we see that is where the power comes from to enforce his draconian rules on you and me?

The power to issue money for free that hired the six million dollar man that shot the president from the limo behind him.

The loss of that one life that let Judah put America deeply into war in Vietnam. The millions that died in South East Asia after Judah silenced just that one voice of the people.

Harold Washington who talked sense to us to get rid of the nuclear war fighting stuff. Harold made Chicago a nuclear-free zone. Stolen from us before he could give us his all.

The one honest voice that might have stopped Bush's war in 1991 if only he were alive to explain the false to us.

The millions that have died since then in American Labor financed Jewish sports war. Will Labor not try it?

"I gave you the peace must you fail?" God Almighty in heaven asked.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

Our extraterrestrial family that wants us to survive. For the love of God will Labor not reach out and try it?

Continues at

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God ble

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