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"Your Mental's Been saved. They Die Us By Reduction." Those
Mon Oct 9, 2017 09:22

"Your Mental's Been saved. They Die Us By Reduction."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Our good God Almighty who sent His angels in to prevent weap Judah and his nuclear war fighting hobbyists from extincting God's kids.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks, to Father for having His angels step in and spare us nuclear blast war and save our mental?

The way Judas each day is reducing our air, our fields, our water. Casually burning the deadliest toxin every to afflict the human race, radioactive brimstone waste.

Will Labor not take the tool that lets Judah reduce us, the private authority to issue our cash away from him?

"You're always failed when I'm here. Your life form is out of here delightfully. I've got your cipher dying yourself out," Judee say.

That our cipher is funding the nuclear brimstone waste war that is dying our cipher out of here, will we not think of the efforts that the angels Father sent in have made and act to save our mental?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? Father asked us.

The concession to issue the cash for our nation still held in the private hands of international weap Judah.

This month, October 2017 is now six years from being first informed that we had been attacked all out to destroy us all in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with the thermonuclear blast and heat force of the equivalent of 64,000 Hiroshima sized atomic bombs.

Might some be thinking, "ya, so what's new?

Do we recall what Father said to us, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

Father, in the last years of His beautiful life, spending the time to help us save our own lives. Father's angels still watching over us here. Preventing Judah from getting any of his Boeing missiles exploding over our heads.

After being saved from Judah thermonuclear blast force, we now have almost finished poisoning ourselves out.

"The majority won't be around," Is how elders explained what we are looking at here.

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

The guy that likes to fool us all of the time, weap Judah.

Will Judah's mental prevail over the Norman once again this time?

The Druids and Slavics. The snow guys Judee calls us.

The "Normans" is how an international lady described us.

Of all the people that Judah wants to destroy, and that is all of us, are we aware that it is the snow guys that Judah most wants to die out of life form?

The rich guys that Judah discovered near the Fiords. The guys that have the advantage of possessing the unique value of cooperation. The guys that lived for 30,000 years with no sign of war.

Will we not keep praying that the mild people will act together and take the brutal, ruthless, violent, Judah management off of the bridge of state?

The general STRIKE that Judah cannot take that will cause Judah to turn the concession to issue American Labor money over to a Committee of the Whole from Labor.

The gulag state that Judah has turned America into. Set now to multiply his prison system by a factor of ten.

Judah is aiming to imprison 30 million Americans over the next few years while he simultaneously finishes us out with nuclear brimstone waste.

Will the Norman peoples not STOP THE WAR?

"They're making you historical failed alge.

They hit us HUGE force, awful failed to sweep you away."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Casper, for those telepathic messages today.

Sir Jason is a Galactican a 223 high intelligence genetic Being as we are. Sir Jason is the technical representative to us from the Federation.

Do we recall Sir Jason advised us as to how to end the poisoning of us, "Cement it in?"

Sir Morris is a Qwill Being. Sir Morris and His civilization are in our solar system to welcome us into the universe of peace.

The numerous space stations that have been photographed anchored in outer space near to our sun. One of them is the homeworld of Sir Morris and the Qwill Beings.
UFOs' seen by Scott C Waring in NASA SOHO images of the sun.

Sir Morris communicated with Bitch several years ago informing Bitch that their population is similar to the population of earth. About eight billion Qwill beings live in their created space world that is anchored in our solar system at this time.

He also informed Bitch that their world is designed to house up to twenty billion Beings.

Is it not something to consider that if the entire eight billion population of the earth were beamed up to Sir Morris's world there would still be enough room to accommodate another four billion Beings?

Bitch asked another elder years ago if we have larger populations how long would resources last and elder responded, "eternity."

Might we consider the Malthusian call to destroy human populations because there will not be enough resources for us is a false as everything else that Judah spouts?

Over many years now there have been numerous extraterrestrial spaceships that have anchored their space worlds near our sun, and is it not something to think about that only one of them, Sir Morris world, could care for the entire human population that is on the surface of our planet easily with room to spare.

The understanding is that if the rapture goes all the way that forty percent of the human population on the surface will be lifted up to safety as the remainder, the sixty percent are left stranded on a burned out planet to die.

And Judah? He is already safely secured in his undergrounds and will survive the destruction that is being done to our surface world.

It just came to mind from an interview years ago with a finance Judah that had returned from a trip, and the interviewer asked about it. The Judah gave the topical story that it was to look at properties and in reverse facial speech, the Judah said, "into the basement, I went."

Going into the rat shelter to see what the accommodations are like for when it is time to take a hike off of the surface of planet earth and leave us stranded on a burned out planet to die.

Does that not have the feeling of the MC in 1903 that encouraged the patrons of the burning Iroquois theatre to remain in their seats as he stepped out the back door?

Papa's made a side bet that won't fail once the hostages know you're putting them in."

Judah shooting us in our gills and us with nearly six years of warnings from our good God above. What might explain why Labor has not made it a top priority to STOP THE WAR?

The understanding is that if the full rapture comes in those that are lifted out of here will travel on to a planet that is 36 light years away.

That planet is populated with human Beings that are us. The many that have for one reason or other been gifted to survive when Judah tried to make them die.

That planet is of course in peace and is prepared to receive the three billion plus humans from the earth that will find a home to survive there.

Will we not pray though that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT so that we can keep the surface of planet earth healthy for us?

One way or the other are we seeing that Father will not lose His righteous to Judah genocide of earthlings?

Elders have the technical ability to teleport a human Being up to two light hours distance. Phenomenal technology straight out of a science fiction novel. And yet the understanding is is that it is true. Have we not read of many humans that have reported being beamed up by our elders? Yes, certainly.

Bitch just read a reverse facial speech of one of our family in a far distant land.

"I lost you, Bitch comped you off in the wrong way. You lost your life because you keep making war."

Will the Norman people not reconsider and try to get together to try and save our lives?

Our brothers and sisters around the world that we continue to fund destroying in Jewish sports war every day.

Must Americans not give us a peace report?

The lady that said, "Bitch comped you off in the wrong way." Our elders that said that Bitch "mis set you's."

Will we not pray that American Labor will act prudent and ignore Bitch comp you off in the wrong way and that Labor will give us a RISE, STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue our money into Labor's hands and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"We've been hitting Bozo for Wall Street. 3.47 pm

Pray oh Patrick.

Save us, or they shall breeze us. 4.56 pm

Investors are dying us off. 5.17 pm

Foolish, completely foolish. 5.18 pm

You're intentionally being exterminated.

Stupid failed us, we die. 5.44 pm

The Norman people failed each other.

Wildness fielded. 5.47 pm

They definitely died us Irish duds.

Armed abuse from the castle.

We were thrown with a threat.

This total field is dying here.

You can perish instantly out of here, give us a new university. 6.13 pm

Peace failed us police work. 6.15 pm

Bitch knows it's their time to fist us. 9.04 pm

Idiot savant see them. 12.24

It was alien booed. 12.34 am

Oh, my God, they are wiping the planet out. 12.36 am

Diagram riced you sale. 12.38 am

They completely tumbled and you destroyed yourselves. 12.46 am

It's war. 12.48 am

Brutal psyche here nailed us clearly, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Get them out for trashing us. 1.02 am

Your mental's been saved.

It's violent hoosed us.

They die us by reduction, reductious.

Stupid perish.

Core resign yourself to stage. 1.11 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're fertile vipers.

They shoot a hedge fund.

Donald has failed us pure income. 1.21 pm

New heart attacks finish us bad.

Oh, they hike us here. 1.35apm

Complete morsh. 5.14 am

Bless you. 5.18 am

You won em. 5.28 am

Just throw them out. 5.38 am

It's been established." 6.54 am

As it has been established that Judah has shot us repeatedly and is shooting us, must we not close them out right?

The very most important thing, to not harm or destroy a creation of God, a human being. Are we understanding that because Americans have failed the most significant issue that there is in our world, "thou shalt not kill," that we have let Judah hold us into sin preventing our good God from pulling us out of this deadly spot we are in?

The Jewish people that have held the Norman people ever since the 7th century of the common era. Are we not aware that Judah is using the Norman now today to finance, fight and kill his brothers and sisters in this world?

"We've been hitting Bozo for Wall Street."3.47 pm

The insurance collections and property theft that Wall Street has been arranging and using the services of the government of the United States of America to effectuate their sport dies throughout our fifty states.

Will Labor not give us a better deal here? Will Labor not put our grand juries in?

The vast mousing enterprise Jewish have run in the new world United States of America. Will Labor not shut them down?

For those that would like to consider a stupid situation, might we think of how stupid it is to get mad at Labor because they will do nothing to help protect a guy that is helping them?

As Labor shown no inclination to do anything to protect themselves and their kids how stupid is it to think they would help protect anybody else?

So what is the point of going on then?

Might it be the hope that Labor will see the light, act prudently as the bible says, overlook an insult and step up and close the Jewish sports genocide world of war out?

"Try to perceive me; I love you. I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Be kind to the babies of the forest. My kids, treat them super nice. Wake me when they've struck," Father said.

With words like that from Father might we not have faith that American Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT?

Bitch has been at the front for a long time now Labor. Before Bitch knew we had a Father, he just prepared himself to go out of here.

Bitch was shopping yesterday on the internet checking which way to go November 1st when Judah's satellite beam will strike my head.

Elder informed Bitch that to miss getting shot by the satellite beam Bitch will need to be 40 miles east or west.

So Bitch was looking to see which way is the best way to go.

Bitch has already tried several different types of metal shields none of which have had much effect on the intensity of the killer satellite beam.

Might Labor try to appreciate that when you take the authority to issue our money away from Judah, there will be no more free money for shooting his satellite beams?

The satellite beam that has given Bitch two heart attacks in his sleep. One of which woke him up and he realized Mercury was holding it from full effect.

The first heart attack that did not wake Bitch from sleep left Bitch sick for about a month.

Do we recall how cunning Judah got that death beam up into outer space orbiting over every nation on earth?

The private company that built it did not have to reveal what was on board as that was a trade secret they claim.

Then the company went bankrupt turning the keys to their deadly satellite over to the government of the United States of America.

Might we consider it then was in the private hands of Judah to do with as he wanted?

If this is true then why have we not had people come forward and tell us about this?

Might it be the basic fear that Judah has put in?

And how powerful is the beam to stop a healthy person's heart for 5 minutes? Are we not aware that Judah is using beams to cause earthquakes now? Might we surmise that Judah has some pretty powerful beams?

Will it not be interesting to hear what the score was that Judah got from his heart stopping satellite beams when our grand juries are hearing about these things?

Bitch was in a shopping store when Judah shot him in the head one time. The satellite beam travels with the target even if you try to drive away from where you first detect it.

Can we only wonder how many people may have eaten dinner and then took a nap in their easy chair only to be found dead with a heart attack with no poisons in their systems?

Who would ever guess that a beam from an orbiting satellite in outer space was the cause of their demise?

Or maybe a target out swimming at an opportune time for a heart-stopping beam assault. Might the cause of death then be listed as drowning?

Take a vacation, and Judee checks his killer satellites positions. Might we see how Judee can schedule a die wherever we go?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them, so that Bitchie doesn't have to go away November 1st?

Bitch pulled that date of the next satellite attack from the reverse facial speech of a Judah news broadcaster.

Are we understanding they're all in on the joke on us?

The widespread worldwide operations of American death squads. Will American workers not end funding them?

Might we think back to the time when Judah got a hold of the issue of money in 1913 and how he put the war in and set Labor back?

The war Labor, are we not seeing that is the tool that Jewish have used to set all working people back?

Must labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR?

The guy that got a hold of the snow guys with his cages, his torture chambers, and incessant lies. Will Norman working kids not end Jewish genocide sport dies?

Crimped in our genetics now. A certain number of American children are sterilized, but do we see how tricky Judah is, the kids might not know it until it is time to have children of their own?

Taking our 12 million years ape life form that the last 200,000 years have had our high level 223 extraterrestrial genetics and ending our existence totally.

Continues at

Will Labor not end funding it please?

Human Beings have on average 100 billion neurons in our brains.

Extraterrestrials begin at 600 billion neurons in their brains and the

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