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USOs Detected by Navy, UFO website reports ‘flying triangles
Wed Oct 11, 2017 04:42
Marlton, New, Jersey Disc captured on September 29, 2017

Croatia Orb
I was on vacation and when I came home to review my pictures I noticed the object. I figured it was time to share. The picture was taken on July 17, 2017 Thanks to MUFON CMS

France Object
PARIS — As I was snapping pics from the top of a moving tour bus with my Galaxy S5, it appears I captured an object as it moves from left to right across the Eifel Tower. The pic was taken in late February 2015. Just noticed it while editing the photos so I didn’t observe its movements. Possibly a drone, but appears too large to me. I’m not an expert though so I thought I would release it for scrutiny. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Germany Lights
Bonn — Early Friday evening September 15, 2017, I was observing a rainbow through the window of my hotel room and thought it would make a nice picture. As a pro photographer and photojournalist I grabbed my camera and pressed the lens against the window and took the first shot at 70mm. I then changed the focal length to 16mm and took another couple of shots with the camera in the same position.

For security reasons the window could not be opened, only tilted. I didn’t notice the two objects at the time I was taking the pictures. It was only after I returned home and uploaded them to my computer that I saw what I had captured that evening.. My location at the time was the Marriott World Congress Hotel, Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Disc
Culiacan — I received this video from a friend on October 6, 2017. I was very curios because I do believe in UFOs and this event happened almost above my home. I was not there it is a very popular place in my city a church called La Lomita, the hill. As soon as I received the photo I showed it to a fellow mate and he told me that the logo on the screen is from a local tv channel. I just wanted to send it to you to see if it is real. You may see kind of flames coming from the bottom and some smoke from sides like a jet stream. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Portugal Object
Lisbon — Doing some plane spotting from my window on September 15, 2017, I noticed a very fast “thing” passing as I looked through the camera. Only later, when downloading the pictures I noticed this strange object above the plane. First, I thought it was a plastic bag blown by the wind, but then looking better it’s strangely symmetrical and much complex. It only appears in one photo from a multiple shot sequence. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ukraine Lights
Kiev – I witnessed above the pine-trees an object 20-30 meters on August 28, 2017. It flies at a speed of a 5-10 kilometer hour with a great number of yellow lights. I shoot with my phone as the lights begin to change color to green blue and reform in a wedge.
Seeing me these objects began accelerating. I got the impression that goes with a connection between them and me when I jump out to meet them? Thanks to MUFON CMS

United Kingdom Scotland Disc
Nairn — It was a friend that took this photo on February 4, 2016, here in the Highlands of Scotland.
He only realized this object was there after studying the photo recently in his computer.

Pennsylvania Light
Object after object was glowing, like airplanes without flashing lights. There was an airplane at one point but it was on its normal route to Philadelphia. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Orbs
Nashville — I was watching TV in my midtown apartment at 7:30 pm when I looked out the window I saw a shooting star on September 29, 2017. I quickly realized I was seeing brightly lit objects darting around the sky. They lit up and dimmed the way fireflies do, but they swirled and changed directions like birds circling. Even when they were dark I could still see them. Their shapes looked like boomerangs at first but also appeared circular.

A plane taking off from the direction of the airport was heading through their path when they scattered out of its way, and then they reassembled and swirled around for two hours. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Lebanon – At 5:00 PM Saturday on September 30, 2017 I looked up into a nearly cloudless sky and saw a bright white/silver sphere that appeared five times larger than a typical star. For ten minutes the object was stationary. I retrieved a set of binoculars and steadied them against a fence post. The object then appeared to be translucent around the inside with a small solid dot white dot in the center. As I watched the object it began moving northeast slowly picking up speed. Due to the nearly imperceptible increase in speed the object moved out of sight behind the trees. The object I viewed today was neither a man made aircraft nor a bright planet. Thanks to MUFON CMS

’Washington Lights
Seattle – I was cleaning up the car port on September 27th, 2017 around 6:45 pm, when a large amount of crows flew over on their way to roost. I looked up and I noticed a square object with a dome shape hanging underneath it. It was all whitish-pink, but I believe this color was due to the evening sky. I grabbed my camera and looked up again it had travelled further away. There was no noise. I was recording it as it dissolved. I managed to get a quick video/ I searched the internet for “ufos over Seattle” and found a June 2016 report that nearly matches what I saw (Case 77300). Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington D.C.
I was taking pictures last weekend with a Canon T1i (with a 55-250mm zoom lens) when I noticed a passenger jet flying by.
I snapped two pictures. It was too far away to see any sort of detail. I use my camera in Manual mode and like to work out settings on my own. I also tend to take picture in RAW format; I zoomed into the photo and noticed an object that appears metallic in the upper right. I do know is that it isn’t a smudge on the lens. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Filer’s Files # 41 -2017 Navy Detects USOs
Posted by: George Filer in Filer's Files October 10, 2017
USOs Detected by Navy, UFO website reports ‘flying triangles’ at MacDill Air Force Base, A Sneak Peak at “Alien Reproduction Vehicles, and Rh Negative Blood Type Could Belong to an E..........

Details at

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