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"God has given you serious life forces, and you've destroye
Wed Oct 11, 2017 08:06

"God has given you serious life forces, and you've destroyed yourself." 2.51 pm

Have Americans demonstrated reckless indifference to what is going on around us?

adj. in both negligence and criminal cases, careless to the point of being heedless of the consequences ("grossly" negligent).

"Cored you out, completely ignored me," Father said at 8.04 pm last night.

The thousands of warnings from our good God above to Americans to STOP THE WAR. Our children now sterilized and lethally poisoned out.

How is it that Americans completely ignored the thousands of warnings from our good God above?

After Father said that to Bitch, "Cored you out, completely ignored me," Bitch asked Father what to do and Father said, "get an arrangement to get out of here."

Years ago Bitch turned down an offer of three million dollars from Judee to shut up, stop posting and go away.

Now as our air is getting too poisoned to sustain life what would three million dollars do for a guy?

To get into the undergrounds has a five million price tag on it.

Three million dollars, not even be enough money to get into the safety of the undergrounds.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and buy us a chance to survive this nuclear brimstone waste war that Judah is successfully waging against us?

Proverbs 26:17 Like one who takes a dog by the ears Is he who passes by and meddles with strife not belonging to him.

18 Like a madman who throws Firebrands, arrows and death, 19 So is the man who deceives his neighbor, And says, "Was I not joking?"

20 For lack of wood the fire goes out, And where there is no whisperer, contention quiets down. 21 Like charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire, So is a contentious man to kindle strife.

22 The words of a whisperer are like dainty morsels, And they go down into the innermost parts of the body.…
Similitudes and Instructions

…23 Like an earthen vessel overlaid with silver dross Are burning lips and a wicked heart. 24 He who hates disguises it with his lips, But he lays up deceit in his heart. 25 When he speaks graciously, do not believe him, For there are seven abominations in his heart.

26 Though his hatred covers itself with guile, His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly

27 He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him. 28 A lying tongue hates those it crushes, And a flattering mouth works ruin.…

"I wrecked your day with respect," Judee say.

The lying tongue of Judah. Might we not derive from the fact that he is lying to us all of the time that he hates us?

Though do we see that Judee doesn't have a fault of stupid and so he was able to wreck our day with respect?

The extensive contamination of our food with dull brain chemicals. Might that not let us in on the fact that Judah does not love us?

22 The words of a whisperer are like dainty morsels, And they go down into the innermost parts of the body.…
Similitudes and Instructions

Has Judah not demonstrated his genius as a rumor monger, a whisperer to put his similitudes and instructions into us?

Judah holding Americans to the vast destruction of our fields, loss of our health, taking our life forms away.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us our day that the earth stood still?

The extraterrestrial civilization that hybridized us by implanting us with their very own 223 high-level intelligence genetic factors.

Will American Labor not respond to our creator force and act to try and save ourselves?

Earth scientists give us an estimate that our universe is about 13, or 14 billion years of age.

Bitch asked elder the other day what the age of our universe is and he said, "30 billion years."

He also said that our universe will keep expanding for another 500 billion years.

When it reaches its full expansion, then it will spend a few hundred billion years until it begins collapsing in.

Then it will take another 500 billion years to completely collapse.

From the beginning until the end the civilization of Prenasour was 78 million years. Then it was another 12 million years until the Galacticans discovered it.

A billion is a thousand million. Prenasour existed for less than a tenth of a billion years. Can we only try to imagine how many civilizations in our universe have come and gone over the time span of our universe?

Our 223 high-level intelligence genetics that we have been gifted with by the Galacticans for the last 200,000 years. If the 223 gene package lasts as long as Prenasour might we consider that our 223 life forms may be around for another 69 million years or so?

Is it not something to think about that the descendants of those that survive this last nuclear war of Judah beast against us, will themselves pass out of physical life form in 9 million more years?

Might it not be even more profound to think about that when our life form has run its 21 million course from apes of planet earth to angelic Beings on the bridge of the Galactic Federation of light and then passing out of life form, the Galactic Federation of light may continue for another 60 million years in peace until our 223 high-level intelligence genes themselves pass out of existence?

The loss of a third of the human race on the surface of planet earth over the next five years due to brimstone poisoning. Might the universe not notice a thing?

"God has given you serious life forces, and you've destroyed yourself." 2.51 pm

The high-level intelligence from the Federation that in 1906 put "Project Earth" into spare our loss of life form that they knew Judah would do to us.

The two thousand years warning in our bibles of just how Judah beast would kill us in the last days.

Could it be that Americans just do not perceive how deadly is brimstone waste that Judah is using to put us away?

"They've truly changed our facility of life; our material is done. 1.48 am

"I tossed you all died with merchandise," Judee say.

The material wealth of the best ship of them all, the United Staes of America. Will American Labor not try to prevent them from taking it all away as they go into their underground shelters to die out their cipher in tunnel death?

Our merchandise, our toys. Is that what has held us from not acting to stop their sports war?

Are we aware that Father wills that the sports prisons be shut down and that all of Father's children receive an existence stipend?

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishes roam free," Papa said.

The scale of sins perpetrated against our fellow Americans that have lost their lives to Judah sport on his prison side.

Will Labor not let them off and let them go in right?

The "grease pipe" that Judah claims he has used on us. Will Labor not put the Godly existence stipend in and help the cruelly manipulated poor live right?

Our entire planet traumatized by Judah sports war on Norman purse, with 80% of the children of God living below the standards of basic.

Easily solved by allowing advanced technology of life to come in. But have we not noticed that Judah had and still has focused his technology budget on destroying the life of God's kids?

It took Judah a century to put a couple of hundred million human Beings into the grave using his American war machine to force the war in our world.

Is it not something to think about that with the advanced technology of nuclear brimstone Judah has set the human race to lose billions of people and only in about 11 years from when he set his dirty bomb off at Hitachi-GE in Japan on March 11th, 2011?

For over 6 years now Judah has refused to put boron into the feed water of his dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE to stop the creation of brimstone waste. Are we aware that his scientists are predicting that he will have a third of the human race died off in only five more years?

Of that third are we not aware that it includes the majority of Americans being died off by having brimstone coming out of our mouths?

"STRIKE THEM OUT; less talking will get us here. Druids failed to save yourselves.

See psychic charged them out."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

Less talking Labor, STRIKE THEM OUT, do we see it will get our extraterrestrial elders in to help us shut the dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE down?

Might Labor not try to appreciate that the psychic charged them with the attempted nuclear blast extirpation of the people of the United States of America in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with the force of 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atom bomb force?.

Will Labor not try to see this truth and act to try and save us?

Psalm 102:17 He has regarded the prayer of the destitute And has not despised their prayer. 18 This will be written for the generation to come, That a people yet to be created may praise the LORD.

19 For He looked down from His holy height; From heaven the LORD gazed upon the earth,…20 To hear the groaning of the prisoner, To set free those who were doomed to death,

21 That men may tell of the name of the LORD in Zion And His praise in Jerusalem, 22 When the peoples are gathered together, And the kingdoms, to serve the LORD.

Might we want to think about the long term plan that our elders in the Federation have for us?

To put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone and to close the prison system up. Are we seeing that God our Father has got us set to be full extraterrestrials ourselves living in peaceful cohesion with everyone?

Only 2% of our population, the 'deuce,' keeping America funding and fighting all the war in our world. Will American Labor not choose to listen to God while we still may have a chance to survive this last weap of Judah?

"Because I've held you for the last seven months you've perished now rude. Our temporize is fused now, you've been awful mugged. I'm a Berlin kid, with my CBC I pull you out. Our foul of the Norman is to get his kids.

I capped them off with a freak state. I finally achieved horsepower, ever you're failures, and we win. I sold you brutal. Jewish right side, to bust you out theory was weird finish.

We gave you abusive, and you firmly gazed yourselves out. I'd appreciate it if you dropped dead. We've got some foul provision in for you from Rome. My Kaiser is giving you all Jew air. I animate them more stupid with my fist.

We fall the ocean so we can rule the wood and mush. Company rules you in with compass sport. Eventually, my ruse is falling with my bench. I'm holding you now for more deadly. My Jew wits are out for micro wits," Judee say.

They took over planet earth, and yet they are aware that they are out for micro wits. To harm another human Being as a strategy to get hold of human Beings. When we have plenty are we not aware that is truly micro wits at work?

As a note, might we consider that the existence stipend will not take away from those that have rather it will draw from the newly created wealth from bringing in our advanced technology of life?

Will Labor not end funding their assaultive micro wits?

Will Labor not invite the advanced wits of our extraterrestrial elders in to set us right?

Once they lose the purse of the Normans that they are hiring their fist with will we not go into peace permanent then? Certainly.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and act upon the thousands of warnings from our good God almighty?

Tele receives:

"It's a corrupt. 3.07 pm

He's a lawyer for the people. 4.47 pm

Jew false century raided us. 5.13 pm

It's an opage. 6.01 pm

Pat's an honest face. 6.30 pm

The psychic burst them for all times. 6.35 pm

Scientist mugged his own case. 7.26 pm

Deathing you. 7.50 pm

Politics is fraud. 8.03 pm

Core you out; they completely ignored me. 8.04 pm

Get an arrangement to get out of here. 8.05 pm

Fantastic synergis hostiled right. 8.07 pm

Patrick, you almost died us here. 8.11 pm

Hostile men on dies, big Jewish fist pitching. 8.32 pm

Jewish option has fallen.

They're taking your field out with their racket. 11.50 pm

You're a beast passed. 11.55 pm

A normal sale fiend you hateful. 11.56 pm

Bus failed on the die. 11.58 pm

You failed fish vacancy. 11.59 pm

These guys fisted real right.

They shot our rights bad; they do you vic.

Accommodate us sanity. 12.01 am

Your body fell thrills. 12.11 am

Stupid best buy you.

It's finished and right is telling us they're sacking us.

We destroyed the field; they're stomping us dead.

It's awful groanish out here.

Pat, you failed your apologize, you failed your field. 12.16 am

They're burying wood.

They punished you off of this field completely unchallenged.

All die municipal..

NO rights closed you up.

They screw you dud. 12.22 am

It's a beautiful achieve. 12.27 am

Thanks for saving us.

They punish us complete die here.

Their package is total mangy. 12.30 am

Nice boy took care for us.

You failed to save yourself; you're awfully useless; Judas is safe inside. 1.22 am

He's stomped your wit, he's died you to ruin.

You failed your beseech you.

Patrick managed to void out diapers embarrass us.

Thank you Patrick Sullivan; STRIKE THEM OUT!

You failed making a sale; they're awfully useless.

Your fail let them cat us.

You'll fail Jewish state sadistic. 1.44 am

They're done here now, what are you expecting them to do? 2.06 am

Your life is foolishly tossed.

Real sooth real soon, thank you.

You are now on a heroin core siege.

They psyche you in carriage.

They just in a squid. 2.33 am

Battle axis crime is awful. 2.34 am

A failed boy saved you honestly. 2.43 am

Save yourself, your life force is abusive. 2.44 am

Use your officially furtive. Save yourself under brashly.

You hold your life forces unfortunately, you failed to break their crush.

It's over here, and you failed to save us. 2.54 am

Thank you, horse wreckage fell. 3.20 am

They sold you grief. 3.31 am

Felon roll. 5.07 am

Patrick, you received us. 5.18 am

You failed assistance. 5.32 am

The snow beast lost, you will have to leave. 5.41 am

These ........ ......... ruined us." 8.47 am

"Patrick, you received us." 5.18 am

That was Judee in the Telesphere. And yet apparently only about 14% of Americans receive them.

"Sophomores taken out all of my life because I got a bad sight," Judee say.

The sight that Judah has had for thousands of years after being informed by Moses who went up to the mountain to hear the words of God to "love one another," and Judah chose the opposite.

Will American Labor not end ignoring the loving words that have warned us to STOP THE WAR?

"Core you out; they completely ignored me. 8.04 pm

Get an arrangement to get out of here." 8.05 pm

The highest of our 223 high intelligence genetics house, our precious sweet Father in heaven. Located 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star.

The brutality and injustice of Judah management. The deadliness of his genocide. Will American Labor not take the Organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, away from weap Judah and put it into your own hands?

To have ignored God almighty completely when Judah has nuclear weapons firing us away while he is still holding the authority to issue our money.

Will Labor not try to receive Judah and let them off right?

"Because I'm not usable I'm going to see your head fall. We just always reduce you with our right force. My maximum analysis, you'll be gone for my summer. I obviously fouled this life with pictures.

I'm holding you now for more deadly. Eventually, my ruse is falling with my bench. Newtons truth cauterized you so we didn't want to know anything else. Bitch multiple me, he got my best score. Bitch knows our gas-able. Our purpose is out, Bitch offed our fight fairly. I was always for Druid fallen life. We're right sweeping the white man," Judee say.

Continues at

Father Christopher sent Jesus who gave His life that we might live in peace. Will

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