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World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast.
Thu Oct 12, 2017 09:09

October 12, 2017 - Posted on - October 07, 2017 Message Just Received in Jerusalem and to the Mormon Church in Utah - World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast - - World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast - mentioning that the Church of Latter Day Saints are to play a very important part of this - - Follow us on facebook: - UFOmania - The truth is out there Published on Oct 1, 2017 - - Utah UFO Hunters - Area 52 Skywatch - L4G8 - -

World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast 10/1/2017 0 Comments - -

Hurricane Ophelia About To Hit UK This WEEKEND ? (October 2017 Update) - - - THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Published on Oct 11, 2017 - - ♨ October 12th 2017 - UK About to get hit by hurricane Ophelia ? Could its path change ? Important weather updates and more! videos: / Suggested videos - -

MASSIVE ENERGY PULSE ABOVE BOTH ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC OCEANS! – ORIGIN ANTARCTICA [VIDEO] Posted by M M | Oct 11, 2017 | 2017, Conspiracy, Cabal, and Government, Daily Blog, Environment Physical and Etheric - - - Massive energy pulse above both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans! - Origin Antarctica - - - MrMBB333 Published on Oct 11, 2017 - October 11, 2017: Large atmospheric energy anomalies are appearing over both oceans at nearly the same time, covering large areas of the South Atlantic and South Pacific. What the beaches along the coasts of South America, Uruguay and western Africa for water retreat. **Special "Thanks" to Ken for the Heads-up! Appreciate it. #MrMBB333 -

Tom Horn: Petrus Romanus will soon replace Pope Francis OCTOBER 3, 2017 - BY JAMES BAILEY - - -

- AMERICA'S FALL 9 FULFILLMENTS OF PAUL HARVEY'S 'IF I WERE THE DEVIL' - - Exclusive: Lt. Col. James Zumwalt has examples of leftist professors' diabolical words Published: 10/04/2017 - author-image LT. COL. JAMES ZUMWALT Read more at -

Reduced to ashes: Shocking aerial images capture the devastation wrought by California wildfires as the death toll rises to 23 with nearly 300 MISSING and 20,000 forced to flee their homes Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline - -

Hours Away from the End of the World, Friday the 13th, TC4 Asteroid Flyby Testing Planetary Defense - - - Leak Project Streamed live on Oct 10, 2017 - - 2 Days Away from the End of the World, Friday the 13th TC4 Asteroid Flyby Conflicting Data & Orbits "2012 TC4 should be detectable at Goldstone from about Oct. 9 - 16, but not at the moment of closest approach, when it will be too far south for Goldstone to track. We plan to observe this object with radar at Goldstone on several dates straddling the close approach. A preliminary schedule is available: Oct 9, 10, 11, and 14. Additional time on Oct. 12 may be added. The solution 27 trajectory indicates that radar observations at Arecibo will be possible starting on Oct. 12 at 13:22 UT. Time at Arecibo has been requested by J. L. Margot." Goldstone Radar Observations Planning: 2012 TC4 - Reports show it being as close as 3400 miles and as far as 27,00 miles from the Earth. Salvation TV Series - Question Everything Be the change you want to see!

David Icke - You Won't Believe What Facebook Are Doing Now! - - - Intense 5 Published on Aug 1, 2017 -

Russia hides the presence of an advanced underwater "Extraterrestrial Civilization" - - - UFOmania - The truth is out there Published on Oct 10, 2017 - - There is a very peculiar supernatural activity suspected of involving alien creatures, responsible for mysterious events related to the Russian submarines of Soviet Union times. However, it seems that the Russian authorities want to keep what is happening under the utmost secrecy and all the archives in this matter have been sealed. Now, two researchers named Paul Stonehill and Phillip Mantle have decided to come to an end to these mysterious events. Source: Read here: Follow us on facebook: -

See CERN video by anonymous. Yup, there was demons coming through and someone went to the other side too, mebbe. . . . You don't want to open those portals to hell at all. . . - Child Prodigy Warns CERN Has Thrown Earth Into An Alternate Dimension - - mandala effect -

The Legendary Pre Flood Civilizations - - - UFOmania - The truth is out there Published on Oct 10, 2017 - - The legendary pre-Flood civilizations like Atlantis, Thule, and Hyperborea were said to have been built on highly advanced science and technology, with a possibly direct connection with what is happening now around the world. Source: Atlantean Gardens via - - - William Mount The Final Fleecing Of America Thu Oct 12, 2017 -;article=158264; - William Mount - - - Final Fleecing Of America - Be Ready - - - US Savings Bonds Collapsing Worldwide - Issued In Puerto - - - Guess Who Made Money On The Show In Vegas - - - Guess Who Is Surrendering In Mass? - - - - Call 4 Investigation - - - C4I - Oct.10 - False Flags, foreign and domestic - Ian Greenhalgh - - - Posted on October 12, 2017 on the Message News Board - - By (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - - - Tepco Can Neutralize All Fukushima Radiation With Browns Gas -;article=157903;title=APFN - -

The entire planet has been mined for tens of thousands of years..

mud fossils giants - -

Colossus found real by MFU - - Colossus found real by MFU - - - AGE OF DISCLOSURE Published on Sep 17, 2017 - At least some Giant sculptures and Egyptian Statues appear to contain actual creatures inside, In 30 seconds you will agree. Mudfossil Giants are 100% certified as Human fossils with DNA and anatomist certified cat scans. Visit & subscribe to MUDFOSSIL UNIVERSITY: -

No Great Mystery -

The Antichrist Identified! -

Child Trafficking, Genocide led by Vatican, Canadian Government Wednesday, September 6, 2017 -

mud fossils giants - -


PROOF OF THE PRE-RESET WORLD - GIANT TREE REMAINS EVERYWHERE - - - Matrix Hacker Published on Aug 5, 2016 - -

HUGE!! Mandalay Bay CEO in 'Secret Group' Sold $14 mil In Shares, Linked to DHS & Casino Security

Crisis actors sought on craigslist, in Vegas via @YouTube
Las Vegas False Flag #Paddock #FalseFlag #tcot #deepstate - Confirmed: Authorities LIED About Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Check-In Date – What Else Are They Hiding?

Wow Home surveillance video shows Stephen Paddeock Practice Shooting Massacre

Las Vegas Shooter Made ISIS Tape Campaign - Ex Trump Official FBI Said Coercing Mandalay Bay Employees To Change Stories Also Reports Of FBI Doing The Same To Many Victims FBI Said Coercing Mandalay Bay Employees To Change Stories
Also Reports Of FBI Doing The Same To Many Victims
Las Vegas Victim - 'I Was Shot By A Gunman IN THE CROWD'
This Is One Of Several Reports Of Ground Level Shooters
There Is NO TATTOO On Paddock's Neck

Slaughtered For The Agenda - 'Lee Harvey' Paddock Was Dressed -- Up With Guns - But No Motive - Never Knew He Was Patsied - * ISIS Gunmen In Vegas Executed US Defense Spy Paddock * WH Source - Video Of Paddock Pledging Allegiance To ISIS - Vid Mandalay Window Removal Easy, 2nd Shooter Proven - Vid YouTube Fixes Its Search Algos To Hide Vegas Conspiracy

Steve Wynn On His Fears Of Muslim Terror Attack In Las Vegas
And The Incredible CIA-Military Grade Security In All His Hotels
ISIS Weekly News Describes Paddock’s Islamic Conversion
This Is Why FBI Slapped Vegas Sheriff For Suggesting Paddock
'Had Help' - This Was An ISIS OP And FBI Is Trying To Hide That
ISIS Again Claims Paddock Converted 6 Months Ago
Las Vegas Sheriff - Paddock Was Living A Secret Life
Is The Sheriff Alluding To A Muslim Conversion?
Sheriff Admits Paddock Didn't Act Alone, 'Had To Have Help'
Why Did FBI Slap Down Vegas Cops Over Sheriff Saying
Paddock Had To Have Had Help? What Is FBI Hiding?
Where Are The 1,000s Of Rounds Of Paddock's Brass Casings?
'Lee Harvey' Paddock - Another 'Lone Gunman' LIE
Worst 'Suicide' Set-Up Of A Patsy Ever? - Pics
Live Fire Video Section - These Videos PROVE Multiple Shooters
Bleeding Victims Piled Into Pick Up Truck - Aftermath
Of Las Vegas Shooting - Vid - LISTEN - Simultaneous Firing Several Automatic Weapons - Vid - HORRIFYING Vegas Cabbie Video - Hear PROOF Of Machine
Guns & Assault Rifles - Cabbie Rescues Concert Goers - Vid
The SOUND Of The Mandaly Bay M-60 Machine Gun - Vid
Vegas Cabbie Vid - LISTEN From :40 to 1:20 - Audio Proof Of
Multiple Shooters - Second Fires Right Above Her Location - Vid

Video Of Second Shooter On 4th Floor Of Mandalay Bay
With Machine Gun Muzzle Flashes Clearly Visible - Vid
Video PROOF Of Second Shooter On FAR Lower Floor
With A PLATFORM MACHINE GUN Muzzle Blast, Sound
Video Freeze Of Three Muzzle Flash Shooter Locations
Las Vegas Police Release Body Cam Footage - Vid
Edited Police Radio Traffic Confirms MULTIPLE Shooters - Vid - Tom Heneghan June 26, 2016 ...DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S Omar Mateen and his psyop team of 5 killed 49 at the Orlando Pulse nightclub

Friday June 11th DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S Kevin James Loibl killed singer Christine Grimme in Orlando
Sunday June 12th DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S Omar Mateen employed by British Intelligence linked G4S.and his psyop team of 5 killed 49 at the Orlando PULSE nightclub

Sunday June 12th DHS contractor British Intelligence linked G4S James Wesley Howell of Indiana was on the payroll of British Intelligence linked G4S got scared and asked police for protection - Saturday June 18th Illegal British Michael Sandford attempt to assassinate Trump in Las Vegas trained wi

  • The Final Fleecing Of AmericaWilliam Mount, Thu Oct 12 05:26
    Here you get more now in 15 minutes than anywhere else. ========== THE FINAL FLEECING OF AMERICANS ========== WE ARE FOLLOWING THE MONEY ========== TODAY WE HAVE CHARLES THORNGREN ON - WELCOME... more
    • World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast. — willpwilson 908, Thu Oct 12 09:09
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