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"Pat's Got Their Fist Out Because He's Trying To Save Us."
Sat Oct 14, 2017 09:21

"Pat's Got Their Fist Out Because He's Trying To Save Us."

Are there any doubters that Pat got their fist out? Is Labor perceiving that Pat is trying to convince you to save yourselves?

The Mercury report that Pat delivered to the people six years ago this month, the message informing the people in October of 2011 that weap Judah attempted to wipe out Americans in the middle of the night with his greatest terror weapon ever, his thousands of thermonuclear warheads that were shot at us from on top of his Seattle built Boeing missiles.

With their treachery known for certain now, are there any doubters that Pat got their fist out? Will Labor not try to save us now from their continuing sport of us?

If Pat got their fist out then why are they still ordering up the destruction of our world? Why are they finishing poisoning Americans out on our dollar bill?

Why are they still destroying nation after nation?

Might it be because Pat has not been able to convince Labor to come in?

And why has Pat not been able to convince Labor to come on in?

Might it be because Pat insulted the Normans six months after he revealed the truth to them?

Sure, that's a big part of it. And what else could be holding Labor to continue funding the push to die us off right?

BItch reads in Judee reverse speech that they have Labor convinced that Pat is an "ornery guy."

Is everyone not pretty much aware that Judah cult members are perfected liars, falsers, whisperers, rumor mongers that give a false image of a guy?

We all should be aware of that, shouldn't we? Seems that way. So how are they with their lies able to convince ordinary everyday people that Pat is a ornery guy?

That they were able to convince ordinary everyday working people to go along generation after generation with their nuclear warfighting capability build up might that not indicate that they truly have got an amazing grip at the root level?

Pat, who has not harmed anyone, Judee wiping us out in the hundreds of millions and now in the billions with his brimstone waste shot, and somehow they have crafted an image that Pat is an "ornery guy."

Though Judee tells us that Pat's insult to the Norman people has kept them from being mature.

Pat's sorry for that. But if we take our Bibles advice do they not tell us that a "prudent man ignores an insult?" Yes, our Bibles tell us that.

Could Americans just not be aware, even with all of the information available to us, that nuclear waste is a deadly perfected killer?

If we combine that knowledge, how deadly nuclear brimstone waste is, with our knowledge of Judah attacking us with their Boeing missiles that had enough thermonuclear fuel to put 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of heat and blast force on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, should those dots connected not tell us we must do something to help ourselves?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," our precious sweet Father in heaven said to us.

The advanced extraterrestrial civilization that stepped in and prevented Judah from completing his Boeing missiles strike against us.

Will we not telepathically communicate with precious sweet Father by saying a prayer of thanks to Papa for saving our souls and our physical bodies from Judah liars on nuclear swords?

Only 2% of our population, the 'deuce,' and they and their Fornian Replicons occupy every office of state in every land in our world.

Building their weaps wherever they go.

Will Labor not try to accept that Bitch is not a brutal, mean guy, that is only Judah lying about who Bitch is?

Bitch is not a recent pacifist. By twenty-four years of age, he had puzzled out what he has followed in his life. By that time he was certain that corporal punishment of children was not right.

He did not accept spanking children at all. Hitting or striking them or putting them down. Disagreed with the psychological punishment that some parents do to their kids.

He also doesn't accept this thing called 'capital punishment.' Knew early on that war was false after seeing it as a teenager first hand.

He doesn't accept that millions should live on the streets to satisfy the Labor market demands of Wall Street. He doesn't accept solitary confinement or imprisonment. He rejects all of the artifacts and instruments of the force based palace state

He has focused his thinking on learning why our land is so distraught and our world so tumbled.

He never knew about Judee in disguise until extraterrestrial elders showed him how to read reverse facial speech.

Startled to learn that Judah makes Fornian hybrid transplant shells that populate the seats of power in all lands of our world.

He also learned that spreading racism is a strategy of the Judah cult. Spreading strife and disharmony as a plan that has let them dominate all mankind.

What's that saying, "You can't argue with success?"

And what a shock it has been to discover that the soon to be nuclear-armed Muslim clerics are in reality, would you believe Judee in disguise?

India, being split up into three countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, does it seem possible that was done so that Judah look alike Fornian shells could put each land into conflict with their brothers' and sisters on the other side?

And how has Judee done it? Do we recall the Asian lady that said that Judee shopped the English ghettos for his fist? Is that not how Judah conquered the world?

Might we see the same strategy he is using in America now by creating then shopping the cruelly manipulated poor?

In his early life, George Orwell was an English policeman in India. Might that be where he saw the false of Jewish rule that gave him the thoughts to write his book, 1984?

Today India and Pakistan facing each other with nuclear weapons.

Might we perceive that Indian ciphers do not rule India today it is all Jewish Fornian Replicon ciphers in play?

And here in America Judah cipher brand guys machine gunning Americans down on our streets. If only we would have acted and put our grand juries in and taken Judee's foreign snipers off of our streets earlier as has been recommended here, might we have prevented Judee machine gunning us down on our streets with his foreign snipers, corrupt police, and Federal agents?

Though RS indicates that Murtha group had at least one sniper on the scene shooting in Las Vegas, so might we have to consider that was not a foreign sniper but a US marine?

Who's fooling who here Labor? Is there not a desire to become mature and grand jury the big boys and girls that like to play and toy and machine gun us?

Might we not recognize Las Vegas as a machine-gunning of Normans down on the street for a Jewish profit-seeking investment strategy? "Ha, ha, ho, ho, hee hee. Wink wink."

"We always pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

Can a demand not be made for Labor to end the coward efforts that we've seen?

Are we understanding Labor that with our rights in we can demand a jury be empaneled to hear the facts?

The six jurors that convicted former Sarasota county deputy Frank Bybee of kidnapping Marion Sohl a retired 80-year-old New York grade school teacher.

If only there had been twelve jurors can we only wonder might there have been a different outcome there? If Frank had his rights in might we only wonder would a grand jury have indicted Frank in the first place?

Do some recall that from RS Bitch learned that Deputy Frank made the mistake of stepping on a Farina op and so off to prison for life he goes, properly framed up and paid for by Labor?

Bitch read last night in RS that Farina and Bush have some ops ready to run for a whole week. Bitch also read in reverse facial speech last night from an International Judee that our family in Lithuania is onto his Fornian Replicons now.

As to deputy Bybee, If only our grand juries were in, might they have uncovered why the elderly retired school teacher from New York claimed that Frank tried to take her life? Marion Sohl. Does that not have a distinctive Judah ring to it?

Are we not aware they work together to put us in?

Defendant Escapes, Briefly, From Cook County Bond Court

Might Mr. Chambers have fled from bond court in Cook County because of the death sentence he is facing now?

What death sentence? What has Mr. Chambers been charged with

Judge Michael D. Clancy had set bond at $50,000 for Quishaun Chambers on a charge of aggravated battery to a police officer, when Chambers ran from the courtroom, into a corridor and out a fire exit that had been the entrance to the criminal courts building, said Cara Smith, spokesman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

Are we mature enough to perceive that for those that batter a police officer Judah executes as he pleases?

I see that worried look upon your face,
You've got your troubles, I got mine.
I too have lost my love today,
All of my dreams have flown away.
Now just like you I sit and wonder why;
You've got your troubles, I got mine.
You need some sympathy, well so do I,
You've got your troubles, I got mine.

I too have lost my love today,
All of my dreams have flown away.
And so forgive me if I seem unkind,
You've got your troubles, I got mine.
(Counter: And it must seem to you, my friend
That I ain't got no pity for you,
Well, that ain't true,
You see I lost my lost my lost my little girl too

I'd help another place, another time,
You've got your troubles, I got mine.
You've got your troubles, I got mine.
You've got your troubles, I got mine.

Will Labor not help us now in this place and time?

Is Labor understanding that if we do not stop this war that we may have no place or time anymore?

Are we understanding that if you will not help us Labor, shortly there will be no other place or time for us and we will have no descendants?

The genocide guys and gals on nuclear rice. Will American Labor not stop funding them with unlimited free cash?

Will Labor not give us our grand juries and help us to retire the sports that are machine gunning us down on the street for Jewish sports paper? If not, why not? Why didn't you try it Labor?

Will ordinary working people not try to convince yourselves that everything Judah says is to false you and me right?

Will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT to prevent Judah from wiping us out totally?

Tele receives:

"They sold you to Great Britain. 1.42 pm

Your fail to save is sealed. 1.44 pm

Jews hit ya. 2.35 pm

STRIKE THEM Jewish kids out. 2.41 pm

They're organized for Jewish fun; they just shot us. 2.55 pm

Stupid is rising us up.

Oh, my God, you got to STRIKE THEM OUT! 4.00 pm

You've failed insurancely. 5.21 pm

Because of rice, you fail. 6.43 pm

They title destruction. 6.45 pm

Citadel. 6.48 pm

The son of a bitches twisted us out of here. 7.24 pm

I don't believe this guy. 7.39 pm

They fear us cop. 7.41 pm

That's how deadly this stuff is; it will kill us all. 8.00 pm

Irritate. 8.05 pm

He's made us a fallen tour day.

They falsed us dead, deadly. 8.08 pm

Their journey's to leave your bountiful field out. 8.27 pm

You're an old frag. 8.30 pm

They drive you kids hunched to take your life. 8.31 pm

They're forcing a sale; whites should be forcing them out. 9.06 pm

With chits they barred.

He exposes you to seriously die you great.

They gave us none of this field; their rights fold in every field.

They died us failed. 11.55 pm

They die us legally housewife.

STRIKE is a pleasurable out.

My God, they've capped us out.

Field this Bitch Druid; he'll do us well here. 1.10 am

He sports you awful dumb.

Veterans failed to STRIKE.

You're attacking life forces.

A life form failed us. 1.13 am

They fataled us out.

Your police force failed to save us.

Are you kidding me? They're wiping up this place.

STRIKE! 2.11 am

You dumbfully tossed yourself.

They hit us rageous. 2.13 am

Pat's got their fist out because he's trying to save us. 2.55 am

You failed to save us in prisoner state. 3.01 am


Take them off.

He suffered. 3.26 am

You nice marched them out of here. 5.08 am

It's a HUGE Reich brutal. 5.17 am

Finish up this procedure and get this war thrown out. 6.01 am

Jerk." 7.13 am

"Irritate. 8.05 pm

Jerk." 7.13 am

My apologies for the irritating jerk in yesterday's post. It only occurred what it was at about 5.30 am today. Might it be this that irritated?

"The numerous sniper rounds that Mercury put a shield up to stop England's bloodiest snipers from killing him."

When Bitch described the Murtha US Marine sniper that was one of the snipers that was blasting away at Las Vegas the other day did he describe him as one of the United States marines bloodiest snipers?

Thanks for pointing that jerk irritate out. Bitch said a few prayers that he does not put any jerk irritate in again.

Bitchie read for the second time in a Judee RS that said he is so weak now that just a bus drivers strike could get Judee out. Can we try only to imagine how quickly a general strike will get them gone?

"I tossed you right dog with publicity. The white man marches prisoners away, that's how we do you your natural. If you give me an easement, I stuff you bird. From Ohio, they found me sports Autrey.

My power is invisible, so I core easily. The advice from my senator was to house channel them. I just do dirigibles with stew boy. Our states are lethal die. We're just foul criminals boursing.

As long as I've got bourse and a cable I'll accomplish you paupers rights. Ratmiller always had a chemical way to get to you. We're just Jew fishermen looking for meals. A lawsuit toss us, that's why we need dies," Judee say.

The lawsuit that is not available to Americans because Americans now only have paupers rights.

Are we seeing Labor that the violent ones among us can be brought to nonviolence with no violence at all?

Might we only try to imagine the power of an ordinary grand jury hearing just what they did?

Will American Labor not put our beloved United States of America in once again and toss Judah's United States of Prussia out?

Will Labor not give our hands, hearts, and minds to designing, building operating and maintaining things like Papa's Love Water Systems and end building Judah's genocide sports war machines?

While Judah is using the blush of dog embarrassment hoping to hold Labor long enough to kill our kids and us, for real embarrassing stuff might it not be that we are funding our own die?

Might the perceiving of that not be real embarrassing?

Do we perceive the plan from the beginning with Judah was to destroy America, and it has worked?

The sharp guys and gals that focus on the important things in life. And what is more important than getting hold of the authority to issue our money?

"Like everyone else, I have bills to pay, and at the end of the day when all is said and done, the power of the purse is the only power there is."

That is from memory of what an American scientist said concerning why he used his high neuron count to build atomic and hydrogen bombs.

If someone reads the biography of John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008) and finds the exact quote, would you so kindly post it at APFN?

If the top scientists can be bought to create weapons of omnicide, that's genocide to the next level, to get an existence stipend check, then might we try to have compassion and understanding in how the cruelly manipulated poor can be bought to bomb shoot and burn our world down?

God Almighty has helped us here trying to get us to save ourselves. Are there some yet that do not believe it true just how completely we are being perished out now?

Continues at

Will Labor not try it?

"Why didn't you try it

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