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"The Victals Ruse is HUGE; The Sheeny is Dying Us Off." Th
Sun Oct 15, 2017 09:27

"The Victals Ruse is HUGE; The Sheeny is Dying Us Off."

Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight.

Looked up the definition of "victal," and it is not listed as a word. Might it have been invented by the Tele sender to tell us that the victims' victuals ruse is HUGE?

"Victual," defined as food prepared for consumption.

We the victims of nuclear war. Multiple nuclear attacks upon us and our children. We and our children now set to die off in the last nuclear war that weap Judah has for us, his Jewish electricity brimstone waste war to die us off nice.

Judah tells us that he gets his rights to shoot us from "Normandy."

Might we recall that was the beach in France where our fathers and grandfathers landed to rout Hitler's armies in 1944?

And today Judah claims Normandy gives him the right to shoot us. Might we understand a simple truth is that war is aimed at the domestic population?

Isn't that what Judah shot Karl Liebknecht in 1919 for, telling us that simple truth, that war is aimed to subordinate one's own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class?

Purportedly the landing at Normandy was to get Hitler out, would it not have been easier by just taking the authority to issue our money away from Judah so he wouldn't have been able to pay Hitler's salary and his bribes?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty in heaven above for having His angels pull all of the dominant classes nuclear blast weaponry off?

The diligence, vigilance of our Martian neighbors that didn't let even one nuclear warhead get through.

The 40 kiloton fission enhanced nuclear warheads fired at London. Not a one exploded overhead. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for having His angels from Mars spare us from Judah nuclear flogging of us?

The guy with a whip in one hand and our checkbook in the other. Will Labor not take our checkbook away from weap Judah so that he ends his flogging of God's kid?

Tele receives:

"They spared your life for sale, and you're still ricing. 5.36 pm

Judah is range scoring. 5.48 pm

You're folding theory. 6.08 pm

The Hapsburgs have cooked us. 6.09 pm

Stupid war rammed to defeat you. 6.21 pm

Get over here. 6.22 pm

We're tax rated. 6.26 pm

God Almighty saved us, and you let yourselves be destroyed. 6.43 pm

They tossed us out psychological for sale. 6.48 pm

Sophomore, close them up. 6.53 pm

What a throw-a-ment. 6.55 pm

Suckerage fell. 6.57 pm

Their foul has raped us. 7.07 pm

You exhaust your life for something fistol. 7.08 pm

The psyches are out for corrupting. 7.10 pm

Close them up for jealousin'.

Let's toss this terrible house, they're taking us out. 7.34 pm

All to Pittsburg we failed. 7.42 pm

Perish dumb seized them. 7.44 pm

Iowa was dead. 7.50 pm

Try thee rise; you're dying off your life form. 7.51 pm

Their packages offend war. 11.54 pm

Popeye, the failure man.

They manage you, thief.

The years have been good to the thief.

We failed to save us; hike strikes us dead.

The crazy force of Jew you failed, a horrible death is waiting for us.

They're failing us Muslims great.

Oh, my God, they're savages on battery.

The Bitch forced them out quite easily.

England fists right.

Let's don't let it happen.

The famous shell is a sinhead.

Crisp RISE us.

Patrick has rolled their state forces away.

Horrible field dies helplessly.

We're failed completely.

A deputy, his ruse serpent arrests go.

Mercury cattle passed.

What he has done to people without their seeing.

He scored your head, you must leave. 2.15 am

They spared us death.

Normalize this crush, you'll freeze guilty.

With no rights you're out of trestle.

Famous itch fouls us. 2.41 am

Your portion dies in field.

Bleakfully I perceive. 2.43 am

This wreck has failed us.

You're falling off your rightfully.

Child abuse cores you out.

You failed Mercury; you're almost failed out.

Failure takes you off the Martian. 3.12 am

Elizabeth; STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.24 am

It's muscle right. 3.27 am

The victals ruse is HUGE; the sheeny is dying us off. 3.43 am

You're passing up your sell nicely." 3.57 am

"The Bitch forced them out quite easily."

Once it was proven as fact that weap Judah tried to kill us all in the middle of the night with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast and heat force, might we not consider that Judah closed himself up quite easily? Certainly.

By attacking us with the nuclear missiles American Labor bought for him, much chance any politicians will be selling us more nuclear missiles in the future? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

And yet at the moment, weap Judah is still buying nuclear missiles to attack us with.

Is this all due to Bitch's fault of stupid?

Whether you like Bitch or not is there not some agreement that he is a dutiful, diligent and vigilant boy that is hard to fool?

Did he not figure out mathematically at seventeen years old that nuclear missiles had our names on them? Yes, he did.

Has he not tried to alert everyone just what a dangerous situation the hucksters on Wall Street have put us into here?

Might we only try to guess how many have made the connection between UFOs and thermonuclear weapons that Judah has pointed at us?

Conspiracy Theorists Claim Top UFO Researchers Are Being Murdered One After Another
October 14, 2017, LUFOS Conspiracy, Latest posts, UFO News 0
Max Spiers

The government killing off anyone who gets near to the truth about UFOs may be just a perfect conspiracy theory, but some people sincerely believe it. As proof, they referred to growing list of people who had died due to alleged accidents and suicides.

John Ventre, one of the researchers at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), says that 137 people died in the field of UFO investigation in a ten-year period.

Paranormal investigator Max Spiers died last year after claiming to have survived a secret super soldier programme of the government. Conspiracy fans pointed the finger at secret government agencies.

Believers say that killings may have been arranged to stop them from revealing the truth about UFOs back as far as 1947. They believe that JFK assassination may be one of those killings.

YouTuber Tyler of SecureTeam 10 claims that he has had threats and phone calls. He says that the danger from the government or people who want to keep them silent grows monumentally as UFO enthusiasts like him have grown into prominent positions in the field of UFO research. Tyler adds that he is starting to believe that those concerns are justified.

UFO author Nigel Watson says the conspiracy theory implies that there is some form of conspiracy and organisation behind the killings.

Can we only wonder is Max Spiers dead or did he ghost out using the death of UFO investigators as a way to make a clean getaway?

"Our hydro is to pick the white guy off. Turtles, I make you because I'm such an aphid boy. My monster sticks them with Chrysler right. My conscious makes me circle and hit them. I just four months set you. Our Federals are die jacks."

Those are just a few reverse facial speech from an interview with Max Spiers.

Max Spiers interview - Qui nous gouverne secrètement ? (french subtitles - sous-titres français)

Here's the 12.58 video interview with Max

Though the story of more than a hundred UFO researchers unexpectedly dying off in an assortment of suspicious ways over a decade, might we not surmise that some true and serious UFO researchers have been made to die? Certainly, of course.

Would it surprise many to learn that UFO research groups are operated secretly by weap Judah and his kids?

Might that be how Judah learns who is researching UFOs?

The former Iowa director of MUFON, the late Jim King, said at a meeting of MUFON in an unguarded moment why the truth of UFOs has been kept secret, "You've been harmed," Jim said at exactly 4.47 pm, thirteen minutes to five pm.

Dutiful Bitch with a notebook in hand had listened to Jim speak for years. Wrote down what Jim had said that afternoon and made a note of the time.

Bitch then published what Jim said at APFN. At the next MUFON meeting, Jim shook his fist right in front of Bitch's face standing only a foot away. And held it there with a scowl on his face.

Then as the MUFON meeting drew to close, Jim said something once again from the podium: "I'd like to kick him in the face."

Dutiful Bitch, notebook in hand wrote it down and looked at the clock on the wall, exactly 13 minutes to five pm.

4.47 pm. the exact time to the minute as the previous meeting when Jim slipped and revealed the truth of why UFOs are kept secret: "You've been harmed."

Will ordinary working men and women not try to grasp just how false these Judee boys and girls are?

The last MUFON meeting Bitch went to a couple of years ago a Judee speaker Bitch was passing by and the Judee speaker punched Bitch in the shoulder area.

Bitch did not respond he just kept walking out.

Bitch had not said a thing to the Judee speaker, but apparently, Bitch's inability to keep his eyes open while he gave his pitch caused him to be upset with the Bitch.

Bitch went there to visit with his honest buddies that go to the meetings.

The death zone that Judah has put in. Are we seeing is due to him having unlimited ability to issue as much money as he wants for free?

The Martians that pulled every single Judah thermonuclear warhead off of us, will Labor not sign us up for their house of love and peace?

Will Labor not bring us to the love of God and get this Jewish sports hell of war out of here?

The Judee kids that get a kick out of spouting a bunch of bs to us. Will Labor not let them and their joke off right?

The cruelly manipulated poor kids that Judee uses to shoot us with. Will American Labor not take care of all of God's kids and end Judah's ability to exploit them for his sin ends?

Will Labor not make available the resources to close our industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists out of here right?

The clerk that Judah and his alliance partners appointed to head Germany's government and make sure to start a war right.

Now that Judah and his alliance partners have been caught red-handed attacking us with their great balls of fire will Labor not now close their chimney days out?

The brimstone vapor that is set to take away a third of the human race now that is living on the surface of planet earth.

Radioactive waste that is odorless, tasteless, not detectable without specialized equipment. Lethal beyond any toxin that has ever been introduced into our world.

The kosher kids that are dying us out. Will American Labor not try it just once?

The STRIKE Labor. The one thing violent genocide tricky weap Judah cannot take. The one thing that will cause him to give the issue of money to a Committee of the Whole from Labor.

The long sleep that comes upon us all, the journey into eternity where we are no more.

Must labor not stop us from passing as guilty sinners remembered only for warring our brothers and sisters on earth?

Might it not be smart to keep in mind what elders said to us? "You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you," the angels' said

Will Labor not try to keep our life forms in so that our children can carry on to live out their lifetimes right?

Have we not been properly apprised by our extraterrestrial elders of our ultimate destiny? Nine million more years of life and our earth created hominid life form will pass totally out of existence.

The twenty-one million year time span from when we first became real apes of planet earth until our departure into eternity as extraterrestrial life forms. Now in our twelfth million year as simians with nine milion more years to go.

Jewish that enjoy fooling and messing the white guys, now taking us and our children to. Out of life form permanently this time.

Is it not something wondrous to consider that our elders from the Galactic Federation of Light predicted from their computer simulations two thousand years ago how Judah would die a third of the human race off when it was time for his beast to close?

Judah, with his Jewish electricity sport putting dozens of Stuxnet controllers into his nuclear power plants operating systems to give the entire surface of planet earth a good die.

Judah, losing his nuclear missiles to our extraterrestrial protectors, do we see for his back up he planned to die off all the human race with a few dozen Hitachi-GE style brimstone waste fires?

Only one melting Jewish electricity plant set to die out a third of mankind. Might we try to imagine how many would have died if he had gotten a few dozen Hitachi-GE melting fires?

That our elders from the Federation have tripped off or safely shut down over 40 nuclear power plants over the last few years, might we not want to say a prayer of thanks for elders giving the operators a chance to get the Stuxnet controllers out of the operating systems of those Jewish brimstone waste generators?

The eleven-day nuclear burn at Chernobyl still making newborn children sick. Some estimates are that over a million people in Europe died prematurely due to inhaling nuclear toxins.

That we know Judah attacked us with his nuclear blast machine and missed due only to the love of God, should we not connect the dots to perceive what his Jewish electricity sport is all about?

"We have your air now and sport you Jew fisty. Magnetism I have to louse you all. Force you packages. Bush is coming on with Farina for a false week. Jerk give you my true fib, so you see my false.

With war, I molest you into perpity. For my fishing out Jew be out of his wits. I'm a moth eater. Since the professor raid us Alex club is over. My tumble police have fallen for Jew raids on Mexicans.

Arnold weighs you down. Chocolate let us raise inanimate. If you're Columbian, I stumble you with a street bum. We question you finally to fetch you. With a white person to do well, a video drives them.

Matrimony lets me do insurance often. Bitch has made H-----'s call, and He finds He can't use me. I can't molest without you. To fall your time it's a great habit with us.

I have Jew maximum percent to set you up. Sullivan wants us out of God's village, so we just isolate. I missed my big link with Bitch, and he just pushed us off. I'm just going to pitch my Kohotek in.

We just shave you in paradise. I just pop people off the hill police because that's my right to do. Detesting you has obviously made me wood.

Iowa shot A-----. Now we just white a Muslim to fall you. We front you threat Bitch to put you away; you're perceiving my line, I fist you. I'm a Jack wit ass on my mouse to close.

With a baby ride, I false them for a percent. We cite your honor rapeable. Now because of my big conspear I'm dead. This guy has been reporting that I have been switting you in jail.

I testify this is a predator police force, I've told you we're differous a number of times. (Las Vegas official speaking about the shooting)

If you watch the bears, I say you fumbled. I just boom you out with white power for a stitch. I'm always inside you with Alaska, that's a truth. I true pitch you off.

By getting you to bomb Mohamed's house, Jew made fortunes right. Pussy I always use to put you in a high arrest, now they're taking us out of Iowa. Because of Bitch our days of policing you are over.

We fumbled by making a threat. I made a big score with locks. We assault you with a chopper bruise to shut your pipe. H----- sport us fair, so I close my shop fine. We're wise guys on war power we sold you.

Continues at

I always do humans with an arrest sergeant. I hold the people with a cipher to abolish you. Our fitness right rack well, quite abusive. We j

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