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"Pittsburgh Fired Us. Luxury Apps Have Failed."
Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:00

"Pittsburgh Fired Us. Luxury Apps Have Failed."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Attacked all out in the middle of the night with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with the blast and heat force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs and yet we still let them hold the private authority to issue our money.

Is there some chance that we like the Jews have a death wish too?

The wide open continuous assault by the deuce against the rest of us. Will we not take the concession to issue our money away from them and end their assaulting the children of God on earth?

Is Bitch so much failed that we have chosen to completely ignore our good God above?

Our good God who sent His diligent, vigilant angels into pull all of weap Judah's nuclear missile shots off of us.

"I gave you the peace must you fail?" God asked.

After sparing us our lives from being blasted out in a surprise nuclear missile attack in the middle of the night, is there not some way that we will look to the love of our precious sweet Father and try to save ourselves before we have no more chances?

Is the white fella just too scared to even try to save himself from the vicious Jew, his zoo, and cages?

The cruelly manipulated poor white offered only bombing, shooting and pushing his family into cages. Is this to be our end now?

Will the other whites not help our fellow man?

Will we not free the cruelly manipulated poor from the clutches of the weap Jewish man?

Will Labor not put our Bill of Rights in?

Judah switting prisoners held in his jail systems. The United States of America now the largest jailer on planet earth.

The cruelly manipulated poor offered jobs helping Judah create and then molest the poor.

Will Labor not let the genocidal Jewish off before we are no more?

The contaminated food, medicine, our favorite beverages. Brain chemicals to slow our thinking down. Widespread contamination. Will Labor not get Jewish chefs out of our food supply and help us be the brightest that we can be?

From yesterday's post: "They have sought to destroy our existence in total." 2.08 am

Saved from Jewish intercontinental ballistic missiles annihilation only by the love of our good God. Will Labor not give the love of God a try and close Jewish nuclear missile builders out right?

Judah's alliance with Germany's industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists and their attempts to exterminate all of God's kids. Will Labor not shut the autocrats of Berlin-Augsburg out right?

Parliament in collaboration with the royal fists. Will American Labor not close them out right?

Druids who Judah tells us have ever failed to save our selves, the guys that Judah says are not dutiful, the mild snow guys. For just once will we not try to save ourselves from vicious Jewish this time?

Judah, the guys, and gals that hitched their heart and minds to hatred. No friend of God or man, a threat to every neighbor.

"They're no friends of mine. I died them truthful. They have no defensible rights. They'e poisoned my village, I want them off," our good God in heaven above said of Judah tribe.

And yet the Druid people keep Jewish in unlimited free money by providing our Labor services that let Judah shoot as many of God's children as he wants to.

Machine gunning the Druid people down on the streets now right inside of America. Might Judah be testing us to see exactly how much we will put up with?

Druid set now to be cut down to size for letting Judah destroy our children right.

Is there not some clear understanding yet that God will not save us if all we can do is fund more Jewish sports war and genocide onto the other children of God and ourselves to?

The question asked by some, "why did our German family not rise up before Hitler destroyed Germany in a war of aggression?"

Might the answer be because Adolph had arrest powers and anyone that said anything would be arrested and shot in a cage?

Are we seeing that Americans have a chance to prevent the rise of a Hitler in America by putting our great Bill of Rights in once again?

Will Labor not end the total collapse of the rule of law in America?

Before a lawful arrest can be made when our Bill of Rights are in are we aware the accuser(s) must first pass the probable cause test of the Grand jury?

If only our Bill of Rights were in might Judah have decided not to machine gun Druids down on the street? Might the thought of a grand jury follow up have deterred such a brazen and obvious Judah attack on innocents?

If only Labor will make money available to hire true open peoples grand juries, is it not certain that they will clean our criminalized political rackets out?

The Druid mother being sent to jail on a contempt of court for not allowing Jewish vaccines to be injected into her son.

Will we not let our natural instincts come alive and close these deadly false Judah guys and gals out?

The dissolving of the best chance the human race has to live in peace and prosperity for all, the United States of America on our wonderful American Bill of Rights. So incredibly useful they even set a kidnapped slave free.

Will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money and put our sacred God-given American guaranteed rights in once again?

The one thing war sporting prison camp building Jewish genocide guy cannot take, a peaceful widespread general Labor STRIKE.

Will Labor not try to save our lives?

The difference between life or death, might we think of our Bill of Rights?

The vast crimes against humanity that is funded by American Labor. The sins we fund against our brothers and sisters, the other children of God on earth. Must working people not rid us of Jewish permanent hatred and war disease?

The Jewish guy that mentaled white right that now has shot himself out of here with his nuclear missiles. No longer welcome in God's village on earth due to his weakness, his inability to accommodate others.

"They've poisoned my village; I want them off." Our good God Almighty in heaven said of weap Judah and his thrill kill cult.

Will American Labor not try to save us yet?

Must the entire one-third of the human race die out as Judah beast leaves us for the last time?

They're done here Labor, are we understanding this? Their time on earth is over with. They know this and are hiding inside the earth now while they finish dying us all off right.

Their assault and battery and the filing of false police reports to arrest and get us in their cages so they can properly assault us with their cruelly manipulated poor.

Their transports to Poland then on to Moscow to be finished out right.

Their Judah sports doctors and scientists that drug and chip people and send them out to assault and kill other people. Will American Labor not end funding Jewish sport?

Is there not some understanding that Americans now are on the edge of losing our life forms to nuclear sports war?

They've missed us with their great balls of fire due only to the love of God for us. Will we not try to protect ourselves from being forced out of life by their back up shot of nuclear brimstone waste?

God Almighty loves us all equally, yet might we try to understand that if we keep ignoring Father, He may let us go?

God wills that all of His children live in peace. If for whatever reason Judah can hold us to funding war sports and genocide, might we perceive out of life form with Judah we will go?

Even though Father is dying Judah off, Judah gets to keep his issue so his descendants will continue on after he is gone from the surface of our planet.

Are we seeing Labor that Judah's descendants get a chance to live for the next nine million years until our life form passes out of existence?

If we inhale brimstone nuclear waste are we understanding that is it for us, our descendants will
no longer exist?
Bitch heard a little more about the bird king that Sir Maximilian invited into the Federation and the wise king joined up.

They are located 60 light years away from the Federation's home base. They were found 30,000 years ago on a Federation mission of discovery.

They are a naturally evolved high intelligence species. Their life form is 14 million years old.

The understanding is their species lifetime is similar to ours, 21 million years and then they pass out of existence.

As we are a hybridized high intelligence species, might we see that we have been gifted with a 2 million year head start to enter up into the universe? We are a 12 million years species.

If not hybridized by our 223 high intelligence crafters 200,000 years ago might we see it would still be 2 million years before we would have the big brains we have?

Judah with his setups, frame-ups, his false arrests. His sweep us up the chimney brand. Will Labor not put our 223 high intelligence genetics into service to close his errant brand out of here for good?

Is it not something to wonder about how Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth, the royals, and Vatican, turned up their noses in 1350 AD when they were invited by Sir Maximillian to join up with the Galactic Federation of Light?

The centers of power of planet earth that had already perfected the predator relationship and securely fastened it upon the rest of mankind. Do we recall that is why they didn't want to sign up with the peaceful Federation then or now?

If only we learned the truth in 1350 AD, might Judah's brightest psychologists not have been able to teach us to imprison and torture our fellow human Beings?

Might the people have forever sworn off war if only the message of the Federation had broken through at that time?

If only we would have known the truth might we not be so simple to beast?

Are they not obvious with their screw officials?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT RIGHT and take the concession to issue our money away from them NOW?

Tele receives:

"A really nice war burlesque. 5.28 pm

Thank you, Patrick, your cipher's got out their right. 5.40 pm

Cheers. 5.44 pm

They got it backward, you're the boss here. 5.47 pm

Thank you, my deal has never failed. 6.03 pm

You failed much. 6.19 pm

Fouled your genus raper. 6.27 pm

The cow you rated is very useful.

They're melting historically the atmosphere permanent. 11.14 pm

You lost your life falsol out. 11.14 pm

The Bitchie has failed the lethal rice berg here.

You lost your life stupidly dull.

He finishes you all the time.

They rightly pushed the button dying this field permanently. 11.21 pm

He's permanently fixed you at risk.

You failed to the thief here. 12.27 am

You failed to save yourself; you failed to save your physical.

Your life is menaced off of here.

Don't leave us Patrick. 1.45 am

Score rolled you out of time. 1.48 am

You failed to save your own life forces.

Pittsburgh fired us.

Luxury apps have failed. 1.56 am

You failed to save your life from genocide. 2.00 am

They're dying officially the fit.

It's canceled. 7.36 am

They embarrass us thug." 7.45 am

To embarrass us thug, are we seeing that is how they set us up for our real big fall?

Is it not incredible how our good God let Judah set himself out right?

Might we see in the understanding of how God Almighty had his angels guard us and take away Judah nuclear missiles will set us for our future days where never again will some cunning hucksters sell us a war machine?

Judah and his cunning 'mirror' of us. Listening to what we say so he then can formulate how to 'mirror' back to fool us greatly.
"To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease." Lao Tzu.

The 'mirror,' the trick, the slight of thought that Judah uses to mental us. Our preconceptions, our notions. Feeds them back to us to convince us of his position. His way of holding us.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu

Did it not seem that after Vietnam Americans would understand the wrong of war and bring it to an end?

Did our television screens not show us our family in Vietnam running naked and lit on fire after the wealthy Americans napalmed their village?

Have we so failed God's commands to "love one another, Thou shalt not kill," that we do not see that we face dying out of here with Judah?

"Their diaper pursuit has failed." 8.57 am

Their specialization in diminishing defiling, degrading and degenerating us.

Have we let ourselves fall so far that we now quietly accept income sources violating God's laws for us?

Might we see that Jews whole deal is to knock income sources out so that he then can exploit our Labor?

The failure of the United States of America. Might we find it in the decision of a jury to free an honest working man that was overruled and thrown out by the supreme clerks sitting on the bench in Washington?

The Forced failure of the American Bill of Rights perpetrated by the cunning duplicitous clerks on high.

The right to a trial by jury made the Druid law since 1215 AD. Encoded into the Bill of Rights of the new United States of America in 1789, signed and ratified by the states in 1791.

If we want to understand why we have been attacked with nuclear missiles might the roots of it be found in the clerks throwing out our right to trial by jury out in 1859?

The genocidal American war machine, the fifty weap sheds of the Jewish lifestyle. Will American Labor not free Labor, right?

There really is not much left here to say, have they not shot us good in every way?

Was their trick of building nuclear weapons and calling them Jewish electricity plants not a real stroke of genius?

Pretending that Hitachi-GE was all an accident, their letting the dirty bomb be set off on us suckers.

Judah Fornian shells in Japan refusing numerous international offers to help shut that burning dirty bomb down. Now over six years later the majority of Americans sealed into dying out of life form.

"The U.S. I have thrown all the sheep out," Judee say.

Are there any Americans that do not yet perceive how completely we have been forced out of life form by weap Judah on free American Labor bourse?

Can we only wonder how much it cost to have the supreme clerks in Washington order Dred Scott re-enslaved after an all white Missouri jury set him free?

With the control to issue the money of England's workers already privatized by Judah in 1694, might we only wonder was the financing for the Dred Scott re-enslavement decision paid from there?

Is Labor seeing that all the bribes paid to make war and destroy human Beings and to give the desired legal rulings needed to protect the wrong actions in our world, one way or another, come from ordinary working people?

The veritable wonderland that America is that we have let be spoiled by weap Jewish men.

"If you don't get Jewish out his beautiful nation will be destroyed," the angel said.

If only we follow God's command to "love one another" will we not have the courage to STOP THE WAR?

The world knows the Jew is done, must American Labor not end funding his genocide fun?

Will Labor not RISE put our Bill of Rights in and let the Supreme clerks opinions be merely that, opnions, and free us and our kin from their eternal sports war and genocide?

Is Druid not seeing our Jew papa is out?

Will Labor not join with our real Papa above, our Sovereign our Savior, our good God above and STOP THE WAR?

"I just want to make the rabbit fall. Wheat germ always coughed you up for our right here. I bust you brain store in my owl way. We thug people. Verizon messages are for editing true. With New Jersey, we push the chief justice.

Bitch I'll false you in because I got a white guy without a past of pale. We wipe you ostrich with our Pittsburgh peace. I have to core you vicious to keep you in my time.

Continues at

I shoot you w

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