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Re Zoning Developments Towards AGenda 21 Mandates
Tue Oct 17, 2017 21:03

Re Zoning Developments Towards AGenda 21 Mandates

How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created - - - - - Published on Oct 12, 2017 - Further evidence highly suggests the surprise record firestorm was created to re-purpose zoning developments towards AGenda 21 mandates - How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created -

Unprecedented California Wildfires Started with Directed Energy Weapons & 5G - Latest Analysis - - - Leak Project Streamed live on Oct 14, 2017 - - - - - – Cars Burned and not the grass or Trees Melting Aluminum Rims? - - - - - - - - - – The sign caught fire next to a completely untouched tree?

CNN News Broadcast on Directed Energy Weapons (HAARP) from 1985 - - - EarthWatch21 Published on Jun 12, 2013 - A news broadcast from 1985, regarding Directed Energy Weapons, weather warfare, and space based weapons. Specifically covering the fact (at the time during the 1980′s) the Soviets were far ahead of the United States in this new technology. -

California Wildfires|Was This An Attack? Dew Devices Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - - - By rea mils - - - - - Wildfires Started with Directed Energy Weapons -

DEW Santa Rosa -

Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where'd the houses go??) - - - inTruthbyGrace Published on Oct 10, 2017 - - for eyes that can see, there is something wrong here, the melting/ burning point of common household materials like glass (2600℉) and stainless steel (2800℉) are DOUBLE the temperature of house and forest fires (1100℉) ... and you might expect Rod Sterling to pop out at any moment in this footage..bc it's like the Twilight Zone!!

Analysing Santa Rosa fires. Directed energy? DEW - - - damx x Published on Oct 13, 2017 - - Analysing Santa Rosa fires. Directed energy? DEW. 911.

Wildfire Aftermath Is Haunting - - - The Young Turks Published on Oct 11, 2017 - -

CNN 1985 Directed Energy Weapons HAARP Weather (RF) Warfare HD - - - EX0MATRlXTV Published on Apr 28, 2016 - -

🔥California Wildfire Oct.2017;TREE BURNING FROM INSIDE- Directed Energy Laser Weapons! - - - Serbian Conspiracy Published on Oct 14, 2017 - - Attack on USA!Wildfires were possibly caused using DEW LASER technology devices. Houses were pulverized, like the buildings on 9/11. Others next door were completely untouched. This is WAR. - Wildfire 2017 California-Drone footage-KMart Burned - Trees Untouched!!!!Officials Asked about DEW - - Drone footage over Santa Rosa and North California shows that only houses and cars burned, while Trees next to is not. -

WE are at war with those wanting to kill all. See Georgia Guidestones. Read "Art of War" by Lao Tsu to help understand tatics of warfare. We are the witness' now and each must "do what thou whilst" to assist in bringing to light the dark evil forces at work on us all now. Cars were torched, yet trees untouched. the car tire rubber and glass were nowhere to be found and homes were reduced to unrecognizable rubble.

Glass and rubber take thousands of degrees to melt which means these fires generated there own direct heat, like a directed energy butane torch, except they are using directed energy LASER technology to pulse the plasma clouds, stir the wind for energy and release up to a trillion watts of laser power at any one source. This is why cars and homes completely melted but shrubs, leaves, plants and neighbors houses, were untouched.

California Wildfires | Was This An Attack? Dew Devices ✔️ - - - enigmadigest Published on Oct 17, 2017 - - The California wildfires. Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa. The devastation has been described as apocalyptic, catastrophic, eerie. Over 40 killed more than 3,500 homes and businesses destroyed, thousands evacuated and thousands left homeless. Entire neighborhoods in Santa Rosa were reduced to ashes.

Looking at images of the destruction our hearts go out to all those affected. We can't ignore however that the images eeriness stems from the fact that there are odd qualities about the path of destruction. It's been described "like nothing ever seen before." This has caused many to speculate about Dew devices, directed energy weapons.

The cause for that speculation is how targeted some of the areas in the images appear to be, and how free of damage areas right next to them are. Also the fact that buildings have been completely incinerated while tress and bushes remain unscathed.

Were dew devices used? Has this been an attack on the United States? These questions are not without merit and should be asked, not only for the sake of those affected but for our future safety as well. Visit us at: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram :

October 15, 2017  To Admin from Will P. Wilson.  Thank you for your incredible reply that I think you should consider publishing it as a news story.   Let me know if I can also post your reply (Below.) as a news report with you being the published, named, and linked author.   Also, at the speed that the fire moved through the metropolitan area of Santa Rosa, where it is very observable that many of the trees were not effected by the fire.   

Also, if you look at the results of what Dr. Judy Wood reported about Directed Energy Weapons being used on 9/11, the pictures of Santa Rosa and of the WTC are too similar.  And, how do cars burst into flames next to a tree that is untouched by any fire.  

And, automobiles located in the middle of the street away from any of the buildings are burned just like that of what Judy Wood revealed.  

And, how is it that buildings all along the other side of the street are completely not effected by any form of fire damage.  How about the San Francisco Chronicle's video page where one of the SFC videos clearly shows an approximate twenty foot wide burned swath going through a vineyard, where this line passes completely through the entire vineyard in a straight line not effecting the rest of the Vineyard.  

Were they also experimenting with Energy Projected and Directed Psychotronic Weapons to see how they can mind control a metropolitan area to disable the minds of the targeted of community to see how they can set populations up for further mass elimination?   There are still more then seven hundred missing Santa Rosa residents.  Why are the police being viewed looking very carefully with special forensic equipment, through the burned homes?

Thanks,  Will P. Wilson.  -  Let me know if you might want to consider appearing on my colleagues, Patricia JHS Shupe, and Don Grahn's Call4Investigation weekly broadcast from - Seattle Community Media weekly program for broadcasting in the Northwest on local Seattle and King County cable channel 77/23 and streamed and archived on the Internet ( as Federally Copyrighted Media that is also archived as on-line media at -  Call 4 Investigation -  

Patricia and Don will be greatly honored to have you provide important observations on this and as well as to get the viewers to get to be more acquainted with Geoengineering Watch and the important Dane Wigington reports.  And, to also help to raise awareness of the world community as that Call4Investigation is viewed by many weekly viewers in more then one hundred and ten countries and to also help fund Geoengineering Watch.  

My AllDayLive TV programs are archived at   - -  I post many of the GeoEngineering Watch video links to my twitter site.  

Thank you for you reply.  Sincerely,  Will P. Wilson  

Were Psychotronic Energy Directed Masers also used to disable and to disorient the residents of Santa Rosa?    -  :directed energy maser technology  -  - 
 Directed-energy weapon  - 
The Tesla Effect: Electronic Terrorism and Directed Energy WeaponsThe Tesla Effect: Electronic Terrorism and Directed Energy Weapons - - By Ilja Bonsen - April 29, 2014  
High Tech LASER/MASER Weapons Being Used to Kill Livestock of New Brunswick Farmer Werner Bock For Refusing to Knuckle Under to Agenda 21 Takeover From Ken Adachi, Editor June 4, 2012 - 
The science of beam weapons By Graham Templeton - - on April 18, 2013 - - 

Perp turned whistle blower is interviewed: Bryan Kofron on Derrick Robinson's podcast - 
Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Insider Bryan Kofron - 
Electronic Harassment with Microwave Emitting Drywall: Matthew Aaron Interview with Derrick Robinson - 
MAJOR WHISTLEBLOWER - BRYAN KOFRON Published on August 20, 2017  - 

Woods DEW WTC  - -

HAARP, Electromagnetic & Microwave Directed Energy Weapons - - - Anon Ehmus Published on Aug 16, 2016 - - Whistle Blower Barrie Trower | Exclusive Interview | The Effects of Microwaves August 16, 2016 - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bush Clinton Pedophile Sex Ring Unmasked! Tom Heneghan Report Sunday, October 15, 2017 -

On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 11:53 AM, Will P. Wilson <> wrote:
October 15, 2017  -  Why Use Nukes When You Can Destroy Whole Cities With Lasers. — willpwilson 908, Sun Oct 15  -;article=158279;title=APFN  -  

Remotely Based Energy Projected Atmospheric Chem-trails. — willpwilson 908, Sun Oct 15  -;article=158278;title=APFN  -  

Mass Evacuations As Ring Of Fire Awakens — William Mount, Sat Oct 14   -;article=158275;title=APFN  

World Powers Stunned

    Here you get more now in 15 minutes than anywhere else. ========== FEDS CUT MEDICAL SUBSIDIES AND BIG PHARMA STOCKS FALL HARD ========== As President Trump begins to cut the Federal Budget one on his ... more
    • Re Zoning Developments Towards AGenda 21 Mandates — willpwilson 908, Tue Oct 17 21:03
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