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Letter to Tom Flemma, Head of North Shore Country Day School
Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:08 - October 24, 2017 Letter to Tom Flemma, Head of North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka Illinois, - - from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, class of 1971. I greatly appreciate your inquiring about the current alumni and other people's perspectives concerning North Shore Country Day School and your trying to provide a means for your acquiring a summation and better understanding from the people who are taking the time to fill out this on-line linked inquiry.

From my perspective, I have been an investigative journalist, educational documentary TV producer, author, research scientist, founder and co founder and architect of some very big companies, research foundations, and a key architect of some very important human endeavors, as well as being also a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran (My military records are classified above top secret.), and as well a high level target of the current organized crime elements that have now prevailed in the taking over of our current country and our world today.

My advice and my observation as in regard to my response to this survey in brief can be also referenced in the linked news reports that I am placing below, as that in today's real world, the future generations are not being even closely prepared to address the circumstances that are prevailing today that will effect their futures and their livelihoods.

We, our country, and our world today are facing a massive human extinction level event that the corporate media that is owned by the international crime family banking industry is hiding from the concerned American and World peoples today.

Primarily through their controlled diversionary corporate (Fake.) media and their planned mass human eliminations agendas and their extensively architected planetary wide (Neuro Banking Cloud Computing Targeting of millions of individuals that is disguised as Neuro Economic Research and that is being financed through global money laundering (Banking.) system and their Homeland Security Fusion Centers).

A worldwide psychotronic warfare research system that is contingent to their worldwide highly advanced Psychotronic Research and Military Intelligence operations that are being carried out under the disguise of Neuro Economic Banking and Economic Research consisting of being also supported by cloud computing contractors and as well as being orchestrated and architected by their extremely advanced mind control agendas.

Secret International Banking Military Intelligence Research that sadly, most people do not even have a clue that their future destiny is being altered, shaped, and destroyed by these global crime and banking families and their on going agendas to target innocent people worldwide for their international money laundering, (Guns, Drugs, Human Trafficking, Bio, Nuclear and other Warfare Research, etc.) based as being for profit and being implemented by their politically devised economic agendas and mass human eliminations operations.

As also in reference to their continuous and on going wars for profiteering that most people as well do not even question and or even understand that all of our human history has been shaped by these non human clandestine heinous (Military and Intelligence Contractors.) operations that have been continuously orchestrated and combined together and disguised by these elements and these crime families insatiable greed and their avarice for planning and carrying out their globally agendized murder and mass profiteering.

Thereof being carried out as well through their worldwide networks of military intelligence that is in reality is nothing more then being another disguise for organized crime.

Banking and Organized Crime that is now in control of our entire planet and that I as well have also been an extreme target of these elements.

Thereof, as well in regard to these Organized Criminal Elements and Their also Supporting a Worldwide Pedophilia Network and Satan Worship and Human Sacrifice Agenda also.

We, us, and our planet is currently sustaining a worldwide (Fukushima,) Nuclear Extinction Event, and when I and other concerned scientists have sent to the responsible nuclear companies like the Tepco company, sending to them our recommended research findings for neutralizing the billions of gallons of already released nuclear contamination, our research findings are simply ignored.

In consideration to the horrendous amount of Fukushima Nuclear Release of Contamination, that also includes another mostly unreported fifteen thousand other worldwide nuclear meltdowns, leaks and releases as for example to what has been now continuously ongoing in the Northwest United States and in Washington State's pertaining to the extreme nuclear contamination event involving the Hanford Nuclear site where now it is known that there are now more then a million people who have died from this on going and un addressed nuclear catastrophe.

A worldwide nuclear catastrophe that is now being a part of a worldwide nuclear human extinction event that has now made extinct more then twenty thousand species in the Pacific Ocean and that has now contaminated almost all of the eco systems and aquifirs of this planet's entire Northern Hemisphere let alone the entire west coast of the United States.

I also am a TV producer of more then two thousand Public Access Educational Television Documentaries for the last tree decades and I am currently trying to re start the Public Access TV programs here in Eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas to be restarted and to also involve educational TV and Documentary production to be taught in the School Systems here.

Most people are not aware of the power self produced and community produced media that involves our (Out Future Generations.) being able to provide media production that covers our hearing and our seeing from our own communities and thus our not being mezmerized, mind controlled and their brains being fried by microwave induced cell phones, and the crime family run Hellywood.

Thereof, but for them (Our future generations.) to begin to be able to produce Federally copyrighted media that can then can be archived and streamed on-line wolrldwide and broadcast on all local Cable TV Stations under the 1984 US Senate and Congressional Cable Television and Federal Communications Commission Act.

There is whole world of extremely important things and opportunities that need to be now fully observed, comprehended, and realized before the entire human race becomes extinct and to be realized as soon as possible.

And, to now provide the future generations a chance to be able to address these major problems and to give them the tools to be able to try to do something about these problems and to help them to re build a world that they may not have much time to exist in and or to even to try to address this matter of worldwide extinction.
Thank you for giving me the chance to reply to your survey and I will be greatly honored to provide my assistance and advisory on any of the above provided issues if requested.

I am placing below links to some of my more recent news reports and I hope that my reply may provide a optimistic perspective for the students of the North Shore Country Day School.

Reference - Are there any additional goals North Shore should consider that aren’t reflected here? If so, please explain: -

A. Start to recognize and to begin teaching media and Public Access TV production.

B. Wake the students up to the current Fukushima worldwide nuclear extinction event and allow them to also participate in researching and developing a means to address this serious matter.

C. My entire estate was stolen by the Northwest Crime Families and this is why I am currently residing in the State of Arkansas to try to get my life back up and running and to regain some form equity to replace what I had to endure and that had been stolen from me in the Organized Crime State of Washington and their taking over this great country.

D. When I can finally get my own life back and my assets.

Sincerely, (Dr.) Will P. Wilson. Will P. Wilson - I normally write a great deal of news reports and if you want to filter through my future content I will be greatly honored to be able to contribute to the B-Savvy Magazine - .

I write, compile, and edit my content on serious issues that are too important to not point a spot light on even if it makes some people uneasy. .I am going to be soon covering on-line published content on the future of the debacle of Medical Cannabis Medical Patient Doctor Authorization here in Arkansas and as well on the future of Naturopathic Medicine here in Arkansas and as well as the beginning of Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies to begin filtering out the now vast out of control Fukushima (Nuclear Extinction Level Event.) worldwide nuclear contamination that is now contaminating the entire North American Aquifer. Reference - - Fukushima Nuclear Contamination contaminating the entire North American Aquifer - - - willpwilson 908 A Letter To My Graduating Class of 1971 from Will P. Wilson. Wed May 31, 2017 -;article=157697;

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- I can probably help your company and community media projects in many ways.

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I have produced many thousands of educational TV programs - - - and being the primary founder of what is today is referred to as being the Internet, having received the first license from the Internic in 1991 to create the GTE and the US West National Yellow Page Telephone listings of "Internet" in their national yellow page indexes and then having a scumbag named Jeff Bezos contact me and have me design for him and then another scumbag named Mark Zuckerburg contact me and have me help him to create and so currently our planetary light matrix has been taken over by slimy parasitic scum who think that they are in charge of this matrix. and yet, they didn't create this place. Have a great day Sandy. (Dr.) Will P. Wilson - Their time for serious judgement is coming soon. It is now time for real judgement to be played out here on this light matrix planetary realm.

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