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Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:25

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willpwilson 908 Dr. William B. Mount Our Combined Visual Prayer Heals You. Tue Jun 20, 2017 -;article=157771;title=APFN - TV Producer for more then thirty five years having produced more then two thousand one hour educational TV programs. Author and co author of more then two hundred published book titles, scientific research studies. Authored and co authored the beginning business architecture for and and other world recognized companies after having been granted the first license from the internic in 1991 to create the first GTE and US West "Internet," National Yellow Page Index. - I am a Scientific Research Scientist having worked with many of the world's leading scientific community in research, patent design, and published research studies. - I have been an Investigative Journalist for more then thirty five years having published many hundreds of investigative reports with many world recognized publications. - I had thus played a key contributing factor for the creation of U.S. Senate Organic Farm Bill of 1991, that led to my having also played a key contributing part to the creation of the American Spirit Tobacco Company and several other now world recognized Organic Foods Companies. - This part of my life also includes my having worked with Gene Kahn the owner and the founder of the Cascadian Foods Company, thus my helping this company to be bought by the Welshes Foods Company and to becoming the Organic Foods Division of the Welshes Foods Corporation. - From 1985 to 1990, I helped Jay and Linda Kordich to create the Juiceman Corporation architecting the Informercial structure for Jay and Linda and I had helped to co author the book titled "Jays Power of Juicing,"with Linda Kordich, that led to the sale of more then eighty million copies of the book and the sales of more then 1.2 billion dollars in juicing appliance by 1991. - Please excuse the few typing errors in the content.
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Ex-Freemason Attorney Blows The Whistle! - - - James Harken Published on Jun 27, 2017 - - "The White Glove treatment" "The White Glove Treatment" is slang for Gang Stalking as jokingly referred to by the Masons who either participate in, or know of its usage against so-called "Enemies of Freemasonry". [Note: The phrase "The White Glove Treatment" is not limited to Freemasonry, as members of similar groups and organizations often practice Gang Stalking.) Ritual Gangstalking Reportedly performed by cults and secret organizations such as Satanists, secret orders of free masons, some voodoo /obeah practitioners and Scientologists as a means of control or for punishment. "Ritual abuse" is incorporated into "ritual gangstalking" patterns in this case. -

What is C4ISR? Command-Control-Communications-Computers-Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance

C4IRS: Military campaigns have been typically directed from war rooms.
They are also called “command centers,” or “command and control
centers” (C2). A C2 center si a military term for a station which
allows the planning direction and control of operations, monitoring,
decisionmaking, and execution.

The word “communications” was added to this term, making it C3, and
eventually computers were added, amounting to C4. It is now referred
to as C4IRS with the addition of intelligence, surveillance, and

“Command” is the formulation of intent such as planning, “control” is
the information obtained from the results of the action taken, as well
as the conclusion as to whether or not the action was successful.
Communications and computers are the hardware and software used to
implement the command and control.

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance are the hardware and
software systems of sensors, people, data collectors, and platforms,
as well as the use of tools to extract the information from data.
These are collectively referred to as C4IRS. C4IRS has multiple
interacting components including: battlespace monitoring, awareness,
understanding, sensemaking, command intent, battlespace management,
synchronization, and information systems Most C4IRS centers are
equipped with computers and communications that collect process,
filter, store, display, and disseminate information, according to
predefined policies. Physical C4IRS centers can be mobile or
stationary and due to the possibility of online meetings, they may be
virtual as well.

….(Mind-reading and advanced) surveillance technologies can be
connected to an advanced C41SR system, such as CIG (Global Information
Grid). Therefore, the entire process, including “node” (perpetrator)
dispatch, guiding nodes to the target, and even the type of behavior
exhibited by each note in the presence of the target, is probably

In order to maintain a dictatorship it is absolutely critical that
control is established on the neighborhood level In the US this
network has existed since 1917 and has been used to harass and spy on
people that have been labeled subversive. It is now entirely fused
into our society, just as it was in East Germany and Communist Russia.

The Cover-up

Wall Street runs the medical industry and mental health system in
particular. This includes some of the major patient advocacy groups,
professional societies, government agencies,and most individual
physicians. The mental illnesses in the diagnostic manuals keep
expanding. Profit and control are primary motives. The attacks by the
multinational force against the financial elite’s enemies (TIs)
considerably parallel the signs and symptoms in the diagnostic manuals
produced by the industry.

Methods of executing large numbers of normal people are instituted
when psychopaths rule a society. Although this has usually meant death
camps and wars, evidence suggests that that an additional method,
which appears to be linked to a global eugenics program, includes
targeting the entire population with toxic medication.


It is no exaggeration to say that the Anglo-American Establishment is
using the military to reach down into your neighborhoods, single
people, out, and silently torture them, while using the mental health
system, congress, media, and NGOs to conceal their attacks.

As we’ve learned, individual psychopaths believe it is necessary for
their personal survival to degrade people. On a larger scale, we also
understand at this point, that when they run a society they consider
it a necessity to annihilate large portions of normal people.

Considering these factors, along with the rest of the traits that
compose the profile of a typical psychopath, it would be realistic to
consider that the security forces are also being used by the wealthy
elites who rule our society to attack people for no reason that would
be obvious using the common worldview.

It would be the ultimate dream for any average psychopath to be able
to use the resources of the state to place people under surveillance,
torture them from a safe distance with weapons that leave no evidence
of their use, and sit back and have a good laugh while they watch them
suffer in real-time. it would be even better if they controlled the
very institutions which proclaimed to exist to expose such activities.

Although it is uncomfortable to consider the possibility that
influential members of our society are using these resources to
provide themselves with a sick form of entertainment, it would be
consistent with their psychopathic profile.

The idea that they have methodically blocked off all possible escape
routes for the citizens that they are torturing, and have established
control over the institutions that would expose them, is frightening.
However, this appears to be the case.

Their widespread, systematic, consistent vile activities, which have
spanned multiple realms over course of decades and have been committed
against the human race in general, would be considered a “crime
against humanity: in any civilization run by decent people.

Webmaster’s Conclusions:

In this website and my website, I identify the psychopaths
that control the “Anglo-American Establishment” as
“Judeo-Masonic-satanists.” This “Anglo/American imperial
project”/”cabal/syndicate goes by many names; including the “power
elite,” the “secret or shadow government,” the “world revolutionary
movement,” the “open conspiracy,” the “hidden hand,” the “Illuminati,”
“Rothschild Zionists,” the “corporatocracy,” the “Money Trust,” the
“London Money Power,” the “Jew Money Power,” the “Jewish Money Kings,”
the “Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy,” the “International Bankers,” and
the “New World Order,” among others. Jesus Christ identified the
“Synagogue of Satan” as the group that would control the “world
system” in the last days (Book of Revelations, 2:9, 3:9). Some of the
principle, controlling Illuminati/satanist families include the House
of Rothschild (King of the Jews), the British Royal Family (House of
Windsor/Guelph of the Venetian Black Nobility (Jewish)), the House of
Rockefeller (crypto-Jewish), etc.

This cabal has also been referred to as the “pathocracy” (rule by
psychopaths), the “pedophocracy” (rule by pedophiles), the
“cryptocracy” (rule by secrecy), and the “plutocracy” (rule by the
wealthy). We should probably regard this criminal cabal and their many
minions (including the neocons, Masons, United Nations, British
Israel, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome,
MI6, CIA, Mossad, NSA, DHS, FBI, the DOD(!), and much of the so-called
“Jewish race” enlisted as “sayanim,” or civilian spies), as a “fifth
column,” or “Trojan horse” enemy in the U.S.

In my opinion, even though this fundamental understanding is
booby-trapped and shielded by the pejorative term “anti-semitism,” it
is required for our society to save itself from the terrible fate that
this group has planned for us and for the world. I did not come to
these unpleasant and politically incorrect conclusions by any innate
prejudice against any group of people. Rather, I have come to these
conclusions on the basis of considerable research. Please see
References on Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must understand that the term “national
security” refers to the security of the ruling elite and their power
structure, not to the security of the American people. Similarly, the
term “national interest” has always referred to the interests of
corporations. Likewise, the terms, “terrorism,” “war on terror,”
“counter-terrorism,” “counter-insurgency,” “counter-intelligence,”
“conspiracy theory,” and “anti-semitism” are designed to deceive the
public and protect the criminal activities of the ruling elite and
their many paid minions.

The present state of affairs, in which intelligence-military-law

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