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Isn't it something - USED Blatantly by 'courts'
Thu Nov 2, 2017 06:53

Sebastian County Case Number 16-924 states clear that the Victim Appellant vs STATE OF ARKANSAS Court was already decided that Appellee owed the victim. First they wanted to drastically cut the amount that was already adjudicated to set the Apellant victim whole.

After he lost 6 months for a $200 fine he plead ****NOT Guilty**** and forced jail time and was given no other option to explain?

So the appeals 'court' comes up with no money is due the appellant victim since he pleaded guilty???

Now what is wrong with the court? If they can not remember what was said in court wouldn't they be able to READ!!!

In other words money is much more important than doing what they know is right to do.

And take a look at the Sebastian county doubling the water/sewer bills and turning around and doubling them again??? All under the guise that they have a huge Federal fine for not doing what they were supposed to do years ago regarding the sewers etc.. Now what is really going on in Ft Smith Arkansas. Where is the money actually going Why is it so important for Sebastian county to go after this particular case?

Or is it just an example of what is going on with other cases?

This sure reminds me of my case against Ft Smith the so called Attorney just held on to the case long enough for the statute of limitations to run out than just sent my papework back to me to wash his hands of the whole thing. Once again my case was VERY clear severe injury, yet the Attorney just dumped it back in my lap AFTER the limitatins just happened to be up.

What is definitely amazing to me is the city leaders were offered a solution to the huge Federal Fine. And their choice was to ignore any help to release them from the exorbitant amount the Feds are demanding.

Also consider regarding the Case #16-924:
It just so happened the Lawyer Johnathan R. Shulan from St. Louis MO (it seems that any other Attorney in a closer location was to scared) attorney was accidented on his way to try to get justice for his client

His client just happened to be beat up right after the Sebasttian County said there was nothing that could be done to pay the judgement against them since the Lawyer didn't show up (he just happened to be in the hospital due to the 'accident.')


Patricia JHS

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