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"They're Idiots. They Jail The Boys Niptuous." Those are a
Thu Nov 2, 2017 10:19

"They're Idiots. They Jail The Boys Niptuous."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives.

Thank you for the Tele receives.

If you sent a Tele receive and it was not posted, Bitch apologizes for that. There were a couple of good Tele receives last month that Bitch did not write down quickly and by the time he found his notebook, he forgot what the Tele senders said. Can you please send those again?

Today's post has several Bible passages in it from yesterdays post and some more new ones today.

While reading Judah facial reverse speech yesterday, Judah revealed that the Bible passages Bitch is posting are awakening the people to how Judah is exterminating us.

Might the words from our Bibles be alerting the people to our being swept away with brimstone, as revealed to us in our bibles for the last two thousand years?

Weap Judah, who has taken over planet earth entirely and put in everything depraved and contrary to both the laws of God and man, Judah the man that is the deliberate foe of law, order, and morality, Will American Labor not end funding them and their wars?

Ephesians 2:14
For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility,

America created as the land of the free. Philadelphia freedom, I love you. The land where the covenant of good will and fair dealing of our ancestors was put forward in our Bill of rights to the be the law of our new free land.

Trial by jury, grand jury before a man is detained or arrested, no cruel treatment anytime, has been thrown out by Jewish so Jewish may sport us easily.

Will we not pray that Americans will see the great advantages of living in a free land and put Jewish out right?

To get ourselves right is it any other than getting hold of the Organizing Principle of Society out of Jewish hands and into non-Jewish hands?

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and it's issuance.”
― James Madison

One of our founding fathers President James Madison, might that one sentence have given us the most important truth of government, who issues the money?

Can we not praise our good and merciful God who has let Judah forever remove himself from the issue of money? Has Judah not forever removed himself from our world by attacking us with nuclear missiles?

Isaiah 9:14 So the LORD will cut off from Israel both head and tail, both palm branch and reed in a single day;

Has our good God not cut both head and tail off of Judah for his weakness, his attacking us nuclear blast and now nuclear waste gemoicde?
For his inability to accommodate others?

Now that Judah has lost his head and tail for attacking us with thermonuclear missiles to exterminate us will the snow guys not act and close them up right?

Must Labor not do the will of our good God, our sweet Lord, and Sovereign of His village on earth and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?

Judah using his cages to ruin our thinkers for peace by putting us into the first Jewish world war in 1917.

Judah with his policy of using his police force to take out our peaceful people.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we the people can hear from the families of the victims what has happened here?

They kill us in the hundreds of millions as if we don't matter. Will we not thank our sweet Lord for preventing Jewish from killing us in the billions with their nuclear blast score?

Will Labor not act to take the political concession to issue our money away from international weap Judah and put it into the hands of Americans once again?

Judah, who claims he is "mature," and we the people are in "puberty," will we not mature to Judah level and put our selves on the right track once again?

Those Americans that tried to help us, has Judah not gotten many out with a date?

Has Judah not ruined us with his cages by taking our grand jury out and arresting us for his sport?

From yesterdays' post:

5.04 pm

Happened to read a Chicago area news story about a 25 years old Druid who was arrested at 11.30 am Saturday for sitting in his car in the forest preserve with an underage girl he met on the Internet. The story said a "complainant reporting seeing suspicious activity in a vehicle and called the police who came and checked IDs and arrested the young man.

Man Charged with Child Luring After Being Caught With Underage Girl in Plainfield Forest Preserve
Tyler Bachman Oct 31, 2017

"Set you up with Alston lure then all Jewish arrest you and die you chimp," Judee say.
"We set you chimp on registers to do foul Mormons. We sap your child true witless," Judee say.

Now that the young man has been arrested and put in jail based on the signature of a clerk of the corporate state, might he lose that little job that pays?

A promising future went away. Might it be a life of homeless shelters now?

Are we seeing here how easy it is for Judah to ruin our kids?

And what was the underage girl's age?

Might Judah have had the legislature write the age as 21, and the girl was only twenty?

Or was she 17 and the legislature said a girl must be 18 to talk with a guy over 21?

Who was the complainant that summoned police at 11.30 am to the scene? Might it have been a Judah sport? Are we not seeing how easy it is for weap Judah to cage and pick off our kids ruining them for life?

For those who have been watching how Judah put an 18 year veteran of the Sarasota Florida Sherriff's office away did we not note how deputy Frank's rights were violated from the very beginning?

Court documents highlight deputies’ actions in Frank Bybee case
By Carlos R. Munoz
Staff Writer

Posted Oct 28, 2017 at 8:09 PM
Updated Oct 30, 2017 at 8:29 AM

Documents raise questions about arrest of former deputy accused of attempted murder and convicted of kidnapping

An excerpt from the article:

Butler, a 23-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, spent an hour at the scene and noticed blood on the victim’s nightgown, but he wrote in his report that he wasn’t sure that a crime had been committed. Sheriff’s Captain Charlie Thorpe ordered him to remove his opinion from the report. Butler said he may have been predisposed to believe that the victim was “crazy” before he interviewed her.

Butler’s testimony appeared tailored to the contents of the video, which contained conversations about the victim’s mental health (retired New York school teacher Marcia Sohl).

He had been tasked with writing the report and interviewing the victim and witnesses.

Butler tried to minimize the seriousness of the victim’s accusations against Bybee.

He (deputy Butler) can be heard on the Watchguard video warning Felix that if they didn’t arrest Bybee for attempted murder, the victim would “make a play” on them next."

When our good old American Bill of Rights are in are we not aware that it requires a grand jury to decide if there is probable cause that a crime has been committed?

The legal standing where was it when they arrested deputy Frank?

Might we see from our Jefferson Wythe 101 that there was no legal standing to arrest deputy Frank because a grand jury had not determined if there was probable cause that is needed by the corporate state to proceed?

Might we note the same thing in the arrest of the young fellow sitting with a girl at 11.30 am in a public park recreation area?

Will American Labor not do yourselves and everyone else a favor and put our civil rights in and end Judah cage molest sport of Americans?

"Jewish people just have to tough war you, that's our complete die. This Bitch about threw us out because he hates our weap-a-sphere. Parasite true fold you with a Goshen sight.

I'm weaping the air maximal to fault you, I just do homicide. We're throwing your race out. I'm a permanent op for income, our big store blew all our customers. I'll always win when I'm inside you.

I do homicide through analysis. I shot your calve with my boursee. Our theory from hell is dead; my Schwarz hiker leaves because Jew shot you offend. Ominous our rules are to put you in great pressure.

I'm a psyche-erant errant, I just roll British. I have a psychus to ---- you hell. America gives us our weapons so I'm gonna war more. I always war with hydrogen to mal toast. I've got a right to hike you and screw you with a pizza.

Bitch offend our force right; we failed to STRIKE him. My boom boom falls wit; we're happy you're dying now. It looks like my big wig is finally catastin. Judah fess left you homeless truly.

For my op I bourse deceit by proffesionals. I'm dead with Loomis. Because of my emergency, you're much failed. Our sentiment is all sh*t on you. I popped your head because bubble gum helped me a lot. I'm over because truth happened," Judee say.

"I perish you on a sword fabulous boutique. The circuit's threw, we just mace you with our flub."

Their flub, toxic, lethal brimstone Jewish electricity nuclear waste. Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish and end their assault and heinous genocidal battery against us all?

Their eternal Jewish war against the human race that brought our good God to step in and send His angels in to spare us all. Will American Labor not hear the love of our kind and precious sweet God for us and end funding our die in this last Jewish nuclear war, brimstone waste?

Testimony by Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Nuclear Bomb Testing Survivor

I was two years old when the first Atomic Bomb tests began in the desert areas north-west of my mallee country in 1953.

It killed people, blinded others and made people very sick.

Its effects are still being felt today.

Our district is full of cancer now. My 86 year old Aunty once told me “that minga – that cancer sickness was never here before those bombs”.

Cancer is the big one but it is also common for people to suffer from thyroid conditions or stomach and bowel problems. This is the case for myself and some of my grandchildren.

Fertility problems, still births, birth defects became more common at the time of the testing. Woomera cemetery is full of babies who started dying around this time.

In my region because it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or mixed everyone has a sad story about premature sickness and death in their families.

I grew up hearing about the bombs but I didn’t know about how the sickness went through the generations.

We have been poisoned and we don’t need the threat of being poisoned again by a nuclear waste dump — whether it’s Australia’s waste or waste from around the world. We don’t need this stress hanging over our heads.

Remember: the future forever belongs to the next generation.

Those are excerpts; the entire article can be read at the link above.

Over a half a century ago atomic bomb tests that blew fallout into Australia and the people are still suffering the effects from radiation-induced illnesses.

Are we not mature and wise enough yet to perceive that nuclear war fighting was Jewish way of offending us all?

That Jewish are macing us with nuclear fallout from their bonfire they are stoking at Hitachi-GE and have been for over six years now, refusing all offers to shut it down, will American Labor not help us and end funding their eternal Jewish war sale?

"I want the crazy out," Father said.

Will American Labor not Get Smart and end funding the craziest of the crazy so that we can get them out?

"They've fouled you thief, war sight is bound to catch you. Catch up, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Be joyful natious; they're burning you up officious. STRIKE THEM OUT!
Thank you, Sir Morris and Sir Jason for those telepathic voice mail messages.

Tele receives:

"It's so clear; they sold us funerals. 11.49 am

They embezzle you right with apostrophes. 12.43 pm

Pat, they scored you fair. 1.16 pm

You're still falsing your safety out. 2.01 pm

Good luck to ya. 2.25 pm

Their errors are basic. 2.59 pm

Jew do HUGE animal. 3.08 pm

You got Maxwell defeated. 3.36 pm

Henry did reach. 3.53 pm

Amazing, he was out of sight when I sent that to him. 4.00 pm (Tele sender?)

These guys trounced us, and Mercury tried to save us. 7.09 pm

The sheenies have thrown West House. 7.12 pm

Get the power off of these guys and end their gun. 7.19 pm

An itchy right falls. 7.20 pm

They mash you with a plunger.

Stupid mort fist you.

Deaths rad got you on insect.

Your contact has failed with marked out pets life. 11.31 pm

Pat's rightful is fair. 11.32 pm

Patrick, you saved us from West Berlin.

Morons took you out. 12.44 am

Judee's awful die ya's.

Turtle they Drake us.

He's not ever been a fair man. 1.42 am

Harmony arises you.

You boys made me sick.

Patrick's assignment failed, after this one you see air hostive fister.

They jail the boys niptuous.

Mercury die false spied.

You failed to save your lives, they take your life illness.

Master mind us failed.

You're the gentle nested sport.

Patrick hike this squash.

Die criminals. 2.50 am

Your stupid lifes falling. 3.18 am

They're idiots. 3.30 am

Horrible. 5.19 am

Oh my God Patrick, they're wiping us out. 5.33 am

Get out of the freeze. 5.38 am

Their war is soopin' you's.

Stew grant. 5.58 am

They're pulling the vegetable store atmosphere. 6.01 am

Your useful has failed deceiferously." 8.02 am

That last Tele receive, might that be from elder concerning something Bitch put in yesterdays?

The only thing that came to Bitch's mind was this:

"Urals." 5.31 pm
From that one word, "Urals," might Bitch have read a deceit into it by interjecting what he thought that one-word might indicate?

Bitch did hear that one-word from a source and considered it was a message to inform him of something happening in the Urals. Might Bitch just made up what he thinks it means?

So to keep absolutely honest with no deceit whatsoever, might we scratch what Bitch considered what the word, "Urals " means? Thank you.

This next RS from yesterdays post from the truck attack in New York City:

"Police did the Ottoman walk; our racket is getting stale."

Might Judah have hired his police when he was running the Ottoman empire to walk when he did his terrorist ops then?

Again from yesterdays post:

These next RS came from videos from the Las Vegas shooting.

"It's painful when you've lost your child. Druid, he's lost all face." (Mother of Las Vegas, shooting victim)

"I'm sad that Drewy didn't get out merciless. I just want Judas's alchemy closed up."

"I just want you to make some peace." (A woman in a hospital bed said)

"I'm sad that Drewy didn't get out merciless. Druid, he's lost all face. "

Will Labor not take our purse and end funding
the war that weap Judah has the cruelly manipulated poor Americans shooting for him?

Will Druid not end our face being lost?

Isaiah 43:15 "I am the LORD, your Holy One, The Creator of Israel, your King."…

The Creator of Israel, our good and kind God that has now cut Israel off both head and tail.

Isaiah 43:13 "Even from eternity I am He, And there is none who can deliver out of My hand; I act and who can reverse it?"…

Continues at

Isaiah 43:8 Bring out the people who are blind, even though they have eyes, And the de

  • Testimony by Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Nuclear Bomb Testing Survivor March 29, 2017/by a guest blogger The following statement was provided by Sue Coleman-Haseldine, a survivor of nuclear bomb tests... more
    • "They're Idiots. They Jail The Boys Niptuous." Those are a — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Nov 2 10:19
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