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Malachi 2:10 Do we not all have one Father? Did not one God
Sat Nov 4, 2017 10:03

Malachi 2:10 Do we not all have one Father? Did not one God create us? Why do we profane the covenant of our ancestors by being unfaithful to one another?

The covenant of our ancestors, the only thing that allowed for the creation of the United States of America, do we recall it was our sacred Bill of Rights?

Why do we profane the most sacred covenant of our ancestors by being unfaithful to one another and letting weap Judah throw our Bill of Rights away?

The ancient covenant of Good Faith and Fair dealing not recognized by American courts these days.

Jewish have sealed in bad faith and unfair dealing as the law in Jewish controlled America.

Has Judah not mirrored his evil intent towards Americans well enough that we will not take the Organizing Principle of Society away from weap Judah?

Has his attempt to exterminate our race in total with a three-hour general all-out nuclear attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, not given us some insight as to what Jewish intent is towards the rest of God's children on earth?

Will Americans not step around Judah using embarrassment as a mental tool to allow him to keep funding war using our purse?

"I advise you insect, and it lets me do my sport. Jew maximum do you right. Push you all away inside. I made Druid totally dead. I have a sports abuse where I cash you all right," Judee say.

Will Labor not reject Jewish advising us insect, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"Basically I'll be off ultimately because you suffered force."

Will American Labor not make that ultimately off right NOW?

"You've been harmed."

Former Iowa MUFON director Jim King said in an unguarded moment explaining why the presence of extraterrestrials is still secret and has been kept from us by the authorities.

"You've been harmed."

Must we not alert ourselves to just how seriously we have been harmed by the nuclear brimstone waste war that Judah is waging against us all?

Can we not focus on how we and our little children have been poisoned already and are facing death in only five more years from nuclear brimstone waste?

Do we recall that Judah said it is "Whiskey" that defeated and did us in?

"Bitch pulled out my breeze; I'm sighted. We've got some whooping shears to make you die."

Those reverse speech from Fornian Replicon politicians in Catalonia.

Are we seeing wherever they nest the only want to trick their neighbors, put us into sport war and make us die?

They speak of independence but make no moves to take the authority to issue the money way from Jewish.

But did we note:

"Bitch pulled out my breeze; I'm sighted?

The false people that occupy every significant office not only in Catalonia, Madrid, Washington, Berlin, Moscow, and London, but every office in our world. Will Labor not help us and end us being occupied by the same brand, Judah on his Fornian Replicon look alike transplant shells?

Will American Labor not end Judah time of giving the children of God on earth hell with their selective strategy of sports war and genocide?

"The professor got us in our shoe bad, so we got him in the kisser, and we're going to evict you's," Judee say.

The "shoe" that Judah likes to kick us in our faces with. The shoe he likes to kick us in the butt with. The shoe that he likes to kick us out with. The shoe that he is using to evict us.

Will Labor not see the truth that the professor got Jewish in the shoe bad?

And how bad did the professor get Jewish in the shoe?

Can we only hope that the professor has gotten Jewish in the shoe bad enough to convince Labor of the dire need to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish?

Have they not proven failed enough that Labor will not get together, STRIKE THEM OUT and put a Labor committee of the Whole in to issue our money?

Bitchie is a nice boy, even though lying Judah tells everyone I'm not.

"He remained true to me," God our Father in heaven said of His shill Bitch.

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save your lives," Father also said.

Though Bitch got Judah in his shoe bad, did Judee not do his usual excellent job of smearing Bitch's kisser?

The pictures, the images that Judah has been forcing on as many people as he can to look at with disdain. The sore eyes he forces by surprise onto the viewer. All the gossip, the false rumors, and the lies that he spreads about Bitch. Pretty powerful stuff isn't it?

How powerful?

Has it not held us to now force our children and us to die out of life form over the next five years now? Yes, it has.

Will Labor not try to see the truth that Bitch is peace for a rightful day simple working man?

We are now set to die our race out in total. The majority of Americans set to die out of lifeform over the next five years due to illnesses contracted from radioactive waste poisoning.

Isn't that Judee a sly guy that lets us all pretend together that it was an accident when his dirty bomb exploded, burned and then started smoldering and bleeding the deadliest toxins ever introduced into our environment over six years ago on March 11, 2011?

How can it be that so many of us with nice incomes, lovely lifestyles, gorgeous homes and wonderful cars apparently do not see how Judah is dying us off?

Must our sight just not reach local but also to the thousands of miles away from our shores where Judah is burning his nuclear waste?

One good whiff of brimstone waste, can it be true that it is enough to make a healthy person dead?

Yes, it is that deadly. Brimstone waste can kill a healthy person with one whiff.

That every single breath that we breathe in now is contaminated with brimstone waste, should we not be concerned about that?

Bitch, due to a fault of stupid not able to convince Druid to try and save us and our children from the death of hell over the next five years now.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children."

The warning in our Bible from two thousand years ago, "because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children."

Must we not act in God's name and protect ourselves and our children? Must we not end ignoring the law of God, "thou shalt not kill" and end funding Judah's sport war?

Execution vans roving through China doing lethal injections to people for things as simple as late paying of taxes. Is that not truly Judah brand?

Nurse allegedly tried to conduct exorcism on inmate who later died
Amanda Freeman, 32, died a day after an alleged exorcism was performed on her by a nurse at the Oklahoma County jail. (Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office)
POSTED: NOV 03 2017

FOX NEWS - A nurse was barred from working at an Oklahoma jail after onlookers claimed she attempted to conduct an exorcism on an inmate instead of offering medical help during an incident.

Amanda Freeman, 32, an inmate at the Oklahoma County jail, died a day after the alleged exorcism attempt from an acute coronary event due to methamphetamine use, FOXCAROLINA reported.

The nurse, who was not identified by officers, was called to Freeman’s cell on Feb. 10 after she experienced “seizure-like activity,” The Oklahoman reported. The nurse told investigators that it was hard to get Freeman’s vitals due to her moving so much.

Will Labor not bring freedom into America and end the false relationship that weap Judah has foisted on to us all?

This fasci Jewish controlled nation now has three times as many slaves in America than there were when the United States became a nation in 1791.

Over two million people turned by acts of Jewish rights into slaves and held in American investor prisons.

In 1791 there were about seven hundred thousand slaves in the new world nation of the United States of America.

Though might we consider that Judah has used his slaves in a multiple of ways differently now?

That is instead of merely working slaves to create wealth, have we not noticed how he generates wealth on the incarceration side by setting up investor prisons as the method of extraction of wealth?

And what about this nifty racket of insurance collecting on them after he has used them for some slave work first?

Can we only wonder if we had a coroners grand jury look into the facts surrounding Amanda's death if they might not more accurately determine what actually caused her seizures and her heart to stop?

The jail’s detention officers said the nurse told Freeman, “I revoke you demons,” while the inmate “thrashed around and screamed,”

Thrashing and screaming? Berlin's pharmaceuticals?

Will Labor not close Judah's American Auschwitz and end his toying with the children of God?

That weap Judah have put themselves so far away from the lot of ordinary men to use us for insurance collections after they weap us using their fasci state apparatchik, might we not want to say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for dying Judah's cipher out of this world forevermore?

To grasp the essence of the inhumanity of the Judah cipher. Might we say "it will sure take your breath away?"

Are the ordinary people not as of yet aware that Jewish ethically criminal cipher is so dangerous that if we refuse for whatever reason to cease funding their war genocide sport, then we and our children will go out breathlessly with them as our good God will have to let us go if we refuse to end our involvement in war sin?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful; it is unsustainable except by force. It is no more, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS," God Almighty our Savior, sweet Lord, and Sovereign of planet earth said.

For those that cling to Judah's lies and wish to think that Bitch is a monster, might it not be more useful to think if there was any truth to that, God Almighty would have no use for Patrick then?

"Minutiae," is how elders describe the missteps that Patrick has taken in his seven decades of life.

Will Labor not try to accept that is what it is so that we can join together to save our selves and our kids?

Tele receives:

"A pledge means you care. 3.57 pm

They get us municipally. 4.09 pm

This guy has got our food all monkeyed. 7.07 pm

Thank you, you're beautiful for getting these jails off of us. 7.18 pm

Oh, Patrick has fallen them.

Cleavage. 7.27 pm

They're dying us viciously.

Restaurants are sharking us.

Pat you're so kind and these guys weaped us.

What Jew has done to Bitch he practices. 11.37 pm

Did you have to lie about the white man? 1.23 am

Jew fist you from inside. 1.30 am

Jew scumming the field wasted.

The head squad will soon save us.

Hurry, bigot is false.

Judee rice held you even though he's void.

For an honest mistake, you're hostages. 1.34 am

The merchants already fell, let's get them closed so that we can get Labor in. 1.36 am

I've been arrested. 1.42 am

Jews war oxygen out. 1.43 am

What was the great explorers' path for us?

Your time is bored, done incredible fierce merch this way. 1.47 am

Peace will leave, they carriage; Jew fights your image.

Muscle bears Jew fortune. 1.49 am

He's fist spiritualin'. 1.50 am

Envious threw oxygen aside.

Contact will save us useful.

You've been destroyed for company destiny. 1.52 am

They close you, enemy. 1.53 am

It's awful to die fisty.

His psyche has tossed you out. 1.55 am

It's finished real typhus.

Oh my God, you're forcing your passed life.

Relentlessly hyper sale. 2.02 am

Low income fails us rightly.

They rice us purity. 2.08 am

It's a great fouling me. 2.40 am

Total defeat. 3.55 am

Grease bum false us. 5.32 am

T wrench. 6.05 am

Let's mature useful. 6.34 am

Contact has rolled corrupt." 6.54 am

"My false options made you go. Our boom boom happiness is coming to an end; they've pulled us out of our adventureland. We're made of heart attacks with claws. We just war you passages; it's remarkable that this pulled us out, our fear didn't work.

I'm sexual on tax in ghouls way. I score you off always. Perish you right soda. Your principles wore me out. We're putting in some more war and embezzling you. We use the white man relationship for luxury, now its fully out," Judee say.

After getting caught red-handed attacking us with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, should the white man luxury relationship with Judee not fully be out?

It seems it should, doesn't it?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take their white fist away from them and put a stipend in so that the people can seek out useful lives in this world rather than being used for the useless and extremely dangerous sports war of weap Judah?

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and it's issuance.”
― James Madison

Former President James Madison from yesterday's post. Will we not now listen to our good God above who loves us all and act to save ourselves by taking the concession to issue the money that is made good by American Labor into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

"We just fall you right with a limerick. I'm all precise to cap you out. Basically, I'm twisting in the leaves because I rolled you. I was smart enough to keep you crippled phage. We've been taken off but our spirits still want to make you die.

We have foul juveniles suspect as our primary force; we use it to pull you off wicked. Our suspect was our full analysis. I cored you debts, so I got to go. My psycho, I can't hold you with my true love.

I had algebra from the beginning, and we twist Iowans the best, I stole you deadly. We just psycho mental. Our insurance state degraded you pustule; brer rabbit do rabbits.

We just use a dog to keep mortin' you; thanks for holding our hostile in. Jew do right in a bad way. I set you because I have a big system and can get you false with my dungeon.

We're over wiping white semen out here, our college is done. Scientist saw our strategy, terror awesome. We were coursing along until super talked and we're all gone. This Bitch I just couldn't chapel him, so he closed us out right," Judee say.

To help Labor understand might we consider how rare an honest, simple working man appears facing the extremely deadly force that Judah has turned loose in our beautiful nation with his Fornian Replicon look alike hybrid transplant shells that pretend to be our friends?

Might Labor not want to consider the truth that Judah has attacked Bitch with lethal, deadly force over a hundred times over the years?

Will Labor try to perceive that it is extraterrestrials that have kept Bitch here to deliver a message from our good God above that Father loves us all?

If ordinary everyday simple working people can perceive the love of Father for us all can we not get together and close the errant life form out of here right?

From yesterdays' post:

"Patrick's so stupid he let Jews wipe this field. 2.04 pm

It's embarrassing. 2.10 pm

Mercury failed us useless. 3.36 pm

Dumbass, they're rolling us, thief. 12.45 pm

Your lives lost here fistables. 12.55 pm

They're already closed right. 1.38 pm

The scoundrels' ruse. 1.42 pm

Jew is oppin you dead." 1.45 pm

Will Labor not see this Judah ruse that he is using to huckster on our blood and let them off right?

Continues at

"For my analysis, I'm a pretty big chump. We sweet cane you. My superior wages always cancel you, that's why they want my fierce out. I sport you with a Mormon right soul. I'm obvious here crooked. We just have a false rule of stipends that lets us insure big time," Judee say.

The false rule of stipends that Judah use

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