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"I Gave You Everything." Our good God Almighty who gave us
Mon Nov 6, 2017 10:03

"I Gave You Everything."

Our good God Almighty who gave us everything and how is it that we have ignored Father completely?

And what is the "everything" that Father gave us? Is it not our lives?

Is there anything more than our lives?

Our Rights that only are useful and enforceable when we are alive. Are we understanding that God gave us our rights and also our lives when He prevented weap Judah from stealing our lives away from us with his three hours 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

"I gave you everything." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Will Labor not try to break free of the mental control of nuclear war fighting weap Judah and close them out of America and STOP THE WAR?

We now face our perishing away with another two weeks of funding and fighting Jewish sports war. The snow people, both East and West set now to die out the mass of our gen in only the next five years due to the nuclear brimstone waste war Judah and his genocidal hobbyists in Germany are waging against us.

"I gave you the peace must you fail?"

God Almighty asked American Labor.

What say you Labor?

"Why didn't you try it?"

Did Father not ask that about the general strike? Yes, Father did ask that question.

Might we try to understand that another two weeks of funding Jewish sports war and genocide while ignoring the plight of our family in this world and the snow guys go out of life form with our kids over the next five years?

The deadliest most destructive genocidal war machine the human race on planet earth has ever had to endure, American Labor providing all the funding for the Jewish passion of exterminating people.

The itchiness of Jewish mental that must exterminate the other fellows.

Though might we not have to give credit where credit is due for has Jewish not boasted that their famous has always had a grease fist to do their dirty deeds for free?

The focused guys from the desert that long ago figured out the critical components of society. The most critical, who it is that issues the money.

"Like taking candy from a baby," one of their former Reich ministers said.

Bitch, a deeply imperfect guy with a fault of stupid who's sewer side, defaced you's.

Yet it is truly hoped that Labor does not mistake who Bitch is, he is a simple, humble-hearted working man that is communicating a message that if you want to save your lives, God will guide you to it.

That our ancestors traveled across the seas with the hope one day to be free. Only to have Jewish overthrow the best deal ever for anyone. The United States of America on our wondrous Bill of Rights.

Judah fighting a war of lies, gossip, rumors and images against Bitch, after failing to kill him with his company and international Chimney Store.

Might we try to imagine the Iroquois theatre December 30th, 1903 and Bitch is patronizing that?

As Bitch natural intuitive intelligence saw the fire hazard from Judah's great balls of fire in 1965, if he were in Chicago's Jewish Iroquois theatre in 1903 might he not have spotted the fire hazard before the fire started?

And if he did spot the hazard, took action and used his tools, might he not have gotten a door opened to let the patrons escape the fire and smoke?

The little screwdriver with the magnet on one side that he sometimes carries in his shirt pocket. He looks at the locked door in the Iroquois and begins to think of how to pry the pins out of the door hinges.

As the show continues, an alarmed shout is heard: "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!"

Diligent Bitch has already thought through how to get out of that Jewish trick show. Before he reaches the door, he has his little screw-driver in his hand and immediately starts prying and pulling the hinge pins out.

With the hinge pins out, the locked door then easily falls aside, and many of the trapped patrons can get to safety outside.

How many might we wonder would not go through that door to safety because the Jew said "he is an embezzler?"

How many would not go through that door to safety if the Jew showed them a picture that made their eyes sore?

Can we not pray that Labor will close the barn door from thirty-five years ago so that we can move forward here?

Might we perceive that embarrassment, fear, shame, are all mental things?

The 603 bodies that were found in the Iroquois theatre after the opp, most all died not from burns, but smoke inhalation.

Have we not noted Judah likes to get us in our gills?

Harold the good actually died from asphyxiation. Merely the automatic act of inhaling brought in the fumes that ended the life of a real useful good man.

The Jewish death by asphyxiation of the patrons of the Iroquois theatre in 1903. The Jewish death by asphyxiation of Americans 2017.

Is only one Jewish electricity plant in meltdown really deadly enough to asphyxiate billions of people out of life form in only another five years?

The word, "asphyxiate" is defined as "to kill someone by depriving them of air."

"Suffocate, smother, stifle, throttle strangle."

The air we need that has been poisoned with the deadliest substances ever created by man.

That our Bibles have warned us how the beast would destroy us in the last days, should we not pay heed to our passing out of life form now?

Not unlike the idiot savant that if you sing a few bars to him, he can play the whole song, Bitch with his facility of mind focused on nuclear war heard a few bars of Judah's nuclear song in 1965 and threw the entire Jewish nuclear war fighting symphony out.

"Your people have not helped you," Bitch heard Judee say to him telepathically.

Yes, regrettably that is true. And if they don't help for another two weeks?

Bitch will not be going to the wise bird king's court.

He will remain with the rest of the mild people of the north, stranded on a burned out planet to die out over the coming years.

"We make you fail with our press." As Judee shows baseball bat stories on national news shows.

The mental that Judah is working for all he can to hold the snow people to just a couple of more weeks of funding the sin of war and genocide to get us closed outright.

Father opened on August 21st, just a couple of months ago. Three months of the rapture, then Father will remove his righteous. Two more months until the entire one-third of the human race is sealed in to being died out.

Can only one Jewish melting electricity plant be that deadly?

If brimstone nuclear waste is as deadly as you say it is then why is the news not saying a thing about any of what you are talking about?

Might the answer to that be because of who it is that issues their paychecks?

Has our good God Almighty not been warning us for two thousand years how Jewish would get us when it was time for their beast to go?

The cruelly manipulated poor shooting and bombing our family around the world. Can it all be due to not having a socially and economically just system in place at home? Is it anything other than that?

The tight field that Judah puts in because it lets him app us easily. Do we see it is all because he has the concession to issue our money in his private hands?

Is it not something to think about that if Judah would have agreed to join the Federation in 1350 AD when Sir Maxmillian invited the centers of power of planet earth in, Judah would have had his people traveling to other planets to meet other high-level life forms centuries ago?

But Judah chose war and extinction of the rest of the creation of the Galactic Federation of Light. His animal primitivism, his harsh, his rigid; his weakness, his inability to accommodate others. Are we seeing the prime reason why Judah has been refused by the universe?

Are we perceiving that we will either stop Jewish sports war and genoicde or fund ourselves right on out of life?

"The cannibal fist eats vegetables." 4.58 am

Just heard that and couldn't wait to put it in.

"Maxwell gave you all your lesson in civics. We fight you swordfish, I'm coring true, Jew race come out right. We scalp you with our wits true; Bitch boy brings in a brand new day. My electricity's out for coring you dead," Judee say.

The brimstone waste that is coring us dead. Now two weeks away from being left stranded on a burned out planet to die. Involved in sin by funding all of the sports war and genocide that Judah enjoys doing to us and the rest of our family in this world.

Will we not pray that the snow people this time will take Judah off of us right?

While watching news early Monday saw a report of heavy flooding in Vietnam. A Vietnamese speaker said this in facial reverse speech:

"They make the Drupid the stupid one to dupe you."

Might that be a simple, concise explanation of how Judah hides behind white pretending white has any say whatsoever about the fate to be fist for weap Judah sports?

Will white not recognize how Judee is dragging our face through the mud and take our purse away from him and end it?

Tele receives:

"It's an embarrassing crush. 9.18 am

That's really wild. 9.20 am

Spare you well. 11.21 am

Sale, you ditched them. 11.56 am

End assault. 12.10 pm

You have failed irri-state. 12.33 pm

It's no good, it's fused cancer. 12.49 pm

Contact failed. 12.56 pm

You're dead. 12.58 pm

You're vaporized. 1.36 pm

I gave you everything. 3.46 pm

Let's STRIKE THEM OUT of here. 3.48 pm

They've pushed us out of here twice already. 3.52 pm

He wants you to push it; he wants you to push them out. 4.18 pm

Two weeks and you'll be cast off. 4.58 pm

It's sport, cancel it.

It's cancer massive to pass you. 4.39 pm

They've been poppin' seat belt. 6.02 pm

Stackin' fell. 6.04 pm

Sucker time.

The son of bitches burned us up with initial life theory. 6.07 pm

Tumors, please step them out. 10.37 pm

Make sure you breed.

You're slaves that are nicely crystalin'. 10.58 pm

Stir-fried. 11.05 pm

You failed reality, plugged you thoroughly. 11.07 pm

Take them out of privilege. 11.12 pm

Life falling out, save us, save this life.

Your order failed, fell.

Motorcycles do us wild.

They fatal your field real sports.

Oh my God Patrick you see them, I urge you to stay in, don't die.

In the Federation, you'll always be safe.

Scrungy oppers.

You failed your genius with your state. 1.02 am

They defeat you fist true.

Take them off wholly.

They starve little kids.

You were fisted wolf dumb.

Nursery is leaving your air scored, believe in righteous and give rightist a fall.

Fisted your whole state abusive.

Bears you minimal. 1.38 am

Blind and dumb doing us in.

They finished out the establishment wicked. 1.43 am

They just shot you blazive.

Righteous fell lunatics and their carriage.

You haven't been supportive and we got out Loomis.

They victim extra right. 1.54 am

You won for pursuit. 1.55 am

They core your gen. 2.03 am

They know alcohol poisons the survival function.

They're wiping white miracous. 4.58 am

The cannibal fist eats vegetables.

You want to MARK Marky. 6.34 am

Thank you for supportage." 6.43 am

"Two weeks and you'll be cast off. 4.58 pm It's cancer massive to pass you." 4.39 pm

That is the understanding here, two weeks of Druid funded war and genocide and Bitch does not get to go to the court of the bird king, he stays here and dies off with the rest of the Druid guys and gals. Massive cancer to take us away.

Will we not pray that Labor will STOP THE WAR?

"I abolish you easy. Our scores thump. We've got a new arrangement, Arabs tossing you out. An iron cannonball keeps true ownership," Judee say.

If there were an actual shortage of resources to survive might it be understandable why an iron cannonball might be called upon to fly? Possibly.

That there is no true shortage of resources, strictly a created shortage to put a tight field in because Judah apps best in a tight field, do we see why he needs an iron cannonball to fly?

The decision point of nuclear war or peace, do we see how his Jewish ancestors failed us six hundred and sixty-seven years ago in 1350 AD?

The Federation that offered the Jewish, Vatican and Royals a way to transition into peace six centuries before the advent of planet busting weapons would be invented, and the centers of power rejected peace and decided in 1350 AD that we would all be destroyed eventually when they had the right technology to get us done.

God Almighty in heaven above who has spoken to his American children that are funding and fighting all of the Jewish sports war in our world, "I urge you to give then a fall for their sin,"

Now with two weeks left to decide if Druid/Slovak will live or die.

Judah, a man that could not accommodate man or God. Came to live among us with a predetermined plan to harm us all as much as he could.

Bitch, who set out on a quest as a young man to find out what the truth in this world was.

Bitch couldn't be bribed with a few million dollars, and so Judah tried to make him die. Extraterrestrial support stepped in and prevented Judah from pitching Bitch into a grave.

Have we all not always had deals with each other that are totally peaceful? Certainly.

How is it that the people who sit in government offices can only negotiate by mining harbors, dropping bombs and shooting people down all the time?

Speaking of shooting people down, did we read of the most recent machine-gunning of Americans in Texas?

Investigators hunt for motive in Texas church shooting as the grieving spans generations
By Peter Holley, Mark Berman and Kristine Phillips November 6
Law enforcement identified 26-year-old Devin Kelley as the gunman who killed dozens at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., on Nov. 5. (Amber Ferguson/The Washington Post)
SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Tex. — Investigators on Monday scoured the background of the lone gunman who opened fire on the pews of the First Baptist Church, searching for answers on a possible motive while the stories of those massacred began to emerge.

Has there been much any other motive for Judah chipping and drugging a guy to machine gun us down than to frighten, terrorize and keep us frozen?

Might we note how convenient it is that the shooter is already reported dead?

The news article reported that Devin was in the Airforce for four years, released after doing a year in prison.

Have we not seen enough remote-controlled killers to know what we are looking at when we see one?

Bitch recalls just about a week ago pulling a facial reverse speech that mentioned the word, "Baptist."

He checked to see if he posted that reverse facial speech and did not find it posted. So the exact wording is in his notes somewhere.

For every Judah reverse facial speech that Bitch posts he may have twenty that are just part of his notes that are not posted.

The shooter in Texas was released from the Airforce in 2014, about three years ago. Might we try to guess how many chipped sleepers Judah has that are just waiting to be turned on to give us a terrorist event?

Johnnie Langendorff told The Washington Post how he helped race after the shooter who killed dozens of people on Nov. 5 in Sutherland Springs, Tex. (Dina Parkinson/The Washington Post)
"I'm a Judee H section. I bessed you out Jew deface you. This is a minimum wall cap check. I'm gonna foul Moravian. We had spied out five dead to do 'eever. We want to take the guy off his origins. Police mighty accept, rat pack em minnow hour. Once you see the cuffs, that's about it.

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