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"The Son Of A Bitches Launched Us Failed. Multiple Beachers
Tue Nov 7, 2017 09:18

"The Son Of A Bitches Launched Us Failed. Multiple Beachers. Good Luck."

Those are overnight Tele receives.

"Good luck," sure do need that.

A reverse speech indicated to Bitch that his fail, committing the sin of insult to you's has been the biggest boost that Judah and his investor sport war collaborators have received.

One Judee said that it was a "miracle" that Pat didn't get Labor to do anything after he revealed they opened up on us with their big guns in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Also from Judee reverse speech he indicates the poisoning of our atmosphere is what is putting the most pressure on him, not the fact that he tried to exterminate us with his great balls of fire that have come at us on the tip of his Boeing missiles.

On this day of your life
Patrick, I believe God wants you to know ...
... that your inner goodness is going to carry the day.

I know that you know what a good person you are.
Yes, we all make mistakes, but when everything is said and done, you are a genuinely good person...and you know it.

So here's what you should be told: God knows it, too. Trust that your inner goodness will rule this moment...

Love, your Friend ...

Neale Walsch

Bitch had a dream overnight that some mothers are not aware that their children are dying out from the effects of high background radiation.

"She doesn't know," a confidante of Bitch's told him in the dream.

Mothers at this late date do not know that their little children have been stolen away from them.

Reverse speech from the sport shooting in Texas indicated to Bitch the people there were aware of what Bitch has revealed but said that "Bitch shot us dead" so they will not respond to Bitch, even though he told the truth.

Bitch's failure of respect and honor to dignity. Now set to cost the majority of Americans to perish out over the next five years.

A third of the human race on the surface of planet earth set to die out of life form in only five years time.

Might we see why insult is referred to as the deadly sin?

And if this is all correct, then why should Bitch keep on? If he has shot himself out with the meek folk why keep trying?

Could it be that maybe the meek will decide to be prudent, ignore the insult and look past to who really matters here, our Father in heaven?

Our Father who has had His angels close to us throughout all of our time on earth. Our Father who loves us all equally.

Our Father who will never harm us. Our Father who wants us to join Him in His world of love and peace.

Now the abomination of desolation moving in on us. Our beautiful nation destroyed by Jewish on free American Labor bourse.

A death so massive, one that we haven't faced since Judah infected the snow people with plague in the middle ages.

And to consider, worse than the plague of the middle ages because this brimstone plague will leave even the survivors sterile.

A hell on earth so complete and some people are not aware of what has happened here.

The multiple of beachers that are headed right at us. Will our power grid be shot out here in the last days of Judah with us?

That little buzz from alcohol. Is that what caused us to lose our life forms here?

That is what Judah analysis tells him. Could it be alcohol as to why "she doesn't know?"

That combined with Bitch sin of insult and what do we have other than a third of the human race dying out now?

Will Judah be able to hold American Labor to funding sports war and genocide for only two weeks more to finish us out right? If so might it be a fair die?

Were two thousand years warning in our Bibles not enough time to prepare us for the last war of Judah on the children of God on earth?

The technology we now have in hand applied with Labor, might we not appreciate that it can easily feed, house and clothe every one of us on earth? Certainly.

And yet this wondrous modern technology we have has been applied by Judah to the war sport of man. And so 80% of our family on earth live in conditions less than suitable to live a right life as Father wills His simian children on earth to live.

The advanced tools and machinery that Labor needs to create the absolute abundance, kept out of the hands of the workers.

The scientists and engineers that want to make the advanced tools available to Labor, might they be staying in the background because of the threat that Judah presents with carbon?

Workers held in the past so that Judah can continue his sport of war.

Will we not pray that the love of God will overcome all obstacles and Labor will give us our miracle STRIKE?

"For spiting gentlemen, Bitch has affected us. Bethlehem gave me a belief to harsh men wholesale. Judee ethics like to shoot. Because of bourse minnow is missing.

I'm finished, but I'm staying here to see you die. You let us have a pretty good investment with pooch, you'll want me off because I stole. Our spirit has a foul way to extort you.

Iowa rub of you got our best force. My truth is established out. My goose state recipe cites you. I'm a Jew fits hymie. I falsed you off of Jefferson publishing here.

I rice you animal with my head so I got thrown out. For my false I'm washed, my lease is off. Bourse affects the game and lets me zone you out.

Our rule here died. Contact I made tumble and forced poverty on to you. I'm waltzing them awfully deafly right. My funk-a-rama has had some nice days, but you want me out.

Our white conspiracy is awful dated. We're quite dumb with our ownership possession. Our purchase of owl-a-tech is off because we can't seize the white guy.

Ever since Churchill Jew has been out for nuts, he's ever after bourseswaggle. A baby lets me core you out jail easy. I get an Englishman and play some spoof sports. I'm just jecular, I cannibal real nice but not for Patrick.

This Irishman sport me turkey to throw me out. I boursed you dead in my century, that's why I hold the Russian state. My lion they're throwing out of here. We just conspritic true with a Bible.

We fold with Tuberculossis, its part of our government treasure. I embezzled you off, that's part of my theory. We have an arrangement with dogs to hold you off to do more Roosevelt opps," Judee say..

"Jew's too fantastic to hold us corrept." (Vietnamese speaker)

Here is a single facial reverse speech from Judah that reveals what he thinks is the final death blow that Judah has put upon himself here:

"Bitch got us out because of the atmosphere, I fist you, that's my truth," Judee say.

Rather than getting them out for attacking using their past attempts with their intercontinental ballistic missiles, might we see that Judah determined that it is the future of our lethal atmosphere that has finally done Jewish in?

"We have an arrangement with dogs to hold you off to do more Roosevelt opps," Judee say.

Judee's Roosevelt opp in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads headed in our direction that was pulled out of the sky by our Martain neighbor Sir Casper and His diligent team. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to save us from Judah crunch?

The Roosevelts, Dutch hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon shells that opped us Westinghouse from Pittsburgh to die us all off in a three-hour nuclear blast shot.

Might we recall it was Dutch shells that invaded and took over England in 1688 using their 5th column English Fornian shells that rose against the king and helped to chase him out of England when the foreign invaders arrived?

Might we want to remember it was the Dutch Fornian invader "Maurice of Orange," that then became William III of England that turned the "Organizing Principle" of English Society over to international weap Judah in 1694?

Will Labor not act and take the Organizing Principle of our Society in America away from weap Judah now?

And here is some more facial reverse speech from video reports about the shooting in Texas:

"West Alisson shot some Mexicans for sport here. They were all in the state of Texas peace. Until you STRIKE, I'm going to get more of you gone because you let us do allegorous. I foreign crunch you.

Jews got some dangerous peril before we escape you. We just sight (cite) you out of contact pretty good. We just incite you with an abitter force. My symbols, I'm ape for para-die. We rush them in san mark.

It's a psych-opp. It's a miracle we got by Pat with thugs. Jew always writes stooges to hold my fasher in. Our hostile always weaps greatly, Wisconsin put a bid in here. We mentholate your joy. Your life is over in March with our great deads.

This is our moral answer to truth, 500 to a million. I got 500 from GM to roll. There was some Murpa-checks. It's Federal that do foul ruin here. I just make you right with a brew. 500 made a fun day. I'm a usable guy on this." (Texas shooting)

Here is RS from a few of the surviving victims of the shooting in Texas:

"Mutt deface us.

Jew circus is not true, their fairy tale fist is fooly, his mother wants to pull them out, but he shot us dead.

The Bitch is just right watching here."

Have we not seen enough palace sport that we are not fully aware that this Texas church shooting was a basic opp these guys like do to us?

"I just make you right with a brew."

Might that brew have been slipped to the shooter shortly before they turned on and powered up the chip in his head?

What chip? Might it be the one they put in his head when he did a year in the pen?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding their sports?

"Jew circus is not true, their fairy tale fist is fooly, his mother wants to pull them out, but he shot us dead."

Is there not some way to be prudent and ignore Bitch sin of insult so that we can get together to put Labor in so that we don't remain shot dead?

Tele receives:

"Welcome. 10.42 am

You're perceived. 11.49 am

The son of bitches launched us failed. 12.28 pm

They canned us helpless. 12.30 pm

You failed United. 1.51 pm

Ignore us is screwshable. 2.03 pm

STRIKE is dictatorous. 5.01 pm

Pooch privileges. 6.04 pm

They're trying to rape us. 6.08 pm

Toast-a-mist. 6.15 pm

Patrick told us our happiest days are free of cuffs. 6.23 pm

They've pushed the button, and you've done nothing. 6.28 pm

Real falsin' out yourself. 6.30 pm

It's fallen industrial. 6.35 pm

You incurred blazer deal. 6.45 pm

You hossed us, that's why we didn't STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.05 pm

Sandy jar. 7.06 pm

Close them incompetent. 7.08 pm

Chemist won. 11.22 pm

Basic ricist until its through.

Their transports fallen dangerously.

They fatal us dangerously dog.

Operation Hiter symbols lead you to seriously rape us.

We're closing up fair here.

Germany will lie to you to force you to be massive shootables.

ORGANIZE yourselves. 12.40 am

Unbelievalous. 1.26 am

Your key degraded music, you offer so sad. 1.23 am

Stupid fall. 1.28 pm

For a frivolous life, we failed. 1.31 am

Sad falsed words grizzly.

Considerous likes you.

Patrick sign me justice.

Stupid signals offed us.

White boys embarrass life.

Contact teaches well basic.

Paradise apps you right here.

Publish cast all. 1.48 am

Adequate. 1.52 am

Jew has stunned you over and off.

Heroes will cease.

We're cast industree.

Patrick, you lost us childlessly.

They're out basically finaled.

They homeless fist us.

You lost your license here, packages are efficiently vicious. 2.19 am

Oh, my God, they're getting rid of us on insurance collections.

Good luck to you. 2.34 am

Multiple beachers. 2.38 am

It's appreciated you take great counsel here. 3.19 am

The Jews, they're a genus rub." 3.33 am

"You hossed us, that's why we didn't STRIKE THEM OUT!" 7.05 pm

Bitch's coffee wits that failed him and us. Will we not pray for mercy and forgiveness, compassion and understanding so that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I put Mexican on poor to keep myself in my brand. I just chump you with officials. Because of my weapy they've notified me its the end of my ship. My truthful has fallen, I'm really dumb, but I've still got you on my leash," Judee say.

That Judah recognizes he was dumb, how dumb was it to reject an offer from our high-level family to join them and live in peace and plenty and travel the universe together?

Judah with his historical mission to punish the rest of us with eternal war to hold us. Can we not pray that American Labor will take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and prevent him from dying us off as he goes away for good?

"STRIKE is dictatorous." 5.01 pm

While Judah has used the strike to shake out governments so that he could install his dictators, might we see how the STRIKE can now be used to shake out Judah tyranny government?

The many decades looking through library stacks, researching for the words that would set us all right. Never found them in all the research that Bitch did.

And yet because Bitch has been aiming for what would serve every one of us, he was gifted by the love of God with the words that finally explained what it is that we need to know to set all of God's children on earth free.

"Organizing Principle of Society," the angel whispered in Bitch's ear so he could pass the good news on.

The authority to issue money is what the Organizing Principle of Society is.

"Abstract receipt of Labor," the angel said describing what a dollar bill is.

So basic, so fundamental, and yet in decades of research have not found those words in any book.

Mercury elders informed Bitch that when the Mixt money cases were heard in London between 1602-1604, they informed the court of what the authority to issue money is.

And ninety years later in 1694, Judah took into his private control the issue of the money of England with the creation of the Bank of England after the Fornian Replicon king William III gave away the sovereign prerogative to issue the money for England.

Cunning Judah, using his ploy to argue the issue of a tax on Labor based upon direct or indirect taxation, to gain control of the authority to issue American Labor's money in 1913.

And after he got hold of the authority to privately issue all of the free money he wanted with no accountability, backed by the Labor of American workers, have we not noted how many have suffered much due to Judah using our money to sport us?

Judah finally took over the entire surface of planet earth using the fist funded by American Labor.

Now that our precious sweet Father has had His angels protect us will we not now take the authority to issue American Labor money away from Judah?

The strength and power of American industry. The latest series of sports wars that Jewish have inflicted upon the world using American money, have some of us not noticed the millions of innocent people that are dead throughout the Middle East because of American Labor funding it?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed. You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you," the angels said.

The last days before the Druid people are destroyed permanently. Can we not pray that we will get some help from Labor to STOP THE WAR?

Do we recall the other day Bitch mentioned how India was split up into Pakistan, Bangladesh from India as a method for Judah to put his hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon look like transplants shells in to play the people off against each other?

Might we note the same thing Judah has done with the two Koreas? North and South both held in the tight grip of Fornian Replicon hybrid transplant look-alikes?

And have we not noted how it is America that Judah has been playing for the biggest sucker of them all?

Are we noting how they are playing their missile terrorism to hold us in so they can finish us off with nuclear waste?

Continues at

That the Martians have pulled every single nuclear missile out of the sky, will

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