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"I'm So Happy You Die Fish," Judee say. Bitchie heard Judee
Wed Nov 8, 2017 10:01

"I'm So Happy You Die Fish," Judee say.

Bitchie heard Judee say that at 2.24 am

"I'm so happy you die fish."

Will we not pray that in these last days to have any chance to survive the multiple of beachings that we are allowing weap Judah to do to us that the love of God will reach the Druid and we will help ourselves to survive?

Tele receives:

"Bitch is telling you what it is; life is failed. 11.12 am

Get them out best way. 11.39 am

You rate it. 11.48 am

Give us some therma help Sully. 1.17 pm

They're rising in jail. 1.29 pm

They just falsed us out right. 5.14 pm

That's offend rolling guys. 5.40 pm

Jew making us, get them off sale. 5.53 pm

These are real-life form deficits. 5.59 pm

He's turning us Labor, fabulous they pushed us out offices. 6.21 am

Everything's fallen, oxygen is disgusted. 6.25 pm

They wiped us whole shed.

They've pushed us hike much sway. 10.56 pm

Immersed you in flavors. 12.10 am

You're going fierced by algebra. 12.26 am

Patrick failed to save us.

I purpose them off the state. 12.45 am (Judee?)

They've infiltrated us falsely.

Attachments dutiful case.

You died your state failed.

They're dying us off. 1.30 am

God be failed.

I bash you in four-eyed. 1.48 am (Judee?)

They've jammed the message.

Jew for sin percent.

ORGANIZE field wisive.

The whites are asleep now.

They're trying to save us and our state.

Stupid fetch.

You're extinguished.

They raped us fierce.

Oh my God selfish field.

It's massly. 1.59

It didn't reach Druid; this is his last farewell.

ORGANIZE, they're fisting us a high us Ciceroed thug. 2.03 am

We're awfully stupid failed.

Oh, my God, they make people.

So your life falls. 2.05 am

Your illustrious field is tussled. 2.09 am

The century is over here.

They're quite ruble; they're quite ruthless.

They're finishing us out thoroughly. 2.16 am

They're savaging the mass of Druid people.

I'm so happy you die fish. 2.24 am (Judee)

We die for heresy." 2.26 am

The heresy that Judah will determine the fate of the children of God on earth rather than God determining the fate of His children on earth.

Has Judee not proven to be quite a heretic?

Bitch had some sweet things to eat yesterday, and awoke at 1.30 am and noticed his eyes were sore?

Just tired eyes or something else?

Could it be Chrome nanoparticles in the sweet?

He was unsure if he heard "B" say anything when he ate the sweets yesterday.

Can we only wonder how many of us may have eaten something with Judah's Chrome nanoparticles and slept through the night and never felt their eyeballs painful and so had no clue they had been attacked with an Alzheimers producing chemical?

As another note, about a week ago Bitch noticed distinctive shots in the kidneys.

The food he had eaten that day he already knew was OK. So what caused the hammering, it was several shots in the kidney?

He had been outside during the day. Might it have been a clump of air that was dense with hot radioactive waste particles that he breathed in?

The radiation filtered through the kidneys to produce the bumps in the kidney? Do we recall the congressperson several years ago reporting the coming of "Roast kidney disease" for us?

But what about the Chrome nanoparticles possibly being hidden in the sweets, how could that happen?

Would the higher-ups not have to know about that sort of item being on our shelves?

The answer, of course, they would have to know about it. Might we understand that Judah selects his best management and puts them in ensuring those sorts of items are on our shelves?

But what about the elephant warriors that sit astride our state, would they not do something about such an outrageous situation?

Could it be true that only four years in office has been rumored to produce $25 million dollars for the overseas secret bank accounts of high level elephant warriors?

Is Labor getting some idea of how deeply rooted is the corruption in Jewish managed tyranny states such as we are enduring in America at this moment?

If we can perceive what we are dealing with here might we understand why our good God has had His angels act to afford us the opportunity to become aware and interested enough to help ourselves to get Jewish war out of here and off of our perishing state?

Videos on the news showing cruelly manipulated poor American snow guys vandalizing our families homes and businesses in the Middle East.

Will Labor not step in and help the cruelly manipulated poor out of the victimhood that is the only thing Jewish make available for them?

Is there not yet some comprehension that Jewish management is finished permanently in God's village on the surface of planet earth?

"Stupid dumb nice guy's right is dead. Jew core the Druid as usual. I shooed wood to die. My life fails achievement, so I put you in the sewer to die," Judee say.

The achievement of Jewish. Has it been other than to take over the entire surface of planet earth using the fist that American Labor bought for them?

Our best and brightest Labor guys like William Sylvis who informed Labor before he was poisoned out in 1869, to get a seat at the table where our money is issued.

One hundred and forty-eight years ago since William was assassinated for his efforts to help us working people.

And now in our modern era, our good God Almighty steps in and has His kind angels share with us the information we need to help ourselves survive the nuclear war that weap Judah almost has us died off in, take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor.

Labor leader Wiliam Sylvis who was intelligent and informed enough to see that was needed to help us all, and our Father in heaven has His angels tell us nearly the same thing, one hundred and forty years later, and we completely ignore Him.

"Nearly the same thing?"

Yes, nearly the same thing. Did we not notice that Father does not will Labor to have a seat at the table where our money is issued as William Sylvis suggested we do, rather God Almighty wants Labor to take the table and issue our money solely with a Labor Committee of the Whole in charge of it?

Will Labor not help us to pitch nuclear war fighting master over the side NOW? Will Labor not end funding merchants rights power once and for all?

Merchants rights power that has brought us Parliaments that assaults and batters us forever.

Congresses that sport us out while mining harbors and bombing innocent people out.

Governments that install torture chambers and run gulag states. Political power in Washington given to them by the threat the Russians make because Jewish issue the money for our family in Russia.

Our most highly educated scientists building atomic weapons to extinct the ordinary fish with because they tell us like everyone else they have bills to pay.

Can all the problems in our world from sports war to extinction by pollution be traced to who it is that has the private authority to issue our money?

Is it anything other than who it is that has the concession to issue our money that is behind our extinction that is only days away from being sealed in?

Courts that give decisions and make law based on the checks that are made good by Labor but issued privately by Jewish.

One hundred and forty-eight years after the death of the good Labor leader William Sylvis trying to help us out by informing us where our money is issued is the place we should have a seat.

Over six years after our good God stepped in and willed that American Labor is to issue our money and nothing, zip, nada, has happened here.

Bitch with his singing out of tune, will we not try to prevent it from being the death of the goose that laid the golden egg?

Will Labor not try to have charity for Bitch's fault and not judge him on his fault? I pray you mercy of my fault, and that ye will of your kindness and your charity will forgive it.

America on our fabulous Bill of Rights, the wealthiest land ever to arise. Now only days from being sealed into a dusty place like much of our world in Jewish management control.

Palace aids running around setting us up for the crown. Checks put into the hands of officials to ensure all their sport is played by their rules.

How Queen Elizabeth Invested in Firm That Targeted Mentally Ill
Files show Queen Elizabeth II, via the Duchy of Lancaster (a portfolio of land, property, and assets held in trust for the British Sovereign), has held and continues to hold investments via funds in an array of businesses, including controversial retailer BrightHouse.

Britain's financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, said the firm had overcharged customers and used aggressive sales techniques on customers with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Paradise Papers: New offshore leaks mention Queen Elizabeth, Trump govt & Putin’s ‘inner circle’
Published time: 5 Nov, 2017 19:34

Thirteen allies, major donors and Cabinet members of US President Donald J. Trump appear in the documents, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Among these are "Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s interests in a shipping company that makes millions from an energy firm whose owners include Russian President Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law and a sanctioned Russian tycoon," the ICIJ said, promising more related stories in the coming days.

American investors placed high in our government structure that have carbon investments with high placed officials in Russian government structures, might we understand how Russian police and military show up on our streets in America now?

The tax havens in the Cayman Islands where the royals hide their lucre. Might their Mormon sports have their checking accounts there too?

"Boom Boom, Bang Bang; Who ya gonna call?"

Britain's financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, said the firm had overcharged customers and used aggressive sales techniques on customers with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

Might our mental health problems and learning disabilities have something to do with their long-running margarine war against us?

Might our dyslexia and learning disabilities be due to the chemicals they hide in our foods?

Might our mental problems be due to their vicious prisons and cells they so casually toss us into?

Or could our mental health problems be due to their eternal war boom?

Their Nike Hercules missile with its 40 kilotons nuclear fission enhanced warhead that they shot at our family in old London town.

What might explain why there has been no reaction yet? Could it be due to the varnish they put on our coffee beans?

The aggressive nuclear war to extinction that the druid people are standing by funding and watching now. What might explain why in our history we have never gotten Jewish war off of us even once?

"With my chromium, I make your wake. My state police are out; I'm totally dead. Cannibal is feared. We push you Auschwitz field fear with doughboy. We just take the white people off, so they have no statesmen.

His mother got our cipherous clear, it's the end of our ment. Flush em. The gulf we use to instill fear and target great. The dimension and law students find Jew bum; your alarms have all failed crippled completely," Judee say.

Our alarms that should have alerted us to the threat of extinction in a three-hour nuclear shoot. Will we not STRIKE THEM OUT and try to end our failed cripple?

"We just take the white people off, so they have no statesmen."

The mild people of the north that had no conflict for thirty thousand years and then the extension warrior shows up, and war has never ended in the northlands.

"In our rude department, you lost. Our passion is to error you in life," Judee say.

The white fist from America that has just ravaged for nearly three decades vast destruction with millions of innocents dead. Nations ripped apart. Over 60 million innocent brothers sisters of ours made homeless refugees seeking survival the best way they can.

Are there any Americans that are not yet aware that we now are the next to go out of life form?

If only Druid looks into our Bibles might there not be some chance that we may survive this nuclear holocaust that we are funding to be perpetrated against us?

Instead of holding a grudge against Bitch for his fault might it not be better to look into the bible that instructs that a wise man, a prudent man ignores an insult?

Proverbs 12:16 A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.

Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.

If only Labor will read the Bible and act upon the wisdom found there might we not get a second chance to live right?

And once Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands might we see that the things that vex us have answers to guide us in our Bibles?

"Righteous got us dead for oppin' tyranny. We have some horse pedals with police that let us fight Loomis truth. We just core molest until you die, we couldn't get the nice guy with a Mormon. We're going to push them with some rights here chemical," Judee say.

Here is a reverse facial speech of a man that was wounded in an attack at a broadcast station in Kabul, Afghanistan:

"My principal rights suffer, I believe I was put out by the merchantmen."

That is coming from the subconscious of the speaker.

Here is a facial reverse speech from a simple working man in Thailand:

"The white guy won't help us because he's inanimate by bum."

Again, the speaker may have never said that in forward speech, but at the subconscious level informs us what he thinks the reason is why white people are not on the side of helping our family in our world.

Here is a speaker from Africa in facial reverse speech:

"Bitch son was stupid to have tripped."

Is that not what Father explained happened here? Did Father not explain that Bitch's chemicals and vitamins got screwed up and gave him a fault of stupid from enduring prolonged periods of suffering?

To save our children that are being perished out as we are poisoned out with them will Labor not be mature and act prudent and ignore Bitch fault of stupid, his sin of insult and STOP THE WAR?

And what Judah thinks in his subconscious:

"I'm falling for a fair freedom. Bitch exposed our mental to you of how we shoot you with ease. We got the Chinamen used up, and they don't want my bus here. Stupid make me right, he shows you a jerk," Judee say.

That Judah is holding us with ease to shoot the majority of Americans out of here with his chemical sport over the next few years now, must we not act?

Will Labor not listen to the words of Labor leader William Sylvis from before he was stolen away in 1869 who informed us to be part of the issue of our money?

Here's some facial reverse speech from Catalonia:

"I fall basic. He's working with the British this time. They see my fist well. I fail you in Jew bourse fries because I was always dumb. Our big top is opping you mutual. Germany makes me push off the guys.

Inadmissible. I so sorely after wood I want to dodge him for Auschwitz sword. We fish alewives, that's our false. You see me, I always pull off all your rights. I was always a false governor."

The last few of those facial RS were actually from a purported Basque nationalist. Bitch thought to include those after seeing the demonstrations in the Basque region supposedly in support of Catalonian independence.

Continues at

Might it be weap Judah in the Basque region that staged those demonstrations trying to get a shooting war going in Catalonia as they were able to keep going on in the Basque region for so many years?

All the

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