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TLBTV: Cognitive Liberty - The Trauma Paradigm
Thu Nov 9, 2017 20:07

TLBTV: Cognitive Liberty - The Trauma Paradigm

TLB Project
Published on Nov 6, 2017

Cognitive Liberty - The Trauma Paradigm - With Special Guest - Author, Thomas Sheridan

Presented By Your Host: Clyde Lewis

On this episode of Cognitive Liberty, I interview Thomas Sheridan, a researcher and author on numerous topics. We talk about the synchronicities of terrorist attacks or traumatic events over the past 60 years. Thomas and I also discussed the predatory nature of psychopaths.


We are in the midst of what can be called, dark cause and an even darker effect as causal engineers generate the vexing of evil in order to further their covetous agendas for loyalty that destroys your freedom of choice and your human rights.

If we go into origins and history of words and symbolism in classic mythology, we may learn that perhaps the devil is in the details with regard to how an army of the darkest order has been unleashed on the world.

The United States has seen its share of trauma-based “rituals.” The traumas that have been levied against the American people have been the “Killing of the King Ritual” in Dallas during the JFK assassination, along with the RFK and MLK assassinations, the Manson murders, the death of John Lennon, the son of Sam killings, the siege at Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, the first attacks on the World Trade Center, the Columbine shootings, 911, Sandy Hook shootings, various school and mall shootings, the Las Vegas Massacre and now, the recent asymmetrical terror attack in New York.

Every one of those attacks I mentioned have had eerie symbolism and strange ritual synchronicities associated with them.

While many of the witchy synchronicities have been indicted before in alternative histories, many are still seen as unsolved conspiracies and cover ups.

These patterns are “portends” that reflect diabolical synchronicity or esoterica – this is not by any means a defining solution to what happened with these events as it is a mere look into the possibility of deep occult engineering.

Essentially, we are seeing ominous calling cards and clues that indicate that dark forces seem to be in play.

Moreover, there are always people who claim to be human that find ways to reduce the value of life for those they wish to erase from the planet and if they can get the critical mass to agree, they seal in blood a covenant of murder that they will say binds us together and the trying times are the only times we see just how fit we are as a people.

We can’t be content with peace and tranquility, or pull together when things go right. We have to be told we are only at our best when blood is shed or when tragedy strikes which, once again, seals the deal of a consensus persecution complex and soon a country that does not wish to wage war demands it and washes away their collective guilt in a sea of blood and fire.

It is a sick thought, but so easily entertained in a world that can’t stand the thought of life being sacred for all things. The real vampires and psychopaths will tell you that life is a right for some things and some people, but not all things and not all people.

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