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"For Our White Troubling Molesting Them He Fall Us All Down,
Fri Nov 10, 2017 09:01

"For Our White Troubling And Molesting Them He Fall Us All Down," Judee say.

Caught red-handed by Mercury and Mars attacking us with one thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with 3,200 three hundred kiloton tritium enhanced thermonuclear H bombs. Might we consider that weap Judah falls all of his crowd down himself?

All Bitchie did was to take the telepathic message from Mercury in October of 2011 of what Judah tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and post it on APFN.

"I fell your atmosphere out of here foul dead," Judee say.

Might those sentiments from Judah not tell us we must act?

Rectangle UFO Caught on Photo over Las Vegas
Published: 3:24 PM 11/9/2017

Ufologists recorded photo in Las Vegas...

Very strange UFO rectangular shape with eroded surface observed in the sky over Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, reports Rus.Media.

Witnesses saw a strange unidentified flying object in the sky over Las Vegas on 29 October 2017. Some of the witnesses that were driving and suddenly saw in the sky unidentified rectangular object. Eyewitnesses say that a UFO was very far away from them, but looked quite large.

What might we consider the meta transiliatory message from our elders was to our family in Las Vegas?

How about we try to decode it and make an educated guess?

The large craft, a "UFO rectangular shape with an eroded surface."

The erosion factor in the message, might that suggest a corrosive?

Have we read about how corrosive nuclear waste chemicals are? Might that be what the erosion message is about

After machine gunning some tourists down in the streets of Las Vegas, might the next staged event be planning on turning some corrosive atomic chemicals loose on our family living in the city?

That our elders from outer space flew in to message us, might it indicate a nuclear event is scheduled now for Las Vegas?

One of Judah's favorite desert playgrounds and now he has lost it for his attempts to extinct us with his three-hour nuclear missile attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, might he be planning to leave it permanently as a radioactive waste land so that no one can enjoy it again?

The object suddenly changed shape very quickly and suddenly moved far away, and then disappeared.

The changing of shape, could that indicate something we should think about?

Any ideas on something that changes shape?

Maybe a tent that changes shape when it is inflated?

Might Judee have a construction project going on that is a cover for a nuclear waste dirty bomb being set off in downtown Las Vegas?

Or could the rectangular shape indicate the dirty bomb is coming in on a rectangular container? A semi-trailer?

Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His angels watch over us and alert us to Judah's continuing nuclear waste extermination of us?

Only one curious question about it, did we note who reported it?

Very strange UFO rectangular shape with eroded surface observed in the sky over Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, reports Rus.Media.

Any chance that was a false sighting with a crafted picture? Maybe a chance to get some free publicity for the magazine?

Will Labor not give is our grand juries so that we have our people looking into these things for us giving us the truth?

"I use a gram to right bruise thee. I just have a big package, and you don't listen, so I put you away. I'm a Jew big fist communist to pull you all off of here; I'm always a threat. I bust you especially with a chef for 5% back.

Tumors make you all out for my Judah. Social security lets me separate you with my bottom force. To get my income, I just have a nice dog that's fierce. I'm through now for my palace raid. We use an animal to bust you. Our animal fool has wiped out your futures.

With my gene in 6 months, you fall. Jew seeks pro advice from Switzerland. Your mother Burkes wit fouled, so that's how I take you. I stumbled you with my jails, so that's what let me make war. Your leaving us arrest you gave us our original foul day.

True gentlemen's life has failed. Whites are out of their favorite debts because I was so lousy. You are now a victim of war. Psychology keeps you for more abusive.

We stop acceleration to peaceful rule. Bitch embarrass us for our leadership, that's friends of yours. Bitch told you about New Hampshire and you did nothing, now you're a victim of war. Euro-set I rolled your table.

I've got hell coming in for you because I'm a rotten breed. You've been fouled in a corrupt race here. I pitch a big dog to foul you. We just bushwhack you and push you out, that's our competence truth. My true passion is to get your logic away, but now I'm past.

Gentlemen, you are past your time, I passed you off Druids. We want to core you dodge. I want to core you with a jury out. Iowa watching me, all my threat is dead. Jew police state is inside you. I've got some sacking rights here, I harsh you addle-berg.

When I want to perish you, I just hold you wall. Your police departments methyl. We just exhausted you into paralysis for a wet fall. I just don't think you understand my rules. We sinness you erritic. We've gravely sinned on you.

Our terrorist rapist has just about won you whole. Jew give you a pooch send off. Savak screws nice guys awful right. We mentaled your life false. Contact I hustled, syndicate still taking you out. Stuffed you right rifle," Judee say.

"We've gravely sinned on you."

And how gravely has Judah sinned on Americans?

Are we understanding that our fields are permanently poisoned along with our atmosphere?

And what does Judah want to do here?

"We just want to bash you," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Contact threw West Germany out. 3.09 pm

You let them shut you right off. 3.19 pm


30% failed to shots. 3.33 pm

Go up. 4.18 pm

Germany wholesales. 8.38 pm

Oh, my God, Patrick's fell possibly useless.

Patrick, our tomorrow is a decade away. 10.38 pm

Washing you fantastic. 11.08 pm

Stupid man errored getting the trespassers. 11.13 pm

Luther out. 11.17 pm

Your past relations have obviously scored out. 11.18 pm

Embezzle makes us now.

You cussed them out vastive. 11.32 pm

Druid foolish fouls you. 11.38 pm

Pat, your psyche is clearly molescopy. 11.41 pm

The bank robber is reducing us evilly. 11.49 am

Oh, Pat, you de-psychett thee.

Fear holds you to be ranched out.

They brave us braillity. 11.53

They foul policed us. 11.55 pm

Behavior seeks ya's. 12.00 midnight

Scandal makes us sinfulage.

A vicious fall is staying right.

Circuit right will end the wreckage.

Per-cease them. 12.10 am

West European is obviously out.

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're criminals. 12.23 am

You're chamberly dying fistic. 12.25 am

They're a skinnish field. 12.27 am

They've left you failed fish permanent.

You've strictly left yourselves failed, fish with absolutely no rights.

Scored thee right feared.

They bored you great fish. 2.35 am

Tears you Rice-Burghly. 2.44 am

Stupid mal-a-fit.

This is very bad. 2.47 am

They lead us into bankrupt.

A miracle leads us out of this sphere. 2.52 am

Free energy is powerful stuff.

A gain has stumbled off.

You failed us, showed us your complex was stupid.

He emotes you ever as leaves.

Oh my God how stupid can we be to be destroyed completely?

Fantastic bore failed us.

We're trying to get a deal where God in heaven approves of us.

He scores us victim right.

Captured you all molest.

Oh, Pat, you forced out your hopeful here.

His power is in cover thee. 2.47 am

They passed you rightless store.

They rice our field to fail us out of life form. 2.59 am

A stupid braveheart got them out. 3.27 am

Total, it's eventual they die off. 3.33 am

We cautioned you, transport sport is coming in now. 5.48 am

All around you, they've scored." 5.40 am

Our family, the Galacticans that have had the Federation in operation for nine million years already, with their knowledge of the 78 million years of Prenasaour, is it not highly likely they have seen just about everything? Probably.

Did they not put into our Bibles that a prudent, a wise person ignores an insult? Yes they did put that in our Bibles.

Might that indicate that Bitch fail already has been seen by them in the 87 million years of history in similar circumstances? Yes, that seems likely.

Might that indicate that if the people who feel they were shot dead by Bitch insult think it through and accept what is in our Bibles, to be wise and prudent they will ignore Bitch fail and STRIKE THEM OUT and might we get a miracle yet?

"I shot you entitlement here; I got you sore eyes. When you're a big boy, you won't let me shoot. Your head, I get inside you mort.

Our continental was refused. I just want a Truman die; I want you dead. My lethal was all refused.

Our title is for Jewish fun, so they fall me out. Jew sport you graceless nicely. Wretch is our will. Your leadership has failed, hopelessly we die you hydrogeous. We push you out and make you nuts fallen.

Judah rights die you because we have a mountain way. I just pitch you all persimmon. My tyranny foul shot you and its fall. Because of my natural ways I won't be here no more. I just rice minnows good because I hate you's.

We always get the white kids to do raider. He shut my vessel in Des Moines. Judee's a nice fist with an unusual viceroy. All of your consciousness has fallen," Judee say.

Judah and his sand Reich, will American Labor not help us to close it right?

"We always get the white kids to do raider."

Will American Labor not end Judah ability to get white kids to do raider?

Do we recall a previous Judee facial reverse speech explaining how they get white kids to do raider?

"White children don't have any receipts, so we have them beat you up."

Will Labor not take the authority to issue our receipts of Labor away from Jewish and put it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

The common sense approach to stop the war in our world, does it not seem that to end funding it is the easiest way to do it?

"I devil white man," Judee say.

That reverse facial speech came from what appeared topically to be a generic white man.

Do the white people not yet perceive that we are at the top of the list of people that Jewish wish to destroy?

The white man, the mild people of the north that for thirty thousand years showed no sign of war at all until the sand guys showed up and started using their extension for warring us.

The white Dutch Fornian Replicons that attacked us with a thousand nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will Labor not let them off right?

The "unique" that Judah used often concerning the mild people of the north. Finally, after reading it for years in Judah reverse facial speech, it came through,

The "Unique value of cooperation," is what the mild guys have as the secret as to why whites were the wealthiest people that Judah had come upon in his travels.

Might we consider that it was terrain that brought out the need to cooperate greatly?

And so because of that unique ability to cooperate Judah selected us to be harmed most of all.

His torturing the minnow. Laws passed in England in 1689 said, "never again," And yet Judah widely has Americans torturing our family at home and abroad in our world.

What could it be about us that we don't help others to set them right, so they don't fall into Judah trap to lose their souls sporting our family out here and abroad?

The last fist that Judah has got, the white fist from the northlands. Will American Labor not help us to rightly take Judah white fist away from him the right way, by putting in an existence stipend with something in it for everyone?

"Consider it a God-given right," precious sweet Papa said.

Judah and his white bone breakers that he rules the roost with. Not welcome in the universe with his fist.

Judah, quite aware for thousands of years that high-level Beings do not fight and yet he wanted to destroy us here in war.

That Judah has spent thousands of years to get ahold of us here and with what intent? Is it not seen it was to destroy us all at once?

The jest that he has called government, putting his hit managers into office and on the public dole.

And yet has he not proven effective enough to hold the entire mass of human Beings to fund destroying ourselves for his sport?

"All of your consciousness has fallen," Judee say.

Extraterrestrials from outer space that have stepped in to save us all and Judah is still shooting us nuclear this time with waste paid for on our dollars.

How can it be?

Has our good God not had His angels let us see enough of Judah that we will not act to save ourselves now?

"Occasionally," elder said to the question Bitch asked if they ever have a failure when transitioning a planet out of war into peace.

Even though he lost his continentals after shooting them at us, Judah figuring that he could still kill us all by poisoning out the entire surface of planet earth with only a few of his dirty bomb Jewish electricity plants, and what happened to his dream?

Instead, our elders from outer space shut down over forty of his dirty bomb power plant shots in only the last few years now.

Bitch heard telepathically yesterday that if Judah shoots our electric power grid down, we will quickly begin building high power velocity circuits to get us back up and running again.

Have we not been warned for years of loss of our power grid?

Yes, we have had repeated warnings that it could come down any day on us.

And if it is physically knocked down might it not be down for an extended period? It could be.

With no electricity to run our furnaces might we not face some real cold weather inside?

Speaking of hearing telepathically, Bitch just heard from Sir Jason and Sir Morris's telepathic voice mailboxes. Here are the messages they sent today:

"The range is now out spoiled; the cats will be taking you away soon. Operation duds stole you away from family.

You're only customers for a steal game, change to a new strategy."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

A new strategy Labor a strategy of peace. Will you not make it happen?

"We just fist the white all over for free; they're muppets. The Irishman app us because we could never boom him," Judee say.

Again, the speaker appeared to be white that said that in reverse facial speech.

Might we try to recognize that Jewish have their Fornian Replicon look-alikes in every community?

With unlimited free money available to them from American Labor letting them issue our money secretly, do we see how they are able to purchase so much mayhem into our world?

"We put you in mini trance whore," Judee say.

What does the Israeli psychologist know about sex that they use it to war so well with? Have they really put us in a mini-trance?

While watching the international news a couple of delegates to the TPP conference spoke to the press and here's what one of them said in reverse facial speech:

"We've got them set right to push them in."

More from the international news said in facial RS:

"I've got some hydrogen; I'm going to screw Drupis. We penetrate with new spider bomb; we're always quite risky. Europe is quite damaged by my right. I'm gonna leave grease right, bruised. My fool relationship will proceed because bourse wins."

Will American Labor not take bourse away from Jewish and end this fool bruise relationship we are in?

Will American Labor not end Jewish ability to always win by taking away the unlimited free American Labor money?

The bourse, are we seeing that's what allows them always to win and win their miracles of putting us in?

Continues at

"Bitch has busted up my war department because I scoffed you with my false. Without the white guy,

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