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"Because You're An Eye Man it Affords Us to Rape You; Too We
Sat Nov 11, 2017 09:35

"Because You're An Eye Man it Affords Us to Rape You; Too Weak," Judee say.

The optical that Judee uses to hold us from acting to free ourselves from Jewish. Will we not pray for the maturity of Labor to step in and take over management here?

Have the merchant's rights crowd not demonstrated that they are not to be trusted with management?

Used our purse to build enough nuclear blast force to kill trillions of us and permanently poison out the surface of our planet leaving it dead.

Then they went for it and tried to kill us all in a three-hour shot.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to God our Father for having His angels spare us extinction from weap Jew on thermonuclear missiles and free American Labor bourse?

Conscious, definition:

Aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. Having the mental faculties fully active: aware of what one is doing:

The conscious, Psychoanalysis. the part of the mind comprising psychic material of which the individual is aware

"All of your consciousness has fallen," Judee say.

How have we failed to perceive our extinction is at hand?

Our removal from life form, passing away of our ability to reproduce ourselves. Is Judah correct or not? Must we not prevent all of our consciousness from being fallen?

A video of a large UFO following a small UFO over mountains just outside of Los Angeles in Rowland California.

UFO Hunters on High Alert after Sighting over California

That these two UFOs were flying over a mountain range East of Los Angeles, can we only wonder what our elders from outer space might we trying to communicate to us?

Maybe we should take a look at the mountains to see if any of our nuclear war fighting hobbyists are going inside now?

As we are set to be poisoned to death with our children in the hundreds of millions over the next five years, might the nuclear war fighting hobbyists be making their way into the safety of their underground mountain hideouts?

"All of your consciousness has fallen," Judee say.

The awareness of our surroundings, our beautiful nation being poisoned in an all-out nuclear brimstone waste war of aggression.

To kill us with nuclear waste pollution. Is there not a prayer to be said that will awaken our consciousness to perceive just how completely we are being destroyed by weap Judah?

As we continue to allow weap Judah to issue our money, he sets in place his transports to haul us away in the millions while simultaneously poisoning our air and our fields and water supply in a multiple of ways.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

As our beautiful nation is being destroyed and we and our children are being poisoned out of life form can we not pray for Americans to ask God for wisdom?

Will Americans not ask God to give us the ability to perceive that we are being exterminated in an all-out nuclear war that we are funding against ourselves?

Tele receives:

"Our genus died for funding Molestberg. 4.28 pm

You're sad. 5.27 pm

Their terrorist title is not perceived. 5.23 pm

Their nest egg score me, your pushing helped. 6.27 pm

Get a lawsuit. 6.28 pm

Masters fouled us. 6.38 pm

Get them out; they failed thee, miser.

They're trying to remove the brain off of us.

You're pretty much an agreeable. 6.44 pm

They're errors that sold us out.

Rightless. 10.44 pm

Jews fell in; they're ricing us out.

You failed in a number of ways.

Failed yourself falsely. 12.47 am

We died for ruinability.

Wake yourself; they're going to fall you out of life.

The scientist is telling you the truth.

Peace is shattered.

Pat's served us fearless. 12.56 am

Stupid air is dying your vesicle.

Particles out.

Nice fool your face they do.

Patrick, they just fish.

Sullivan did make them go in.

Your scientist failed to save us.

He combats mentally.

The technical animates them.

Thugs that bust you.

It is an advertising push that is good.

We're losing our deal complete die, stupid fail.

You saved your life forces only to die yourselves out.

Liberation the scientist history has failed.

Patrick helps us hugely.

Patrick's a fall less sight.

Patrick has fouled life forces out.

Luxury falsed us out of life form.

Lead us for sour die.

Perfect cripple missile force.

Your computer has failed to save us.

Vintage Jews threat you.

You die fisty, thee end.

Carriage is glad they met you.

Druids died a field sale.

You died yourselves off this place.

Contact is venerable.

Contact will eventually close them out.

For luxury you assault yourself.

Purse snatching is their management.

Life is folded piston.

Her highness fired us thief.

We're melting Rex ax.

Too fist, we're frying. 2.25 am

Faker passed us; we left them hike our field.

Fully conned, you're out.

Patrick stays somehow belief.

They falsed us out completely.

Your life is falling now.

You failed to stop the assault upon you. 2.54 am

Your luncheon is reduced now. 2.56 am

Patrick, you failed to fetch us rightly. 3.17 am

Our life force is out of this place for forgery. 3.47 am

You're in." 4.30 am

"I stuppage bummed you. My geminals offend, I hate you walls. I true fall your state filthy. If you have a bourse head, we mort you in. I just have vibes that wreck-a-rate you.

Because of Bitch, we're out because we did too much sin. I'm going Pino-check, it's the end of my time. For fright, you fell munistic. We just conquer right to spin. We death you wall wit. The Druid's going to get me because of my German fools," Judee say.

Judah's fools in Germany's nuclear war-fighting industries. Might the Druid not yet get them all out of here right?

Our banker bombers, insurance sports. Our torture chamber sports, Will Labor not help retire master out of here right?

Judee sport Employers hire guys and after a few months when the insurance claim is legally clear hires other guys to shoot out the worker so they can get rich on our corpse.

Should we not want to consider the relationship between workers and employers?

And with unlimited free money from Labor in Judah cult private hands, have not seen first hand how the checks and balances of the American system no longer work?

Notorious mousers in all communities, when they get spotted, they merely ghost away. Will Labor not put our rights in so that the families of the victims of weap Judah state sport can be properly compensated for their losses?

Have we not seen how Judah uses his cages and war to get our rights away from us so that he can sport wildly?

"Our genus died for funding Molestberg. 4.28 pm

For our continuing involvement in Jewish sin are we understanding our good God may let us be died out right by Judah on brimstone waste?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2= 4," Papa said.

The basic facts of who it is that issues our money that is the difference between life and death. Will Labor not add up 2+2 and decide it is 4, and take the cash away from the guy that only scores?

"You're involved in sin; your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you, the angels said.

James 1:4 Allow perseverance to finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6 But he must ask in faith, without doubting, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

While Bitch has failed Father and has not been able to bring Father's children to heed Faher's thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR, must we not have faith that Labor will respond before we are permanently closed out of life form?

Could elders not have gauged Bitch properly to be able to convince Labor to save us?

With what elders have said, might we not consider they have gauged Bitch correctly? That is do we recall when Bitch figured out in July of 1997 that the plan from the beginning of the nuclear age was to exterminate us all with nuclear weapons and "B" said to Bitch right at the moment he connected he dots and understood that momentous truth: "If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed?"

So if they knew Bitch mental state so accurately in 1997, might they not have computer simulated that Judah would try to pull Bitch out of his house and in an unreasoning fit of rage Bitch would scowl at the people and insult them?

Sure, they would have known that long ago from their computer simulations of Bitch and how he would react.

So if elders knew this then why did they not give the news of the all-out nuclear attack that Judah did to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to someone other than Bitch?

Might it be that Judah has so thoroughly killed us off that there just was not anybody left to give the message to the people?

"He remained true to me," Father said of His shill Bitch.

Bitch has not accepted any of their war and imprisonment schemes since he first began to think about it in 1965.

Though it took Bitch another forty-five years or so to identify who it is, that is behind all of the war in our world.

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights," God, our Father in heaven, said of weap Judah and his Fornian Replicon breed.

And to consider that if not for extraterrestrials schooling Bitch in how to read the facial reverse speech, he would never have discovered the group that has been known previously as "Crypto Jews."

The Crypto-Jews that historically allied themselves with the criminal elements in every land they go too.

The Crypto-Jew people we perceive today as Fornian Replicon look-alikes that occupy all the offices of state in every land worldwide.

And how did they so completely take over the entire surface of planet earth?

Might we see it was when they privatized the Organizing Principle of American Society in 1913, the authority to issue the money made good by American Labor, they were wealthy enough to buy all of the war that they wanted?

"This is a fasci nation it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force; it is no more, put them out they're criminals." God Almighty said to us all.

Our new nation to be that was offered a constitution that came about after two years of work, from 1787 until 1789, when the newly drafted constitution was rejected out of hand because it did not have a Bill of rights in it.

An agreement was made and for two years the states examined it and voted to put the first ten amendments to our constitution, our Bill of rights in as the law of our new land.

In 1789 the historical labor racketeering issue of slavery was pushed aside and left for future generations to figure out how to fix.

Many who have looked at our history see the civil war as the beginning of the war crimes cartel that has taken over America, and with it the world.

And if we look real closely do we recall how in 1858 Judah defeated our history and our law of using Jury trials to hear the facts and make the calls when his appointed clerks overthrew a jury decision that set a worker free?

The supreme clerks in 1858 that rearrested an honest, innocent working man that had been freed by a jury, and returned him to his captors to allow them to continue stealing his labor.

Might we see in the supreme clerks getting away with busting our right to jury trials it was the beginning of the end of the United States of America?

Now that Jewish have run amock in the world with their putting the entire world into war, will we not now close them out of our nation and the world somehow?

The concession to issue our money. Can Labor not become interested enough to prevent us from being totally done out of our beautiful nation?

"If you don't get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed," the elder said.

"They falsed us out completely. Faker passed us, we left them hike our field. Luxury falsed us out of life form. Their terrorist title is not perceived. 5.23 pm Our genus died for funding Molestberg." 4.28 pm

Might this be the fact?

"Their terrorist title is not perceived."

That they are fleeing into their well-prepared mountain shelters to finish dying us off cabling sports war in all countries, machine gunning us down on our streets, can it be true, their terrorist is not perceived?

"It's an escape. 5.14 am

Tear them out. 5.43 am

A straight die." 5.54 am

The first Tele receive, "it's an escape."

Bitch had the sense that Tele receive was an opinion concerning the UFO sighting over Rowland California.

A small bright UFO leading a big UFO. Might that indicate "It's an escape?"

The mountains the UFOs flew over. Might Judah be in there with his millions of partners in crime protecting themselves from the war that they are escalating against us now?

Might we consider that there is no physical force needed to get them off us rather it is withdrawing the force of our Labor long enough to take the concession to issue our money away from them to save ourselves?

The $100 trillion dollar economy we can have with our advanced technology online and bringing into employment the nearly half of our unemployed working force that is available and ready for serving us all.

Will Labor not give us our full employment peace economy?

The automated buses that are up and running on our city streets now. Travel along at 15 miles per hour. Will Labor not put our stipend in for all the bus drivers in our cities whose services may not needed any longer in the near future?

The WAR Labor, are we not aware that is how Judah subordinates the rest of us to exploitation at the hands of the dominant classes?

Do we recall that weap Judee hired the freebooters, the predecessors to his Nazis to shoot budget Judee Karl Liebknecht in the back for telling us that?

The organized group of criminals that have passed every spending bill presented to buy the nuclear weapons to kill us all with. Will Labor not let them off right?

Bitch posts on his daily test page and listens for Tele comments about what he puts up there.

After posting there yesterday, he heard a Tele receive informing him something was not good.

So he pulled two things out that Judah revealed about the Englishmen and British that he sports us with.

There was one reverse facial speech from Judee that Bitch looked at a couple of times that he left in, and that apparently was the thing he should have pulled out. Here it is:

"You've been fouled in a corrupt race here."

How would you read that?

The Bitch read it as a corrupt, foul race to the goal post. The corrupt fight to win no matter what.

Hope it is read that way as that is how it is intended.

"This guy's enlightening us about grease thugs." 7.32 am

Will American Labor not take the purchasing power away from weap Judah for what he has done to us?

For what he is doing to us will we not take our purchasing power away from the privatized hands of their cannibal cult?

Have we not made ourselves aware that they are certain that they have rights that we don't have?

The right to cage and kill us. The right to bribe employees of the state to allow it to happen, free bribes to hire accomplices to commit the sins they perpetrate against us.

Will Labor not cut these guys off right?

Isaiah 9:14 Therefore, in a single day the LORD will destroy both the head and the tail, the noble palm branch and the lowly reed.

The noble palm branch, might that be their high-level political operatives?

Continues at

And the lowly reed, might that be their Fornian Replicon offspring that puts the can on the shelf when we come into the store

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    • "Because You're An Eye Man it Affords Us to Rape You; Too We — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Nov 11 09:35
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