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"I Just made You Permanently Gone, That's A Sole Truth. You
Mon Nov 13, 2017 09:38

"I Just made You Permanently Gone, That's A Sole Truth. You Let Me Toss You. We Want You Failed. Patrick Saws Me out," Judee say

Might Judah not have sawed himself out?

Do we recall all that Patrick did was blow the horn on what Judee did in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

And what did Judee do in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Do we recall that he attacked the lower 48 with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of atomic blast fire to take our race away?

Are we understanding that the mission Judah gave himself thousands of years ago was to hold us with war until he could exterminate the mass of the human race in total?

Our good God that had His angels step in and pull all of Judah's thermonuclear missiles out of the sky that night of June 11, 2011. Will we not respond to the love of God and end funding the last Jewish extermination of our race?

Tele receives:

"It's a permanent end. 8.12 am

FORE! 8.13 am

Stupid righteous tossed them out of here because they die kids. 8.37 am

Our push out failed. 8.58 am

Amazing. 12.46 pm

Sin phony. 1.11 pm

They're stripping thee well. 1.20 pm

Bitch cost you right state. 3.46 pm

We lost our oxygen rights right. 6.07 pm

The cannibal life has rused us filth. 6.09 pm

A dog has miced us well. 6.10 pm

They've stripped us of our livelihoods. 6.11 pm.

Patrick, lead us children to take them out. 6.15 pm

This is a wake; you died your families. 6.22 pm

Insanities make fortunes.

They failed your narrowness. 7.36 pm

You're out of your place, so you'll be ash site.

Rifle cased you's.

They just won out.

They sold us Patrick out of sight.

Feel outrage, melt you weaped here.

Trampled by freeze.

Fear your conscience for what your state has done to us. 10.38 pm

Investors proceed.

Insulted your race, dying your race off. 10.49 pm

You seem an acceptable breed.

Warning, you have impositions filed against you.

They merch us correctious.

You've been all thoroughly management failed, falsing out yourselves. 12.11 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, they just have a wish to punish you's. 12.45 am

You life forces are up field.

Memories have ruined us. 1.08 am

You're in a cataster right hell. 48 hours can make you die shame-us.

Detective true fells.

White man assaults you in numistic.

You obviously out yourself.

Refused for cash.

Exhaust dies you off.

Save your life forces.

We've been goose-stepped, died total.

A criminal ever dies us.

Sealed for stuppage.

Life forces savaged right.

Sap all over and done.

Their tyr arrange void you out. 2.05 am

The professor wants them out of the field and cheery rule.

ORGANIZE for your sight. 2.21 am

The white man is divorcing himself. 2.43 am

Pull em" 2.53 am

"I have insurance to app you. You failed my foul, fade you fair. If I image you, I perish you right. With my chance, I'll rice you out before you sue. I give you just absolute psycho.

I see my life with science; he throws my fist off. You let us cap-us you. I'll use you painfulness until the time of a grand jury. They shoot me Christ child, images move.

For my interest I just roll your vitamins, that's why I have you fighting Muslims. We cite you an embarrassment complete. With Jew excitement you have syphilis. H----- chase us right, and my prints have been found," Judee say.

Might we not want to consider that Father let Judah chase himself right? Have we not found Judah's prints of when he attacked us with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads that he shot at us on the backs of one thousand Boeing missile airframes?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from the nuclear war fighting Talmudists?

Threatened in ways that apparently are not perceived by the people. The wipeout of our race in only five more years. Sickened and died off by breathing radioactive waste contaminated air.

"I gave you everything," Papa said to us.

The two thousand year warning in our Bibles of what the beast would do when it was time for him to leave us. Brimstone to take us out.

The 'Deuce' that collaborates with the 5% criminals of the Druids. Does that not leave us with 92% of the rest of us to do something about the 7% that are fully criminalized on us?

15% that are the grips. Might we understand they will serve whoever it is that writes them a check?

The remaining 77% that provide the productive labor in our society. And only about half of us are in the workforce because that's how Judah sets up his economy.

So about 40% of us workers that provide the wealth that we enjoy. Might we understand that our 40% of productive Labor has the power to peaceably STOP THE WAR?

Do we see it is no longer a question of how hard we worked to earn the living that has given us the nice things we enjoy, it is if we don't help ourselves to stop the nuclear war that Jewish is waging against us we and our children will perish out now?

"Warning, you have impositions filed against you."

The false filings that Judah has in his secret police files against the Bitch. Will labor not put our rights in so that our grand juries can hear all about it?

Are we aware that we have a right to clean air when our rights are in?

Our air that is lethally contaminated and will poison us and our children out of life form.

The record-holding genocide that Jewish has put on the mild people of the north. The Holmodor, death by starvation, the hunger plague of our family in the Ukraine a century ago.

The Fornian replicon hybrid transplant look alike Joseph Stalin who did what he could to destroy the mild people of the north.

If only Americans had not been forced into the first world war by Jewish, might the rise of Stalin have never happened?

Might we understand that the whole sorry state of planet earth is due to Jewish Talmudists taking over the Organizing Principle of the United States of America in 1913?
The Fornian Replicon hybrid Jewish Russian transplant Mikhail Suslov that attacked us with nuclear missiles in 1968 in an attempt to trigger a full-blown nuclear war of extinction between America and Russia.

Mikhail Suslov was the Soviet Communist Party chief theorist.

Red Star Rogue & UFO Connection

In his 2005 book "Red Star Rogue " Kenneth Sewell reveals the attempt by the diesel-powered Russian submarine K-129 to launch a nuclear missile on Pearl Harbor naval station thereby provoking an all-out nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

The sub was a rogue executing a furtive mission to provoke a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and China. As Sewell presents it, the KGB commandeered the sub, K-129, with the intention of delivering a nuclear strike on Pearl Harbor. The audacious plan -- masterminded by KGB Boss Yuri Andropov (1914-1984) and his mentor, Mikhail Suslov.

In Sewell's book "Red Star Rogue" it is speculated that a nuclear prevention device triggered the missile to deactivate itself causing a fire that sunk the Russian submarine.

Have we given any thought to how many decades Jewish have been menacing our existence with their nuclear missiles?

Have we given much thought to the false war theory as related to our existence?

The hawking of the war investors. Will Labor not do us better?

The joy of peace and goodwill among all the people everywhere rather than a world at eternal war for the sport of Jewish fellas.

"I gave you everything," our good God said.

Our lives that precious sweet Father gave us, does that not mean anything to Americans at all?

"They've completely ignored me Father said.

Saved our lives numerous times by having His angels pull the genocidal nuclear blast shots off of us.

Will American Labor not respond to the love of our good God Almighty and stop the Jewish sports war and genocide?

"I use a video salve to extinguish you in a hearse. I haven't got any more brains; I'm through. Principal people have insurance liturgy. Jew won't be here for criticism, he's out," Judee say.

This failed dictatorship of the fasci Talmudists. Will Labor not let it go? The millions of innocents dead in the last few decades due to us letting Talmudists use the purse of the American workers.

You shall not hate in your heart anyone of your kin; you shall reprove your neighbor, or you will incur guilt yourself. Leviticus 19:17

To reprove the Talmudists, will Labor not revoke their privileges to issue unlimited amounts of our Labor money secretly for anything they want to use it for?

Their torturers' sale, will Labor not protest their purity?

What about this Tele Receive overnight?

"Fear your conscience for what your state has done to us." 10.38 pm

Can we only wonder who sent that Tele receive in?

The over 60 million of our family that we have bombed and burned down their houses and put them homeless on the run since President Bush started this round of sport war in 1991. Is there not some sense that we are set for one hell of a just comeuppance?

"I fall you down with proof," Judee say.

Can we wonder if that is "proof" as in evidence he is talking about, or "proof" as in 90 proof whiskey?

Do the ordinary people not yet perceive just how massive is our going away that Judah has set for us this time?

Proverbs 12:16 A fool's displeasure is known at once, but whoever ignores an insult is sensible.

Will Labor not heed that good advice from the Bible and ignore Bitch stumble, his sin of insult and try it?

As to the terrible lies, Judah has spread about Bitch, might Labor not consider Father finds Bitch useful?

"You're a nice boy," Father said to Bitch.

Did nice boy Bitch not help Americans with our civics lesson learning about the deals that Judah was doing in the back room of Maxwell?

The rape rooms that tyrannies have in their police stations in Jewish controlled lands.

Will Labor not let them off right?

Paul wrote: Admonish the idlers, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with all of them. 1 Thessalonians 5:14

Will Labor not give us all a chance?

Their chapel that they used to take apart the best chance for the children of God on earth, the United States of America on our wonderful Bill of Rights.

"Try to perceive me; I love you. I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck. Why didn't you try it?" Our good God Almighty asked us.

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the STRIKE.

Is there a consensus on why you didn't try it Labor?

"They've pushed the button, and you've done nothing."

A Tele receive heard several times.

"The professor won for seeing me, but you guys are dead for not seeing me," Judee say.

And what did the professor see other than the plan to use nuclear blast weapons on us in 1965?

While some may be happy that our extraterrestrial family pulled Judah's nuclear blast shots off of us and wanted to let it go at that, are we understanding that it is up to us to get the nuclear brimstone waste shots off of us?

"They breeze softee. STRIKE your blindness.

They take your caution out; they leave your babies weapicles."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic voicemailbox messages today.

The successful use of war to destroy the rights of the American people. Will Labor not recognize the game they have played here and take the Organizing principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, away from them?

"The strategy is to discourage you with 5% wit. My sign makes all peace tumble except for the Mick. We bruise you out our days as if you're cattle. The scientist professes Jew crazy. 1% opp your day faulty.

I'm just awful happy you fell. Because I scored you April, they made my fear die. We screw your right bulb, portable voltage. This super guy sees my contest, he sees my mental fall.

I prejudice you to pass you all off. I'm a waitress to accomplish you all fish receipt. I push you with my pipe; I sport abuse, that's my truth. Because I sin I always offend nice guys. My day is over, I'm canceled out for fault head," Judee say.

The so-called "Accident at Fukushima." Are we aware that was no accident, it was the firing of a brimstone waste nuclear artillery piece at us that is still being fired at us until this day?

Can we not pray that Labor will connect the dots and take the concession to issue our money away from these menacing Talmudists that hate us complete?

"Druid, I'm going to push you big with my beer war power, I take your rights away. Jew arrangement is luxury where I put you in. My favorite is to fool you. I'm a thief and a fraud.

I'm not usable, so I make you fall. We hang mercy. You sight our tourist sin, you pull our function. We just use Michigan rules to push minnows. My funeral days are out for my transport. Because of our relation, Jew dies because of our terrorist fist scam of you's.

I do apples in my summer fun. Because of my missile right you have a scientist who doesn't want war. The white guys for my century did corrupt Jew for my force; I'm about to fall bad," Judee say.

"Will Labor not step in and help Judah bad to fall off right?

"Jewie invented the smelly age. Jew spike you real early." A non-Judah said in a facial reverse speech.

Trump personally asked Xi Jinping to help resolve case of UCLA basketball players arrested in China
By David Nakamura November 13

Three UCLA basketball players were arrested Nov. 7 in Hangzhou, China, on suspicion of shoplifting. LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill were accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)

Bitch did some reverse facial speech on the players and their managers over the arrest on suspicion of shoplifting. Here it is:

"My sign stages a lot. We want to set this sell good. This is Judee race-a-sphere to cop the Irishman. This is a rice frontal message. We foul you with a face weapin'.

Cash will set you in. Halt you rude. This is part of our foul opps to give freedom a push. Pat's told you you're survivors of Loomis. This is part of our psyche Judas bubbles. This is to set a nice boy to do famous. We range war your body here."

Did we note that Judas intelligence operation was staged with the nice boy in mind?

Did we note the ballplayers were purportedly arrested on suspicion of shoplifting?

Might we understand that suspicion of shoplifting was staged with Fornian Replicon Judah Chinese police officials?

Might we note that when our rights are in, there is no such thing as an arrest on suspicion in American law?

While on the subject of how Judee stages things, did some of us notice how the former president was called up and reported to the courthouse for jury duty?

Are we aware that when our rights are in jury duty is voluntary, there is no duty to serve on one or to make an appearance?

Might the staging be to try to convince Americans that because they send a court summons, an American need appear?

Will Labor not put our rights in and end Judah hiring staging of us?

Will Labor not accept what our good God has said about Judah, "They have no defensible rights?"

"They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm. They've poisoned my village; I want them off." Our Savior, the sovereign of planet earth, our good God Almighty said of the end of Judah force in His village.

Will we not pray that Labor finds a way to decide to STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

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Monday, November 13 — Psalm 123
Ezekiel 48:23–Daniel 1:21; 1 John 3:1–10
Chief Elder Festival† — Ezekiel 34:11–16,23–24; Psalm 8
Hebrews 4:14–16; John 10:1–10
Relieve the troubles of my heart, and bring me out of my distress. Psalm 25:17
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