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"They're Taking Us Out And Bitch Mushed The Alliance." They
Thu Nov 16, 2017 09:27

"They're Taking Us Out And Bitch Mushed The Alliance."

They're, out but Labors not in. Our die continues.

The strange flash that lit up the Phoenix night sky: Unexplained light captured on security cameras

A mysterious bright flash tore across the Phoenix sky last night, sparking fresh fears of UFOs and alien invaders.

The remarkable object was spotted by numerous people in the area, with reports streaming in from Arizona and the surrounding states, including California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.

VIDEO 0.21 at:

With unlimited free money from American Labor, much chance weap Judah will end attacking us with thermonuclear warheads as we see over Phoenix the night of November the 14th, a few days ago?

For those that look at the video, maybe note the other object that is traveling some distance from the warhead. Might we perceive that was put there by our extraterrestrial elders so that we can perceive that that nuclear warhead is in their control?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God for sparing us from nuclear blast war?

Can we not say prayers that American Labor will end funding the nuclear brimstone waste war that Judah is successfully shooting at us?

When presenting that Phoenix fireball in the sky story a news broadcaster said in reverse facial speech the words, "Berlin, West Germany."

Might we surmise that was who shot that nuclear warhead at us?

If that is so would a certain number of people not have to know what that fireball was and had some radar data indicating the true nature of it and its flight path informing us where it came from?

Certainly, many people know exactly what that fireball was. Might they not want to say anything lest they lose their paycheck?

Are we seeing that if we want to have any chance of surviving the nuclear war that weap Judah is successfully waging against us, we will need to get the concession to issue Americas Labor money out of their private hands and into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole?

And how do we get Labor to be the party that issues our money?

Is there any doubt that weap Judah will hand over the concession to issue our money after a general STRIKE?

Judah reverse speech has indicated for many years that they are expecting Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT.

Can we only pray that Labor will do it, STRIKE THEM OUT?

This reverse facial speech statement was in yesterdays post.

"Tomorrow we shoot baker."

And how many ways might we read that subconscious thought?

Could it be a person named Baker?

Or could it be a person that is employed as a baker?

Bitch perceived it as the Baker act commitment.

Have we heard of the Baker act that is used for the involuntary commitment to a mental institution?

The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891[1] (2009 rev.)), commonly known as the "Baker Act," allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual.

The act was named for a Florida state representative from Miami, Maxine Baker.

Have we not read of how the old Soviet Union used mental health commitment to imprison political dissenters to shut them up?

In American law are we not aware that a clerk cannot carry a charge forward without a grand jury making the determination first of whether or not there is "probable cause' that a crime has been committed?

Are we aware that in American Law only a jury can determine if a person has a mental illness that requires involuntary commitment?

"Tomorrow we shoot baker."

Might we only wonder does that reverse speech indicate that Judee was set to skin someone out of their wealth by using the Baker act to get them taken out of their house and put into a mental health facility long enough to steal their property?

Might it be some wealthy elderly person that is ripe for the picking?

Do we see how Judee uses the legislature to lay traps for the unwary using words claiming the best of intentions?

Did some of us note the Baker act was used to give Sarasota deputy Frank Bybee fifteen years in jail for having retired NewYork school teacher Marcia Sohl committed under the provisions of the Baker act?

A law inserted and passed by the Florida legislature in 1971, the Baker act, might we see it is not of American law but a Communist Soviet type law?

Once Judah and his judges involuntarily commit a person, have we not repeatedly seen how after the victim is drugged in their mental, health facilities they return home to slay their family or their neighbors?

Does Labor see that once you have the authority to issue American Labor money, they'll be no more drugging and chipping of people anymore and using them for Jewish sport?

Judge sentences former deputy Frank Bybee to 15 years in prison
Bybee’s attorney, Ronald Kurpiers, said his client will suffer from the decisions he made for the rest of his life, and that since his arrest in January, he has been treated deplorably.

“He went through hell for the first 60 to 90 days of his incarceration,” Kurpiers said. “He was not allowed to wear clothes — he wore a turtle suit (a tear-resistant, one-piece garment that prevents inmates from using the clothing to kill themselves). The lights were on 24/7. He was given bologna sandwiches and lost 30 pounds in 60 days.

“There were times he would shower and it’d be a shower filled with feces — he was treated like an animal.”

The shower filled with feces. And who does that sound like? Might we understand how Jewish have earned the name the "Stool culture?"

'Bybee’s attorney, Ronald Kurpiers, said his client will suffer from the decisions he made for the rest of his life...

Might it be the decisions Frank made that led him to sue the chief of police for taking him out of detective status and putting him back on patrol duties that he will regret for the rest of his life?

The ease that deputy Frank was set up, framed right and put away to possibly lose his life, should we all not take note of just why our founding fathers would not agree to create a government without a Bill of Rights in the Constitution?

Americans now with all the rights of Stalin's Russia. Hitlers Germany. Pol Pot's Cambodia.

With our rights in might, we see that we would be able to go to a legitimate American courtroom and get the radar data to learn where that warhead came from that our extraterrestrial elders and saviors safely burst off high over Phoenix the other night?

If only our American Bill of Rights were in might we see that clerks would not be able to arrest Deputy Frank without a grand jury first hearing the allegations against him and determining if there was Probable cause that a crime had been committed?

A man facing life in prison and only six jurors allowed to hear the case. Might that small number make it easy to get weap Judah Fornian Replicons to pack the jury to ensure he was found guilty?

And for other shows in Florida, if only a grand jury had heard about Zimmerman and Trayvon. Might they have figured out Trayvon was a Fornian Replicon who was not shot at all, he merely had to ghost and so they doubled up pretending that Zimmerman shot him?

The two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that Zimmerman sold his gun for at auction. Might we wonder who paid Zimmerman that much for that gun?

Do we see how Judah can pay his bribes to make them look legal?

Might the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars gifted to Zimmerman not be traced back to all the free money that American Labor lets Judah have to play his sport on us?

"Always opp racial," Judee say.

Are the American people aware of how the authority to issue our money in Jewish private hands has allowed them to do their scam on us?

If so might we understand why our good God Almighty wants the Organizing Principle of Society out of the hands of Jewish and into the hands of honest, ordinary everyday working people?

The Organizing Principle of Society. The concession to issue our cash.

Might we understand the Organizing Principle is the authority to issue our abstract receipts of Labor that Jewish took away using the corrupt legislature, courts, and executive in 1913 and used to put us into eternal sports war for their entertainment and profit?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Is it not clear that they have lost their claim to being God's chosen people for their opposition to God's plan that His children live in peace?

"They're no friends of mine. I died then truthful. They have NO defensible rights. They did not bend in the wind so now they will break in the storm. They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Will Labor not hear the love of God for His long-suffering children on earth and help us to close Judah beast out of our world right?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let them off right?

Tele receives

"They pushed it. 6.11 pm

Their feuds are off. 6.42 pm

You were kept in the dolts-ment. 6.44 pm

They're firing us abusively. 6.45 pm

They're taking us out and Bitch mushed the alliance.

Nice. 6.51 pm

It's a foul to flush you failed. 7.20 pm

They're goofy, they're the goofiest kids. 7.25 pm

Oh, Patrick, they've bored us fire routine. 11.21 pm

His theory wraps up his journey.

Their mental to danger us passed on. 11.24 pm

We risk site rinsed. 12.35 am

Take them off, they pedal bad.

A jeery relationship.

WE catas ourselves.

Your originals failed a sane right.

Survival function you failed. 1.36 am

They close thee off this place.

Get them out, a jury will detach us.

They suffer us goof.

Sadly you're crippled out.

Cipher fell Druid, luxury fell you much.

Your politics finds you failed.

A stupid deal here where we destroy ourselves.

Father has learned the 'GD' thief has forced you out.

You're exhausting out your fair life.

Discredited, a hubris fault.

Ricer has adjusted you fatally.

Stupid failed your life forces. 2.16 am

Fail time close you 40%.

Oh my God, a funeral misting.

Patrick sight resists us, family.

Stupidly your life has failed by decision.

Kennel views fault yourself.

Dutified function has failed.

You're serious fails here going croker.

Syrian nation makes us fools.

They hike us field.

You're boring out yourself on usury. 2.28 am

Your stumble passed us. 2.29 am

Arranged gruesome for obvious reasons.

A mass felony you died here New Jersey.

You shot your child too through. 2.32 am

Complete contamination you swiftly fell.

We're obvious lethaled. 2.33 am

ORGANIZE, diaper has offended you.

Our situation staged you outstation, you obviously died yourself off. 2.35 am

Fortunes fell dispirited. 2.38 am

You failed thee out fisters.

Your singed life is folded up portly. 2.44 am

Your psyche was staged failed, you're sad. 2.47 am

You lost your life force to Jewish mental ment. 2.55 am

They invaded you and made your force field fall. 3.01 am

For algebra STRIKE THEM OUT 4.43 am

They bilge us." 4.52 am

"We hazily munch you. I carry on my official because of the dog food I sold you. Nice scaring you out with ease. Brutal's a rough offend. Your friend is more stupid than sweet; he cites you.

I just drizzle and hike em. Druid I just assault with my force, you got a small cranium. We've got a force for spin-manship. Our pompous invention falls us our day completely.

My big problem was half your journey. Our ecology simmers down your useful. They failed to take our teepee away. Extortions away on a free hand. White guys I have thrown you dumb.

My function Jew set failed. My perma-sight difference is going away. Theresa is going to give us three or four more months waste performance here. You have been exposed to Iowa, but I've continued my shoot because I'm corrupt," Judee say.

Will we not keep praying that American Labor does not give them any more months of their waste performance and will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"In debts, they fail us. 5.37 am

Stupid errors were a fair win. 6.43 am

Your mouse is now coming out for dies breeze. 6.49 am

Diz senters. 6.58 am

They're throwing us on air force here.

It's real fall faulted. 7.02 am

Steer me. 7.03 am

They failed us pure rifless." 7.24 am

"Steer me." 7.03 am

Heard that while passing a bus early today.

Will Labor not get into this and help steer us before we have absolutely no chance to survive and are forced out of existence inhaling brimstone nuclear waste?

"Our fooly force fetched us in. We fight Africa from Switzerland with our prejudice. I took you out in my day with one laboratory corrept. Because of my big way H----- chumpas me.

I'm hoping next time I mouse rat, you human. I still stay right with enforcement rule. Because the nice boy has fallen off, I'm just making more war. A dog has allowed Jew to war you to death.

Edgewise I'm a horny spirit, they pulled me out right.
College boy got rid of our breed. We're going to put you into the X dimension. With our basil ways, we were always dumb. Our criminal way invests you.

With pooch, I pushed you out on your ass and shot your kidney. Bitch spot my idea false and ditched right. Peace boy I'm just set to confuse. He outed our summers, and if his mother didn't have a dog he'd of outed our raid.

We've flushed them already Pat; many are dead. Our savage oracle is severed here, it throws you out because Jew knows you're a pussy, Jew throws the white boy in," Judee say.

Bitch watches many video reports and looks for bits of reverse facial speech that might reveal what actually happened in whatever the incident was.

Happened to see a single-engine airplane crash that the pilot survived and walked away from the crash.

The news broadcaster reverse speech indicated knowledge that it was an "Opp."

The plane was a high-performance three-blade propeller model. As the pilot walked away, might we consider that Judee doesn't always get the target?

To afford the costs of a private plane. Might that crash survivor have been a wealthy business person?

While Judah does sales of mice mostly, are we not aware he also shops wealthy folks?

The authority to issue our money, is there some agreement that is where the constant flow of funds is coming from to finance the opps both on the mice and the wealthy that Judah continues doing against us?

"Patrick sight resists us, family."

Might that have something to do with Patrick's fault that sinned you's insult?

Disillusioned, disheartened, disaffected that Americans have not made acting to stop the war a top priority in all these many decades of Washington Wall Street booming our family on earth.

Is there not some way to bring us together as family to prevent the massive die-off of Americans now?

"You have been exposed to Iowa, but I've continued my shoot because I'm corrupt," Judee say.

The unlimited amounts of free cash available to weap Judah from American Labor. Might that free cash be a big part of why we have failed to get together to get a general Labor STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah's private control?

The ability to pay large bribes to hold Labor bosses from encouraging Labor to take weap Judah off of our purse.

The corruption of our system by Judah using all of the free money he wants to buy those who will do his bidding for him.

The struggle for our lives that he is snuffing out right in front of our faces. Will Labor not engage Judah in a way that will help us to survive?

"I snuffed the Druid. We perished you white men whole in your psych-us," Judee say.

Continues at

"Citizen failed torches here." 8.23 am


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    • "They're Taking Us Out And Bitch Mushed The Alliance." They — Patrick Sullivan, Thu Nov 16 09:27
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