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"I snuffed the Druid. We perished you white men whole in you
Fri Nov 17, 2017 09:41

"I snuffed the Druid. We perished you white men whole in your psych-us," Judee say.

Those are two Judee reverse facial speech that was in yesterday's post.

Century after century Judah holding the mild people of the north, the snows guys to be the fist that he uses to harm our family in this world. Must we not end the fist in our world?

Our human family that evolved naturally on planet earth as simians starting 12 million years ago that were made into God's image 200,000 years ago when the Galactic Federation of light made us a special creation by gifting us with their very own high-level 223 psychiatric genetics.

The special creation made in the image of God never to harm one another at any time.

Might we not appreciate that we were made from the beginning to go into the universe and take up our station with the Federation when our time arose?

The kids that survive this last nuclear war that weap Judah is successfully waging against the mild people of the north, might we see will be full extraterrestrials in about 30 years from after the strike ends?

That was how long elder said it would be before we have our own velocity free energy spacecraft up and flying from our planet out into the Cosmos.

The "aether" as Aristotle called it, the "standing waves" as Tesla called them are everywhere in our universe, might we appreciate there will be free energy wherever we go? Yes, there will be.

With constant 'traction' attaching our craft to the 'aether waves' in outer space giving us unlimited free energy can we see that traveling throughout our solar system will be a breeze?

Last night elder shared with Bitch that the Wise Bird King has put his community of love on a path that will accelerate them at twice the speed that we have been held to.

From the time when Sir Maximilian contacted the Centers of Power of Planet Earth in 1350 until the transistor reached us in the 1950s.

Six centuries have passed since Sir Maximilian first contacted earth powers inviting them into the Federation until we had our first transistors.

The Wise Bird King by joining with the Federation has set his community of love to have the transistor in three centuries, half the time it took for us to get the transistor.

Will Labor not let the cannibal complex millstone off of us here and let us go into peace and plenty?

Our vast wealth being systematically destroyed every day by brimstone poisoning our fields, air, and waterways.

Have some of us noted how when Judee's scientists sign a letter about the deplorable environmental conditions of our planet they always claim that it is due to too many people inhabiting the earth?

That they have forced in the most destructive environmental poison into our world, only one melting Jewish electricity plant now set to poison out the North American continent and following the jetstream poisoning out our family in Europe, might our problems have less to do with how many people there are here and instead be related to what we allow to be used to make electricity with?

The vast stream of bribes to legislators to get them to use our tax dollars to install Jewish electricity in our world.

As our race is set to die out of existence sickened by only one melting Jewish electricity plant nearly halfway around our world will we not pray that American Labor will help us here?

"I punish you all offend. I won threatening. You let me punish you tyranny Germany. You refused to save yourselves, and I carefully punished you's," Judee say.

And how carefully did Judah punish us?

Judah from the time he had his appointed clerk Hitler running the government in Germany knew that Mercury could pull all of his newly invented ballistic missiles.

After he attacked Hiroshima in 1945 and then did an analysis of the death and destruction there, he figured it would take 64,000 Hiroshima atom bomb amounts of blast and heat force to do the same thing to all of America.

So with the howls of his Fornian Replicons in the old Soviet Union, he blustered and threatened America using the contrived threats as cover to build up his 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb amounts of force so he could do a sneak attack against the United States of America.

Judah knew that our elders from Mercury were watching. Was he not real cunning to build up the unstoppable force of poisoning us with nuclear fallout?

Are we seeing how carefully Judah held us all so that he could ensure a mass die off one way or the other?

If his nuclear missiles and bombs where burst off, dudded out and stopped by our extraterrestrial elders, do we see how he could still challenge the universe by building Jewish nuclear brimstone waste artillery and disguising it as Jewish electricity plants?

As we are now set to be died off over the next five years from inhaling the deadliest brimstone toxins ever introduced into our world, has Judah not carefully punished us?

Judah's hybrid transplant Fornian Replicon look alike shells. The white ones that most want to destroy the white people.

Will Labor not identify the alien force of Judah Fornians within and take the concession to issue our money away from them and end our participation in their war genocide sin?

What might explain why we have yet to let them off? Could it be that some feel that the cost is too high to try and confront the Jewish guys?

Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen.

His claim that he perished the white men whole in our psych-us.

Will we not step in, close this Jewish Reich palace state tyranny up and manage our nation right?

Our technical abilities are unmatched in our world. Can we not use our technical ability to manage our own affairs?

We can design, build, operate and maintain anything. Will we not use our ability to manage ourselves right?

Will Labor not step up and take the Jewish criminally mismanaged money systems into your own hands right?


"You kids die me soon, it seems like it just rolls off," God Almighty our beautiful precious sweet Father in heaven said.

"You've been libeled well," elder said to Bitch years ago about the lies that vicious Judah has spread about the nice boy.

The nice boy that would have taken the hinge pins out of one of the locked doors in the Iroquois theatre in 1903 and shouted out FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! letting some escape Judah's worst

The nice boy that has tried to open a pathway to survive the fire, smoke and brimstone death that has surrounded us all.

Who are Americans going to believe? The liar, thief, war sports gulag state builder and genocide guy or Papa who said of his shill Bitch, "you're a nice boy, He remained true to me?"

Bitch, refusing to accept Mr. and Mrs fist world at great personal cost to himself.

And how great of a personal cost did Bitch pay?

When a guy survives repeated attempts to murder him because of his theory is that not a great personal cost to a guy?

And what is Bitch theory that caused Judah to repeatedly attempt to murder Bitch for?

Bitch's theory is that we are basically peaceful Beings and that war is a false that is put upon us by the more clever, cunning, devious and depraved of our species.

And how clever, cunning, devious and depraved has Judah proven to be by sending in his extension warriors to breed up look alike Fornians into our terrain so he would have his spies inside of us?

Have some of us heard the term, "The invisible hand of the power elite?"

Might we understand now that the invisible hand of the power elite are the 160 million extension warrior created Fornians that are sewn into every society around our world?

The nearly 100% kill rate that Jewish have against us. Might we see it is done to us by their Fornians that may look quite like us?

The sleeper cells of Fornians in England that in 1688 slew their neighbors to aid bringing the Dutch Fornian Replicon invader Maurice of Orange in.

Maurice, who had himself crowned King William III who turned the Organizing Principle of Society over to international weap Judah 1694.

Might we see in taking the Organizing Principle of Society away from our English family and giving control of it to Jewish is how Judah has been able to put his extension warriors in most everywhere in our world?

The palace fist that cracked China a century ago that brought the Asian Fornian look alike Replicons to power.

The continuous war in Korea, Vietnam and throughout all of Asia that now have brought all of Asia into the grip of Judah Fornian brand.

Might we trace the root of the Jewish take over of planet earth in the twentieth century back to when the Dutch Fornian Maurice of Orange invaded and overthrew the government of England in 1688 and took the authority to issue the money of England into international Jewish hands?

If we perceive the significance of who has the authority to issue our money in their hands, will we not take the authority to issue America's money out of the hands of international weap Judah and put that authority into the hands of Labor?

What Jewish do when they get on top. Now that we have seen their hand will we not end their stand?

The legal standing that Jewish do not have to enforce their gulag war crimes cartel plans.

Their criminal ethics revealed for all the world to see. Might we understand they have no standing with you or me?

Their orchid state. Will Labor not end their time here? Will Labor not close their smelly age out?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God in heaven above for having His angels watch over us?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

We now know where heaven is, three thousand miles inside of the "Rock" located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

That's where our precious sweet Father reigns with the Supreme Council of Elders of the Galactic Federation of Light.

"Try to perceive me, I love you," sweet Father said. "I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck."

The nuclear-armed genocidal fiends that are of no use to God or man. Will American Labor not help us to let them off right?

Might we not see Judah's deep state theory as one that makes it appear to the world that the West World guy is a brutal unreasoning man?

Will Labor not take the issue of American money out of Judah's hands and end his brutal sport in all lands?

Will we not share who we really are by letting go of Judah so that we can continue on with our thirty thousand years of living in peace?

Judah now discredited for his hubris fault. His weakness, his inability to accommodate others that canceled him and is now letting him go to be died off in tunnel death.

Will Labor not take their miracle machine away from them?

Their miracle machine, is it anything other than the ability to use other peoples money to issue checks that they use to bribe and corrupt?

The "goy," the Cattle they call us. Are we seeing it is us workers that pay for all of their checks they issue to harm us and our fellow human Beings?

The children of God on earth that are being extirpated by brimstone waste now; Will we not act to end their foul?

Father far above us, the love that Papa has for all of His kids. Will we not pray that we find the wisdom to invite the love of God into our lives?

Tele receives:

"Hopeless counselors, hopeless counsel. 4.44 pm

With your description, a Jew voided you real. 5.36 pm

The valley will be all saved. 5.43 pm

Incredible forces cite you softee. 5.46 pm

Oh, Patrick save me function.

It's a die force die. 5.55 pm

Our wake you've failed. 6.02 pm

They canceled us stiffly. 6.07 pm

You're sword fisted. 6.17 pm

All they do is murder us. 6.19 pm

Stupid fail bousreheim leaves us wicked. 6.32 pm

He holds the Druid, he doesn't want to step up here. 6.40 pm

We urged you boys right, your funerals are set.

You failed to get the waste out, true fail. 6.43 pm

It's great abusive. 6.54 pm

Jew enjoys eggs. 6.55 pm

The mice are twisted wonderfully fast.

Bitch's sight's enormous.

Pat, you died us off of here. 7.22 pm

They punish us exhausting us failed.

Do we appreciate they capped us diesel?

In a weeks time you will see much abuse in Pittsburgh's burning thee up. 7.54 pm

I failed to save your life forms. 7.58 pm

General thugs. 8.08 pm

Genius is pure conspear.

You ever failed us happiness. 10.12 pm

Violent sick, STRIKE THEM OUT!


Instructions fail Judee.

Saving you failed, you almost died for a gorgeous horse. 12.08 am

Foolish conspiracy bums.

Unconstitutional is false.

Sold you right to suffer you abuse. 1.03 am

Our existence is threatened.

Oh, my God, our existence is thrown out.

Full of curse we're dying just-in. 1.05 am

A torturous fail. 1.06 am

Bitch honorable does not offend.

Master hates us; master makes us fail to hell. 1.09 am

That's something hideous to think about.

The air force abuse is kinetic.

This is the terminal phase of our existence.

Soul be Russian to play in you.

They made air serious abusive. 1.14 am

The air force abuse is kinetic. 1.18 am

They're dying us off completely.

Patrick, they score your life with general dissing.

Bourse failed the whole natious. 1.24 am

Stupid congress plays die you Jews.

O my God police im-posse thee.

O my God vicious seize well, life's falling prisoner.

The tightwad beast fails us here.

You have almost completely ceased your life failed. 1.30 am

Jews hold you grift. 1.34 am

Thirty-eight's taught you life again.

You died wistfully whiskey.

Orchid field dies you off. 1.35 am

They've got a visual right to best you money. 1.36 pm

Catastrophe age stole us. 1.38 am

Right your savage. 1.40 am

Their sale cost you life.

With nuclear waste, we cease to exist. 1.45 am

They sold you an image to jail you. 1.46 am

Sold. 1.47 am

Their wallity has fell.

Teeny bopper wrecks great.

They passed you out, Patrick. 1.50 am

Your government thief is taking you away.

Your precious eats desperate. 2.04 am

The white force is finished. 2.07 am

They're falling our filchered state. 2.30 am

Congress completely tightwad. 2.31 am

The circuit is refused to fuse you. 3.35 am

They're a lot of pain with fist. 5.05 am

They're savaging our food supply away, get these criminals ended. 5.08 am

We fell finched. 5.32 am

We're dying fistiff. 5.39 am

Courtesy failed to you bad. 5.54 am

Animal plays quite a bit. 5.57 am

They're doing us bad, punishing us retail. 6.43 am

Patrick failed to summon us. 6.44 am

They desolate, get us to peace right." 7.13 am

Thanks for the Tele receives. Isn't this an interesting take on our constitutional rights?

"Unconstitutional is false."

Might that explain why Judah used our purse to make our constitutional rights go away? So he could more easily put in his false?

"With your description, a Jew voided you real." 5.36 pm

A guy that has spent a lot of his time for decades in the library searching the shelves for what might help us to peace and yet the false description that Judah puts out about Bitch has Bitch looking bad.

The Bitch who never has generated complaints against him in his life and yet somehow Judah, who attacked us with nuclear missiles to extinct our race, and is finishing up poisoning us out with his brimstone waste, and is never known as anything but a liar, has been able to convince some people that Bitch is bad boy.

Though does Judah not boast that he has taken the white guys psyche-us out whole? Yes, he does. Will Labor not please factor that in to this here?

"I failed to save your life forms." 7.58 pm

Might that have been God Almighty speaking to us?

Continues at

That we have let Judah take our life forms away from us. Are we understanding that God will not save us if we let His thousands of warnings to STOP THE WAR go in one ear and out the other?

"WE urged you boys right, your

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    • "I snuffed the Druid. We perished you white men whole in you — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Nov 17 09:41
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